Heroes of The Storm Guides: A Collection of the 12 Best Guides That Will Help You Win More Games

Even with the Gatling gun Tycus is still outmatched.

The Nexus is scary place, I recommend a guide…just not Brightwing.

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s entry into the MOBA category and represents Blizzard throwing their hat into the e-sports ring. Before you go pro and take on the world check out these 12 guides to get yourself off in the right direction.

Mastering the Basics: Wax on Wax off

12. Absolute Basics - Beginners Guide by Lagforce Productions

This first guide is for the visual learner, or someone who doesn’t want to read a bunch of stuff. This 8 minute video plows through the very basics of Heroes. This is a great guide for those who have never played a MOBA, or if you just want to understand what differentiates HotS from other MOBA, such as League of Legends, or DOTA 2.

No! Not Gollie! Why do the good die young?!

11. Welcome to the Nexus: A basic guide to Heroes of the Storm by Team Liquid

This basic guide gives a pretty quick overview HotS will get you up and running very quickly. What sets this guide apart is the in detailed explanation of how to roll through the phases of the game. HotS isn’t about charging headlong into battle, but mastering the varied stages of the match.

Also, there is a glossary at the end of the guide to help understand the terminology, and knowing how the enemy walks and talks is a basic principle of battle. Except Murky, I don’t anyone knows what he is saying.

Not the most warm welcoming party, but hey we aren’t here for cuddles and hot cocoa.

10. Heroes of the Storm: A guide for new player and experienced LoL/ Dota players by Tackles

Tackles guide to HotS allows players with experience in other MOBAs the opportunity to understand what makes Heroes different and awesome. Utilize this guide in order to gain information on how to build an effective strategy for each individual map you will encounter.

The ultimate battle of ultimate heroes…wait, is Murky dressed like a Terran Marine? That’s just ridiculous. 

9. Heroes Academy by Squadron

Heroes Academy by squadron is a series of 7 youtube videos that give you a visual play by play of how to master each individual element of HotS. Use this guide to give you a thorough brush up on the battlefield and give yourself a leg up in the Nexus.

There is no “I” in team, but there is “meat”. Who’s wants lunch?

8. Heroes of the Storm guide by Blizzard Watch

Blizzard Watch’s HotS guide will take you from the sidelines all the way to center stage. This guide may have some of the fundamentals of a basic guide, but also includes descriptive map guides, hero guides, and up to date news to keep you continually running at full speed through the Nexus.

Is Brightwing the only available guide, or can I wait for the next tour?

7. Heroes Of The Storm Guide: How To Master Blizzard's New MOBA by Pete Haas

Pete Haas writes for Cinemablend.com with a quick objective based guide to ensure you are focused in the right direction. It is so easy to get distracted with all the pretty colors and mesmerizing sounds in the Nexus, so having a guide to keep you on track will help you keep your head.

Rockband: HotS Edition.

6. Heroes of the Storm Guide by Heroes of the Storm Source

HotS Source is a go to web for all things Heroes of the Storm. This guide is a sectioned guide that runs the basics all the way to detailed map and strategies. The only downside to this guide is the lack of guides for all available heroes.

Check out that giant keyhole, how big is the guy who lives inside?


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