Heroes of the Storm Tier List 2019 [Heroes of the Storm Best Heroes]

HoTS Tier List
An ambitious attempt to gank the Lord of Terror. 1/10 would try again

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or relatively new to the game, knowing what heroes are strongest in each class can be hard to keep up with — but can also give you some major advantages! Balance patches, new heroes and hero reworks — HotS is constantly changing and evolving. This tier list covers the best current heroes of each class, to help you stay on top and win more games!

Note: This tier list was designed with ranked and competitive play in mind. Keep in mind that a tier list is a general overview. Other things to think about when picking a hero in a draft are: The map, the current draft, player rank, player skill and team composition. Heroes in tiers B and C are not necessarily bad, but often more situation dependent and so harder to fit in a draft.   

Please find below a quick summary overview of all individual tiers (S thru C) followed by a detailed breakdown of all heroes in Tiers S and A.


S-Tier heroes are the strongest and best performing heroes currently in the game! These are the heroes you want to pick up to crush your competition! They can succeed and fit into pretty much any draft and win. Pick these up early or ban them.

Main Tanks (S-Tier)

Anub’Arak 94/100

Garrosh 89/100

Diablo 88/100

Ranged DPS (S-Tier)

Hanzo 93/100

Jaina 92/100

Healer (S-Tier)

Ana 95/100

Tyrande 92/100

Flex & Melee DPS (S-Tier)

Zeratul 96/100

Maiev 95/100

Alarak 90/100

Solo Laner (S-Tier)

Rexxar 94/100

Dehaka 93/100

Leoric 89/100


A-tier heroes are one step down from god-tier. These are still very strong picks. Depending on the situation, they can move up to S-tier. This is a category where skill level makes a big difference.

For example, if you are very skilled with an A-tier assassin, but lack practice on the S-tier hero, stick with your comfort zone. Do this until you get more practice. You will be much more valuable to your team.

Here is a quick summary overview of all current A-tier heroes.

Main Tanks (A-Tier)

Johanna 88/100

Muradin 86/100

E.T.C 83/100

Tyrael 82/100

Ranged DPS (A-Tier)

Sylvanas 89/100

Raynor 88/100

Fenix 86/100

Gul’Dan 85/100

Junkrat 83/100

Genji 82/100

Sgt. Hammer 82/100

Healer (A-Tier)

Malfurion 89/100

Anduin 88/100

Lucio 85/100

Reghar 84/100

Whitemane 84/100

Flex & Melee DPS (A-Tier)

Abathur 89/100

Medivh 88/100

Thrall 87/100

Solo Laner (A-Tier)

Chen (Reworked) 84/100

Malthael 83/100

Blaze 83/100

Thrall 83/100

Yrel 82/100

Fenix 78/100

Imperius 77/100


Main Tanks (B-Tier)

Arthas 78/100

Mal’Ganis 77/100

Blaze 76/100

Ranged DPS (B-Tier)

Orphea 80/100

Li-Ming 80/100

Kel’Thuzad 79/100

Greymane 78/100

Tracer 77/100

Tychus 75/100

Mephisto 74/100

Lunara 73/100

Zul’jin 72/100

Cassia 71/100

Healer (B-Tier)

Stukov 77/100

Alexstrasza 76/100

Brightwing 75/100

Lt. Morales 74/100

Kharazim 74/100

Deckard Cain 71/100

Flex & Melee DPS (B-Tier)

Kerrigan 74/100

The Butcher 68/100

Valeera 62/100

Solo Laner (B-Tier)

Arthas 77/100

Ragnaros 75/100

E.T.C 74/100

Samuro 72/100

Illidan 72

Zeratul 70/100

Murky 68/100

Zarya 66/100

Mal’Ganis 65/100

Sonya 62/100


Main Tanks (C-Tier)

Varian (Taunt) 74/100

Stitches 72/100

Imperius 70/100

Cho 61/100

Ranged DPS (C-Tier)

Nazeebo 71/100

Chromie 71/100

Azmodan 69/100

Probius 68/100

Valla 65/100

Zagara 60/100

Nova 59/100

Gall 58/100

Healer (C-Tier)

Uther 69/100

Lili 67/100

Flex & Melee DPS (C-Tier)

Tassadar 60/100

D.VA 56/100

The Lost Vikings 55/100

Solo Laner (C-Tier)

Artanis 61/100

Zagara 60/100

Gazlowe 59/100

Varian 58/100

(S-Tier)​ Main Tanks

Anub'Arak the fallen King of Nerub and Crypt Lord to the Lich King

Anub’Arak 94/100 (S-Tier Main Tank)

Anub’Arak is one of the most well-rounded and solid tanks in the game. With exceptional crowd control, dive potential and his heroic ability, cocoon, Anub can set up incredible fights for his team. He does particularly well against magic-based damage due to his spell armor. Plus, he’s a beetle that spawns more beetles. Badass right?  


- Crowd Control

- Dive ability

- Spell Armor and shields from Nerubian Armor

- Spawns Beetles that absorb skill shots (E.g. Li-Ming Orbs/Magic Missiles)

- Cocoon

Tip:  Li-Ming counters cocoon with her Disintegrate ultimate


- Low HP pool

- Relies on skill shots

- Vulnerable when using burrow charge to engage

Garrosh Hellscream 89/100 (S-Tier Main Tank)

Garrosh is arguably the tank people like to play against the least. And for good reason. His ability to move enemies out of position by throwing them around like a Pinata, is a constant fear factor. His wrecking ball ability is one of the strongest isolating abilities in the game. Combo that with his ability to slow targets and incredible survivability — he commands constant alertness from his foes.


- Gains armor as his HP decreases

- Ability to isolate enemies and slow enemies

- His heroic “Taunt” effectively counters mobile and melee heroes

- Ability to self-cleanse and save teammates with “Into the fray” talent


- Needs to get close to enemies. Minimal gap closer ability

- Less effective against heroes with good escapes

- Weak to slows like Jaina’s Chill trait

- Susceptible to % based damage

Diablo 88/100 (S-Tier Main Tank)

Diablo, the lord of terror. And boy can he deliver on some terror. One of the tankiest heroes in the game due to his trait Black Soulstone and his self-healing — he is difficult to kill once his Soulstone is filled. With unique crowd control abilities, self-healing and his heroic, Apocalypse, he can lock entire enemy teams down. When you play against him, stay away from walls…just do it.


- Gains hp based on amount of souls in Soulstone

- Gains movement speed when using Shadow Charge

- Strong and unique crowd control abilities. He can lock down enemies for a long time

- Can dive very deep into enemy team

- Can isolate heroes with the right talents

- Capable of doing high % based damage with certain talents


- Very fragile when he has no souls

- Can be difficult to disengage if he overcommits

- Due to his passive, he is susceptible to % based damage

- Ineffective when not using abilities and combos correctly

(S-Tier) Ranged DPS 

Master bowman and assassin Hanzo Shimada. With a guest appearance of Alexstrasza

Hanzo (93/100) (S-Tier Ranged DPS)

Hanzo excels at long-range poke damage and scouting enemies with his Sonic Arrow ability. The long range of his abilities makes him a menace in the backline and very hard to deal with. Like a mosquito that you just can’t quite catch. But if you do get caught, you have an excellent escape tool that allows you to jump over walls and terrain.


- Long range of abilities

- Poke damage

- Combo potential with Dragon Strike heroic

- Scouting with Sonic Arrow

- Disengage ability


- Low HP pool

- No self-sustain

- Fragile to CC

Jaina Proudmoore (92/100) (S-Tier Ranged DPS)

Jaina is a hero that has always been good. But she has always been at the mercy of the meta. Her strong AoE spells provide huge burst damage, area control and crowd control. Her trait, Frostbite, chills enemies, amplifying her damage and slowing her enemies. 


- High burst damage

- Area of Effect damage (AoE)

- Area Control and Crowd Control

- Two very strong heroic abilities for different situations

- Decent survivability in team fights with the right talent


- No escape abilities

- No self-sustain

- Squishy in the early game 

(S-Tier) Healers

Tyrande Whisperwind. The High Priestess of Elune.

Ana 95/100 (S-Tier Healer)

“Ana checking in!” Ana is the best healer in the game right now. Provided you skill into her grenade build. There are no other viable builds. With both sustained heals and burst heals, sleep darts, healing reduction and her trait, Shrike — she is the play-to-win healer right now! She combos well with mages, due to her Nano Boost heroic, that amplifies the target’s spell damage.


- Constant sustained heals

- Burst heals

- Healing reduction on enemies

- Long-range of abilities


- No escape tool

- Heavily skill shot based

Tyrande 92/100 (S-Tier Healer)

Tyrande, the high priestess of Elune is a healer that performs best in coordinated play. She relies heavily on the ability to auto-attack and her positioning. She has one of the best follow-up stuns in the game, is great at scouting with her Sentinel Owls, and can weaken tanky heroes with her Hunter’s Mark ability. A great support in any blow-up composition.


- High healing output when able to consistently auto-attack

- Great at securing kills with Lunar Flare and Hunter’s Mark

- High damage for a support

- Scouting ability

- Soft cleanse and magic armor talents


- No escape tool

- Relies on other cc to get value out of her stun

- High learning curve

(S-Tier) Flex & Melee DPS 

"En Taro Adun"

Zeratul 96/100 (Flex & Melee DPS) (S-Tier)

Zeratul, the Dark Templar. One of the hardest heroes to master and by far the strongest stealth hero in the game. He is extremely effective against squishy heroes. Becomes very powerful at level 16 with Void Slash. His heroic ability, Void Prison, is one of the most overpowered in the game and has huge combo setup potential. (E.g Diablo Apocalypse/ Jaina Ring of Frost)


- Chase potential

- Mobility

- Setting up combos

- High damage output with correct builds

- Effective against squishy heroes with no escapes

- Good wave clear


- Loses effectiveness if scouted consistently

- Weak in early game

- Point-and-click CC

- High skill cap

Maiev 95/100 (Flex & Melee DPS) (S-Tier)

Maiev, Jailor of Illidan Stormrage. In the right hands, she can feel impossible to beat. Also very difficult to play. One of the highest skill cap heroes in the game. Her umbral binds can be very hard to deal with. Comboed with her Warden’s cage, she can set up devastating situations for her foes.


- Exceptional engage and escape abilities

- Unparalleled burst damage if skilled right

- Resets with fan of knives ability

- Bringing enemies out of position

- Ability-dodging trait


- High-skill cap

- Countered by heroes with self-cleanses

- Single-target damage

- Self-sustain

Alarak 90/100 (Flex & Melee DPS) (S-Tier)

Alarak, Highlord of the Tal’Darim. Alarak’s damage output is heavily reliant on his trait, Sadism. The goal is to build this up in the early game and snowball into some ridiculous burst damage. Exceptional at pulling enemies out of position and silencing them. Oh and zapping them with lasers. He also likes to tell your team mates how badly they play. I guess you can do anything when you’re the highlord.


- Silencing ability

- Repositioning enemies or himself with Telekinesis

- Can solo lane well though he is mostly played in the 4-man rotation to get sadism

- Counterstrike heroic counters burst damage

- Burst damage


- High skill cap

- Loses all sadism when he dies

- Wave clear

(S-Tier) Solo Laners 

The Primal Zerg Dehaka. Notorious Stalker and Essence Collector

Rexxar 94/100 (Solo Laner) (S Tier)

One of the best Junglers in the game and currently the strongest solo laner. With his tanky companion Misha fighting by his side, he can lock down areas like no other hero can. (E.g. Shrine on Dragon Shire) I mean, you get to control a bear, what more do you want.


- Strong area control

- Tough to beat in the offlane

- Can clear waves and mercenary camps easily

- Good cc and team fight abilities


- Almost useless if Misha is dead

- Requires good multi-tasking (High APM)

- No real escape tool before level 16

Dehaka 93/100

Dehaka, the Primal Zerg. One of the best offlaners due to his exceptional wave clear and self-sustain. With his global ability, he can stay and soak experience and be anywhere on the map moments later. He can be a bit of a stalker.


- Wave clear

- Self-sustain

- Pull enemies out of position with Drag ability

- Global presence

- Speed boost buff from moving through bushes and fog of war


- Team fighting

- No mount, so immobile when global ability is on cooldown

- Can be kited by mobile, faster heroes

Leoric 89/100 (Solo Laner) (S Tier)


Leoric, the Skeleton King. Defined by his trait that allows him to cheat death, he demands consistent alertness from the enemy team. Does particularly well against high hp pool heroes. He is also capable of double-soaking lanes and providing vision for his team. 


- Can double-soak lanes easily

- Self-sustain

- One of the strongest storm talent upgrades in game: Buried Alive

- Can become unstoppable, denying CC and skill into damage reduction of enemies

- Good mobility

- Vision through trait and can respawn faster


- No sustain when missing drain hope

- Long cooldowns

- Dies quickly if played incorrectly

(A-Tier) Main Tanks

Johanna, Crusader of the Zakarum

Johanna 88/100 (A-Tier) Main Tank

“The crusade calls!” Johanna is the tank you want when facing enemies that focus on auto attack damage. With her Blinding Light ability, she can shut down auto attackers with ease, preventing a lot of their damage. Johanna also has great wave clear due to her baseline ability, Knight Takes Pawn, and pulls enemies closer to her and each other. With her Unstoppable trait, she can make herself immune to crowd control and gains shields. With this, she can get herself out of many sticky situations as well as absorb a lot of damage. In short, she takes punches like a man.


- Very high durability and survivability

- Great Wave clear

- Counters Auto Attack damage

- Self-cleanse

- Get shields from her Trait

- Able to slow and control with her AoE ability, Condemn


- Only gap closers are heroic abilities

- No hard CC other than heroics

- Vulnerable when her trait is on cooldown

Muradin 86/100  (A-Tier) Main Tank

Muradin, the stoutly Dwarf. His playstyle is defined by...well…being in the way really. Body blocking and disrupting the enemy team. As one of the tankiest heroes in the game, and a reliable escape tool, he can be very hard to take down. Regenerates health when out of combat. Can slow down enemy attack speed and has a strong stun ability with Stormbolt.


- Extremely tanky and survivable

- Has strong ability to dive or disengage

- Self-sustain by regenerating health through his trait, Second Wind

- High damage for a tank with right talents (E.g. Give em’ the Axe)

- Good against auto-attack heroes, particularly melee

- Becomes even tankier with Avatar heroic ability

E.T.C 83/100  (A-Tier) Main Tank

The Elite Tauren Chieftain. One of the most fun tanks to play. Great at isolating individual heroes and mass stunning enemies. Can be played as both a Main Tank and offlaner with his global heroic ability.


- CC

- Self-sustain and group heals with Prog Rock talent

- Make space for his team

- Can make people dance. Moshpit baby!


- Low HP pool

- Can easily mess up team’s skillshots 

- Playstyle can be predictable

Tyrael 82/100  (A-Tier) Main Tank

Tyrael the Archangel of Justice is best played in a double tank/bruiser setup. With no real hard CC, he can struggle peeling for his team. His great mobility and speed increasing abilities, however, make him a great chaser and disengager. His group shields can mass protect well against AoE damage. Ability to make entire team immune to damage and CC with Sanctification. Pairs well with melee heroes and all-in comps.  


- Mobility

- High damage for tank with right build

- Team-sustain

- Chase potential

- Area control with Holy Ground talent

- Negate big combos from enemies with Sanctification


- Hard CC

- Weak trait

- Requires team-coordination

 (A-Tier) Ranged DPS

"I will not be denied!" 

Sylvanas 89/100  (A-Tier) Ranged DPS

Sylvanas burner of the World Tree and Banshee Queen. No longer a specialist, now an assassin, she excels at dealing sustained damage. She is still a strong sieger with her Black Arrows trait, allowing her to turn off buildings.


- Great mobility with strong gap closer

- Sustained damage

- Strong siege tool with Black Arrows

- Strong wave clear


- Low HP pool

- Weak to CC

- Requires good positioning

Raynor 88/100  (A-Tier) Ranged DPS

“This is Jimmy!” Raynor’s rework was a long time coming but Blizzard did a great job with his rework. He has become one of the strongest auto attackers. Capable of very high single-target damage, he does great against melee heroes. Can be tanky with his Adrenaline Rush ability.


- Single-target damage

- Self-sustain and armor

- Can give attack speed buffs to allies

- Easy to learn


- No escape tools

- Weak to blinds

- Requires space from frontline so he can do damage

Fenix 86/100  (A-Tier) Ranged DPS

Fenix, steward of the Templar. With a self-regenerating shield, he is a great dueler and solo laner. Great at zoning out opponents and slowing them. Excels when paired with heroes that slow enemy heroes.


- High damage output potential

- Self-sustain

- Long range

- Mobility

- Wave clear


- Vulnerable when shield is down

- Escape can be interrupted

- Needs to be out of battle to recharge shield

Gul’Dan 85/100  (A-Tier) Ranged DPS

Gul’Dan the Orcish Shaman turned Warlock. Using a mix of Dots (damage over time) and direct damage, he puts out large amounts of sustained pain. With the ability to self-heal he does not rely on supports as much as other mages. Has exceptional wave clear and the ability to siege.  


- Sustained damage

- Self Sustain

- Strong heroic ability Fear

- Strong against single-target healers

- Wave clear


- Mobility

- Vulnerable to dive and CC

- Less value against AoE healers (E.g Lucio, Stukov)

Junkrat 83/100  (A-Tier) Ranged DPS

Junkrat’s strengths come from his ability to displace, both himself, and his enemies. His concussion mine is a safe interrupt for channeled abilities like E.T.C Moshpit. Excels at disrupting enemy teams’ actions. Can do great poke damage from afar and scales well into the late game.


- Displacement and mobility

- Poke damage

- Long-range

- Crowd Control


- Low HP pool

- Fragile

- Self-sustain

Genji 82/100  (A-Tier) Ranged DPS

“Mada mada”! Genji was arguably the most overpowered hero to ever be unleashed onto the Nexus. Even after countless nerfs, he remains threatening —particularly in the hands of a skilled player. However, he requires the right team composition and support to function. He needs healing, basically.


- Mobility

- Reset mechanic after getting kills with Swift Strike

- Exceptional against heroes with very fast attack speeds, due to Deflect ability

- Strong ganker

- Strong at harassing backline

- Both poke and burst damage


- Weak to hard CC

- Weak to point and click abilities

- Requires coordination and right team composition

- High skill cap

- Low HP pool

Sgt. Hammer 82/100  (A-Tier) Ranged DPS

Sgt. Hammer is a long-range auto attacker that zones out enemies and sieging. But, she needs protection and support as she is immobile, especially when in siege mode. “Double Whammy!”


- Hard-hitting long-range auto attacks

- Difficult to damage if well protected

- High sustain damage

- High single-target damage

- Great at siege and wave clear 


- Weak to long range artillery abilities (E.g Chromie)

- Mobility

- Vulnerable to displacement abilities and CC

 (A-Tier) Healer

Malfurion Stormrage the Archdruid

Malfurion 89/100  (A-Tier) Healer

Malfurion the Archdruid is a sustain healer with strong AoE CC. Versatile with two impactful heroic abilities. Pairs well with mana hungry heroes. Healing is limited when not fighting enemy heroes.


- Healing over time

- Strong Area of Effect CC

- Very impactful heroics

- Can give mana and CDR (Cooldown Reduction) to allies


- Struggles healing burst damage

- No escape tool

- Limited healing in PVE (player versus enemy) situations

- Difficult to play

- Requires high APM (Actions per Minute) 

Anduin 88/100  (A-Tier) Healer

Anduin, the newest support to join the Nexus. A very strong and versatile support that can completely negate enemy combos. He pairs well with melee hero setups too. In that case, consider choosing Lightbomb as your heroic. Can save his teammates when they are caught out of position with his trait Leap of Faith.


- Strong single-target healing and decent AoE healing

- Decent damage for a support

- Mass protection and healing heroic

- Great counter to displacements with his trait

- CC


- No escape tool

- Needs to attack enemy heroes to maximize healing output

- Long cooldown on his trait

- Mass protect heroic can be interrupted or silenced

Lúcio 85/100  (A-Tier) Healer

Lúcio, the beat driven DJ on skates. Lúcio empowers his allies with AoE heals and speed boosts. His speed boost pairs well with heroes that have trouble gap closing or getting close (E.g Arthas) Also provides great chase and disengage potential.


- AoE healing

- Speed boosts

- Chase and disengage

- Combo protection with mass shield heroic ability

- Mobility


- Single-target healing

- Wave clear

- Difficult cleanse talent only unlocked after lvl 20.

Reghar 84/100  (A-Tier) Healer

Reghar is by far the most aggressive support hero. Has great mobility, speed and critical damage in his Wolf Form. It makes him a melee support hero with a very distinct playstyle. Reghar does well in melee teams, due to his ability to slow enemies heavily, put damage abilities on teammates and a strong single-target heroic heal: Ancestral Healing. The church of Rehgod always needs more followers


- Mobility

- Wave clear

- One of few supports who can effectively solo mercenary camps

- Multi-hero healing

- One of few supports left with hard cleanse

- Ancestral healing heroic can completely turn fights around


- Short range on abilities

- Mana hungry

- Limited healing in early game with long cooldowns

- Susceptible to CC

Whitemane 84/100  (A-Tier) Healer

“For the Scarlet Crusade!” High Inquisitor Whitemane is a versatile support with both dedicated healing and damage abilities. She does well outhealing burst damage, good crowd control and a cleanse. She can also put out a lot of damage with certain talent builds. In fact, her healing is based on her doing damage.


- Strong single-target healing

- CC

- A hard cleanse

- Mass armor and healing heroic

- Heals by dealing damage to enemies


- Her trait Desperate Plea can cause mana problems

- Vulnerable to dive

- No escape tool

 (A-Tier) Flex & Melee DPS

"Glory to the Horde!" 

Abathur 89/100  (A-Tier) Flex & Melee DPS

Abathur has the unique playstyle of not directly participating in battle with his character. Instead, he uses Symbiote to empower his teammates. With his symbiote, he has a global presence all over the map allowing him to soak experience, shield his allies and damage enemies. He arguably requires the most coordination from a team out of any other hero. Moves up to S-tier in coordinated play.


- Able to spawn anywhere on the map where there is vision

- Can soak XP in multiple lanes at the same time

- Very good at split pushing

- Synergizes very well with melee heroes and tanky heroes

- Ability to repair buildings with Mule

- Can provide vision over map with toxic nest ability


- Requires a team that understands how to play with Abathur

- Weak in the early game

- Very vulnerable if he is spotted

- Requires advanced map awareness, multi-tasking and knowledge of other heroes

- Very high APM

Medivh 88/100  (A-Tier) Flex & Melee DPS

Medivh, the Guardian is a utility-based character. Flies the battlefield in his Raven Form, scouting for his team and granting vision. Can spawn portals for his team. They can use the portals to travel between two points. Also has the ability to completely deny enemy damage. Pairs very well with melee heroes. Counters blow up comps very well. In properly coordinated and skilled teams, he moves up to S-Tier.


- Deny burst damage

- Portal his teammates in and out of battle

- Strong crowd control heroics

- Mobility

- Utility


- High skill cap

- Depends on teammates using his utility

Thrall 87/100   (A-Tier) Flex & Melee DPS

Thrall is a melee bruiser that uses a mix of spells and melee damage. A solid hero that does great as an offlaner and teamfighter. With an all-around kit, he is a jack of many trades.


- Self-sustain

- Strong in off lane

- Good crowd control and gap closers

- Easy to learn

- Can skill into % based damage against tanky heroes


- Requires good awareness

- Vulnerable to CC

 (A-Tier) Solo Laner

The Aspect of Death Malthael

Chen (Reworked) 84/100  (A-Tier) Solo Laner

Chen has finally received his long-awaited rework this month. With new self-sustain abilities and a new talent allowing him to delay damage, it looks like our Panda Brewmaster has come back with a vengeance!


- Now can heal while doing critical damage with new talent Eye of the Tiger

- Extremely survivable if enemy team has no CC or is immobile

- Decent damage output

- Improved heroic abilities


- Very vulnerable to CC

- Stagger ability requires good awareness and timing

- Can be kited around, especially in early game

Malthael 83/100  (A-Tier) Solo Laner

Malthael, the Angel of Death. His abilities focus on putting a debuff on his enemies that deals % based damage to them. The debuff allows him to extract his enemies’ souls and heal himself. Malthael counters high HP heroes.


- % based damage output

- Mobility

- Good wave clear

- Self-sustain

- Self cleanse

- Good against melee heroes


- No reliable escape

- Vulnerable to CC

- No poke or burst damage except heroic.

Blaze 83/100  (A-Tier) Solo Laner

“Barbeque Time!” Blaze, the crazed pyromaniac. With fuel and fire centering his theme, he has one of the most well-developed kits of any hero. Blaze has some of the strongest CC of any bruiser. His oil spill abilities and Drop Bunker heroic ability provide a lot of control to the battlefield.


- CC

- Self-Sustain

- Survivability

- Area control

- Mobility and escape tools


- No real burst damage

- His escape can be countered

- Displacements

Thrall 83/100  (A-Tier) Solo Laner

Already covered. (See Flex DPS section)

Yrel 82/100  (A-Tier) Solo Laner

Yrel has some of the best self-sustain from any bruiser and a lot of crowd control. Her abilities become stronger and change if they are charged up.She can also do a decent amount of damage. She has some tools in her kit that make her almost unkillable.


- Sustain

- CC

- Escape tools

- Survivability

- Can heal her teammates


- Mobile heroes

- Hard CC

Fenix 78/100  (A-Tier) Solo Laner

(Already covered. See Ranged DPS Section)

Imperius 77/100

“You will answer for your transgressions!” Imperius, the Archangel of Valor was the newest hero released before Anduin. He is a melee bruiser that does bonus auto attack damage to targets he marks with his basic abilities. This makes him an excellent dueler and a strong offlaner against the right match up.


- Crowd Control

- Can skill into sustain talents 

- Initiating a fight

- Dueling


- Wave clear

- Cannot peel efficiently for teammates

- Slow auto attacks and movements

- Vulnerable to CC

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