[Top 10] Heroes of the Storm Best Pushers That Are Powerful (Ranked)

It is always a debate who is better, even when it is the question of pushing lanes.


Zagara, the brood mother of the swarm, poisons the Nexus with her children. Her Zergs run loose sowing terror in the land and air. No ordinary man or hero is courageous enough to deal with the threat. Destroy one of her children and watch the mother's fury.

Zagara is a ranged assassin that relies on her Zergs in battle. Her castable trait Creep Tumor provides her with attack range and movement speed. Additionally, it grants vision wherever it is placed. Zagara’s abilities are all long-range which makes her ideal at poking and harassing enemies forts from distance.

What makes Zagara a Powerful Pusher:

  • Excellent long range for siege damage
  • Great waveclear with all of her abilities
  • Cleaning mercenaries with ease
  • One of her heroics allow globality so she can switch lanes easily
  • Spawns Zergs that can tank against minions and forts

Zagara’s full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/zagara/ 



Sylvanas was once slain and resurrected by the undead's spell. Born again as the first banshee, she now imposes her faith on the rest of the Nexus.

Sylvanas is a mobile ranged assassin with a unique ability to corrupt (stun) structures, allowing her to push hard against the enemy towers. Her damage could be considered lower than most assassins, but her mobility and crowd control are the ones that bring the balance.

Now, why is Sylvanas a part of the list:

  • She can stun structures and minions with her ability Black Arrow
  • She is quite mobile so pushing far does not lead to an inescapable circumstance
  • Effective waveclear with Unstable Poison
  • Can clear mercenary camps easily

Sylvanas full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/sylvanas/ 



Sin never abandons us, it is on our every step. It is a web all must fall in once. Tainted by it or tempted by it, it does not matter; sin will consume all and the Lord Azmodan will be the one that carries it into the soul of the Nexus. 

Azmodan is a long-range assassin that relies on the far-casting basic ability Globe of Annihilation and summoning minions that can deal and take a lot of damage. Even though he is quite slow, if he positions himself well enough to avoid being trapped, Azmodan can wreak havoc on enemy forts.

For Azmodan, there are several reasons why he is among the best:

  • High area of effect damage output potential and waveclear
  • The ability to summon minions that are a great asset when pushing
  • Far-range first ability that does not require Azmodan to engage with the enemies
  • Can cast most of his abilities from one lane to another lane
  • Decent survivability that compensates immobility to a degree 

Azmodan full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/azmodan/ 

Sgt. Hammer

Sergeant Bama "the Hammer" Kowalski served the state many times. She underwent some of the fiercest battles across the Koprulu sector. It left a few scars, but will they be enough to hold the line in the Nexus?

Sgt. Hammer is a ranged assassin that excels at dealing large amounts of sustained damage from a very long range. Her main strength is Siege Mode, an ability to push close enough to hit enemy towers while remaining far enough away to avoid being targeted by them. It is worthy of mentioning, her relative lack of mobility, so keep an eye out for ganks.

Why Sgt. should be your choice:

  • Able to stay out of enemy range with Siege Mode
  • Heroic that can repeatedly deal damage to structures
  • High burst damage

Sgt Hammer’s full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/sgt-hammer/ 


Murglrlgr mrgrrgg mrgrgr! Mrglgrgur mrlglrg grlmurgl! 

We can barely comprehend this ancient language. It is only left to assume that baby Murky consists of pure evil. The defenses of the Nexus must be bolstered, at once.

Murky is a melee assassin whose preferred strategy is to look adorable and frustrate his enemies. Murky's allies must capitalize on the fact that he thrives in attrition battles, even if his attributes and damage values are limited, he attracts enemies' attention and makes them inefficient. 

Why Murky has great sieging potential:

  • Respawns fast so he is seldom out of the lane
  • Has a decent wave-clear
  • Can bribe and clear mercenaries easily
  • Abilities have no Mana cost
  • Generally, the very threatening late-game presence when stacked

Murky’s full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/murky/ 


"We, the Priests of Rathma, have been charged with maintaining the Balance. But it seems many do not understand what it is. Think of the balance as a net. An unknowable safety net that keeps your soft, pink insignificance from being consumed by oblivion. My charge is to maintain that net."

                                                                                   - Xul

Xul is a high-damage bruiser that utilizes his strong area damage to quickly dispose of enemy minions, from which skeletons rise via his trait Raise Skeleton. This makes him a major threat to enemy structures and places a lot of pressure on all lanes.

There are numerous reasons why Xul is here:

  • Outstanding wave-clear through basic abilities
  • Able to apply lots of debuffs on attack speed, damage, healing, and armor
  • Has decent survivability through bone armor and an escape with an ability of skeleton prison
  • Enemy minions when killed rise as skeletons and fight for Xul
  • Can be used to push 2 lanes solo allowing the rest of the team to play as 4 on the bottom lane

Xul full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/xul/ 


Riding a griffon can sometimes get a bit boring. But riding a griffon and smacking enemies' heads never bores. It's a spectacle of never-ending joy.

Falstad is a flexible ranged assassin with a lot of options. Falstad's main advantages are his significant single-target damage per second,  high on-demand area of effect ranged burst damage and global presence.  His vulnerability, meanwhile, is a problem to care about.

What makes Falstad a great pusher:

  • Great wave-clear through his fast basic attack and abilities
  • The ability to be global
  • Can clean mercenary camps with relative ease
  • Decent siege damage
  • Has a viable escape ability so pushing far is not as great as a threat it often is

Falstad’s full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/falstad/ 


"Look at flesh, see only potential. Strands, sequences, twisting, separating, joining. See how it could be better. Eat flesh, splinter bone. Inside me, can touch it. Weave it. Spin it. Make it great."

- Abathur

The gameplay of Abathur differs from that of every other hero in the game. Extremely fragile, he must avoid hand-to-hand confrontations with enemy heroes. By empowering his allies with Symbiote, he can actively participate in team fights and apply pressure to the map, manipulating the flow of the game.

To understand further why Abathur is a great pusher:

  • If played right Abathur is constantly out of the threat of being killed - so he is at all times present
  • Great at soaking different lanes at once through his global abilities
  • One of the best split-pushing heroes in the game
  • With Deep Tunnel, he can teleport anywhere on the map (provided there is vision)
  • Periodically spawns Zergs that provide for both dealing and taking damage when sieging

Abathur’s full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/abathur/ 


"I am Dehaka. One-who-collects. I kill, I take the essence."

"There will be no essence here. I cannot collect if there is none." 

"This planet has much essence."

He is Dehaka, he collects essence. That’s his thing. Just hide yours and you have nothing to worry about.

Dehaka is an aggressive Bruiser with a strong presence on the map. One of his greatest assets is his globality, which allows him to spawn in any bush on the map. Dehaka has excellent wave clear through his basic abilities and has amazing single-target control. 

Why Dehaka made it to the list:

  • High map mobility via Brushstalker
  • Decent wave-clear
  • Outstanding survivability through on-demand self-healing and a growing health pool

Dehaka’s full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/dehaka/ 


If the Ex-Confederate Marshal James Raynor placed a notch on his rifle for every confirmed kill, he would need a whole arsenal of rifles. Nevertheless, his fight was always just one, and the one in the Nexus will be no different.

Raynor is a ranged assassin who utilizes his long-range basic attack and abilities to fight foes from a safe distance. He requires great positioning skills, and then his full potential unravels. The reason is his lack of dash or teleports. He can also boost his own and minions' attack speed and movement through the ability Inspire.

We can name quite a few reasons why Raynor is here:

  • Strong Basic Attacks
  • Boosts minions and mercenaries through Inspire
  • Decent damage against minions, mercenaries, and other creatures with Exterminator
  • Has long-range attacks

Raynor’s full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/raynor/

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