[Top 15] League Of Legends Best Meta Champions 13.24 (Ranked)

Play these instead of Ryze ADC

In the context of League of Legends, the “Meta” refers to the current trends, strategies, and champion picks that are considered the most effective or popular in the game at any given time.
In the evolving battlefield of League of Legends, every patch in this game has the power to completely shuffle the deck of top-tier champions, redefining what makes a “strong team composition”. 

With every update, three possibilities have the potential to manifest:
1.Tier lists remain the same
2. Reigning champions may fall from grace
3. Previously under-appreciated champions surge from the shadows to dominate the rift.

Let’s dive into these possibilities and the champions that stand out the most in this patch.

15. Olaf

OLAF IS ACTUALLY GOOD (67% WR OLAF BUILD) How to Olaf & CARRY for Beginners S13 League of Legends

Olaf stands out as a formidable choice in the current meta, particularly appealing to players who favor an aggressive, dueling approach. His formidable early game presence, combined with a remarkable ability to snowball, cements his position as a top-tier pick in the top lane. When Olaf gains an early advantage, he transforms into a terrifying force, especially given his immunity to crowd control. This makes him a daunting opponent in any team composition

What Makes Olaf Strong In the Current Meta:


  • Resilience Against Crowd Control: The prevalence of heavy CC (Crowd Control) teams in Season 13 plays right into Olaf's strengths. His ultimate, Ragnarok, effectively nullifies crowd control, allowing him to charge through enemy lines unimpeded.
  • Snowballing Potential: Olaf's ability to capitalize on an early lead is exceptional. Securing just one early kill can set the stage for lane domination. Furthermore, his scaling into late game in terms of damage and durability makes him a relentless adversary as the match progresses.
  • Versatile Build Synergies: Olaf's adaptability in terms of build paths is a key advantage. His kit allows for a balance between damage-focused and durability-centric builds. This versatility makes him a valuable asset in a variety of team compositions, allowing him to adjust his role based on the team's needs and the game's dynamics.


In summary, Olaf's unique combination of CC immunity, snowballing capability, and flexible build paths make him a strong contender in the 13.24 meta landscape


14. Jax


Jax, a long-standing favorite in the top lane, received a significant update in Patch 13.1 that rejuvenated his playstyle. Maintaining the simplicity and core identity of his kit; the changes focused more on making his ultimate ability, Grandmaster’s Might, more dynamic and impactful. Here’s an overview of these changes.

Updated Kit and Shift in Ratios:

Q - Leap Strike: The AP ratio has been removed, emphasizing Jax’s role as a hybrid damage dealer with a focus on AD.

E - Counter Strike: This ability now deals magic damage based on a percentage of the target's max HP and has a significant AP ratio, adding versatility to Jax's burst damage potential.

R - Grandmaster’s Might: The cooldown has been adjusted to scale with levels, and the third-hit passive bonus damage has been slightly reduced. However, the new active component is a game-changer, dealing substantial magic damage in an area, and providing Jax with considerable defensive stats based on the number of champions hit. This shift enhances his durability and team fight presence.


What Makes Jax Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Enhanced Teamfight Capability: The update to Jax’s ultimate, Grandmaster's Might, significantly boosts his effectiveness in teamfights. The new active component not only deals considerable AOE magic damage but also fortifies Jax with enhanced armor and magic resist. This makes him a sturdier presence in both skirmishes and large scale engagements.
  • Split Pushing Efficiency: Jax’s improved ultimate, combined with his consistent ability to dish out hybrid damage, makes him a very dangerous split pusher. His threat level in 1v1 scenarios and his wave clearing capabilities force the enemy team to allocate resources to contain him, freeing up the rest of the map so his team can secure objectives.
  • Strong Early to Mid-Game Transition: Jax’s transition from early to mid game has become a lot smoother. He now scales very well into the later stages of the game, making him a consistent threat throughout the game

If you are an old Jax player looking to pick him back up, or a top-laner that wants to add a powerful addition to your line-up,lock in Jax next time you queue up.


13. Malphite


I’m always a fan of seeing Malphite shine bright like a diamond. This champion feels really good this patch as his tankiness and ability to engage make him a very strong pick that aligns well with the current meta demands.

What Makes Malphite Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Powerful Team Fight Initiation: The effectiveness of Unstoppable Force makes this ultimate one of the most powerful in the game. This AOE knockup offers both damage and heavy CC, guaranteeing favorable initiation conditions for his team to follow up on. His R can also act as a second Flash for the situations where Malphite needs to make an escape.
  • Effective Counter to Auto-Attack Reliant Champions: Malphites Ground Slam reduces the attack speed of affected enemy champions, making it an ability that counters many strong auto-attack champions in close-quarters. Coordinating an R-E-Q combo can blow up almost any AD carry in the late game, even if they are in the backline. 
  • Durability and Sustain In-Line with his Granite Shield Passive: His passive, "Granite Shield," provides Malphite with a shield equal to a percentage of his maximum health. This natural tankiness is crucial in a meta that often features heavy poke and aggressive laning phases. It allows Malphite to absorb significant amounts of damage, making him a resilient force in lane and a sturdy frontliner in team skirmishes.

These aspects of Malphite's kit align well with the strategic demands of Patch 13.24, making him a strong pick for teams looking for reliable engage potential, frontline durability, and effective counters to prevalent damage dealers.


12. Nocturne

How to Nocturne & CARRY + Best Build/Runes | Low Elo Nocturne Carry Guide - League of Legends S13

Known for his ability to create fear across the map, Nocturne has a kit that viciously punishes over-extending and miscalculated 1v1s.

What Makes Nocturne Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Long Range Engage Potential: Nocturne's adversaries find themselves in a perpetual state of unease, haunted by the ever-present threat of his ultimate, "Paranoia." This ability is not just a tool for engagement; it's a psychological weapon. Opponents must constantly consider the possibility of Nocturne zooming across the map to turn their strategies upside down. The mere potential of his sudden and disruptive appearance can significantly alter the enemy's approach to positioning and map control, making Nocturne a master of psychological warfare as well as physical combat.
  • Ability to Snowball: His capacity to snowball is not just effective; it's often game-defining. Every advantage he secures amplifies his presence, allowing him to carry games with a terrifying ease. His kit, designed for aggressive engagements and quick takedowns, makes him an apex predator against isolated targets. A leading Nocturne is not just a threat; he's the harbinger of a swift and relentless descent into defeat for his enemies.
  • Objective Control: Beyond his ability to instill fear and snowball, Nocturne excels in versatility, particularly in his objective control strategies. His kit provides his team with objective control, as Nocturne can use his ultimate both as a tool for engaging in dragon or Baron fights and for quickly responding to enemy movements across the map. His presence ensures that the team with Nocturne can secure objectives with a higher degree of confidence, knowing they have the upper hand in initiating or countering enemy plays.

I highly recommend picking up Nocturne in the jungle this patch. It is very satisfying and rewarding utilizing his kit and mechanics and having a noticeable impact on the game.


11. Bel’Veth


Bel'Veth's ascent in Patch 13.24 is driven by her ability to effectively clear the jungle, scale rapidly, and counter prevalent champion picks.

What Makes Bel’Veth Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Rapid Jungle Clear and Scaling: In a meta where efficient jungle clear and scaling potential are highly valued, Bel'Veth thrives. Her abilities allow for rapid clearing of jungle camps, enabling her to scale quickly and exert pressure across the map. This efficiency in the jungle is crucial in Patch 13.24, where early game impact and swift transitions to mid-game objectives are key.
  • Synergy with Current Itemization and Runes: The current itemization trends and rune choices in Patch 13.24 complement Bel'Veth’s kit exceptionally well. Items that enhance attack speed, on-hit effects, and sustain synergize with her ability to deal sustained damage and transform during extended fights, amplifying her threat level. The conqueror keystone is a very powerful choice for Bel’Veth
  • Effective Response to Popular Picks: Bel'Veth's kit is well-suited to counter several popular champions in this patch. Her mobility and ability to stick to targets make her effective against mobile carries, while her ultimate provides the sustain and transformation needed to outlast tankier opponents in skirmishes.

These factors combine to make her a formidable jungler, capable of controlling the pace of the game and exerting significant influence in both skirmishes and team fights.


10. Swain

Swain Ult PERMA SHREDS Magic Resist + BURNS THEM with New Malignance Item - S14 Challenger Gameplay

Swain's rise in Patch 13.24 can be attributed to his versatile and powerful kit, which combines ease of learning with a high potential to carry games. 

What Makes Swain Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Versatile and Potent Kit: Swain's abilities offer a balanced mix of area-of-effect (AoE) damage, crowd control (CC), poke, and sustain. This versatility allows him to adapt to a variety of team compositions and playstyles. His ability to deal significant damage while sustaining himself makes him a formidable opponent in both laning phase and team fights.
  • Dominant Presence in Team Fights: Once Swain gains an advantage, he transforms into what many would describe as a 'raid boss' in team fights. His ultimate, Demonic Ascension, allows him to drain health from multiple enemies simultaneously, making him feel nearly unkillable while he dishes out considerable damage. This ability to sustain himself while being in the thick of the fight makes him a central figure in team engagements.
  • High Carry Potential: Swain's capability to carry games, particularly when he gets ahead, is significant. His combination of damage output and survivability allows him to influence the course of the game substantially. Swain can often single-handedly turn the tide of a battle, making him a valuable pick for players looking to have a high impact on the game.

His ability to control fights, sustain through damage, and carry games is reflected in his high win rate across various ranks. For players seeking a champion that can dominate team fights and influence the game outcome significantly, Swain is an excellent choice.


9. Xerath


Xerath asserts himself as a formidable mid-lane mage, partly due to his ability to reliably harass opponents across the lane with long-range skill shots, which can feel somewhat overpowered when a player has good aim.

What Makes Xerath Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Exceptional Siege and Poke Potential: Beyond his Q, Xerath’s entire kit is built for poke and siege. His Eye of Destruction (W) and Shocking Orb (E) further complement his long-range artillery style, making him excellent at whittling down opponents' health from afar and creating openings for his team to capitalize on.
  • Dominance in Objective Control: Xerath excels in controlling space around key objectives like Dragon and Baron with his long-range abilities. He can safely deal damage and disrupt enemy positioning during objective contests, making him an extremely valuable asset.
  • Ultimate for Cross-Map Influence: Xerath's ultimate, Rite of the Arcane, is a crucial aspect of his kit that extends his influence beyond the mid lane. This ability allows him to deliver devastating barrages from an extreme range, making him a threat even in distant skirmishes.

With good aim this champion is straight up terrifying. Opponents will leave throwing their hands up in the air, questioning how his range is even fair.


8. Shaco

Full AD Shaco from PINK WARD

A little surprising on this list, but Shaco emerges as a particularly menacing figure in lower tier games, thriving in an environment where warding is often inconsistent. His ability to capitalize on this lack of vision makes him a formidable jungler. Items like Youmuus and Prowlers Claw also really synergize with his kit, and building them early offers a significant power-spike. 

What Makes Shaco Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Predatory Ganking with Deceive (Q): Shaco's Q ability, Deceive, allows him to become invisible and reappear with a surprise attack. In tiers where players are less vigilant about warding, this ability becomes exponentially more potent. Shaco can navigate through the jungle and lanes undetected, setting up ambushes and securing kills with ease.
  • Great Current Itemization: Shaco's compatibility with Prowler's Claw is exceptional, as its 'Sandstrike' effect amplifies his next basic attack after a dash or stealth, dealing significant bonus physical damage and applying a strong slow to the target. The synergy between Shaco's kit and Prowler's Claw allows him to effectively utilize its damage and slow, enhancing his assassination and ganking capabilities. Youmuu's Ghostblade offers Shaco increased mobility and speed, complementing his ambush and escape strategies.
  • Snowballing Potential in Lower Tiers: A fed Shaco boasts crazy power-scaling, particularly in lower tiers where players might struggle to adapt to his hit-and-run tactics. His early game pressure can lead to a significant advantage for his team, allowing Shaco to control the pace of the game and dictate engagements on his terms.

Lets face it, some champions are really strong in lower tiers, where certain patterns of gameplay and bad habits are more prevalent. A smart League of Legends player looking to improve their ranking uses this type of information to their advantage.

7. Vayne

78% Win rate with Vayne in CHALLENGER

Vaynes ability to deal massive damage with only a few items make her one of the strongest choices at ADC. For players who can consistently harness her potential, Vayne can carry them to very high win rates.

What Makes Vayne Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Optimal Itemization for Enhanced Performance: Vayne's strength is significantly amplified by her itemization choices. Items that boost attack speed, critical strike chance, and provide on-hit effects mesh seamlessly with her Silver Bolts (W), maximizing her damage output. The right mix of items not only increases her DPS but also improves her mobility and survivability, key aspects for an AD Carry.
  • Insane Amounts of True Damage: Vayne doesn't care how much armor you are stacking. With her Silver Bolts (W) and the right itemization, She is shredding through literally anyone. You can say goodbye to any chances of out-damaging her if she gets ahead early.
  • Kiting and Mobility: Vayne’s mobility, particularly showcased in her Tumble (Q) and the displacement from Condemn (E), is further enhanced by her item choices. Items that provide additional movement speed or active effects for repositioning enable Vayne to navigate team fights with agility, making her a difficult target to pin down while she dishes out damage.

For players who can adeptly balance her item build and capitalize on her strengths, Vayne is an excellent pick for exerting control and carrying games.


6. Maokai

Maokai Support is SCARIER than ever now...

Three words, So. Much. CC (I guess that’s four words). Maokai, brings an unparalleled level of crowd control (CC) to the table in Patch 13.24, making him a standout pick, especially in team-oriented compositions.

What Makes Maokai Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Unrivaled Crowd Control: Maokai's kit is a CC enthusiast's dream. His Twisted Advance (W) roots, Arcane Smash (Q) knocks back, and Sapling Toss (E) provides area denial. This abundance of CC makes him incredibly effective in team fights, ganks, and objective control.
  • Tankiness and Sustain: Beyond his CC, Maokai is renowned for his durability. His passive, Sap Magic, provides him with significant sustain, allowing him to stay in fights longer and absorb substantial damage. This tankiness makes him a formidable frontliner who can protect his team and disrupt the enemy.
  • Sapling Toss for Vision and Area Control: Maokai's E, Sapling Toss, is not just for damage; it's a powerful tool for vision control and area denial. In this season there are many great Jungle picks with gap closers, stealth, and burst damage. The right sapling placement can offer just enough vision and disruption to escape ganks caused from bad positioning.

Maokai's exceptional blend of crowd control, tankiness, and strategic utility with his Sapling Toss makes him a formidable force.


5. Ashe

This is by far the most BRAIN DEAD build in League of Legends... (MEGA POKE ASHE)

Ashe asserts herself as a formidable late-game damage dealer. Her scaling into the late game, combined with the strategic utility of her ultimate, makes her a potent force in the right hands:

What Makes Ashe Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Late-Game Damage Scaling: As the game progresses, Ashe's damage output significantly ramps up. With her Q, Ranger's Focus, she can unleash a flurry of arrows, dealing substantial sustained damage. This ability, paired with the right item build, allows her to shred through even the tankiest of opponents in the later stages of the game.
  • Strategic Impact with Enchanted Crystal Arrow: The ability for her Ultimate (Enchanted Crystal Arrow) to stun a target from across the map can single-handedly secure crucial picks or initiate winning team fights. In the late game, a well-aimed arrow can disrupt the enemy formation or catch key targets, often leading to decisive advantages.
  • Kiting and Chasing Efficiency: Her passive, which applies a frost effect to slow her targets, combined with her Q, makes Ashe an excellent kiter and chaser. In late-game scenarios, this ability to control her opponents' movements allows her to both deal damage safely and assist in securing kills.

For players who can capitalize on her strengths, particularly in the late game, Ashe becomes a formidable force, capable of turning the tide of battles and leading her team to victory.


4. Ezreal


Ezreal can shine in the hands of players with high accuracy and game mechanics. His kit allows for high outplay potential and makes him a challenging target to catch, even in the most precarious situations.

What Makes Ezreal Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Evasive Maneuvers with Arcane Shift (E): Ezreal's E, Arcane Shift, provides him with exceptional mobility. This ability is not just a tool for repositioning; it's a means of escape, allowing him to dodge skillshots, navigate through team fights, and evade unfavorable situations. His slipperiness makes him one of the hardest ADCs to pin down.
  • Skillshot Proficiency with Mystic Shot (Q): Ezreal's core strength lies in his Q, Mystic Shot, a skillshot that deals significant damage and reduces the cooldowns of his other abilities when it hits. Players with high accuracy can consistently land these shots, maximizing Ezreal's damage output and making him an incessant threat in lane and team fights.
  • Punishing Late-Game Potential: As the game progresses, Ezreal’s ability to scale with items like Manamune and Sheen-based items turns him into a formidable late-game carry. His poke becomes increasingly punishing, and his ability to weave in and out of danger while continuously outputting damage makes him a significant threat in prolonged engagements.

His high skill ceiling offers a rewarding experience for those with the mechanics to match, making him an insanely strong choice in situations that would be unfavorable for other ADCs.


3. Senna

Senna is the BEST Support in Season 13... and HERE is why

Senna’s ability to provide utility while also dealing significant damage makes her a versatile and impactful choice in a variety of team compositions.

What Makes Senna Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Global Presence with Dawning Shadow (R): Senna’s ultimate, Dawning Shadow, is a long-range ability that impacts the entire map. It provides both a shield to allies and deals damage to enemies, making it ideal for turning the tides in distant skirmishes or securing kills. This global presence ensures that Senna can have an impact on the game, even when not physically present in fights.
  • Utility and Sustain with Piercing Darkness (Q): Her Q ability, Piercing Darkness, is a crucial aspect of her kit, offering both damage and healing.This multipurpose ability adds a layer of versatility to her playstyle, fitting well in the current meta where utility can be as valuable as damage.
  • Effective in Multiple Roles and Builds: Senna's flexibility extends beyond her abilities to her role and itemization in the game. She can be played effectively as both a support and an AD Carry, adapting her build according to the needs of her team. Whether building lethality for increased damage or focusing on support items for enhanced utility, Senna can tailor her approach to maximize her effectiveness in each match

For players who can effectively balance her offensive and supportive capabilities, Senna offers a dynamic and influential playstyle.


2. Taric

I 1v1 fed enemy ADC with this insane Taric Support Build!

You may question my credibility here, but I don’t care. Taric is really freaking good right now. Often underrated, Taric brings a unique blend of durability, healing, and teamfight-changing abilities to Patch 13.24.

What Makes Taric Strong In the Current Meta:

  • A Duo of Protection and Crowd Control: Taric’s Bastion (W) not only shields an ally but also replicates his stun ability, Dazzle (E), through them. This dual application of crowd control can consistently result in winning trades and effective engages.
  • Game-Changing Ultimate: By making Taric and nearby allies invulnerable for a brief period, his ultimate can completely negate the enemy team’s burst damage or crucial abilities in team fights. Timing this ability correctly can be the difference between a won or lost team fight, especially against teams that rely on coordinated burst damage.
  • Constant Sustain: Taric’s healing ability, Starlight’s Touch (Q), paired with his passive, Bravado, allows him to sustain himself and his team in prolonged engagements. His healing scales with the number of charges he accumulates, making him more effective as fights drag on.

His mix of protective abilities, crowd control, and team-wide invulnerability makes him a powerful ally in the right hands. While he might be an unconventional pick, Taric's ability to sway team fights and sustain his team makes him a potent and surprisingly effective choice in the current meta.

1. Camille

How To ACTUALLY CLIMB With Camille - Season 13 Camille GUIDE

It has gotten to a point where if I see an enemy Camille, I’m almost certain top is going to lose. Her early game damage, late game scaling, and high mobility make her a nightmare to deal with.

What Makes Camille Strong In the Current Meta:

  • Strong Dueling Capability with Precision Protocol (Q): Camille's Q, Precision Protocol, is a significant reason for her lane dominance. This ability not only deals substantial damage but also converts into true damage on its second activation. Her ability to trade effectively with this tool makes her a daunting opponent in 1v1 scenarios.
  • Exceptional Mobility and Engage with Hookshot (E): Camille's E, Hookshot, grants her exceptional mobility. It allows her to engage or disengage with ease, making her a constant threat to enemy laners. Her ability to swiftly close gaps and lock down targets with its stun component is crucial in securing kills or setting up ganks.
  • Ultimate for Isolating and Eliminating Targets: Fighting Camille is already a dreadful experience, and what makes it even worse is that she can force fights and keep you in them with her Ultimate. Enemies need to constantly make sure they are in good position or else they risk being trapped in an unfavorable 1v1.

Camille's ability to dominate her lane and then translate that lead into game-wide pressure solidifies her as a top-tier pick for those who can master her complex mechanics.



Whether you're looking for a tank that can withstand heavy damage, a nimble assassin to take out key targets, or a support to keep your team in the fight, this list showcases the best for each role this patch. Remember, the key to mastering these champions lies not only in understanding their abilities but also in adapting to the dynamic environment of each game. So, gear up, summoners, and head into the rift with these powerful champions. Your journey to victory might just begin with trying out one of these top picks!

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