[Top 10] League of Legends Best Jungler For Carry!

League of Legends best junglers for carrying!
I hate my life and this role

So you decided to play jungle the hardest role in the game and you wish to learn it. Why do you hate yourself? Just why? Why do you wish to hurt yourself? Well if you still want to play jungle I’ll try to help you as much as I can. In this article, you’ll learn about champions that can carry the game and get you that sweet sweet LP. In this article, you’ll find all sorts of champions. Some champions are AD, AP, tanks, assassins and bruisers. There’s something for everyone in here! But enough of me talking let’s get into the champions!

10. Olaf

Ragnarok day is coming with him! Bring hell to your enemies!!

At number ten we have Olaf. Well, this guy has a lot of life steal built into his kit so you won’t need to worry about losing much HP while farming especially when you have smite with you. As Olaf, your point is to power farm until you’re an unstoppable killing machine ruining everyone’s day. Olaf isn’t that hard to play in the jungle and his kit is really simple. To start off your most important ability is your Q. With your Q you throw your axe in a general direction and if you manage to catch your axe your cooldown resets. Your ultimate ability allows you to go into blind rage mode stopping over everything and everyone. You are immune to CC while you’re using your ultimate ability!

What makes him a great Jungler and Carry:

  • Lots of healing and lots of damage
  • Immune to CC while using his ultimate ability
  • If you get ahead you’re an unstoppable machine who’s going to win the whole match alone because you don’t need anyone!

See Olaf Jungle into Carry:

9. Rammus

This champion gets a pentakill and all he says is "Ok". Chad!

At number nine we have Rammus. I will recommend that you only pick this psychopath of a champion when the enemy team has 3 AD champions or more. He’s the ultimate counter for all AD champions. The ultimate bully of the summoners rift! Now if you’re asking yourself why is he really good against AD champions well because he taunts them and makes them hit him and the damage they do to Rammus they deal to themselves so in a way they’re killing themselves. Not only that but Rammus can roll up into a ball and get a lot of speed so don’t even try to out run him. I’d recommend that you pick this champion only against AD champions if they’re AP well you’re countered and you will feed and int the match but then again it’s up to you. Do what you wish and want. 

What makes him a great Jungler and Carry:

  • Good into AD champions (counters them)
  • A really strong tank that can carry the team fight alone
  • Easily catches up to people 

See Rammus Jungle into Carry:

8. Viego 

The Simp King is here! All bow down to your king.

At number eight we have Viego. Well, you might be wondering why isn’t he at number two or one or something like that. Well, that’s because he can’t gank very well and doesn’t have a gap closer like other champions. Best way to carry in the jungle is to gank your lanes as much as possible. The only way to gank is with your E but when you use it everyone in their god damn family knows you’re ganking that lane which sucks. But once you get over that you’ll be sure to 1v9 the match. Also, his passive ability is unique where once you get an assist or a kill you can take over the opponent’s body.

What makes him a great Jungler and Carry:

  • He’s able to 1v9 the match 
  • Has a really strong unique passive ability
  • Has a small dash that can be used to either CC opponents or dodge abilities like a real pro player 

See Viego Jungle into Carry:

7. Shaco

He looks like he came from a Yu-Gi-Oh card kek.

At number seven we have Shaco. This god damn clown looks like he came straight out of a Yu-Gi-Oh card and he’s proud of it. Good luck trying to catch this clown because he will escape you 100% of the time. He’s a really sneaky trickster and his main point is to gank lanes as much as possible helping your team out. He’s really good at ganking lanes thanks to his Q ability which acts like flash (the summoner spell). His ultimate also makes a clone out of him which can be used to juke enemies and deceive them. 

What makes him a great Jungler and Carry:

  • AP champion high damage
  • Small learning curve
  • Really good for ganking lanes and carrying your team on your back

See Shaco Jungle into Carry:

6. Kha’zix 

He's a god damn grass hopper.

At number six we have our favorite grasshopper Kha’zix. He’s an assassin jungler that enjoys killing and ganking isolated enemies. That’s also his passive ability. Enemies who are isolated Kha’zix deals bonus damage to them. If you think that’s a bit broken it is, especially if this god damn bug is ahead for whatever reason. Good luck surviving a gank from him because let me tell you. You won’t! It’s also really simple and easy to gank as Kha’zix thanks to his E ability which allows him to jump the whole god damn universe and catch up to people. Not only that but once you hit level 6 you can evolve one of his abilities which in turn makes them stronger and more efficient. Fun to play against am I right? :)

What makes him a great Jungler and Carry:

  • He’s an assassin that specializes in killing his foes 
  • Has a long jump can easily catch up to people 
  • Can evolve any of his abilities once he hits level 6,11 and 16. 

See Kha’zix Jungle into Carry:

5. Elise

Queen of spiders 

At number five we have Elise the spooky spider. I mean Halloween is right around the corner so why not include a scary lady who can turn herself into a big giant spider. While playing Elise I’d recommend that you gank in her human form first so you can CC the opponent and then turn yourself into spider form to jump on them and eat them up for breakfast. Elise is an AP jungling champion. And you know when a champion is AP they’re OP. As Elise, the only hard part is farming with her and trying to get a full clear since she doesn’t have a lot of healing but once you get level 3 it becomes so much easier. 

What makes her a great Jungler and Carry:

  • Has two forms a human and beast form both forms are really good
  • She’s AP do I need to say anything else? She deals damage which is the most important part
  • Hard to outrun or escape from her 

See Elise Jungle into Carry:

4. Karthus 

Singer and bringer of death! All bow down to your great Karthus!

At number four we have Karthus our favorite death singer. Now I’ll be clear this guy doesn’t have any dashes or gap closers but what he does have is a god damn nuke on his Q and his ultimate ability. Once he gets two AP items you’re done for just run and don’t look back. As Karthus your main point is to farm, farm, farm and farm! Gank only if you can secure a kill if you can’t don’t bother with him. Your ultimate ability is global and will hit everyone who’s alive on the enemy team. You can use this to steal kills or try to catch people who are trying to escape. As I said once you get fed you can potentially one-shot people with your ultimate ability without having to leave your base. 

What makes him a great Jungler and Carry:

  • Easy to farm jungle camps 
  • After you got two items you’ll be unstoppable 
  • If you get caught off and killed you’ll still be alive in your passive form so make sure to use your ultimate ability and spam your Q ability

See Karthus Jungle into Carry:

3. Graves 

Where is his god damn cigar?

At number three we have Graves. Riot did you give back his cigar? Where is the cigar? We need it back. And that’s the downside to this champion. He doesn’t have his god damn cigar. I should mention that this champion has an AoE blind ability, a dash and he’s ranged. The rank 1 player in NA mains this champions and his name is Tarzaned. He’s strong and good at ganking people early as level 3. 

What makes him a great Jungler and Carry:

  • Has a dash 
  • Has an AoE blind effect
  • The ultimate ability deals massive damage

See Graves Jungle into Carry:

2. Evelynn 

She likes to be on top ;)

At our number two spot we have our favorite succubus Evelynn. As Evelynn, you’re guaranteed to get castrated by her ultimate ability. Not to mention that she has one of the most satisfying ultimate abilities in the whole game. It’s an AoE execute that deals a ton of fun damage that will leave your enemies breathless ;). As Evelynn it’s hard to gank pre level 6 because she doesn’t have a long dash. The dash that she has on her E ability is small and isn’t that much but once you get to level 6 you’re perma invisible which is fun for your enemy team!

What makes her a great Jungler and Carry: 

  • Perma invisible once you hit level 6
  • AoE execute ability which is lots and I mean lots of fun to use! 
  • Isn’t hard to get used to or to play
  • She’s AP really hard to counter :D

See Evelynn Jungle into Carry:

1. Lee Sin

His head is so shiny it blinds people. 

At the number one spot, we have our favorite peanut looking head Lee Sin. Why is he a peanut head? Because he’s bald af and he’s also blind kek. When it comes to playing Lee Sin he’s really difficult and it will take you a lot time to get used to him but once you do the combos and maneuvers you can do will be insane. You’ll feel like a pro player in no time. Not to mention this guy has a lot of mobility and dashes that you can do with him. This champion is also always picked on major League of Legends tournaments so don’t worry about him getting a nerf or something like that it won’t happen :D. 

What makes him a great Jungler and Carry:

  • Lots of damage
  • Can reveal invisible enemies with his E that got hit by the ability
  • Can either do sick plays or can ruin a whole team fight it’s up to you 
  • Peanut looking head

See Lee Sin Jungle into Carry:

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