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Best Fizz Skins
Fizz: The Slippery Fish

Which is the best Fizz skin?

Every League of Legends player knows that it’s one thing to win, and an entirely different thing to win in style. When you hit the Queue button, your champion and skin choice is the best way to express yourself and, well, make the game just a little bit more fun. 

Use this fun list of Fizz skins to add a new level of excitement to your matches and find out which incarnation of the Tidal Trickster fits you best!

#9 Classic Fizz (OK)

Classic Fizz, the original of the bunch. All other Fizz skins stem from this happy aquatic organism. 

Ah Classic Fizz. As far as vanilla character models go, Fizz really doesn’t have any glaring flaws that indicate obsolescence, which is a big positive (see Mundo… enough said.) However, compared to the other options on this list, you’ll quickly realize that Classic Fizz is pretty much just Fizz… naked.

What makes Classic Fizz OK?


  • The OG. Gotta give it OG points.
  • Free.


  • Dude, put something on!

How to get Classic Fizz: Purchase the champion.

See Classic Fizz in action:

Fizz Champion Spotlight. Creds- YT/League of Legends

#8 Atlantean Fizz (OK)

Atlantean Fizz is just Classic Fizz plus some neat headgear.

Have you ever looked at Classic Fizz and thought to yourself, “Hey, this looks perfect, but it’s just missing a little bit of...helmet.” Well, apparently Riot has. Introducing Atlantean Fizz, basically just Classic Fizz plus a little bit of fancy armor. Even the shark got some.

What makes Atlantean Fizz OK?


  • Fancy shmancy armor.
  • It’s cheap (520RP)
  • Yeah, that’s about it.


  • Come on, save up and get something way better.

How to get Atlantean Fizz: Available for 520RP.

See Atlantean Fizz in action: 

Atlantean Fizz Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/LOL Skins Us

#7 Tundra Fizz (GOOD)

When theTidal Trickster takes a vacation to the icy waters of the arctic, you get Tundra Fizz.

The good ol’ Tundra skin. In League of Legends, everyone knows that each and every champion needs a snow version, and our slippery friend is no exception. The eskimo outfit and ice trident are great touches, but your Orca is the star of the show. Go Shamu!

What makes Tundra Fizz GOOD?


  • Icy.
  • Feed your Orca some tasty squishies.
  • Won’t break your bank (750RP)


  • Kind of an older skin, so you won’t see all the crazy particle effects featured in the new ones.

How to get Tundra Fizz: Available for 750RP.

See Tundra Fizz in action: 

Tundra Fizz Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/LOL Skins Us

#6 Fisherman Fizz (GOOD)

Fisherman Fizz is always ready for a rainy day. If the enemy ADC isn't careful, he might just have himself a catch.

What happens when a fish feels like fishing other fish? You get Fisherman Fizz! It doesn’t need to make sense when it feels so right. Enjoy sending your manatee at unsuspecting opponents while you rock the classic all-yellow rain jacket. This skin isn’t new, but that just means it’s been great for a while.

What makes Fisherman Fizz GOOD?


  • Fish can fish too.
  • Perfect for any rainy day.
  • Giant manatees really are freaky.


  • None of the animations are particularly mindblowing.

How to get Fisherman Fizz: Available for 975RP.


See Fisherman Fizz in action: 

Fisherman Fizz Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/LOL Skins Us

#5 Void Fizz (AWESOME)

Void Fizz is the closest that Fizz will ever get to being creepy. Scratch that, Void Fizz is just plain creepy. But cool too.

Now we’re starting to get into the really elaborate Fizz skins. Void Fizz is kind of like that weird cousin that you’re a little bit afraid of, but you’ll still occasionally hang out with him because it’s never boring. This skin is odd, and the funky alien sounds definitely add to that judgement, but the animations just look so cool that it’s a great overall choice. 

What makes Void Fizz AWESOME?


  • Evil. It’s common knowledge that villains are cool.
  • Pretty dope E animation.
  • Super unique.


  • Ew, get your void goo off of me.
  • His voice is a lot to get used to.
  • Pricey.

How to get Void Fizz: Available for 1350RP.

See Void Fizz in action: 

Void Fizz Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/Rubico TV

#4 Cottontail Fizz (AWESOME)

Cottontail Fizz is all about picking flowers, running through open fields, and terrorizing enemies with his giant killer rabbit.

Wow, is this skin wholesome! Besides the massive evil bunny, though… the bunny is terrifying. Things to do as Cottontail Fizz: Poke people with carrots, run around dressed as a rabbit, and unleash your demonic supersized furry pet on anyone in your path. 

What makes Cottontail Fizz AWESOME?

  • Pros
  • Cuteness factor.
  • Scare the crap out of people with your ultimate.
  • His recall animation is pretty funny.


  • Nothing special about his E animation.

How to get Cottontail Fizz: Available for 975RP.

See Cottontail Fizz in action: 

Cottontail Fizz Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/SkinSpotlights

#3 Super Galaxy Fizz (LEGENDARY)

Super Galaxy Fizz is everything you would expect from a quality skin at its pricepoint. Great pick if you love some high-tech to go with your high KDA.

Honey, where’s my supersuit?! Introducing Super Galaxy Fizz, where you get to experience Fizz with a weird galactic space suit that makes every one of his abilities sound way better than normal. Throw in a lot of orange and blue color streaks, a robotic shark, and a pretty sweet recall animation and you have yourself one heck of a legendary skin.

What makes Super Galaxy Fizz LEGENDARY?


  • Those sounds are just so satisfying…
  • Colorful design.
  • Backing animation is on point.


  • Expensive. 

How to get Super Galaxy Fizz: Available for 1350RP.

See Super Galaxy Fizz in action: 

Super Galaxy Fizz Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/SkinSpotlights

#2 Omega Squad Fizz (LEGENDARY)

Omega Squad Fizz puts the "undercover" in undercover assassin.

Who doesn’t love Omega Squad skins? Take some of the most seemingly harmless champions in the game and turn them into high-tech superspies. Genius. With all the bells and whistles of a skin that Riot actually put a good amount of work and creativity into, this skin will make sure you are the coolest looking champ in every lobby.

What makes Omega Squad Fizz LEGENDARY?


  • Your passive bleed looks amazing. 
  • One of the best E animations. You actually change color while invulnerable.
  • The character model looks sick.
  • Great sound effects.


  • Expensive. Yeah, I know, this reason is getting old. That’s the only downside, though.

How to get Omega Squad Fizz: Available for 1350RP.

See Omega Squad Fizz in action: 

Omega Squad Fizz Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/SkinSpotlights

#1 Fuzz Fizz (LEGENDARY)

Fuzz Fizz is the most adorable skin to hit the rift, and it's gotta be on your wish list.

With every skin ranking, there needs to be a top spot. Now, this choice may upset some people. They may say that it is #1 simply because it is new and hyped. To those people, I say, “go fetch.” Fizz is now the most adorable character in the game. Live with it. 

Woof Woof.

What makes Fuzz Fizz LEGENDARY?


  • Who’s a good boy?!
  • This is the new definition of a wholesome skin. How can you not love this?
  • Pretty animations that will never get old.
  • Your ultimate is a giant husky fetching a tennis ball. GG, demoralizing.


  • iT’s eXpeNSivE. I need to put something here so the Cons list isn’t empty...

How to get Fuzz Fizz: Available for 1350RP.

See Fuzz Fizz in action: 

Fuzz Fizz Skin Spotlight. Creds- YT/SkinSpotlights

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