LOL Most Popular Lanes Ranked (And Why Each Lane Is Important)

LOL Most Popular Lanes Ranked (And Why Each Lane Is Important)
Pick your poison.

So you want to know which lanes are the most popular and you want me to rank them? No problem people and I’ll do you a better one. I’ll even tell you why each lane is important to the game and the things that each lane is supposed to do.

You can’t just pick a mid-lane champion and do something out of your mind no. You gotta be thinking of a way to help out your team as much as possible. Once you start thinking that way you’ll see for yourself that you’ll win more games as a result of that.

This game is a team game, not a solo 1v9 game. Even if you do 1v9 in 1 match don’t think that it will happen again I’m just trying to help you win more games!

5. Jungle (Least Popular)

“Most impact on a single match.” (video by Virkayu)

Welcome to the wasteland. Why is it a wasteland? Because nobody loves playing in this lane. I mean it has the most impact on the match but nobody plays it. Because at the same time it’s the hardest lane to learn out of them all.

When it comes to playing jungle you have the biggest and hardest job. You have to think about each other in the game and help them out. You can help out by ganking a lane that’s struggling, do dragon, do herald or push turrets in. The burden of winning is always on your back and the best part of them all is that nobody will thank you for doing it. If you mess up one thing in the whole game they will all flame you and blame you for losing the match.

Even though they died 0-20 in their respective lanes. Being a jungler is a hard job but a fun one. You’ll also become extremely toxic so I recommend that you turn your chat off. The jungle is important because it helps out struggling lanes and they can do objectives on the side without losing XP or gold. 

4. ADC (Slightly Popular)

“We love being one-shotted by the enemy.” (video by GameLeap LoL Challenger Guides)

Here we have the ADC lane. It’s only slightly more popular than the jungle and that’s because it’s way easier to play. When it comes to the ADC your main point is dealing damage and surviving as long as possible without dying.

Of course, you’ll have your support by your side making sure that you don’t die instantly. If they’re good support that is. You won’t have a lot of choices when it comes to champions. Most of them will be squishy as hell while others will be a bit tankier. Nonetheless, it all comes down to the same thing. You have to do damage from a distance and that’s your main job.

While playing as an ADC make sure that you don’t get flanked because if you do you’re most likely dead. During the laning phase buy control wards and make sure that you aren’t susceptible to ganks. 

3. Support (Popular)

“We are the supporters, the life force of our team!” (video by Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides)

Ah yes, the lane that’s meant to keep their team alive and well. Depending on which role you’re playing you’ll either be shielding, healing, or doing damage. Most people love when you heal or shield them instead of taking their kills and gold.

But such is life. We can’t have everything, can we? As support you’ll want to place wards, roam when needed, and die for your ADC. sometimes support should take the bullet instead of your main carry. While in a team fight if you’re about to die make sure that you pop your ultimate or something before going out.

And even if you die you can still use your items and support your team from the grave. The job of support never stops, even in death. And that’s why the support lane is important to the team. Go supports! 

2. Top (More Popular)

“Leave us alone and we leave you alone.” (video by Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides)

Now you might think that these guys are anti-social and just want to be left alone. Well, you are pretty much right on the spot. They are lazy and they do not want to be in contact with anyone. Leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone. What every single top-lane player wants to do is push and end the match quickly as possible.

Have a fair 1v1 against the enemy top laner and that’s it. They want to enjoy the game and themselves. It might be hard to believe that but I understand. The reason why the top lane is important to the game is because of people who like to play a tank.

A tank’s job is absorbing as much damage as possible while a split pusher his job is to split push different lanes and to get objectives. If they can’t do that, what good is it? Plus it’s not a hard job to do. Anyone can play top-lane. Just don’t play a ranged top laner you will be exiled from the game. 

1. Mid (Most Popular)

“Mid or feed.” (video by NEACE)

The most popular lane in League of Legends is the mid-lane. I mean everyone loves playing mid. You know how the saying goes. If you don’t give me mid I’m going to feed. The classic. Mid isn’t that hard to play. Well, it depends on the champion at the end of the day but you get my point.

When playing mid you’ll want to roam and help out your jungler as much as possible. Roaming will potentially give you a lot of kills or you’ll be behind your enemy laner. You won’t be behind a lot but still, you won’t be equal to him.

While helping out your jungler will payout in the long run so make sure to help him out whenever he needs it. That’s the important thing for mid-lane players. There are quite a lot of them and they outnumber any other players in the game. So if you want to start playing mid you’ll be in a long queue. 

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