[Top 10] LoL Best Armor Items

League of Legends Best Armor Items
Armor is a strong defensive stat to protect against physical damage.

10. Thornmail (Best for anti-healing and protection against auto-attacks)

A great tank item, Thornmail is a great buy to help with anti-healing and providing more durability to your champion. It specializes against enemies who rely on dealing most of their damage through auto-attacks. Immobilizing champions with crowd-control also increases the anti-healing effect up to 60%.

What makes Thornmail great

  • Great against attack damage carries
  • Provides tons of armor that reflect damage per auto-attack received
  • Attacks from enemies inflict them with Grievous Wounds, which is necessary against healing-reliant enemies

Thornmail details

  • + 60 armor
  • + 350 health
  • Cost: 2700 G

9. Dead Man’s Plate (Best for movement speed)

Dead Man’s Plate helps immobile champions by granting them a boost in movement speed as well as overall tankiness. The item charges Momentum stacks, which grant you 60 bonus movement speed when you hit 100 stacks. Dealing an auto-attack at 100 stacks also does bonus magic damage and slows enemies hit by 50% for one second. 

What makes Dead Man’s Plate great

  • Helps with mobility for tanky champions
  • Provides a burst of magic damage and a slowing effect on fully-charged auto-attack

Dead Man’s Plate details

  • + 40 armor
  • + 400 health
  • + 5% movement speed
  • Cost: 2900 G

8. Gargoyle Stoneplate (Best for anti-burst damage resistance)

This is a great item for anti-burst defenses as it stacks your armor and magic resistances by 5% for each unique enemy attack you receive. There’s also an active ability that increases your size and provides you with a sizeable shield to mitigate burst damage even further. Think of it as a tank’s version of a Zhonya’s Hourglass.

What makes Gargoyle Stoneplate great

  • Terrific against burst champions
  • Provides you with a ton of resistances

Gargoyle Stoneplate details

  • + 15 ability haste
  • + 60 armor
  • + 60 magic resistance
  • Cost: 3300 G

7. Zeke’s Convergence (Best for providing more damage to ADC)

Zeke’s Convergence is a terrific scaling item for supports that helps your attack damage carry dish out even more damage. It works off your crowd-control abilities, so only buy on supports that can provide an immobilization effect. 

What makes Zeke’s Convergence great

  • Great scaling damage support item
  • Allows your attack damage carry to deal more damage

Zeke’s Convergence details

  • + 20 ability haste
  • + 25 armor
  • + 250 health
  • + 250 mana
  • Cost: 2400

6. Zhonya’s Hourglass (Best for invulnerability)

This is a great armor item for squishy mages or champions that rely on magic damage for their primary source of damage. It helps in laning phase against assassins or attack-damage heavy champions and its greatest effect is the ability to become invulnerable for 2.5 seconds to stall for protection from your teammates. An iconic item that has stayed in League of Legends’ item gallery for a long time.

What makes Zhonya’s Hourglass great

  • A Great armor-stacking item for squishy mage players
  • Stasis effect that deters enemies from killing you or useful for buying time

Zhonya’s Hourglass details

  • + 65 ability power
  • + 10 ability haste
  • + 45 armor
  • Cost: 2600 G

5. Guardian Angel (Best for revive and resistance)

This item is usually built by attack damage carries, and they usually purchase it against assassins or burst-heavy enemy compositions. It makes things much harder for your opponents as they will have to kill you twice with this item equipped and that can make all the difference in a late-game team-fight.

What makes Guardian Angel great

  • Provides damage through its B.F. Sword component
  • The ability to revive with 50% base health upon death

Guardian Angel details

  • + 40 attack damage
  • + 40 armor
  • Cost: 2800 G

4. Turbo Chemtank (Best for chasing enemies and applying crowd-control)

For bruisers who lack mobility, Turbo Chemtank is a great item as it provides champions with a burst of movement speed towards enemies and turrets. It provides tremendous support in chasing enemies down and slowing them down once you’re in their vicinity.

What makes Turbo Chemtank great

  • Great for chasing down enemies
  • Provides a good deal of health and resistances

Turbo Chemtank details

  • + 20 ability haste
  • + 25 armor
  • + 350 health
  • + 25 magic resistance
  • Cost: 2800 G

3. Frostfire Gauntlet (Best for providing consistent burn damage and crowd-control)

Frostfire Gauntlet is great for applying a consistent slow to enemies who might be a bit hard to catch. This passive ability has a 4-second cooldown and once you attack enemies, they will almost always be slowed multiple times. It’s a great item to help you zone enemies who might burst you down or look for a hard engage.

What makes Frostfire Gauntlet great

  • Consistent slow that can be applied every 4 seconds
  • Immolate damage through Bami’s Cinder

Frostfire Gauntlet details

  • + 20 ability haste
  • + 25 armor
  • + 350 health
  • + 25 magic resistance
  • Cost: 2800 G

2. Locket of the Iron Solari (Best for providing shields and resistances to the entire team)

Another powerful support item that provides 5 bonus armor and magic resistance to nearby allies as well as a scaling shield to help your teammates out even further in intense teamfights. This shield can make all the difference with the right timing. Locket of the Iron Solari builds in well with tanky supports.

What makes Locket of the Iron Solari great

  • Scaling shield that can save allies and swing the tide of a teamfight
  • Increases allies’ resistances when they are nearby, so a great teamfight item

Locket of the Iron Solari details

  • + 20 ability haste
  • + 30 armor
  • + 200 health
  • + 30 magic resistance
  • Cost: 2500 G

1. Sunfire Aegis (Best for burn damage and providing tenacity and slow resistance)

Sunfire Aegis is an amazing tank item that gives bruisers and tanks the extra damage they need to consistently harass and ultimately eliminate enemies. With the constant burn from Bami’s Cinder, this item stacks for each wave of heat the enemies receive. At 6 stacks, your champion’s auto-attacks explode around you dealing additional damage.

What makes Sunfire Aegis great

  • Great tank item to pressure enemies
  • Provides a high amount of damage for tanks

Sunfire Aegis details

  • + 15 ability haste
  • + 30 armor
  • + 350 health
  • + 30 magic resistance
  • Cost: 3200 G

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