Riot introduces “Must Watch Matches” in League of Legends

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For those of us who love everything about the competitive scene of LOL, a new way to follow the LCS arises. Maybe it’s not that hard to follow your favorite professional league, but it’s almost impossible to watch all the games from the best leagues: Korea (LCK), China (LPL), Europe (EU LCS), and North America (NA LCS). There are games every day, as Korea starts playing on Monday and China on Tuesdays, both playing throughout the week, and Europe and NA matches happen on the weekends (Fri - Sun), so the brute amount of matches is overwhelming. Furthermore, each region has its own schedule, and the time differences makes for some streams to start at 4 am, and some at 6 pm. In reality, our daily occupations won’t allow us to absorb all the League of Legends content available, since we would need to stop studying, working and even sleeping to watch ALL the games.

Knowing this, Riot is introducing a system that will allow us to watch the best games of each region weekly. To be honest, not all the games are interesting, even if it’sthe games where our favorite stars such as Faker, Khan, Sneaky, or Rekkles are playing. It’s not interesting to watch a game where one team wins with ease. The best games are the more balanced ones, where one mistake could decide the outcome of the game. The most entertaining games to watch are clashes where each team has an even chance to secure the victory or games where the losing team makes a comeback.

In “Must Watch Matches”, a group of casters from each of the 4 main regions will select 3 games each week, and a total of 12 games will be broadcasted on Tuesdays twice, at 10:00 am Pacific time and 6:00 pm PT. The broadcast will air on Lolesports, YouTube and Twitch. Riot claims that the games selected will be the most exciting ones, and the caster will make sure the most enjoyable games will be deliveredto all of us, saving us the time to watch the entire stream, or to look for the best games in highlights or commentaries from others.

This is an experimental run Riot will implement so fans can keep up with the most exciting matches from the LCS. The main purpose  of “Must Watch Matches” is not broadcasting all the games, because let's face it, not all games are worth watching, and only a few games are a “Must Watch”. Maybe we will miss out on some surprisingly good games in this selective broadcast, but I think that this is something worth following because in just a few hours you can absorb a lot of info about the different leagues, and at the same time probably watch the best plays of the week. It’s not as exciting as watching it “live”, but for the time-constrained ones this will be a boon.

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