[Top 10] LoL Best Escape Champions That Are Great! (2022 Edition)

LoL Best Escape Champions That Are Great!
Try to gank me because you can't catch me!

Do you usually find yourself in unwanted situations and wish to get out of it easily but your champions are glued to the ground and can’t move? Well, worry not because you should be playing champions who can escape those situations with ease.

Most champions today have at least 1 or 2 abilities that can help them escape an unwanted gank or simply vanish into thin air like they never existed. I’d highly recommend that you at least have 1 or 2 champions in your champion pool who can do that if you don't, this list will surely help you out! 

 10. Ahri

"If you'd like to play with me you better make sure you know the game."

Up first we have Ahri “The Nine-Tailed Fox”. She’s probably one of the least hated on this list because her only escape mechanics is her ultimate ability which she gets at level 6. Before level 6 your escape tool will be your E “Charm” so make sure that you don’t waste it. This ability CC’s the first target that it hits or charms them if you will. If you do waste the ability on nothing the enemy will try and take advantage of that so they can shut you down before you reach your maximum potential.

Once you get your ultimate ability “Spirit Rush” you will have 3 charges to dash in a direction that you want. This is especially useful if you’re trying to chase down an enemy whose low HP or if you’re trying to escape from an unwanted situation such as a gank or a roam from the enemy’s support. The cooldown of your escape tool is 130 seconds but it gets lower each time you upgrade it. In the late game, your cooldown will be 80 seconds or lower so you’ll have it pretty much every team fight that you get into. 

What makes Ahri Great For Escape: 

  • Pre-level 6 your escape tool will be your E “Charm” which stops opponents from taking your booty. 
  • Once you’re level 6 you get your ultimate ability “Spirit Rush” which gives you 3 dashes to use. 
  • With “Spirit Rush” it’s so easy to escape unwanted situations or even if you’re feeling brave catch up to enemies who tried to murder you in cold blood. 

See Ahri in action:

9. Azir

"Shurima will once again scratch the horizon!"

Up next we have our favorite chicken Azir “The Emperor of The Sands”. When it comes to escaping with this bird it's as easy as 1, 2, and 3. If you know how to do the combo correctly. To start escaping with Azir all you need is basic game knowledge and basic champion knowledge.

To escape with Azir you first have to plant your soldier with your W “Arise” and then you have to yeet that poor soldier with your Q “Conquering Sands” and while the soldier is being yeeted you press E on that poor soldier so you fly to him. Pretty much to escape with Azir you have to use all 3 of his abilities to your advantage. At first, this might seem a bit complicated and overwhelming but don’t worry about it, you’ll get used to it in no time! Especially if you put your R “Emperor’s Divide” into the equation you’ll become Faker in no time. 

What makes Azir Great For Escape: 

  • It doesn’t take a long time to learn how to play him correctly. 
  • You can escape like a master as soon as you hit level 3 so you don’t have to worry about ganks or roams from the enemy support. 
  • The range of your escape depends on how far you can throw your soldier. 

See Azir in action:

8. Vi

"Punch first ask questions while punching"

One of my favorite characters from the hit TV show Arcane is Vi “The Piltover Enforcer”. Like seriously, Vi and Caitlyn made me tear up while watching the show. These two go so well together like bread and butter. But what makes Vi a great escape artist is her Q “Vault Breaker” that you can level up as soon as level 1. This ability is also great when you’re ganking a lane or when a gank fails you can easily escape and return to your hideout.

Vi’s also a jungler so you’ll be going everywhere you like in no time, especially if you need to escape from the enemy team invading you or some random person taking a peek at you while farming. But this can also be used against the enemy team if you’re the one who’s invading. Works both ways especially in your favor. You can also combo her Q “Vault Breaker” with her R “Cease and Desist” for an additional way to escape from your enemies. 

What makes Vi Great For Escape: 

  • Q “Vault Breaker” can be combined with her R “Cease and Desist” into something deadly or something that gets you across the whole map. 
  • Vi’s “Vault Breaker” can be leveled up as soon as you spawn in the game, which can be used to escape an invading team or can be used to run away when you invade. 
  • “Cease and Desist” is a point and clickability. Once it’s used nobody can stop you. 

See Vi in action:

7. Zed

"No technique is forbidden"

Zed “The Master of Shadows” or better known as the master of escaping and having no balls. Like seriously this guy can escape whenever he wants to with his W “Living Shadow” or with his ultimate “Death Mark”. The way he does it every single time is by pressing W somewhere randomly on the map and pressing it again to teleport to that shadow.

Something similar works with his R as well. With his R Zed leaves a shadow on the last spot that he used it so you have to think strategically before just throwing your ultimate ability away. But even if you do just throw it away like that no worries it has a low cooldown on it. And it doesn’t change the fact that Zed is an assassin who can one-shot almost everyone once he gets his first item. 

What makes Zed Great For Escape:

  • Zed will almost have W up 99% of the time. 
  • Using his R to escape from enemies and your targets can be a bit hard but once you get used to it you’ll do just fine. 
  • W can be placed almost everywhere on the map so it opens up a lot of possibilities for escape. 

See Zed in action: 

6. Camille

"Precision is the difference between a surgeon and a butcher"

Let’s take a trip to the top lane with Camille “The Steel Shadow”. With her, you’ll pretty much be cosplaying Levi from  Attack On Titan without a doubt. You see Camille likes to use her legs for everything and I can’t blame her to be honest with you. If I had a pair of sexy scissor legs I would as well use them at every opportunity that I’d get. Camille has two options when it comes to escaping from her targets.

The first is her E “Hookshot” and the second is her ultimate ability “The Hextech Ultimatum”. With her E Camille dashes towards a wall using a piece of string and on the second cast she can launch herself anywhere she likes, preferably where there isn’t any danger in sight. While Camille is casting her ultimate ability she’s invincible in that period. During that period she can dodge potential abilities that were aimed at her or combine them with her E for a quick way out.  

What makes Camille Great For Escape:

  • Her E “Hookshot” has a massive range on the first cast and on the second cast, she can even vault over some walls. 
  • The R “The Hextech Ultimatum” makes her invincible for a short period, being able to escape potential CC or even some point and click abilities. 
  • Both E and R can be combined together for a quick way out of a sticky situation.  

See Camille in action:

5. Akali

"No one tells me what to do. Not anymore"

Next up is something that I like dressing up my dog in and that’s Akali “The Rogue Ninja”.  Oh boy, where do I start with this girl? She can use everything to escape except her Q, every other ability is up to you on how to use it for your escape. Will you use your W “Shroud” and sneak around and be stealthy, will you throw out your shuriken with your E and dash backward or will you use your ultimate ability dashing straight towards your opponent and escaping that way? Which one will you use I wonder?

I’d highly recommend that you combine all three of those abilities into something so masterfully crafted that you become the escape master yourself. If you’re a jungler and the enemy team has an Akali who knows what she’s doing don’t bother ganking her. You will waste your time trying to catch her, not to mention that most of the time she will slip by you. 

What makes Akali Great For Escape:

  • Has three abilities at her disposal that can be used to escape your enemies in style. 
  • W covers you in a shroud that expands slowly, and can be very useful when you’re getting ganked. 
  • With E Akali dashes backward and she can vault over small walls. This is useful if you’re pinned against a wall and have no way out. 
  • With R Akali with the first cast can dash towards a target, her second cast she’s free to dash anywhere she wants to. 

See Akali in action:

4. Katarina

"I've killed for this crown and I will kill even more!"

Up next we have the queen of the mid-lane Katarina “The Sinister Blade”. With Katarina, it’s simple: your dash is your E “Shunpo” and deals damage with it if you land on your daggers; if not it’s a nice gap closer. Not to mention that your E cooldown resets if you get a kill or if you step on your daggers. So you can always keep dashing if you have the choice to do so. Most of your enemies won’t be able to stop you, even if you’re under their turret diving into them and trying to kill them. When you do finish your business under their turret you can easily press your E key and blink away to safety, escaping your imminent death that another champion would face. 

What makes Katarina Great For Escape:

  • If she's played correctly she can have her E back up multiple times. In short, that means dashing around everywhere and escaping after your job is finished. 
  • Able to dive under the turret without major consequences. 
  • Shunpo has a long cast rage considering that Katarina has it up 99% of the time.  

See Katarina in action:

3. Kayn

"The weak fear the shadows"

Now we have the master edge lord Kayn “The Shadow Reaper”. He’s so edgy that you can cut yourself with the edge. As Kayn you’re a jungler and a pretty good one at that. You can clear out camps without a problem thanks to your Q “Reaping Slash” and he’s one of those rare junglers who can start without needing a leash.

But you might be wondering, this is a list of champions who can escape the best. Why is he at number three then? Well, because he can walk through walls with his E “Shadow Step”. Yes, Kayn can walk through walls and while also walking through walls he heals gives himself a bit of HP back because why not?

When he first came out many people including myself thought this was really broken and it still is even to this day. All that Riot has done to make it seem more “balanced” is lower the HP he gets once he enters a wall. That’s about it really, As for escaping you just press E and walk through a wall that’s all you have to do! 

What makes Kayn Great For Escape:

  • Literally can walk through walls with his E “Shadow Step”. 
  • Q “Reaping Slash” gives him a little dash that can be used to escape incoming missile abilities. 
  • Kayn is a jungler so ganking or escaping with him will be without a problem for you. 

See Kayn in action:

2. Shaco

"How about a magic trick?"

I mean did you think gamers that this list would be without our dear Shaco “The Demon Jester''? Well, think again! He is another jungling type champion but on rare occasions, he can be seen on top or as a support. Nonetheless, he probably has one of the best escape tools in his kit and that’s his Q “Deceive”.

You can rightfully take out flash and replace it with something else that’s how broken that ability is but sadly he’s not the best that spot is reserved for someone else. Once you do use “Deceive” you don’t have to worry about pink wards or being spotted by the enemy and if you’re a good Shaco player you’ll have this ability up when it’s needed the most. As Shaco I’d recommend that you do get yourself into some sticky situations because you can escape them without a problem. I mean you’re playing a clown might as well act like one. 

What makes Shaco Great For Escape:

  • Q “Deceive” has a huge cast range radius. 
  • He’s able to jump over the wall with Q. 
  • Can exchange his flash for another summoner spell that could either help him or his team out. 

See Shaco in action:

1. Pyke

"Your name is on my list prepare to suffer"

For the first place winner, we have Pyke “The Bloodharbor Ripper”. This is a support that is way too mobile and agile for his own good. Thank God he can’t build a tank otherwise that would be very unfortunate indeed. When it comes to escaping Pyke is your guy. Not only does he have his W “Ghostwater Dive” which turns him invisible and gives him a lot of movement speed but he also has a dash from his E “Phantom Undertow”.

Good luck trying to catch this monster especially if you’re a jungler because you won’t have any luck whatsoever. Most of the time it’s better to let him run away than spend your precious time chasing him. As Pyke, you can get yourself into really sticky situations and get out without a scratch even. You can use your W to turn invisible and run away or you can use your E and dash away over a wall. Most of the time the enemy team won’t be able to follow you because you’ll be way too quick for them.  

What makes Pyke Great For Escape:

  • Has two abilities in his kit that allow him to maneuver and escape from the enemies. 
  • With E “Phantom  Undertow” you can dash away from your opponents or jump over a wall if you need to do so. 
  • W “Ghostwater Dive” is useful when you’re either trying to catch someone or trying to run away. 
  • When you combine W and E 99% of the time the enemy won’t bother with you and will leave you alone  

See Pyke in action: 

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