[Top 15] LOL Strongest Champions According To Lore

[Top 15] LOL Strongest Champions According To Lore
Words make us strong!

When it comes to champion strength it can be separated into two different things. That being into lore strength and in-game strength. Those two are polar opposites. When it comes to lore strength there are many surprises.

Even while researching for this article I have been surprised by the sheer strength some of these champions possess. These champions come from all over Runterra itself and the way I listed and ranked these champions is by their accomplishments in the lore so far and if they ever fought multiple people or whole armies. Now that you know how I ranked these champions let’s get into the article itself. 

15. Zyra

“Just a harmless flower.”

Zyra comes straight from the jungles of Kumugu. She did not live in the jungle as she was the jungle. Zyra’s tale is as old as time itself. She even survived the Rune Wars themselves but that’s a story for a different time.

A long time ago during the Rune Wars, an army legion got lost and stumbled upon her jungle. Without a second thought, Zyra eliminated them all and fed the remains to her carnivorous plants. She is not someone to mess with as she can take quick care of you and because she’s a plant she doesn’t possess the emotions of sympathy or kindness. So be careful when walking on her soil. 

14. Zilean

“Do not mess with time!”

What’s there to say about Zilean? He might be either one of the youngest or oldest people in the universe. The reason for that is because Zilean can manipulate time with his fingers. He was a wizard who didn’t care about the rules and went beyond what he could handle.

Of course that took a huge toll on his body and mind as no human was supposed to survive that much magic. But Zilean did. After that, his stance on magic and experimenting completely changed and he tasked himself with protecting time and the world of Runterra itself so the power like his doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. 

13. Taric

“Who needs protecting?”

Taric was once a normal human who climbed Mount Targon and ascended. He was possessed by the protector aspect and was tasked with protecting life and creation itself all over Runeterra. The reason why Taric climbed Mount Targon is that he got exiled out of Demacia. The reason for his exile is unknown.

With nothing else to do and having nowhere to get Taric set on a path to climb Mount Targon where he found his greater calling. With great power comes great responsibility and Taric hasn’t let anybody down. With his great celestial magic and the power of his aspect, Taric continues to be Runterra’s protector. But he is not the only one who managed to climb Mount Targon. 

12. Vladimir

“Go ahead, be negative, you'll just be my type.”

Let me just say right now that Vladimir is the ultimate politician. He has existed since the creation of Noxus and he has huge political influence. The way he stayed alive for so long is because he turned himself into a vampire. He tapped into blood magic which is forbidden and he survived.

But after tapping into his power Vladimir went into a deep slumber and woke up years after not knowing much about himself or his past. Thank god he had his servants and a cult created around him underneath Noxus. They all expected his arrival with excitement. Today Vladimir has his fangs deep into Noxus’s politics and controls it from the shadows. With few people knowing of his existence. 

11. Master Yi

“Follow the way of the blade!”

Master Yi is the person Irelia wishes to be. He was a student who couldn’t stand to watch his country burn to the ground. So he took matters into his own hands. With a single strike Master Yi ended a whole legion of Noxians.

But because he did that he dragged the attention of the other legions and his dojo fell apart along with his master getting killed. After seeing that Master Yi was consumed by rage and he ended up killing everyone who existed. On that day Ionia’s river was running red with Noxian blood. 

10. Aatrox

“Blood for the blood god!”

Aatrox is one of the few surviving darkin, who managed to escape his certain death. The darkin were created in the hopes of beating the void. Their whole purpose was war. After their job was completed the darkin were without a job. With no fighting left to do the humans started getting worried that they might turn on them.

The darkin had no such intent but such is human fear. After a few darkin were killed and brought down from glory they started to rebel but it was too late for many of them. But it wasn’t late for Aatrox.

Before getting killed Aatrox transferred himself into the weapon and the next human that touched it would turn into him. After the greatest warrior touched the weapon of Aatrox he turned into him. Being consumed with rage he started killing his comrades of war. The only thing Aatrox wishes to do now is kill the gods and people who created him along with burning heaven to the ground! 

9. Vel’Koz

“I only want to discover.”

The all-seeing eye of the void. Vel’Koz only has one intent and that’s to discover and explore. But alas due to his massive size people are afraid of him. They can try to bring him down but Vel’Koz will evaporate them with the power of the void.

But don’t think that he is harmless as he is not. Vel’Koz might only want to discover but he also might want to discover what will happen if he splits a whole city in half. If there’s a big threat approaching and if he feels that he might be in danger Vel’Koz will disrupt the realm of reality itself to eliminate the threat. He is no passive observer even though he could be. 

8. Ornn

“Fire up the forge!”

Once a strong and ruthless Demi-God now just a blacksmith. Is what some people would say but I highly disagree. Ornn is still the ruthless and empathetic Demi-God since day one he just doesn’t have it inside of him to continue fighting anymore. After his brother, Volibear crushed a whole village of Ornn’s people and made a river out of their blood, Ornn gave up on the war.

Now residing inside of a mountain in Freljord and seeking nothing else but peace with his tools. Before the event of Volibear’s attack, Ornn used to wage wars on other Gods and it would always result in him winning. That’s because Ornn would create the perfect tools for the war that no one else could match except his brother. 

7. Xerath

“A lifetime as a slave has prepared me to be your master!”

Once a slave that was caged up due to his immense powers and magic is now set free to take back what’s rightfully his. He wears the coffin as a reminder so he never forgets what they took from him. He only wanted knowledge and peace but instead, he got caged up like an animal for millennia. Never being able to do anything except wait for the right moment to burst up and rise.

Now finally free, Xerath has blown up thousands of cities and villages with a single touch. The amount of power he can unleash at the same time could result in the whole world blowing up but also in his death. Many great Gods have tried to stop Xerath but it only resulted in their deaths. There is only one man who can stop him and he is named Azir!

6. Volibear

“I am the storm that’s coming!”

Here we have the guy who murdered a whole village of people just because they were following his brother. Even though Ornn never did anything to upset Volibear. Volibear can not be killed as long as he lives in the hearts of warriors and as long as people fear him. He will exist till the end of time. The only way to stop Volibear is to kill the army that’s coming and not be afraid of the storm that’s coming.

Only then can Volibear be defeated. Volibear has a lot of death on his hands and the most precious blood is the blood of the Gods that he killed. He only cares about one thing and that’s war and bloodshed. If there is war in Freljord, Volibear is soon to come. With the strength of a thousand men and with the power to create storms with his footsteps, Volibear is a mighty foe. 

5. Mordekaiser

“I am death, I am pain so join me in my crusade!”

Once a fearless warrior who created the first-ever tribe of Noxus and established a name for himself was Shan-Uzal. Later he decided to unite all Noxian tribes and embarked to conquer the whole world for himself. After conquering the majority of Runeterra Shan-Uzal died and Mordekaiser rose. Even death could not keep him still.

He created his realm in which he rules only and has only one plan that he does not want to give up. That’s to rise from the dead and conquer Noxus for himself all over again. Only the secret society and the most powerful people know about Mordekaiser and they are scared. Because they know what he did while he was alive, now imagine him being a death lord. 

4. Pantheon

“The Gods fear me not because I am a God but because I am a man!”

Atreus was a normal soldier who only knew defeat. But defeat could never keep him down. He always rose from the ashes and became stronger. After climbing Mount Targon and being possessed with the aspect of war known as Pantheon, Atreus ceased to exist. As the aspect did not consider him worthy enough.

The aspect sought to destroy Aatrox the God killer and ended up failing after Aatrox struck him with a killing blow. Pantheon fell to the ground but Atreus rose. With a huge wound in his chest Atreus struck at Aatrox knocking him down to the ground resulting in Aatrox withdrawing from the fight but with a smile on his face knowing that he had found someone who could best him finally.

Atreus now has nothing else but rage towards the aspects and gods, his only wish now is to kill all aspects even if it means defeating his closest people he called brothers in war! With might and bravery, Pantheon has freed cities, villages, and countries from the corrupt gods and aspects. Now the Gods had two people to worry about. A darkin who is a God killer and a human that will always arise no matter how much he was beaten. 

3. Fiddlesticks

“Nobody believed in him until he struck again.”

The oldest demon in Runeterra. He was there from the first light since the beginning Fiddlesticks was there. He is everywhere but he is nowhere. Fiddlesticks preys on poor Demacian people and those who come close to him only meet a terrible fate. Fiddlesticks know everything about everyone, their deepest fears, and desires.

Fiddlesticks lured a whole village to his position and then sucked their souls out. Until they were nothing but corpses. Everyone fears Fiddlesticks, so never leave your house after midnight. You never know when you will be his next target. Fiddlesticks is a greater demon that everyone is afraid of. Even if he strikes somewhere the bravest of men will not go to stop him as they know the only thing that awaits them is death. 

2. Aurelion Sol

“I created life on this planet. I can take it away as easily.”

Aurelion Sol is the dragon that created time, space, matter, and everything else in the universe. He can create life and he can take it away with a simple breath. Aurelion Sol once roamed the universe to seek out the life that he created. He stumbled upon Runeterra, specifically Mount Targon. After making contact with the humans there they decided to imprison him and turn him into a slave for mankind.

After a thousand years, Aurelion Sol managed to break free and be full of rage but instead of wiping the life away with the blink of his eye, he decided to let them suffer. Instilling unbelievable curses upon mankind itself. He only lifted those curses once he knew he had exterminated those people who wronged him. Aurelion Sol can be considered the strongest celestial being in the whole League of Legends universe but there is someone stronger than him. His creation and that’s death. 

1. Kindred

“If there is life, there is death.”

The strongest champion by lore is Kindred. Kindred can’t die. Even if killed, she will rise again and again. As Kindred is death itself. Without Kindred death wouldn’t exist. If there is life there is death. Even though Aurelion Sol created Kindred she is stronger than him. As he can die either out of old age or someone killing him.

Everyone at their dying breath will see Kindred. They will either surrender and accept it or try to run away and get eaten by the wolf. Kindred is the ultimate hunter and everyone sees her at the end of their life. That concludes our strongest champion by lore and it ended with Kindred's death. 

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