LoL Best Cho’Gath Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome (All Cho’Gath Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

LoL Best Cho’Gath Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome (All Cho’Gath Skins Ranked Worst To Best)
Death is not the end for you, I have seen to it. For eternity, you are mine!

Cho'Gath is said to have come from the void and is always ravenous. He consumes a lot of living creatures, yet he never feels full. When he can no longer take any more, he simply discards what he does not need by shedding the extra.

Cho'Gath's frightening visage reveals his ferocious urge to consume all organic living forms, like a monster from the void. The creation of all his skins heavily relies on this fundamental personality. All of his skins make it clear that the champion is motivated by fury and hunger, as you will see in a later section of this article.

Even though Cho'Gath is one of those champions who has been around for a long time and was able to get a visual upgrade, he still desperately needs one more.

Until then, I suppose we'll simply have to make do with his skins.

But which is the most effective of all of them?

I'll attempt to address that matter here by evaluating each of Cho'Gath's skins from worst to best; let's see which one takes the top spot.


8. Nightmare Cho’Gath

Nightmare Cho'Gath Splash Art

See the skin in action:


Release Year: November 20, 2009

Price: 520 RP

This is one of the oldest Cho’Gath skin that was first released by Riot Games in 2009. It put forth the effort to inherit the identity of the void monster and somewhat succeeded. His spikes are a lighter shade of color, while his skin is a dark blue color.

Sadly, the skin just provides that; this motif permeated all of his talents, which reflected the color. It lacks a specific recall animation and any distinguishing visual or aural effects.

However, you may always purchase it from the shop whenever the Legacy Vaults open.


7. Lochness Cho’Gath

Lochness Cho'Gath Splash Art

See the skin in action:


Release Date: March 1, 2011

Price: 520 RP 

Cho’Gath is portrayed as a subaquatic monster in the Loch Ness skin. One can fairly conclude that Riot got the model perfect given the strong splash graphics and outstanding in-game model. The champion's skills also reflect the skin's oceanic blue motif. It doesn't, however, have any unique sound effects or animations.


6. Prehistoric Cho’Gath

Prehistoric Cho'Gath Splash Art

See the skin in action:


Release Date: June 15, 2015

Price: 750 RP

Do you still recall how well Cho'Gath's skins captured his hideous identity? Cho'Gath manifests himself as a Tyrannosaurus Rex this time, however! Characters in Riot live as extinct living forms in a prehistoric cosmos.

Unique particle alterations have been made to the Q and E ability of prehistoric Cho'Gath. These skills take a fantastically predatory, primordial shape. 

I personally feel that the skin's absence of unique animations and sound effects is a drawback.


5. Jurassic Cho’Gath

Jurassic Cho'Gath Splash Art

See the skin in action:


Release Date: November 01, 2011

Price: 975 RP

Although this skin was introduced by Riot before Prehistoric Cho'gath, it is ranked higher on my ranking for several reasons. 

The first difference between Jurassic Cho'Gath and the other skin is its distinctive death and taunt animation.

Additionally, even though it lacks any unique sound effects, his Q and E skills as well as his chuckle have been updated. The champion may possibly be viewed as the Jurassic Cho'Gath who evolved after dying in the Prehistoric era.

The skin removes obtrusive in-game effects and particles to promote concentrated gaming.


4. Gentleman Cho’Gath

Gentleman Cho'Gath Splash Art

See the skin in action:


Release Date: May 11, 2010

Price: 1820 RP

Even the most instinctual animals can decide to develop politeness. The champion is shown by Gentleman Cho'Gath as a member of a cultured society. The champion now looks and acts like a gentleman after gaining social and communication skills.

The champion's voice is fresh in this skin since he doesn't snarl at all. He uses well-constructed language and displays nice manners while making fun of other people. This does not stop him from eating his foes, though.

Unfortunately, the skin costs 1820 RP, which I find to be costly, and it lacks any special animations or effects. Hence he ranks fourth among the Best Cho'Gath Skins.


3. Battlecast Prime Cho’Gath

Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath Splash Art

See the skin in action:


Release Date: August 03, 2012

Price: 1830 RP

Cho'Gath is a huge robot battling for Viktor's Battlecast army in this theme of skins.

This skin is popular among Cho'Gath players since it has a Q - Rupture that opponents find difficult to quickly identify. This feature enables nukes and cunning outplays. The skin gives the champion new taunt, death, recall, and dance animations.

In addition, he casts each of his skills a little bit differently from the original model. Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath is the Cho'Gath skin that truly merits all the praise. I think that the skin is without a doubt one of the Best Cho'Gath Skins since using it is like rediscovering the champion all over again.


2. Shan Hai Scrolls Cho’Gath

Shan Hai Scrolls Cho'Gath Splash Art

See the skin in action:


Release Date: January 28, 2021

Price: 1350 RP

The origin of the Shan Hai Scrolls is unknown. Few people who have seen them, meanwhile, claim that the Scrolls depict depictions of an ancient sequence of events. All of the characters from the Scrolls are still alive and may live here.

Scrolls of Shan Hai Cho'Gath's constant hunger led to his imprisonment. He still has intentions to eat both his and our worlds, though. Through his recall motion, the skin does a great job of alluding to this.

Shan Hai Scrolls Cho'Gath is a fantastic skin to acquire, offering a mysterious appearance along with a variety of original animations, effects, and particles. It was launched by Riot in January 2021, and it exhibits several noteworthy graphic achievements, ranking it highly among the Best Cho'Gath Skins.


1. Dark Star Cho’Gath

Dark Star Cho'Gath Splash Art

See the skin in action:


Release Date: July 13, 2018

Price: 10 Gemstones

Who claims that Cho'Gath is powerless to frighten and devour galaxies? The champion is shown in Dark Star Cho'Gath causing destruction across the galaxy. The skin has various distinctive animation improvements, similar to Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath.

However, after eating an adversary to reach his fourth and eighth stacks, Dark Star Cho'Gath experiences noticeable modifications. The skin is a replica of the champion's scary features, even down to his ominous voice.

Players have grown to like the smooth, empowered feeling that using the skin in-game provides. In addition, it boasts clear hitboxes that simplify gameplay, placing it first among the Best Cho'Gath Skins.


Ending Note

In my opinion, Dark Star Cho'Gath is the Best Cho'Gath Skin that stands out the most. The skin is rather difficult to obtain, but it is worthwhile, but you can always choose Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath as an alternative.

Consider purchasing Shan Hai Scrolls Cho'Gath if you're looking for something less expensive. The skin has many great qualities and gives off a fantasy-like feeling.

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