[Top 15] LOL Best Streamers That Are Great

LOL best streamers
Faker, Yassuo, TFBlade, Foggedftw2, Kaypea, Pokimane, Dekar173

League of Legends is a popular game and has a ton of streamers. Deciding on which one to watch to improve your gameplay or just for plain entertainment can turn out to be a fuss. Here are some top-tier League streamers that are worth checking out.

15. Dekar173

Walk the killer’s path


Twitch followers: 183K

Dekar173 is a Diamond 2 North America streamer. Although not in high elo, Dekar plays the off-meta unconventional Rengar top (and jungle as well) and has inspired a lot of LOL players to do the same. But funny enough, his tactics do work and give a good win rate especially in low elo if done correctly.

Dekar is funny and has no filters when it comes to giving his opinion. He talks about various topics in his stream in addition to League gameplay. If you’re someone who’s into unconventional builds such as Rengar top, you should check out his channel.


14. xPetu

“This is (pause) the road to rank 1.”


Twitch followers: 77.4k

xPetu is a challenger EUW streamer from Finland who mains Shen. He makes educational League of Legends content and guides on how to climb the ladder. His “Road to Rank 1” series is quite famous on YouTube.

Petu is very good at the game mechanically and knows how to dominate the top lane. Watching him will improve both your laning phase as well as the late game as he explains every one of his decisions in detail.


13. Solarbacca

I’ll rain fire upon ‘em!!


Twitch followers: 191k

Solarbacca is a challenger NA streamer who mains Gangplank. If you have some experience with the game you probably know how difficult Gangplank mechanically is and requires a high amount of skill to master. Solarbacca has achieved near perfection when it comes to Gangplank skills.

Solar plays GP in the top lane. His channel is fun to watch as he is down to Earth. He offers a fair share of commentary regarding his gameplay. If you’re looking to main GP in the future, he is your go-to guy.


12. Tarzaned



Twitch followers: 496k

Tarzaned is a challenger jungler who was Rank 1 solo que in the seasons 6,8,9,10 of LOL. The high elo challenger player has been involved in much of the League streamers’ drama. It includes flaming, toxicity, win-trading and elo-boosting.

But despite all the controversy, Tarzaned is no doubt a very talented League of Legends player. He coaches low elo players on how to improve their ranks and charges a hefty $100 per session. His league tactics and mechanics are top-notch. His champion pool includes Graves, Olaf, Hecarim, Kha’zix among many others.

Be sure to check him out if you want to improve your skill as a jungler.


11. Foggedftw2

Me spin me win…


Twitch followers: 261k

Foggedftw2 is a one-trick challenger Tryndamere main. In addition to his streaming career, Fogged has participated in twitch rivals and also does coaching. He occasionally makes videos about new champions and experiments with different off meta builds from time to time.

Fogged excels at dominating the laning phase and even if he doesn’t win the laning phase, he gives excellent examples of how to make a good comeback. His macro-decisions are also something you can learn from. If you’re interested in climbing the solo que ladder as Tryndamere, you should check out his channel.


10. TF Blade



Twitch followers: 1.2 million

TF Blade is one of the more popular LOL streamers. He has reached rank 1 on multiple LOL servers including LAN, EUW, EUNE and of course NA. His current goal is to reach rank 1 in Korea.

Blade is a top-laner and his champion pool includes Irelia, Akali and Jax. Blade has practically mastered these champions and provides educational yet entertaining content on his channel. While Blade might have an eccentric and hyper personality, his skills are undeniable.

If you’re an aspiring top-laner, you cannot miss out on his content.


9. IWDominate

A very serious Dom…


Twitch followers: 893k

Christian Rivera or IWillDominate is a former pro League of Legends player. He used to be Team Liquid’s jungler. He joined Cloud-9 as a streamer and content creator in 2020.

Dom although described as “toxic” in-game and on-air, his analytical skills and game knowledge has earned him a lot of followers. Dom provides in-depth analysis about pro League of Legends matches, runs 2 League podcasts and is also a co-streamer for the NA LCS.

If you’re interested in watching or learning from top tier competitive LOL content, be sure to check out his channel.


8. Midbeast

Bringing in the educational content.


Twitch followers: 715k

Midbeast is a League of Legends streamer/content creator for Team Liquid. In addition to being a skilled mid-laner himself, Midbeast analyses the gameplay of famous league of legends players including Korean high elo players.

He highlights what strategies the best of the best are employing in their gameplay to climb the ladder and shows how you can apply them to your own game.

He tells his viewers in the low elo to copy the mechanics and builds of challenger players till they reach the rank of diamond.

Be sure to check out his videos on Twitch and YouTube for educational League of Legends content.


7. Kaypea

Ready to dominate


Twitch followers: 798k

Pelling Kelsie or Kaypea is a full-time League of Legends streamer who specializes in the mid-lane. In addition to being very good at the game, her videos are very entertaining and can brighten up your day if you’re feeling low.

Being very good at skill-shots, she mains champions like Lux, Ahri and Ziggs.

Kaypea focuses more on building a positive gaming community rather than endless hours of grind to improve her rank. She claims that she would rather have a good interactive viewership rather than a high number of viewers just coming in for giveaways.

“Go into streaming with no expectations. Just do it because you love it, and because you want to interact with a couple of people.” – Kaypea


6. LLStylish

The unseen blade is the deadliest….Prrrrrr


Twitch followers: 664k

Yanni or LLStylish is a challenger NA Zed one-trick. He was formerly a streamer for Team Liquid and also has been on Twitch rivals twice. In addition to being an extremely skilled Zed main, Stylish is a laid-back, down to Earth streamer with a good sense of humour.

Here is a link to one of his montages.

What helped him gain popularity is his fun personality and the ability to engage his audience with his accent and occasional “Prrrrrrs”.


5. Tyler1



Twitch followers: 5 million

Tyler1 is one of the most famous League of Legends players. The streamer is known for his “toxicity” and rage as well as for interrupting gameplay of other people. For these reasons, he was banned in 2016 for 2 years. But then, claiming that he was reformed, he appeared again on the Rift.

Although still occasionally raging during gaming, his rage and toxicity have become more of an icon than actual temperament issues. His viewers like him for the humorous content that he creates.

In addition to being very entertaining, Tyler1 provides a high-quality of LOL gameplay. He is most famous for his role as an ADC, maining Draven. But his expertise isn’t limited to that, he has reached the rank of Challenger on every role on the NA server.


4. Imaqtpie

The cutest smile you’ll see on the internet today..


Twitch followers: 2.6 million

Michael Santana or Imaqtpie is a former pro player for Team Dignitas. He retired from pro-play in 2014 to pursue a full-time streaming career on Twitch.

In pro-play, Michael played AD carry but on his stream, he does play other roles like jungle from time to time. In 2017 he made it to Rank 1 of the NA solo que ladder. 

Michael’s videos are entertaining to watch and educational at the same time. He keeps a smile on his face 90% of the time and gives a very friendly vibe. At the same time, you can learn a lot about the game from his videos.


3. Faker

The man the legend…


Twitch followers: 3.9 million

Regarded as the best League of Legends player of all time SKT T1 Faker needs no introduction. If you’re even barely acquainted with the League of Legends esports scenario, chances are that you know Faker very well. He has won 3 League of Legends championships. Most pro-players can only dream of such a status.

Faker gained popularity in the 2013 championship in his 1v1 against Ryu. Both players were on Zed. Faker mechanically outplayed Ryu and created one of the most famous moments in LOL esports history. Here is a link to the 1v1.

Faker has played over 700 games in LCK. His skill in League of Legends is truly unmatched.

Faker is a mid-laner who specializes in Azir, Le-blanc, Orianna, Ryze etc.

He streams as well in which he explains his gameplay. Although he speaks only Korean, subtitles in English are also available.

If you want to learn from the master himself, be sure to watch his stream.


2. Pokimane

“Don’t kill the part of you that’s cringe, kill the part that cringes.” - Pokimane


Twitch followers: 9.2 million

We all know Pokimane, we all like Pokimane.

Pokimane is the most popular when it comes to female streamers on Twitch. Although not a competitive League of Legends player, Pokimane is known for her friendly and funny stream.

In League of Legends, she plays a variety of champions and is often seen teaming up with other streamers. She was also part of Yassuo’s team on twitch rivals.

The streamer is known for her cheery positive personality and her liveliness. Having won many awards, she tries her best to help other streamers gain popularity and make a career for themselves.

In addition to League of Legends, she has played many other games like Fortnite, Among Us, Rust etc.

She is also a member and Co-founder of OfflineTV.


1. Yassuo

“Is this thing working??”


Twitch followers: 2 million

Moe or Yassuo is one of the most popular League of Legends streamers. He became famous after defeating Faker in a 1v1 in a solo que game. Here is the video clip of his game against Faker.

Yassuo is known for his skills with Yasuo (who he one-tricked) in the mid-lane but his champion pool has grown a lot over the years. 

In addition to making many unranked to challenger series, Yassuo has proven many times that he is a very skilled mid-laner. His Yasuo mechanics are excellent and he has a lot of knowledge about the game. He is very persistent and has improved a lot since the start of his career.

But his viewers don’t just love him for his gameplay, Yassuo is a very entertaining and funny streamer. His YouTube channel is managed by Pinoy who has made some very entertaining content over the years. His “Best of Moe” series is a pleasure to watch and can make anyone laugh out loud. Yassuo also donates to charity from time to time. 

If you are interested in learning the game and having a laugh while at it, be sure to watch his channel.



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