[Top 10] LOL Best Bottom Laners That Wreck Hard!

[Top 10] LOL Best Bottom Laners That Wreck Hard!
The weakest lane in the whole game!

So you’re a poor soul who got lost and decided that the only way to redeem yourself is by playing the ADC role. May I suggest my therapist because we all need help? So far this has to be the least enjoyable role to play in League of Legends.

The main reason is that anything and everything can one-shot us. I am not kidding about that. Try playing this role without getting assassinated by the mid-laner. It’s outright impossible. And do you know what Riot does? Absolutely nothing they are fine with this. Too bad that I only find this role enjoyable for myself and everything else seems boring to me. 

10. Ashe

“The queen of Freljord.” (video by ChallengerLeague)

For our first champion today we have Ashe. If you just started playing the ADC role then she is a perfect pick for you. She’s easy to play and learn plus most of her abilities have some kind of CC including her auto-attacks.

Ashe also has a global ultimate ability that you can use to hit people from a different planet and help your team out. You can also help your dear team by using your E ability to scout ahead. This ability is pretty useful when your jungler is trying to do dragon but he is too incompetent to buy and place wards. Your E is a good alternative.

The way you can build Ashe is by buying as much AD and attack speed as possible. The more attack speed you have the more dangerous you are. During the laning phase, Ashe can poke the enemy ADC and support with her W. It’s a great ability to bully people. 

Why Ashe Is a Great at Bottom Lane:

  • Easiest champion to play on this list. 
  • Can bully her opponents from a safe distance with her W. 
  • Can support her jungler with E. 
  • Can support the whole team with her ultimate ability. 

9. Kalista

“The queen of kiting!” (video by Lol Korean Pro Replays)

Here we have a forgotten champion but a fun one nonetheless. She’s strong but she’s really hard to play. With Kalista, you have to constantly keep moving like with every ADC but this one is different from the rest. Kalista can jump. That’s her passive ability. When you auto-attack and press right-click Kalista will jump a short distance. In a way, you can think of her dashing every single auto-attack.

With Kalista’s E you can stack your spears inside of someone and after they have a large sum in them you can pull them out for an insane amount of damage. With her ultimate ability, you can bind yourself to support your duo teammate. When bonded to your partner and you hit level 6 you can press R to yeet them either at the enemy or at a safe place. 

Why Kalista Is a Great At Bottom Lane:

  • Her passive ability allows her to jump short distances. 
  • Able to either doom or save her partner. 
  • Her E damage depends on how many spears a person has in them. 

8. Ezreal 

“Hey everyone can be an adventurer if you put your mind to it.” (video by CHALLENGER TV LOL REPLAYS)

Ah yes, Ezreal the boy who stole a gauntlet and became a champion. No, I’m serious that’s all that Ezreal did to become a champion and that’s pretty much his lore in a nutshell. But everyone loves this guy because of one simple fact. He’s broken. If he’s broken why is he number 8?

Well, my dear fren that’s because it’s really simple to kill him in the early game. That is if you’re able to catch him. Ezreal can dash away from danger with his E and with flash. He also has E up every 10-15 seconds.

But once you get a few items on Ezreal you can simply just spam your Q and kill everyone in your sights. With Q you shoot out a small sperm cell that demolishes everything alive and that can take damage. This ability also has quite some range. 

Why Ezreal Is a Great At Bottom Lane:

  • He’s able to dash away from danger every 10-15 seconds. 
  • Has a global ultimate ability. 
  • The sperm cells that he shoots out from his Q are way too strong. 
  • His W enhances his damage. 

7. Sivir

“I can block your spells with one button.” (video by CHALLENGER TV LOL REPLAYS)

Here we have Sivir, the simple counter to Ezreal thanks to her black shield or better known as her E ability. Once she presses it the next spell is blocked. No matter if that spell is an ultimate ability or a simple Q.

And if Sivir times her black shield perfectly the mana she used to cast that ability is refunded. Sivir can also spread her auto-attacks to other minions with her ricochet. Once you activate it, her next few auto-attacks will bounce from target to target dealing damage.

Don’t worry if you can’t catch up to a target or someone is far away from you. You can simply use your ultimate ability which in return will give you a boost of movement speed and attack speed. Not to mention that Sivir is pretty easy to play and master. 

Why Sivir Is a Great At Bottom Lane:

  • Can block incoming spells with her black shield. 
  • Easily catches up to targets who are far away thanks to her ultimate ability. 
  • Can push lanes easily thanks to her ricochet ability. 

6. Tristana

“A midget with anger issues.” (video by Vapora Dark)

Where do I even start with this champion? This midget can push turrets in faster than anyone else on the bottom lane. How does she push towers so quickly? By planting a damn bomb on them and auto-attacking the placed bomb.

Not only that but she can jump in and out of battle as she pleases. She does that by simply timing her W correctly. You see her W will reset upon getting a kill or whenever she explodes her E fully. That’s whenever Tristana will be able to jump in and out. Riot also made her life a hell of a lot easier by adding an ability that boosts her attack speed by a lot for no extra cost.

Yes, you read that correctly. Tristana can boost her attack speed at no extra cost! And if a poor jungler decides to gank Tristana to kill her she can either jump away or push him away with her ultimate ability. Good luck trying to kill this midget. 

Why Tristana Is a Great At Bottom Lane:

  • Lots of mobility. 
  • Has an ability that grants her attack speed at no extra cost. 
  • Yeets junglers away that try to kill her. 

5. Twitch

“Sneaky sneaky sneaky.” (video by League of Legends PROTV)

What’s better to play in League of Legends than my favorite boi Twitch. This rat can go invisible and hide in plain sight then out of nowhere he’s behind the enemy lines wreaking havoc. I’ve been playing this champion for over 4 years now and it still amazes me how fun it can be to play.

You guys need to listen to me and play Twitch, especially in this meta because he’s kinda strong if you know what you’re doing. The best part is you can build titanic hydra on him and he will still deal damage and be OP. Someone call pest control because there’s a rodent infestation going on in the rift. When playing my boy make sure to be stealthy just like in Splinter Cell.

When it comes to his Q he can be invisible pretty much anywhere as long as nobody placed any pink wards to ruin your evening. With his ultimate ability, you gain extra AD and extra attack range but your auto-attacks become missiles and that means the enemy can dodge your auto-attacks. That’s just fun when it happens. 

Why Twitch Is a Great At Bottom Lane: 

  • He can go invisible at any point in time. 
  • Great at dismantling the whole enemy team apart. 
  • 1v5 machine. 
  • Ultimate ability grants you extra AD and extra attack range. 

4. Miss Fortune

“I got 4 big guns to try and count them all.” (video by CHALLENGER TV LOL REPLAY)

My second favorite ADC in the whole game. First, one is the little adorable rat that I mentioned above. I mean a lot of people love Miss Fortune. Some love her because she can turn a whole team fight around while some have their reasons.

When it comes to playing Miss Fortune she’s a real charmer of an ADC. She’s really fun to play with and has lots of damage at her disposal. Miss Fortune alone can turn a losing battle around all thanks to her ultimate ability. Don’t worry you don’t need a lot of skill playing Miss Fortune.

All you need is good-looking skin and a bit of luck and you’re good. Also, a good support with you but that will come later. Miss Fortune also comes equipped with lots of movement speed because of her W ability. So have fun running at the speed of light around the summoner's rift. 

Why Miss Fortune Is a Great At Bottom Lane:

  • Can turn a whole team fight around alone. 
  • Has lots of movement speed thanks to her W and passive ability. 
  • She’s able to crit target each auto-attack. 
  • Lots of good-looking skins. 

3. Samira

“Female version of Yasuo.” (video by LOL TIME)

Here we have Samira, the child of Yasuo and Katarina. This spawn of the devil came into League and destroyed the meta on the bottom lane. It ruined everything fun and good about the lane. When playing Samira you’ll be having fun but your teammates won’t even know what fun is anymore.

They’ll be wondering why they’re even alive and why they exist. That’s the point of Samira. The main reason why she’s disliked this much is because of her W that can block any missile ability and because she spins like a ballerina in her ultimate ability healing every single bit of HP that she lost.

Is it fun playing against this? No? That’s what I thought as well when she was released. So that’s why either I constantly ban her or I pick her sometimes. There’s no in-between with this champion. 

Why Samira Is a Great At Bottom Lane:

  • The female child of Yasuo and Katarina. 
  • Can block any missile ability thanks to her W. 
  • Heals all of her HP fully with her ultimate ability. 
  • She’s able to cast her ultimate anytime she gets an S rank. 

2. Xayah

“Feathers are the key to success.” (video by Challenger LoL Replays & VODS)

B-b-b-b bird is the word. Did you know that bird is the word? Who remembers this classical song? Especially when your 8-year-old cousin hears it and won’t stop singing it. That’s what truly makes it special. Now you might be asking yourself what kind of relationship does a song have with Xayah? Well, first off Xayah is a bird, second did you know that bird is the word?

When it comes to playing the champion, Xayah is pretty fun. Your ultimate ability makes you invincible to damage so anyone that’s looking to make a dent on you will be stopped in their tracks. You can also launch your feathers all over the lane and later pull them back towards you for an insane amount of damage.

I’m not even kidding when I say that you’re able to kill a whole team simply by pulling your feathers inside. How cool is that? You can also empower yourself with some extra attack speed to get those pesky little guys out as quickly as possible. 

Why Xayah Is a Great At Bottom Lane:

  • She can be invincible while using her ultimate ability. 
  • Pulling the feathers back towards her can eliminate anyone that’s caught by them. 
  • You can gain extra attack speed by simply pressing your W key. 
  • Everyone knows that bird is the word.

1. Zeri

“The newest ADC that’s added to the roster.” (video by Be Challenger LoL)

Here we have the final champion for this article and that’s Zeri. Playing Zeri will be nothing short of a miracle. But it will take you some time to get used to her. This is the only champion in the whole game where you can auto-attack with a right-click and with Q. Q will be the main source of your damage.

With her E you can dash around and your Q’s will go through people. Comes quite handy if there’s a huge wave or multiple people that need slapping. Zeri’s ultimate ability electrifies the ground around her dealing damage and giving her a huge boost in movement speed. She’s at the number one spot because she’s the most broken ADC currently. 

Why Zeri Is a Great At Bottom Lane:

  • Most broken ADC in the current meta.
  • Goes well with any support in the game. 
  • Her ultimate ability electrifies the ground giving her a huge boost in movement speed. 
  • You can go over any walls in the game with her E. 

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