[Top 15] LoL Best North American Players Right Now

LoL Best North American Players
Underdogs unite!

NA has had its fair share of criticism from the League community in the past, and I guess present, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all NA players are bad. In fact, there are a lot of world-class players who deserve our praise and we are here to find out who they are.

15. Yusui

Starting us off we have Yusui, a mid laner for Team Dignitas. A lot of people would disagree with putting Yasui on this list, but seeing his performance in LCS Summer this year against TL, I believe there will come a time for this player to shine.

Even though his mechanics are lacking at the moment, Yasui’s decision-making is what qualifies him to be called a professional. In his game with Yasuo against TL, he shows us the potential of taking teleport as a mid laner, surprising the enemy team, and securing a successful teamfight.

Latest best achievement: 3-4th place LCS Academy League Spring 2019 as a player for Echo Fox Academy ($4,000 prize amount)

Yusui highlights


14.  Neo

Previously going by Asta, Neo is known to play champions like Kai’Sa, Kalista, and Seraphine. Now, one of these is not like the other. Neo is indeed an AD carry but on occasion, he opted for Seraphine instead of the more traditional bot lane picks because, when paired with a CC heavy support like Alistar, the two can just breeze through the laning phase since the enemy will be stunned or rooted or knocked up for an eternity.

When it comes to Kalista, Neo does struggle a bit to calculate the damage of his E ability, often either falling short for a little bit of damage or holding out for too long before using it. This makes Kai’Sa a far more reliable pick for him.

Latest best achievement: 5-6th place LCS Spring 2021 as a player for Dignitas

Neo highlights


13. Spica

Currently the jungler for TSM, Spica is usually the guy known as something. Known for stealing objectives in his debut matches, known for his Sejuani for how unlucky his experience playing her was, known for performing a legendary “9 man sleep” with Lilia at Worlds 2020 when he ulted five people but his team didn’t react at all.

There is one “known” that stands out above the rest and that’s his Nidalee (this time in a good way), even being described by the famous Bjergsen as the best NA Nidalee player.

 Latest best achievement: 1st place LCS Summer 2020 as a player for TSM ($100,000 prize amount)

Spica highlights


12. Josedeodo

There’s something about Lee Sin that makes players who manage to make plays with him look so amazing, and that goes double for Josedeodo who actually mains this god-tier champion. He’s considered one of the best Lee Sin players in the world and it shows.

Currently playing for FlyQuest, Josedeodo has reached Rank 1 on NA, BR, and LAS servers during the past several years and if that doesn’t prove his skills I don’t know what does.

Latest best achievement: 1st place LLA Closing 2020 as a player for Rainbow7 ($27,306 prize amount)

Josedeodo highlights


11. WildTurtle

WildTurtle has been through it all starting his career as a top laner for Forty Bus Gaming, changing teams constantly, sometimes even subbing for some team as a mid laner to finally end up as the AD carry for CLG. His loyalty may come into question, but his skills as a player do not.

At the 2013 Championship, despite losing, countless people were blown away by his ability to play on par with the Korean adcs.

Latest best achievement: NA LCS Spring 2017 as a player for TSM ($100,000 prize amount)

WildTurtle highlights


10.  Blaber

In 2020, when Cloud9 rebuilt its roster, Blaber permanently joined the team after being stuck in C9 Academy for a couple of years. Some doubted this decision but Blaber proved himself by earning the MVP award in LCS 2020 Spring.

At the young age of 21, Blaber still has a bright future in the League of Legends scene as he continues to improve each game in the jungle position for C9.

Latest best achievement: 1st place LCS Spring 2021 as a player for Cloud9 ($100,000 prize amount)

Blaber highlights


9. Impact

Impact has been in the professional scene for a long time, playing with some of the greats like DoubleLift in Team Liquid and even Faker in SKT. His current position in Evil Geniuses is a little unfortunate, not to say EG is a bad team but when compared to SKT it is quite a downgrade.

He is yet to achieve the same level of success in EG as he had in previous teams, but here’s hoping that such talent does not go unrewarded.

Latest best achievement: LCS Summer 2019 as a player for TL ($100,000 prize amount)

Impact highlights


8. CoreJJ

Professional players rarely swap roles, and when they do, the outcome can go either way. In the case of CoreJJ, his contribution to the team couldn’t be put into question whether he was an AD carry for team Dignitas or a support for TL where he stands now.

Even though LCS fans miss the famous Ruler and CoreJJ bottom lane, Team Liquid surely wouldn’t be as threatening as it is today if it weren’t for CoreJJ.

Latest best achievement: 1st place LCS Lock-In 2021 as a player for TL ($150,000 prize amount)

CoreJJ highlights


7. Broxah

Probably the biggest fear the enemy team has when facing Broxah is whether he’s going to steal Baron or Dragon. It’s happened so many times it’s ridiculous. His playstyle in general is a bit confusing. When it comes to stealing objectives, he’s all up for taking risks, but in teamfights you’ll often find him somewhere in the back, playing the safe card.

His most played characters are Jarvan and Lee Sin, champions with which he can go deep or fall back to a safe place, perfect for his playstyle. Broxah is currently playing for CLG as a jungler.

Latest best achievement: 1st place Rift Rivals 2019: NA vs EU as a player for Fnatic ($20,000 prize amount)

Broxah highlights


6. Ssumday

A big chunk of players who started their professional career in the early 2010s have since retired but not Ssumday. Currently playing for 100 Thieves, Ssumday represents the backbone of this team. His top lane role allows him to, more often than not, carry games and lead his team into victory.

Ssumday is known for playing tanks or bruisers like Renekton, Shen, or Poppy. With those kinds of champions, he can easily start fights, support his team and/or kill off the majority of the enemy team.

Latest best achievement: 1st place LCS Summer 2021 as a player for 100 Thieves ($100,000 prize amount)

Ssumday highlights


5. Zven

Seeing Zven in the AD carry position makes you kind of glad that Perkz transitioned to the mid lane. His success in both EU and now NA makes him more than worthy of being called one of the best adcs in the West currently with machine-like instincts that we can see in the 2016 EU LCS Summer in the game against SPY.

With so many great players in Cloud9 currently, who’s to say what awaits this team in the future. They may one day even place second in Worlds (Faker is still a thing so first place might be a bit of a stretch).

Latest best achievement: 1st place LCS Spring 2021 as a player for C9 ($100,000 prize amount)

Zven highlights


4. Revenge

When you watch this guy play in Solo Queue, it really makes you feel bad for his lack of professional success. He was once ranked 1st on the NA server and for a good reason. Revenge is a top lane carry machine, his Riven mechanics are astonishing and even on other champions like Jayce he still manages to outshine the enemy top laner.

Revenge hasn’t played in many tournaments, and in the ones that he has, he placed rather poorly. Whether it’s because he’s more suited for regular solo queue or if Immortals is just too weak as a team is up for debate, but his individual skill deserves to be recognized.

Latest best achievement: 5-6th place LCS Summer 2021 as a player for Immortals

Revenge highlights


3. Jensen

Jensen is one of the most flexible players in the LCS because he doesn’t limit himself to one champion, instead preferring to be a sort of jack of all trades a picking a champion his team needs in a given moment.

Previously known as Incarnati0n, Jensen used to play mid for Cloud9, transitioning to Team Liquid in 2018 where he currently stands. He may not be Faker, but he undoubtedly contributes greatly to whatever team he’s in.

Latest best achievement: 1st place LCS Lock-In 2021 as a player for TL ($150,000 prize amount)

Jensen highlights


2. Huni

Here we have another SKT veteran, the top laner for TSM, Huni. The same as WildTurtle, Huni has changed teams quite a few times: Samsung Galaxy, Fnatic, Immortals, SKT, Dignitas, EG, and finally TSM. His playstyle mainly focuses on him aggressively trying to dominate his laner.

Huni purposefully picks champions outside the meta, like Lucian and Cassiopeia in hopes of getting the upper hand during the laning phase as most top laners wouldn’t know how to handle such matchups. He is one of few top laners who sometimes choose ignite instead of teleport.

Latest best achievement: 1st place MSI 2017 as a player for SKT T1 ($676,000 prize amount)

Huni highlights


1. Perkz

Apart from being the best NA professional player currently, Perkz is probably one of the best League of Legends players in general. Able to play both mid lane and adc with amazing mechanics and decision-making, Perkz can adapt to any situation.

He and Zven (bot laner for C9) are the only two players to have won titles in both EU and NA. We don’t know if Perkz will remain in NA or if he’ll go back to EU when his contract with Cloud9 ends but whatever the outcome is, with his level of skill he will turn any team into a powerhouse.

Latest best achievement: 1st place LCS Spring 2021 as a player for C9 ($100,000 prize amount)

Perkz highlights

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