[Top 10] LOL Best Mid Lane Champions (Ranked)

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Hailed as the most exciting lane to play in, the mid lane is one of highlights and glory. The lane has been home to the most extravagant and awe-inspiring plays the game has ever seen. It has seen highlights from the best of the best, and funny moments from the worst of the worst.

But nevertheless, the mid lane is an important lane in the game since it is directly in the center of the map. This is usually where the final push to the Nexus begins. Which is why a great mid laner can mean the difference between a team’s victory, or its demise. Today, we’ll talk about the top ten mid laners in ranked in order to boost your chances of conquering the mid lane.


10. Cho'Gath

Cho'Gath montage.

No one knows hunger like Cho’Gath does. This horrific creature from the void has an insatiable hunger that worsens the more he consumes life. His sole purpose is to strike fear and terror among the populace as they run from his gigantic steps. 

Cho’Gath mid is not usually the go-to for most people. But he has proven himself this season with his extraordinary disabling abilities. His Q (Rupture) knocks enemies up and slows them after they land. This is excellent poke and harass in lane and useful in skirmishes. His W (Feral Scream) does magic damage and silences them, which is pretty rare in the game. His E (Vorpal Strikes) allows him to release spikes when he attacks, dealing damage to huge waves of enemies. His R (Feast) basically makes him more tanky.

Cho’Gath Strengths:

  • Cho’Gath can gain maximum HP when he uses his R (Feast) on enemies, and health and mana when he kills a unit due to his passive (Carnivore). This is great for laning and surviving.
  • His Q (Rupture) is an easy-to-hit spell that does significant damage and CC.
  • His W (Feral Scream) and E (Vorpal Strikes) allow him to mow down enemies and get a decent wave clear.
  • Cho’Gath gets extremely tanky, and this helps him create space for his team in team fights.

Play Cho’Gath if:

  • You want to play an easy-to-use mid lane champion that has an execute skill, great wave clear, CC, and damage.
  • You love getting tanky and dealing damage still.
  • You want to be bigger than everyone else.


9. Rumble


Rumble montage.

Rumble is just that kid. Even amongst his kind, he was constantly getting bullied and left out. He had to be resourceful, tenacious, and scrappier than ever. This was his niche, his ability to create something lets everyone know not to mess with him anymore.

Rumble is one of those champions who you don’t expect to run all over you. His high damage from his Q (Flamespitter) and E (Electro Harpoon) can easily mow down waves and deal heavy, consistent damage to anyone who comes across them. He can survive in lane with his W (Scrap Shield). His R (The Equalizer) is the ultimate zoning and team fighting tool as it heavily damages and forces enemies to move and get displaced. All his skills affect his passive (Junkyard Titan) which affects his kit based on the heat level by using skills. Overall, Rumble’s strengths lie in his team fighting capabilities.

Rumble Strengths: 

  • Rumble’s passive (Junkyard Titan) allows his abilities to have increased traits when his heat reaches 50% (danger zone). When this reaches 100%, he can’t use his abilities but his auto attacks have increased damage and attack speed.
  • Rumble is able to deal high burn damage with his Q (Flamespitter) and this is increased when he reaches his danger zone.
  • His W (Scrap Shield) can give him a shield and move speed. These are increased when he reaches his danger zone. 
  • His E (Electro Harpoon) has two casts that both slow and damage the enemy. The damage and slow effect are increased in his danger zone.
  • His R (The Equalizer) allows him to create a long zone of flames that can displace enemies and slow them with heavy damage.

Pick Rumble if:

  • You want to use a high-damage melee caster that can run over enemies.
  • You love having a great team fighting arsenal without having the need for hard CC.
  • You love fire.


8. Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol montage.

The very definition of a celestial being, Aurelion Sol, The Star Forger, is a being of unfathomable power. He once graced the cosmos and its vast emptiness but was thwarted by the people of Targon, who forced him into their own ranks by tricking him into wearing their gift, a crown. Now he seeks to regain his freedom, even if he has to bring down the very stars he created.

Aurelion Sol is a late game mage who needs to scale up in order to actually impact the game. His Q (Breath of Light) is a channeling spell that deals damage constantly. This is great for long fights and engagements. He is able to reach long distances and use his Q (Breath of Light) when he uses his W (Astral Flight). When in team fights, Aurelion Sol can zone enemies or suck them into a void with his E (Singularity). His R (Falling Star/The Skies Descend) is one of the strongest since it allows him to cast a wide AOE CC skill that heavily damages the opponent. This control mage takes over the game once he gets enough resources.

Aurelion Sol Strengths: 

  • Aurelion Sol’s passive (Cosmic Creator) allows him to make his skills better. Stacks here can increase his Q (Breath of Light) damage, increase W (Astral Flight) range, increase E (Singularity) radius and execution threshold, and when at enough stacks, turn his R (Falling Star) into an improved R (The Skies Descend), which has a bigger radius, has knock up damage, and a ripple damage effect that extends towards a bigger portion of the map.
  • His E (Singularity) can slow and execute enemies.
  • His W (Astral Flight) resets on takedowns.

Pick Aurelion Sol if:

  • You love playing late game mages.
  • You want a mage that can roam, impact team fights, and create engagement opportunities.
  • You want to be a dragon.


7. Renekton

Renekton montage.

Renekton was once one of the greatest warriors of Shurima, who became an Ascended when he willingly brought his dying brother Nasus towards the Sun Disc, despite believing he would be obliterated. When Azir’s ascension was thwarted by Xerath, Renekton and Nasus sealed him in a tomb, but this meant that Renekton would sacrifice himself in order for it to work. With years and years of being sealed with a sly tongue, Xerath’s twisted words defiled Renekton and made him rageful. Turning him into the bloodthirsty monster that he now is, seeking to have revenge on Nasus. 

Renekton is great for team fights, laning, and tanking. He has a reliable healing and wave clear from his Q (Cull the Meek). He has a dash from his E (Slice and Dice) and he can stun enemies with his W (Ruthless Predator). His R (Dominus) can be activated to give him increased health, making him even more tanky. Renekton can create space for the team while also being the reason for the team’s overall damage. Despite being a tanky bruiser, he can burst any squishy and turn around any fight.

Renekton Strengths:

  • Renekton’s passive (Reign of Anger) builds up fury whenever Renekton attacks. This can empower his basic skills, making his Q (Cull the Meek) deal more damage and heal him more. His empowered W (Ruthless Predator) deals increased damage and stuns for longer. His empowered E (Slice and Dice) deals more damage and reduces the armor of enemies hit.
  • His R (Dominus) generates fury over time, making him a stronger force to deal with.
  • Renekton has relatively low cooldowns and no mana cost, which is great for constant harassment in lane.

Pick Renekton if:

  • You want to play a bruiser with high damage and team fight participation.
  • You love bursting squishies while being able to survive the encounter.
  • You love crocodiles.


6. Diana

Diana montage.

Diana lost her parents and was adopted by a group of hunters. She was raised in the ways of the Solari, but had doubts. These doubts led her to venture and find the truth about her beliefs, and she was chosen as the host of the legendary aspect. Now, she fights not for war but for peace for both the believers of the Sun and the Moon.

Diana’s powers come from the moonlight. Her Q (Crescent Strike) allows her to throw an arc-shaped projectile that inflicts moonlight on the enemy. When she uses her E (Lunar Rush) on them, the cooldown is reset. This allows her to be mobile and agile while also gaining a shield from her W (Pale Cascade). Her R (Moonfall) allows her to suck all enemies around her and deal massive damage, making it perfect for initiating or finishing fights.

Diana Strengths:

  • Diana’s passive (Moonsilver Blade) allows her auto attacks to deal more damage on the 3rd auto attack. After casting a spell, Diana gets attack speed.
  • Her R (Moonfall) deals more damage the more people she sucks in.
  • Her W (Pale Cascade) allows her to gain more shield strength if the third sphere from her skill hits.

Pick Diana if:

  • You love playing AP assassins.
  • You want to set up your team for team fights, making the first crucial blow.
  • You are a selenophile.


5. Malzahar 

Malzahar montage.

Malzahar was a lost child in the aftermath of Shurima’s fall. He believes that the emergence of the void is the key to the unification of life, a saving force in the world. With his growing number of followers, the Prophet of the Void won’t stop at nothing until all believe in the Void.

Because he is a control mage, Malzahar’s skills can disable and disrupt enemies. His Q (Call of the Void) damages and silences enemies. This is useful for laning and team fights. His W (Void Swarm) can spawn voidlings to attack and push the frontlines. Coupled with this, his E (Malefic Visions) can cause damage over time to enemies and attract voidlings. To finally take the cake, his R (Nether Grasp) suppresses an enemy and holds them for a long period of time, making them vulnerable to anyone. Malzahar is great for isolated fights and single-champion hunts.

Malzahar Strengths:

  • Malzahar’s passive (Void Shift) allows him to be safe from the first ability that would hit him, whether it would be just damage or CC.
  • His Q (Call of the Void) can silence enemies, making their skills unusable.
  • Malzahar’s pushing power from his E (Malefic Visions) and W (Void Swarm) is essential for making space and split pushing, creating a victory someplace else.

Pick Malzahar if:

  • You love playing mages with excellent wave clear.
  • You want to have an impact in catching crucial enemies, winning fights.
  • You love the void and believe in the prophet.


4. Malphite

Malphite montage.

Created from the Shard of the Monolith built by Ne’Zuk, Malphite was the only remaining piece from the Monolith built to battle the void. With his newfound purpose, Malphite wanders and prepares for another encounter with the void. His failure to protect the people he was created to protect makes him stronger than ever.

Malphite is a reliable tank in the late game, causing ADCs to deal 0 damage to him when built against them. His Q (Seismic Shard) slows enemies and is easy to use. His W (Thunderclap) empowers his attacks, making him send aftershocks after each attack. Coupled with his E (Ground Slam), Malphite’s wave clear is great for gaining resources, despite having a bad early game. His R (Unstoppable Force) lets him charge and knock up enemies, dealing immense damage around an area. Malphite is great for executing enemies and team fighting especially. His movement can zone enemies just because of his devastating ultimate skill.

Malphite Strengths:

  • Malphite’ passive (Granite Shield) grants him a shield for 10% of his max hp, which scales up. This allows him to survive the laning phase easily.
  • His Q (Seismic Shard) steals movement speed from his enemy.
  • His tanky nature is great for creating space, letting your carry deal damage safely.

Pick Malphite if:

  • You love playing a tank that can impact teamfights greatly with your setup.
  • You love being a powerful damage dealer despite being a tank.
  • You like rocks.


3. Xerath

Xerath montage.

Being the cause of the death of his best friend, Azir, Xerath brought about the destruction of Shurima. His mastery of arcane energy is unmatched due to his status as an Ascended, an honor he stole from his friend. With his power, he continues to lay waste to the world and show his wrath.

Xerath has powerful and long-ranged abilities that deal immense damage through AP. His Q (Arcanopulse) is his main form of damage due to its long range and low cooldown. His W (Eye of Destruction) can slow enemies and deal AOE damage, which can be useful for poking and chasing. His E (Shocking Orb) can stun enemies which increases in duration the farther it goes, while his R (Rite of the Arcane) is an even more long-ranged skill that sends balls of arcane energy into the enemy’s face. All these skills have high mana costs but his passive (Mana Surge) makes up for it. Despite his strong and powerful skills, his immobile nature is the only downside of his kit.

Xerath Strengths:

  • Xerath’s long-ranged abilities can allow the user to poke and harass enemies from a safe distance, especially his R (Rite of the Arcane).
  • His Q (Arcanopulse) is a skillshot that doesn’t stop at the first enemy hit, which means nothing can block it and it is easier to hit.
  • His W (Eye of Destruction) is an AOE skill that has high damage and a slow effect. Enemies hit in the center receive even more damage.
  • His E (Shocking Orb) is hard to miss since enemies can’t see it coming just based on his animation.
  • His passive (Mana Surge) allows him to sustain his mana and has cooldown reduction every time he kills a unit.

Pick Xerath if: 

  • You love playing a powerful skillshot-oriented control mage.
  • You want to be lane dominant, with a chance to snowball the lead into the late game.
  • You love arcane magic and want to be a wizard.


2. Swain

Swain montage.

Being the ruler of Noxus with a demonic hand, Swain leads with an iron (in this case, demonic) fist. His rule has enabled Noxus to become a force to not cross. His powerful abilities allow him to not only lead but lead with example, as he charges the battlefield with his fellow countrymen.

His Q (Death’s Hand) is a low cooldown skill that serves as his main form of damage. This is also excellent for wave clear. His E (Nevermore) is a CC skill that catches enemies and pulls them toward Swain, making it easier for him to hunt down his adversaries. His W (Demon’s Eye) gives him vision and damages enemies from afar. His R (Demonic Ascension) is his go-to for when he wants to go crazy. This gives him an enourmous amount of healing and hp to wreak havoc upon the enemy. This tanky mage can survive and deal damage over extended periods of fights.

Swain Strengths: 

  • Swain deals consistent damage through his Q (Death’s Hand).
  • His W (Demon’s Eye) slows and gives him vision of the enemy. 
  • His E (Nevermove) can catch enemies and bring them right to his doorstep. This is great for slowing them down, making them vulnerable to your allies.
  • His R (Demonic Ascension) grants him increased hp and an AOE burn damage that sustains and heals him.  
  • His passive (Ravenous Flock) gives him increased healing and maximum health.

Pick Swain if: 

  • You love playing a lane-dominant mage with a huge impact in team fights. 
  • You want to be a tanky mage with a strong output of damage.
  • You think his hand is cool.


1. Naafiri

Naafiri montage.

Nafiri is an Ascended, turned Darkin due to the fall of Shurima. Nafiri was sealed in her own daggers but was released once she was able to possess them and regain her freedom. If it weren’t for the man who scavenged her prison, the dagger, she wouldn’t have made it out. Now she wanders and fights to regain the glory of her people, the Darkin.

A mid lane assassin with a high burst damage potential, Nafiri can dominate the lane with her high damage autos and a burst and burn Q (Darkin Daggers). Her E (Eviscerate) can also deal a significant amount of damage in case she needs more. With her W (Hounds’ Pursuit), she can chase down enemies from far away. Coupled with her R (The Call of the Pack), she can become a strong force that chases down helpless victims. Despite her high damage, missing her Q (Darkin Daggers) can significantly reduce her damage output, making this skill essential in dealing damage.

Nafiri Strengths:

  • Naafiri’s passive (We Are More) can spawn packmates that can take the hit for skillshots that pass her way.
  • Her W (Hounds’ Pursuit) is a point-and-click skill that chases enemies from far away.
  • Her laning phase is made strong because of the damage by her Q (Darkin Daggers).
  • The high AD scaling on her E (Eviscerate) allows her to deal immense damage at close quarters. and this can also be used to dash through walls and obstacles.
  • Her R (The Call of the Pack) basically increases her AD, increases her packmates’ health, and allows her to have a lower W (Hounds’ Pursuit) cooldown, making her great for chasing down the enemy. 

Pick Nafiri if: 

  • You love being a mid lane assassin with a strong chase potential.
  • You want to be impactful by dominating the lane, and roaming with your jungler.
  • You love dogs.


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