[Top 10] Most Epic Moments in League of Legends Esports History

Thousands of passionate fans from around the world attended Worlds Championship to celebrate the spirit of competition and gaming

What makes League of Legends esports so compelling? Is it the strategy? The teamwork? The individual skill? All of the above? Whatever it is, there's no denying that League of Legends esports has produced some of the most epic and unforgettable moments in the history of competitive gaming. From unforgettable teamfights to unbelievable individual plays, the best of the best have left their mark on the game and on our hearts. In this article, we'll be taking a trip  down memory lane and counting down the top 10 most epic moments in League of Legends esports history. So buckle up and get ready for some serious nostalgia.

10) SK Telecom T1's back-to-back World Championship wins (World Championship – 2016)

SK Telecom T1's dominance in 2015 and 2016 was unparalleled, as they took the world by storm with their exceptional teamwork, strategic planning, and individual skill. Their victories in the grand finals against KOO Tigers and Samsung Galaxy showcased their unwavering determination, as they battled fiercely against their opponents to come out on top. 

The team's consistency and ability to maintain their high level of play throughout both tournaments was a testament to their resilience and dedication to the game.Led by Faker, the Korean powerhouse was the envy of the entire League of Legends esports community, with their winning streak inspiring countless players and teams around the world. 

SK Telecom T1's back-to-back championships will forever be remembered as a momentous achievement in the history of esports and a testament to the team's enduring legacy.

9) FNC Caps Locked in Vayne Mid (EU LCS Summer Semi Finals – 2018)

FNC Caps picks Vayne mid versus Galio

Caps' decision to pick Vayne mid during the semifinals of the 2018 World Championship against Misfits was a bold move that left many questioning his judgment. With his team's chances of advancing hanging in the balance, Caps knew he had to make a play that could turn the tide in their favor. 

Despite the objections of  his coach and teammates, Caps believed that Vayne was the perfect pick to counter Misfits' tank-heavy team composition, and he was right. Caps' outstanding performance on Vayne allowed his team to secure the victory and advance to the finals. It was a moment that showcased Caps' incredible game knowledge and strategic prowess and will be remembered as one of the most daring and brilliant picks in League of Legends esports history.

8) Invictus Gaming vs KT Rolster Base Race (World Championship Finals – 2018)

 Invictus Gaming and KT Rolster both teams racing towards the enemy Nexus in a desperate bid for victory

The third game of the Worlds finals between IG and KT was a nail-biting match that had fans on the edge of their seats. After 40 minutes of intense gameplay, IG sent their star player, TheShy, to the bottom lane to finish the game if they could hold off the rest of KT in their base. What followed was an epic base race that had everyone holding their breath. 

TheShy looked certain to win, but KT's Smeb teleported to join his team and finished the enemy's base just seconds before TheShy could finish theirs. The crowd erupted in a frenzy of excitement and disbelief, with fans of both teams screaming and crying tears of joy or heartbreak.

7) First-ever Pentakill in Worlds Final History (World Championship Finals – 2020)

Suning Bin first pentakill in Worlds with Fiora

In the second game of the 2020 world finals between DAMWON Gaming and Suning, history was made as Suning's top laner, Bin, achieved the first pentakill in worlds finals history. With DAMWON Gaming leading the series 1-0, tensions were high as the teams clashed in the final team fight. 

Bin took a risk by teleporting deep into enemy territory, but his daring move paid off as he skillfully took down each member of the opposing team with his Fiora. The crowd erupted as Bin secured the pentakill and led his team to a game-winning victory. It was a moment that will be forever etched in the minds of League of Legends esports fans.

6) Invictus Gaming destroys Europe (World Championship – 2018)

Invictus Gaming 3-0 win vs G2 in 2018 Worlds semi-finals

The 2018 Worlds was the year that Invictus Gaming took the world by storm. They were simply unstoppable, crushing every team that stood in their way. In the semifinals, they made quick work of G2 Esports, sweeping them aside with a convincing 3-0 victory.

And in the finals against Fnatic, they were equally dominant, shutting down every attempt by their opponents to mount a comeback. TheShy standout performance  displayed incredible skill and precision in every game,making it  a truly awe-inspiring performance that will be remembered for years to come.

5) Uzi's Triumph (Mid-Season Invitational – 2018)

RNG Uzi finally wins

RNG's victory in the 2018 MSI finals against Kingzone DragonX was a monumental moment for the LPL. The win proved that the LCK's reign as the best league of legends region was over and that China was now a major contender in the international scene. The finals were incredibly popular, with over 127 million unique viewers tuning in to watch the match, making it one of the most-watched eSports events in history. 

For Uzi, RNG's star ADC, it was a particularly special moment. Widely considered to be the best ADC in the world, Uzi had been chasing an international title for six years. Finally, his dream came true, and he was able to lift the MSI trophy as the MVP of the tournament. The moment was a long time coming, and it will go down in history as one of the most significant victories in the LPL's rise to dominance.

4) Faker’s Breakdown (World Championship – 2017)

Faker's tears serve as a reminder of the intense emotional investment and dedication required to compete at the highest level of esports

In the 2017 League of Legends World Championship Finals, SKT T1's mid laner, Faker, couldn't hold back his tears after his team lost 0-3 to Samsung Galaxy. Despite having already won the championship three times, Faker's passion for the game was evident as he played exceptionally well throughout the tournament.

However, even his efforts were not enough to secure a victory for his team in the finals. This emotional moment showcased not only the immense pressure and high stakes in esports, but also the deep love and dedication players like Faker have for the game.

3) From LCK’s Fourth Seed to World Champions (World Championship – 2022)

Kingzone DragonX emerges victorious after an intense 5-game series

In the epic conclusion of Worlds 2022, Kingzone DragonX emerged as the victor in a thrilling 5 games series against SKT T1. The final game was a back-and-forth battle with both teams giving it their all, but it was KZ who eventually triumphed, taking the championship with a 3-2 victory.

Once again, Faker and his team came up short in the final moments, but the real story was the incredible performance of KZ's star player, Deft. After 10 long years of playing at the highest level, Deft finally secured his long-awaited world championship, along with all the possible titles in his career from LCK, LPL, Rift Rivals to MSI and now Worlds. 

This historic win marked KZ as the first-ever fourth seed to win the world championship, and solidified Deft's legacy as one of the greatest players in League of Legends history.

2) Faker, What was that? (Korean OGN – 2013)

Faker's unforgettable outplay against Ryu

The Zed vs. Zed duel between Faker and Ryu is a legendary moment in League of Legends history. The intensity of the match and the importance of the mid lane matchup created an electric atmosphere in the arena. When Faker outplayed Ryu and secured the kill, the crowd erupted in cheers. 

The commentators captured the moment perfectly, describing every move and ability used by the two players. The play-by-play analysis added to the excitement and drama of the moment, making it one of the most memorable in League of Legends history. Even years later, fans still talk about this iconic moment and the incredible skills displayed by Faker.

1) The xPeke Backdoor (Intel Extreme Masters Katowice – 2013)

Xpeke's legendary Kassadin backdoor, one of the most iconic moments in esports history

The greatest moment in League of Legends history belongs to xPeke's backdoor against SK Gaming. In a legendary match, Fnatic and SK Gaming faced off in a game that would be remembered for years to come, thanks to the incredible play by mid laner xPeke.

As FNC seemed to be on the brink of defeat, xPeke, playing as Kassadin, managed to outplay the enemy's Olaf repeatedly by using his ultimate to escape every time Olaf got close to him. In the end, xPeke destroyed the enemy nexus just in time before the opposing team could stop him, securing the victory for Fnatic. This play became so iconic that backdooring is now referred to as "the xPeke" in the community. 

The rivalry between xPeke and SK Gaming's mid laner, Ocelote reached a fever pitch at IEM Katowice Season 7. Both teams went into the match with a 1-1 record, and the winner would advance to the semifinals. With everything on the line, xPeke pulled off a feat so impressive that it became named after him.

And there you have it, folks. The top 10 most epic moments in League of Legends esports history. From the iconic backdoor by xPeke to Faker's tears on stage, each moment has left an indelible mark on the game and its fans. These moments have brought us joy, heartbreak, and everything in between. They have showcased the talent, skill, and dedication of some of the greatest players to ever grace the Rift.

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