[Top 5] LOL Best Assassin Junglers That Are Amazing

LOL Best Assassin Jungler
“Kill a man, and you are an assassin. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill everyone, and you are a god.” -Beilby Porteus

Hi there, fellow Summoners and Gamers everywhere. Do you want to know which champions have a professional degree in the art of Deletionomics? Well, the following champions in this list are the most skilled and well versed in their main area of study. They have dedicated their lives to achieve perfect executions on enemy champions, with superb ease and accuracy. And thus, they were given a nasty reputation as being the living nukes of the Rift, or just simply cold-blooded murderers.
Assassin-Junglers play a unique but spectacular role in the game. They are responsible for making the most threatening enemy champions disappear before they can deal powerful attacks on their team. They do this by taking advantage of the element of surprise, remaining unseen, patiently waiting for the right moment to strike and execute their specific target. 

5. Nocturne 
The Eternal Nightmare

Born from the nightmares of sentient beings, Nocturne is the pure embodiment of darkness. Feeding of the fear  he desperately craves from the kind, honorable and noble. There is no escaping this shadowy-figure of dread, as he haunts you even in your dreams.

As an Assassin-Jungle, Nocturne excels in both attack, defense, and sustain. His ability to engage a target from a far distance while blocking their ally’s vision makes him ideal for starting and sustaining fights before the enemy knows what hit them.

What makes Nocturne a great Assassin-Jungler?

  • He has great sustain and CC that helps him clear jungle camps with ease. He also has empowerment abilities that boost his basic-attacks and tip his scale of power.
  • Nocturne’s ultimate is a devastating engage that makes warding useless. It not only engages but it can also prevent ganks by either flying to the rescue or creating the fear of danger.
  • His early and mid-game is strong, which makes him perfect for bullying the enemy mid and bot-lane and increase his team’s kill gap.

How to Jungle with Nocturne

4. Rengar
The Pridestalker

Hell’s puddy cat’, a fitting nickname for this ferocious feline as he dominates the jungle with his unique kit of kitty cat tricks. And for those who dare to step foot in his jungle, may now be reborn as his new favorite mouse toy.

Rengar is a Vastayan trophy hunter that takes pride in the thrill of the hunt. His arsenal of leaps, CC, and empowerments, makes for impressive combos that give him an edge in the art of attack and retreat. Reclaiming his rightful title as is true the king of the jungle. 

What makes Rengar a great Assassin-Jungler?

  • Rengar is by far the most fun to play jungle-assassin in the game. He can leap to any target, even wards, and he is downright unstoppable in the mid-game.
  • Hie’s ultimate is a guaranteed one-shot if done right. He can even 1 v 5 with a proper build in late-game.
  • Being a Ferocity user. Rengar has a slight advantage against mana-using champions in the early-game. He is also a powerful counter-jungle that can cripple the enemy Jungler before he can get any good ganks in.

How to Jungle with Rengar

3. Evelyn
Agony’s Embrace

Evelynn is the cruder more feminine version of ‘IT’ in Runeterra. However, unlike everyone’s favorite dancing clown who loves to feast on the fears of children. Evelynn prefers the more feminine approach, using lust to lure and feast on the pain of unsuspecting men. This is one she-devil you don’t want to take out to dinner.

Evelyn is an AP-scaling Assassin that uses her unique passive to target and execute specific targets and escape unharmed. Her ability to remain camouflage while out of combat makes her ideal for closing in that crucial distance needed to lure and take out the enemy carry.

What makes Evelynn a great Assassin-Jungler?

  • Evelynn deals an insane amount of burst-damage. Jungle clearing is also a breeze with her percent health damage and AOE ‘Q’.
  • Her abilities not only excel at single-targeting but also leaves the enemy with a decent amount of AOE damage to recover from.
  • Her passive camouflage makes normal wards completely useless. She can literally walk behind enemies unnoticed while she charms and waits for her prey to come to her.

How to Jungle with Evelynn

2. Kayn
The Shadow Reaper

The Shadow Reaper is not one, but two entities. He is an ambitious boy who seeks power and supremacy above all. So, he has partnered with ‘Rhaast’ the darkened blade and uses him as a tool to achieve his goals. However, Rhaast has something different in mind. He seeks the destruction of all things and uses every opportunity to weaken the boys resolve.

Kayn is the counter-wizard of the jungle. His ability to change his form into a high-sustain Bruiser to combat Tanks and Fighters or a high-damage Assassin to execute Mages and Marksmen makes him a powerful asset that can change the outcome of the game.

What makes Kayn a great Assassin-Jungler?

  • Kayn’s shadow step ability is what truly sets him apart from other assassins. It can be used as an engage or an escape and even heals himself. 
  • Kayn can literally dive in a 1 v 5 fight, deal a ton of AOE damage, kill the enemy carry, and escape alive while tower diving. If that’s not bad-ass op then nothing is.
  • He is one of the fastest Jungle clearing champions in the game and has an exceptional early, mid and late-game.

How to Jungle with Kayn

1. Kha’zix
The Voidreaver

The Voidreaver still remains at the top of the list as the most op, undefeated (looking at you Rengar), king of the bad-asses that have ever touched in the jungles of the game. He is the very definition of unrivaled (still looking at you Rengar) as he flies away with the heads of any champion foolish enough to challenge him. Long live the king of Assassins may his reign be unjust and un-nerfed.

Kha’Zix is by far the best Jungle-Assassin in the game. His speed, agility, damage, engage, and escape is unbeatable. All LoL players that have ever crossed paths with him know that he’s a being designed to be feared.

What makes Kha’Zix a great Assassin-Jungler?

  • His leap can auto-reset on kills. Meaning that he can follow up from a successful kill or escape unharmed. And if that doesn’t work his ultimate will make sure it does.
  • Kha’Zix’s ‘Q’ is the most feared weapon in his arsenal, dealing an insane amount of damage to any type of champion. 
  • He excels at jungle clearing, counter Jungling, laning and can even 1 v 5. Making him a powerful opponent both in and outside the jungle. 

How to Jungle with Kha’Zix


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