[Top 10] LOL Best Movement Speed Items (Ranked Good To Best)

[Top 10] LOL Best Movement Speed Items (Ranked Good To Best)
The faster you are the harder you are to hit. Simple logic by Einstein 2023.

Hey kid, want some speed? But the movement speed kind. Of course you do what kind of silly question is that? You see, boots in League of Legends are probably some of the most essential items that you can get on the market and the reason for that is because it grants your champion movement speed which then you can use to outrun your enemies and just get around the map faster. 

Of course, besides boots there are other items that give you a movement speed bonus to your champion and those items also can improve either your health, armor, attack speed, AD, and many other benefits that come with these items. Now with that in mind let’s get into this article!


10. Plated Steelcaps (1,100 Gold)

“Swiggty swooty!”

To begin this article let’s look at some of the most important items to own in the early game and those are boots. Now they come in different variants but we’ll go over those different ones a bit later. These boots right here will give you exactly 20 armor and 45 movement speed which is great for chasing down someone and making yourself a bit harder to kill due to the 20 armor that they give. 

Now any type of boots are a crucial part of the early game in League of Legends as they allow you to run around the map quicker and help out your teammates or just chase someone down and kill them, buying them is a must. Because if you don’t you are clearly just handicapping yourself for no reason whatsoever and they aren’t even that expensive!

How To Get Plated Steelcaps:

To get yourself some of these snazzy shoes head over to your shop in the base and purchase them for 1,100 gold.

Plated Steelcaps Is Great For:

  • Getting close to your enemies so you can unleash a can of whoopass on them or running away to save your life. 
  • The additional armor from these boots can be a lifesaver in sticky situations especially in the early game. 
  • They are a great item for the early game and allow your champion to move faster around the map. 


9. Stridebreaker (3,300 Gold)

“Ain’t nothing gonna break me!”

Let’s shift our focus from boots onto a mythic item. Mythic items are a new addition to the game in which the player gets a unique bonus for every legendary item they own. For example this item’s “mythic passive” gives the player a 2% increase in movement speed for every legendary item. Alongside this “mythic passive” it also comes with two other abilities. 

The item has another passive ability called “Heroic Gait” which gives you an extra 20 movement speed for dealing physical damage. And for the last ability is an active called “Halting Slash” and once used, it will damage anyone around 450 units slowing them down by 40% which lasts for 3 seconds. It’s quite amazing on bruiser type champions especially those bruisers who have no way of dealing with highly mobile champions. 

How To Get Stridebreaker: 

To obtain this item head over to your spawn area and purchase it for 3,300 gold. 

Stridebreaker Is Great For:

  • Giving the ability for bruisers or anyone who buys this item to easily catch up to enemies who can escape easily. 
  • Dealing damage in an AoE area and slowing anyone that gets hit by its active ability “Halting Slash”. 
  • Bruisers because it increases their health, attack damage, ability haste, and attack speed.


8. Boots Of Mobility (1,000 Gold)

“Gotta go fast!”

Now we have another variant of boots and they are none other than the “Mobility Boots”. When it comes to the raw movement speed nothing can compare to these baddies but there’s a catch to it. You see, the item’s passive ability “Enhanced Movement” gives the player 115 movement speed when out of combat. 

Which is all nice, but once the player enters combat the movement speed gets reduced by 90 for 5 seconds or until the player exits combat. Now a hard carry or top laner might not seem the use out of this item but supports do, as it gives them a chance to easily roam around the map and help out their team in style. 

How To Get Mobility Boots:

To obtain these fast shoes head over to your base and purchase them for 1,000 gold.

Mobility Boots Are Great For:

  • It increases the player’s movement speed massively when they are out of combat. 
  • People who play roaming supports as it allows them to run around the map way quicker than anyone else and it just makes it easier for them to help out their team. 
  • Players who want to get into a good position faster to engage into a team fight or pick someone off from a bush.


7. Mercury’s Treads (1,100 Gold)

“Hah your stun abilities last less now.”

Are you by any chance playing against a mage who can easily stun you or deal magic damage without you being able to do anything about it? If that is the case then you must purchase Mercury’s Treads as they give you 45 movement speed to dodge abilities easier and 30% tenacity.

And tenacity just reduces the amount of time a stun or any crowd control ability lasts in total. They do also provide you with 25 magic resistance which is quite useful when playing against a mage who can easily poke you down in the laning phase. 

How To Get Mercury’s Treads:

To get yourself a pair of these shoes head over to your spawn area and purchase them from the shop. 

Mercury’s Treads Is Great For:

  • When playing against a mage who can easily hit you with their abilities and you can’t do anything about it. 
  • If the enemy team has a lot of stuns or crowd control abilities as these shoes provide the player with 30% tenacity which lowers the amount of time they last. 
  • That they can be bought on any champion against the correct match-up. 


6. Imperial Mandate (2,500 Gold)

“You ain’t gonna be able to catch me now.”

The total cost of the item is 2,500 gold and it’s filled with plentiful effects that benefit you and your teammates which makes it quite gold efficient. You see, the item’s passive ability “Coordinated Fire” will mark a target if the player manages to hit them with an ability that slows or immobilizes them. 

After the enemy has been marked by the item, if anyone from your team attacks them, you and that teammate will get a 20% increase in movement speed for 2 seconds. Additionally the item’s “mythic passive” provides the player with an increase of 15 ability power for each legendary item they currently own. 

How To Get Imperial Mandate:

To get yourself this item make sure that you’re playing the champion who can benefit the most from it and then head over to your spawn area and purchase it for 2,500 gold. 

Imperial Mandate Is Great For:

  • AP supports champions who can easily either slow or immobilize the enemy target so that the item’s passive “Coordinated Fire” activates. 
  • It’s great for those AP supports who can massively benefit from the item’s “mythic passive” and the 100% base mana regeneration. 
  • Against assassins because the item gives the player an extra 200 health. Which makes you a bit of a harder target to kill. 


5. Turbo Chemtank (2,800 Gold)

“A real ghostbuster.”

Let me tell you about this item’s active ability “Supercharged” which only works if a champion or a turret is found within 2000 units upon activation. If a champion or turret is nearby you will gain an insane 40% increase in movement speed and once you get close enough the item will emit a shockwave that will slow anyone who is an enemy for 40% over the next 1.5 seconds. 

This item is massively great on champions like Hecarim who benefit from the added movement speed from the item. The insane movement speed from the item is great when ganking lanes or roaming as a tank or bruiser champion from the top lane. The item also gives the player 500 health as well +50 magic resistance so it comes in handy as a defensive item too. 

How To Get Turbo Chemtank:

To obtain this great item head over to your shop and simply purchase it. 

Turbo Chemtank Is Great For:

  • When playing a jungler champion it can make it easier to gank lanes. 
  • It’s also great for tank or bruiser champions because it gives them an opportunity of roaming to other lanes. 
  • It also improves your health pool and magical resistance. 
  • It’s also really great at catching up to enemies easier. 


4. Blade Of The Ruined King (3,300 Gold)

“More like a badass king!”

Every time you attack an enemy the item will apply a stack on them and once you reach 3 stacks you will gain 25% movement speed and slow your enemy by the same amount. That comes from its passive ability “Siphon”.

Furthermore upon reaching those said 3 stacks you will deal 103 magic damage to the enemy. The item also has a second passive ability which deals damage based on how much current health they have which magnificently synergizes with the slow ability. It’s a great item on any AD melee champion. 

How To Get Blade Of The Ruined King:

To get yourself this nifty blade head over to your spawn area and purchase it for yourself. 

Blade Of The Ruined King Is Great For:

  • If the enemy team’s composition has champions who are either building a lot of HP or simply have a lot of HP from their base stats. 
  • Kiting enemies because the item steals 25% movement speed from them and gives it to you. 
  • It’s great if you’re constantly fighting a lot and you’re playing a melee AD champion. 


3. Youmuu’s Ghostblade

“Thanks for the katana, Youmuu!”

Let’s get straight into it and explain what this item’s active ability promptly called “Wraith Step” does. Once you activate the item it will give you 20% movement speed along with a buff called “Ghosting” which ignores unit collision that lasts for 6 seconds. 

It’s also worth saying that there’s a second ability which is a passive called “Haunt” which gives the player 40 movement speed outside of combat. The item is solely built by assassin champions as it benefits them the most because it also gives 18 lethality and 15 ability haste. 

How To Get Youmuu’s Ghostblade:

To obtain this stranger’s katana head over to the in-game shop in your spawn and purchase it for yourself. 

Youmuu’s Ghostblade Is Great For: 

  • Chasing down enemies who have a lot of mobile abilities from their kits. 
  • It’s great for assassins as it allows them to easily jump in and one-shot someone. 
  • The item also gives you a relatively big boost to your champion’s AD along with the insane movement speed. 


2. Trinity Force (3,333 Gold)

“3,333 gold, nice one Rito.”

You see the item’s passive ability “Threefold Strike” causes your auto-attacks to improve your movement speed by 20 points for 3 seconds, as well apply 5 stacks to your enemy, tower, or any other structure in the game. Once the stacks have been applied your damage will be increased by 4% to a total of 20%. 

Keep in mind though that these stacks only last for 0.5 seconds so you have to constantly keep on hitting the enemy. Additionally, the “mythic passive” will grant you an increase in movement speed by 3 points as well as 3 AD, and 3 ability haste for every legendary item. 

How To Get Trinity Force:

To get yourself this golden triangle head over to your shop in the spawn and purchase it. 

Trinity Force Is Great For:

  • Any champion who mainly deals damage from their auto-attacks as the item has another passive ability called “Spellblade” which increases the damage output by 200% for the next auto-attack when an ability is used. 
  • Works extremely well for any champion that has a high attack speed as that helps with keeping the stacks on from the passive “Threefold Strike”. 
  • It’s great for kiting enemies in the top lane as it gives 20 movement speed by simply dealing damage with auto-attacks. 


1. Duskblade Of Draktharr (3,100 Gold)

“Slow and dismember!”

And for the best item that gives movement speed alongside its other buffs it’s none other than the “Duskblade Of Draktharr”. Even though it might not give the most amount of movement speed on this list but the buffs it does give are insane. You see, every time you auto-attack someone they will be slowed down by 99% for 0.25 seconds, and if you manage to kill someone the item will turn you completely invisible for 1.5 seconds and this all comes from its passive ability “Nightstalker”. 

Additionally, this is perfect for assassins who need to quickly get into the back line of the enemy and kill their ADC or hard carry quickly. Alongside that the item also comes with a “mythic passive” which gives 5 movement speed and 5 ability haste for every legendary item, it can go up to a total of 15 movement speed and 15 ability haste. Alongside that movement speed increase it also gives the player 60 AD, 18 lethality, and 20 ability haste from its base stats. 

How To Get Duskblade Of Draktharr:

To obtain this deadly blade head over to your spawn area and purchase it.

Duskblade Of Draktharr Is Great For:

  • The passive ability “Nightstalker” slows down your opponents by 99% for 0.25 seconds. 
  • The “mythic passive” gives the player 5 movement speed and 5 ability haste for each legendary item which can go up to 15 movement speed and 15 ability haste in total. 
  • It’s great for assassins who are playing against a squishy team and need to get in and out quickly. 
  • It can also turn the player invisible when they get a kill because of the passive “Nightstalker” which is great for engagements.


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