The 10 Best LOL Hard Carry Champions (2019)

Best LOL Hard Carry Champions
Put the team on your back with these champions

The 2019 competitive season is in full swing and you may already be feeling the wear and tear of playing ranked games where you’re frustrated that no matter what you do, you just can’t win.

All League of Legends players have felt that same hopelessness, but don’t let that deter you.

It may be time to change to a new role or champion so you can be the carry your team deserves.

These snowballing champions don’t offer a guaranteed victory but they will improve your chances to climb the ranks.

While they may need some kills or a good amount of farm to get going, once they start getting ahead there’s no stopping them.

If you’re looking to climb the ranked ladder, check out these snowballing champions to quench your thirst to dominate in League of Legends ranked play.

10. Illaoi

Prepare to get crackin’ with Illaoi

The Kraken Priestess has finally hit her stride to do insane amounts of damage while building tank. Her safe play style in the early game allows her to farm while poking out her opponents. Once she gets a Black Cleaver and has some cooldown under her belt, she can easily start getting kills and snowball into the late game. Illoai is thriving on the insight tree with kleptomancy and cosmic insight, which gives her some cooldown reduction. She is the perfect champion to snowball into the team fights, especially given the fear of her ultimate reducing the enemy team to dust within seconds.

9. Brand

Light em up with Brand

Brand’s tool kit makes him a brutal opponent and a valuable ally. His E, Q, W combo hits hard and can shove opponents out of lanes and get him kills. Once he gets his ultimate, he becomes a fearsome foe with his crowd control and ability to melt tanks, burst carries, and deal massive damage to a tightly grouped team. Combo that with a Rylai’s Crystal Scepter and a Liandry’s torment and you’ll start catching a hot streak of wins.

8. Master Yi

Yi makes carrying games easy

The Wuju Bladesman saw a buff in the 8.3 patch, which decreased the cooldown on Alpha Strike and increased the base damage and ratio of Wuju Style. Master Yi is all about getting to gank his opponents at the right time by finding enemies on summoner spell cooldown and low health. But once he gets some kills and starts getting ahead, he can start destroying enemies with his high damage, attack speed, and his resistance to crowd control once he activates his ultimate.

7. Vayne

Go for Vayne’s high DPS

Vayne saw a nerf to her passive attack speed and to her ultimate in the 8.2 patch, but don’t let that discourage you from her till strong ability to obliterate carries and tanks alike. Her aggressive play style of stacking Silver Bolts to deal bonus true damage and getting bonus physical damage when she uses Tumble can drop enemy health bars quickly. Throw that in with ultimate that allows her to chance down enemies and she’ll bolt you and your team to an easy win.

6. Riven

Riven hits hard and bursts harder

The Exile’s broken blade can often mirror her play style. Put in the right hands, Riven can decimate the opposition with her crowd control and her burst damage. She also has a lot of maneuverability and can survive lots of damage thanks to her E, Valor, that scales with 100 % of her AD.

The key to Riven is managing cooldowns, while also knowing how to play with her kit to get in close and hit enemies hard. If she gets a couple of kills under her belt and builds some cooldown reduction and armor penetration, you’ll find the broken blade still has a sharp edge.

5. Gangplank

Gangplank is great with his global presence​

Gangplank and hard carrying are often shipped together due to his strong laning phase and his global presence. He can sustain well with Remove Scurvy and farm and poke from a safe distance with Powder Keg and Parrrley. Add that to his global ultimate that can get him and his team anything from kills to objectives and he can quickly start pulling ahead.

The biggest challenge with Gangplank is making sure to explode his barrels, especially in the late game. These do a tremendous amount of damage and allow you to catch opponents with its hard slow, making it a key component of his tool kit and late game fights.

4. Katarina

Katarina can obliterate enemy teams

The Sinister Blade has gone through many changes throughout her time in League of Legends, but one fact about her is certain: if she gets ahead, there’s no stopping her. Katarina thrives on quickly bursting her opponents, while maneuvering quickly throughout the battlefield once her passive reduces her abilities’ cooldowns. Katarina is all about positioning and balancing the Bouncing Blades, the location of her enemies, and the rest of her surroundings. The Sinister Blade has a sinister way of getting you to destroy enemies in the blink of an eye so if you feel comfortable with her positioning then sign a contract with this assassin to get you climbing the ranks.

3. Jinx

Jinx guns for the top spot

The Loose Cannon brings three guns and a whole bunch of damage to Summoner’s Rift. The most important part of Jinx is balancing when to Switcheroo between Fishbones, her rocket launcher, and her mini-gun, Pow Pow, for maximum damage. Focus on using Fishbones for long range to poke the enemy or to farm safely, while using Pow-Pow to deal the most DPS and capture objectives. Make sure to max her Q first and then build a damage item first on her with a pickaxe or B.F. sword to effectively utilize her DPS and have her be a late-game monster.

2. Jayce

Find a brighter tomorrow with Jayce

Jayce is a force to be feared with his high burst damage and his ability to poke down opposing top laners. Used in the right hands such as Longzhu Gaming's Khan, whose mastery of Jayce helped Longzhu Gaming defeat SKT in Game 4 of the LCK Summer Finals. Jayce can grow his CS lead while strangling the opponents. Jayce is a great champion to win lane by doing massive amounts of damage with his combos. Jayce’s kit is all about positioning and catching out carries so don’t throw him too much at the front line or he’ll be burst out.

1. Tristana

The Yordle Gunner’s got an explosive play style

Tristana is a high rated ADC in League and certainly deserves the title thanks to her range, mobility, and her high damage output. Tristana’s passive scales her range each level and gives a 669 increase at level 18. Throw in a Rapid Fire Cannon and an Infinity Edge and she can hit enemies for massive damage with a high amount of attack speed from safe range. Her jump and her ultimate are also incredible tools for keeping her alive from assassins or tanks trying to take out the Yordle Gunner.

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