[Top 15] LOL Best Mid Laners That Are Powerful 12.23

[Top 15] LOL Best Mid Laners That Are Powerful

Do you want to rank up and gain MMR as a mid-lane player, or are you looking for new champions to play in the upcoming season? Look no further than this article, where I'll show you the top 15 mid-lane champions and explain how to play them. Most champions have a dash, which allows you to quickly get to your friends and help them. The majority of things are expected to remain the same during the preseason.

Some champions may be buffed or nerfed before the new season begins, but don't worry, the champions on this list can still perform admirably if played correctly. Among the champions will be assassins, mages, and fighters, so there is something for everyone. Of course, not every champion is right for you because you might not enjoy playing that particular champion, but trust me when I say there is something for everyone. Let's begin with the list!

15. Yasuo

“The heart is heavier than the blade.” 

Yasuo is this article's first champion. When they see a Yasuo player on their team, most people get a bad taste in their mouths. Because the majority of Yasuo players are simply bad and have no idea what they're doing. But you won't be that type of player; instead, you'll do well in the game with the champion and demonstrate to everyone that you can take your gameplay to new heights. Of course, to do this, you'll need to know how to play the champion correctly; if you don't, you might be out of luck.

You see, to play Yasuo correctly, my advice is to play a few games against bots to get a feel for the champion, then move on to normals and then ranked games. Yasuo's abilities include the ability to summon a tornado with his Q “Steel Tempest” on the third cast. It's his main ability and the first one you'll want to max it out first. Except for laser-type abilities, his W “Wind Wall” blocks all abilities and ranged auto attacks.

This is useful if you want to save someone from being hooked or prevent enemies from hitting skill shots on the team. The E “Sweeping Blade” is a dash with no cooldown, and the R “Last Breath” is used when someone is knocked up into the air, where Yasuo rushes towards them and deals damage. The most important aspect of Yasuo is his passive ability “Way Of The Wanderer”, which summons a shield that blocks one auto-attack or ability while dealing no damage to Yasuo. The champion is easy to learn but difficult to master.

What Makes Yasuo A Strong Mid Laner:

  • Yasuo can block 1 auto-attack or ability with his passive “Way Of The Wanderer”. 
  • The W “Windwall” blocks all ranged auto-attacks or abilities and they can’t hit or damage anyone that stands behind the wall. 
  • His Q “Steel Temptest” summons a tornado that knocks people up into the air on the third cast. 
  • The ultimate ability “Last Breath” allows Yasuo to dash toward the target that was knocked up into the air and deal damage to them. 

See Yasuo In Action (Video by Lol Korean Pro Replays):

14. Qiyana

“Bow before your queen.”

Qiyana, the self-proclaimed queen of Ixtal, is the first assassin on this list. And she's a formidable assassin. However, if you get the jungle role, you can always play her as a jungler. Yes, it may feel strange, but don't worry because she's pretty tough in the jungle. When it comes to the champion, she shines early and mid-game, where she can one-shot anyone who isn't a tank or a high HP bruiser. She's that powerful, but she starts to fade in the late game.

Qiyana doesn't deal a lot of damage late in the game, so the best thing you can do with her is trying to support your team with CC from her ultimate ability R “Supreme Display Of Talent” and stun people with the water element from her Q “Element Wrath/Edge Of Ixtal”. When playing Qiyana, my advice is to finish the game before the champion falls off. Her R “Supreme Display Of Talent”, pushes people towards a wall, which explodes, dealing damage and stunning anyone who comes into contact with the explosion.

You can dash toward people with the E “Audacity”, and her W “Terrashape” selects an element where your mouse is. You can choose between earth, grass, and water. The water element is the most useful because it stuns people, but the grass is also useful because it allows Qiyana to be invisible for a few seconds. To use the element on someone, simply press your Q “Element Wrath/Edge Of Ixtal” and the element you were holding will be shot out. Qiyana is also very useful when roaming to assist her team, so take advantage of that.

What Makes Qiyana A Strong Mid Laner: 

  • Qiyana during the early stages of the match and to mid-game can one-shot anyone that doesn’t have a lot of HP. 
  • Her ultimate ability “Supreme Display Of Talent” can stun anyone that gets in contact with it and deals AoE damage. 
  • Qiyana can pick between three different elements to use with her Q “Element Wrath/Edge Of Ixtal” ability. Each element has a different effect. 
  • She can roam easily to other lanes to help out the team. 

See Qiyana In Action (Challenger Replays):

13. Cassiopeia

“There is no antidote for me.” 

Cassiopeia, a mage, is the list's first AP champion. Her gameplay revolves entirely around her venom and her ultimate ability “Petrifying Gaze”, which has the potential to turn the tides of a losing battle. No matter how bad your team is performing, landing a great ultimate increases your chances of winning the battle exponentially. If you're wondering what her ultimate ability “Petrifying Gaze” is, it turns people into stone where everyone can harm them while they have no choice but to accept their fate.

The duration of the ultimate is brief, but as previously stated, it has the potential to turn the tides of battle. Her other abilities include the W “Miasma” which prevents anyone from using dashes or flashes. Anyone caught in her W “Miasma” loses the ability to dash or flash. This ability is an excellent counter to agile champions and those who rely on speed and agility. Her E “Twin Fang” attack deals increased damage to poisoned targets while also healing her for a percentage of the damage dealt.

The Q “Noxious Blast” is an ability that’s used to poison enemies so Cassiopeia can deal increased damage to targets with the E “Twin Fang”. The poison can also be applied with the W “Miasma”. The best advice I can give you for playing this champion is to predict where your opponents will go next so you can poison them with the Q “Noxious Blast”. If they are too agile for you then just spit on them with the W “Miasma” or freeze them with the ultimate ability “Petrifying Gaze”.

What Makes Cassiopeia A Great Mid Laner:

  • Cassiopeia's W “Miasma”, which prevents enemies from using dashes or flashes, allows her to easily counter agile champions.
  • People poisoned by her Q “Noxious Blast” or W “Miasma” take more damage from her E “Twin Fang”.
  • Anyone who is hit from the front by the ultimate ability “Petrifying Gaze” is turned to stone. It has the ability to turn the tide of battle.

See Cassiopeia In Action (Video by LoL Pro Champions Replay):

12. Katarina

“When they run it’s more fun!”

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite mid-lane champions to play. This is Katarina, one of the most entertaining AP assassins in the game right now. Katarina can easily eliminate the entire team, leaving only bodies piled up, or she can easily be shut down without doing anything. Because being CC'd is the worst thing that can happen to a Katarina player, and it's also her biggest counter. If she gets CC'd, she's out and you can kiss your life goodnight.

My advice when playing this champion is to wait for the enemies to cast their abilities before jumping in to be the hero your team requires. When it comes to her abilities, Katarina is fairly straightforward. Her Q “Bouncing Blade” fires a dagger, which bounces three times. You can poke your opponent without even getting close to them if you time it correctly. The W “Preparation” leaves a dagger on the ground and increases Katarina's movement speed, while the E “Shunpo” is a dash.

Except for wards, you can dash to anything you can click. Finally, her ultimate ability R “Death Lotus” allows her to spin like a ballerina in place, dealing magic damage in an AoE radius. The only disadvantage of this ability is that you are unable to move while using it. The best thing about Katarina is her passive ability “Voracity”, which reduces her cooldowns by 15 seconds. Except for the ultimate R “Death Lotus”, this will reset every ability in her kit. That is Katarina's magnificent power.

What Makes Katarina A Great Mid Laner:

  • She's an AP assassin who specializes in eliminating opponents from battle. She, unlike Qiyana, does not lack in the late game.
  • Her cooldowns are reduced by 15 seconds for each kill from her passive ability “Voracity”.
  • If you manage to kill someone or step on a dagger you've placed on the ground, the E “Shunpo” will be reset.
  • If your opponent has no counters for Katarina, she can be a nightmare to deal with, and you want to take advantage of that.

See Katarina In Action (Video by Lol Korean Pro Replays):

11. Vel’Koz

“Knowledge is power.” 

This enormous tentacle monster is a caster mage with AP. That is, he specializes in doing massive amounts of damage with his abilities. That is Vel'Koz's power. No worries if you don't get to play him in the mid-lane and you're auto-filled as support. He can also play that part. My advice to you in the mid-lane is to play it safe until you have a few items and can one-shot a few people. During the lane process, you can also poke people with the Q “Plasma Fission” because it has a long range and splits in two on the second cast.

The W “Void Rift” summons a void rift that deals a burst of damage before exploding and dealing another burst of damage when it explodes. The E “Tectonic Disruption” causes an area to explode, injuring and knocking anyone in its path into the air. Vel'Koz's ultimate ability R “Life Form Disintegration Ray” allows him to fire a massive beam that injures anyone who comes into contact with it. The beam can pass through anything, but you can't move while channeling the ability.

When playing Vel'Koz, my best advice is to try to activate his passive ability “Organic Deconstruction”, which deals true damage if three stacks of it are applied to a target. This is simple to accomplish if you combine your E “Tectonic Disruption”, W “Void Rift”, and R “Life Form Disintegration Ray”. Once you get the hang of it, it's not all that difficult. He can be a difficult champion to deal with, especially if he has a lot of AP.

What Makes Vel’Koz A Great Mid Laner: 

  • Because of the Q “Plasma Fission” ability, which splits in half, the champion can easily poke the opponent.
  • On the first and second casts, the W “Void Rift” does burst damage.
  • In an AoE area, the E “Tectonic Disruption” knocks people up.
  • His ultimate ability R “Life Form Disintegration Ray” goes through multiple targets at the same time.
  • If you are successful in activating his passive ability “Organic Deconstruction”, it will deal true damage rather than magical damage.

See Vel’Koz In Action (Video by Challenger Replays):

10. Sylas

“What’s yours is mine.”

When you play this champion, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store. Because the main goal of this champion is to steal an enemy team's ultimate ability and use it against them. That's Sylas's ultimate ability R “Hijack”. His Q “Chain Lash”, where he smacks the ground with the chains, and explodes in an area dealing AoE damage, is one of his other abilities.

Sylas' W “Kingslayer” ability, in which he smacks people with his fist and heals himself for a percentage of the damage dealt. Furthermore, the E “Abscond/Abduct” ability has two casts. The first cast is a dash, and in the second cast, he launches his chains, which he can use to hook onto someone. You should play Sylas as a true fighter mage. But keep in mind that you can't just walk into a room with 5 other people and expect to survive.

Sylas is still a human and not a God so you will die if you do something risky. My advice to you is to stick with the team as then you will have the best results. During team fights try to take the ultimate ability that will benefit you and your team the most as that will produce the highest results and you will end up winning the match. 

What Makes Sylas A Great Mid Laner:

  • Sylas' W “Kingslayer” ability allows him to recover lost HP.
  • The E “Abscond/Abduct” has two casts, the first of which is a dash and the second of which hooks onto people.
  • The champion’s ultimate ability R “Hijack” allows him to steal any opponent's ultimate ability. The better the ultimate, the better the team fight results.

See Sylas In Action (Video by Armooon):

9. Akali

“Rules are made to be broken.” 

Akali, like Katarina, is an AP assassin who excels at eliminating soft targets or the enemy team's backline formation. Akali's gameplay is all about being quick on her feet. Yes, some champions, such as Cassiopeia, might counter that, but Akali has a quick way out thanks to her smoke screen from the W “Twilight Shroud”. Akali cannot be seen or targeted in any way while in the smoke, and she regains her energy bar much faster than normal in the smoke. The champion will be able to spam her Q “Five Point Strike” more frequently.

In terms of her Q “Five Point Strike”, it deals damage in the shape of a cone. If you hit a target on the edge of the ability's range, it will be slowed. If you hit a target with the ability, Akali's next auto-attack will be empowered and deal significantly more damage. Akali's E “Shuriken Flip” is a cool ability in which she shoots a shuriken forward while being knocked backward. If you hit something that is still alive, you can use the ability to run toward it again.

Because the second cast has no defined range where it can be cast, it is technically a global ability. And I saved the best for last, her ultimate ability R “Perfect Execution”. The ability also has two casts. On the first, Akali launches toward a target, dealing minor damage, while on the second, Akali deals execute damage, killing anyone who does not have enough HP. This ability will never grow old, and you will have a lot of fun with it. When playing this champion, my advice is to always go after the squishy champions because they are the easiest to kill with Akali.

What Makes Akali A Great Mid Laner:

  • While in her smoke screen from her W “Twilight Shroud”, Akali cannot be targeted or attacked.
  • Akali does not have a mana bar; instead, she has a stamina bar that recharges.
  • She's currently one of the most agile and mobile AP assassins in the game.
  • Ganking Akali is difficult due to her kit, and most champion ganks are a waste of time due to how difficult it is to kill her. 

See Akali In Action (Video by Professor Akali):

8. Veigar


If you've ever played a scaling champion, you'll be familiar with Veigar. The more minions you kill with Veigar's abilities the more AP he gains from his passive “Phenomenal Evil Power”. He will deal more damage if he has more AP. That's it, boys and girls. In the latter stages of a match, any of Veigar's abilities will transform into a tactical nuke capable of eliminating squishy champions, particularly mid-laners. You see, if Veigar gets ahead and starts snowballing, no one can stop him, especially if he has his ultimate ability R “Primordial Dust”.

The ultimate ability R “Primordial Dust” destroys a person by launching a literal black hole at them. Except for his ultimate ability R “Primordial Dust”, most of his abilities are skill shots, so the enemy should not move at all if you want to hit them. Don't worry, Veigar can imprison people in a cage from which they cannot escape. That is his E “Event Horizon” power. It might be difficult to land at first, but you'll get used to it.

When playing this champion, my advice is to bait the enemy laner into attacking you and then trap them inside the cage. Once they're in the cage, use the Q “Baleful Strike” and W “Dark Matter” abilities on them, and if their HP is low enough, use the R “Primordial Dust” ability. Veigar is primarily a late-game champion, but if you snowball and get ahead, he can do very well in the early game as well.

What Makes Veigar A Great Mid Laner:

  • Because of his ability to gain AP for each minion killed from his passive “Phenomenal Evil Power”, he's a total threat in the late game.
  • His ultimate ability R “Primordial Dust” deals more damage as the enemy's health decreases.
  • In the late game, all of his abilities transform into tactical nukes that deal massive damage.
  • If you are successful in trapping someone in his E “Event Horizon” or the cage, they will be unable to escape. It is the most effective ability for setting up ambushes or stopping someone from pursuing your team.

See Veigar In Action (Video by Challenger Replays):

7. Taliyah

“Even a small stone can make a difference.” 

Taliyah is the first person to bend the earth. She can bend and use anything made of earth to her advantage. In the game, however, she only has control over rocks and can throw pebbles at people. However, because the pebbles are thrown at the speed of light, it appears as if people were hit by a 50-caliber bullet. Let me give you some immediate advice: spend as much time as you can roaming. When she moves close to a wall, she gains movement speed, and that’s from her passive ability “Rock Surfing” and her ultimate ability R “Weaver’s Wall” propels her forward. She rides the wall, and you can exit at any time.

This way, you'll be able to apply pressure to various points on the map while quickly assisting your team. However, before you roam, make sure you push the wave so you don't lose anything. If you're wondering how to push the wave quickly, the Q “Threaded Volley” and E “Unraveled Earth” abilities make it simple. Taliyah uses Q's “Threaded Volley” to launch a volley of rocks in the direction she's looking. You can move around during this time.

And her E “Unraveled Earth” is an explosive minefield. When these two abilities combine, you will be able to destroy waves in seconds. While the W “Seismic Shove” is also a great ability, it is most useful for catching opponents who are trying to flee. When you want to engage with someone, you can use this ability to push people toward your team or to push stronger opponents away from the team fight.

What Makes Taliyah A Great Mid Laner:

  • She’s great at roaming and ganking other lanes because of the ultimate ability R “Weaver’s Wall” to use it as much as you can to help out your team. 
  • Taliyah is great at pushing waves and putting pressure on the enemy lane. 
  • The W “Seismic Shove” can push people toward your team or push a strong opponent away from a team fight. 
  • The E “Unraveled Earth” slows and deals damage to anyone that steps on it. Great for controlling huge waves or stopping the enemy team from pushing your lane.

See Taliyah In Action (Challenger Replays):

6. Kassadin

“Your magic does not work against me!” 

Even though he is an AP champion himself, he is the ultimate counter to AP champions. If you can't beat them, I guess you should join them. Why would he be the best AP counter? Because of something called "Rod Of Aegis," and he's getting a makeover this pre-season. However, his passive ability “Void Stone” grants him a massive amount of magical resistance. Not only that, but Kassadin's Q “Null Sphere” ability allows him to silence his opponents, and his W “Nether Blade” is an empowered auto-attack.

Kassadin can use the E “Force Pulse” to send a stream of energy at targets, slowing them down and dealing damage.With the R “Rift Walk” ability, he can teleport to a nearby location. Each time you teleport, you will spend more mana, but if you land on a target, you will deal more damage. When playing Kassadin, my advice is to take it slowly until you reach level six. Once you've done that, you can start playing more aggressively because you have a way out, if things don't go your way.

You should always engage after using your teleport at least once because it deals slightly more damage and make sure you have your E “Force Pulse” ability ready. While the Q “Null Sphere” isn't particularly effective in combat, it comes in handy when you need to prevent someone from channeling their ultimate ability as it silences people. Kassadin is great at roaming but not so great at pushing waves, so leave your lane at the right time. He's also a burst champion, so if you don't get someone killed quickly, things could get ugly.

What Makes Kassadin A Great Mid Laner: 

  • Non-tank champions can be easily burst by Kassadin.
  • For a short time, his Q “Null Sphere” silences opponents. This ability is excellent for canceling ultimate abilities or channeling abilities.
  • The E “Force Pulse” sends out a stream of energy that slows and harms people.
  • The R “Rift Walk” is a short teleport that deals AoE damage, and each cast costs more mana but deals more damage.
  • Kassadin gains a lot of magical resistance from his passive ability “Void Stone”, making him the best counter for AP champions.

See Kassadin In Action (Video by Lol Korean Pro Replays):

5. Yone

“The azakana are real.”

Yone, Yasuo's brother, is a much better and stronger version of him. What makes him better? Yone, on the other hand, is a better team player than Yasuo, and he can knock multiple people into the air so that his team can deal the damage. Not only that, but if he's ahead in a match, Yone can deal the damage himself. Yone can easily sustain himself during the laning phase thanks to the life steal from his kit and the items you'll be purchasing. He's not an easy champion to master, but once you do, it'll be smooth sailing from there.

Yone knocks people up in the air with a wind slash from his Q “Mortal Steel”, gains a shield with the W “Spirit Cleave”, and leaves his mortal body to deal damage in the spiritual realm with the E “Soul Unbound”. The R “Fate Sealed” is similar to his Q “Mortal Steel”, but this time he knocks them down. This ability is useful when you want to engage the opposing team and initiate a team fight. Of course, make sure your team is on board with your decision.

If they are not, this is a bad bet that could cost you the game. When playing Yone, my best advice is to take it slow and easy. Once you have a few items, you can decide whether or not to be aggressive. If you can't wait until you've collected a few items, use your E “Soul Unbound” from a safe distance. While you're in the spiritual realm, keep the mortal body safe and secure, such as under a turret. Because if you don't, you may end up in a bad spot and die.

What Makes Yone A Great Mid Laner:

  • You can leave your mortal body to deal damage in the spiritual realm with your E “Soul Unbound” ability, but make sure you leave your mortal body in a safe place.
  • The W “Spirit Cleave” grants him a shield and deals minor damage to all enemies who are hit.
  • The R “Fate Sealed” ability is an excellent engagement tool for starting team fights and assisting teammates.
  • Anyone who is hit by the ability is knocked down by the Q “Mortal Steel”.

See Yone In Action (Video by Be Challenger):

4. Ahri

“It’s too late for mercy.”

Ahri, the champion who has won the hearts of many League of Legends players, is here. Nobody plays Ahri because she's entertaining or because they want to play the champion. They play Ahri because the champion is broken and Riot Games is powerless to fix it. Her Q “Orb Of Deception” deals magic damage when it leaves and true damage when it returns. The W “Fox-Fire” increases her movement speed and fires three orbs that damage nearby targets and minions.

Her E “Charm” is the most annoying one in the kit, and that is part of her charm. When you hit a target, it is stunned and begins walking towards Ahri. The final ability in her kit is the ultimate ability R “Spirit Rush”, which allows her to dash three times in the direction she is looking. Each kill gives Ahri one more charge on her ultimate ability until it runs out. The best way to play this champion is to be aggressive during the laning phase, and once you reach level six, you should start roaming to other lanes.

Because your ultimate ability R “Spirit Rush” allows you to get a couple of quick kills. Ahri can be a force to be reckoned with late in the game. Because she deals true damage, she can potentially deal with high HP targets quickly if you have some items on her, or you can try to get into the backline and use your ultimate ability R “Spirit Rush” to eliminate the ADC. Because the majority of her abilities are skill shots, it will take some time to master the champion, but perseverance will pay off in the end.

What Makes Ahri A Great Mid Laner:

  • With her Q “Orb Of Deception” ability, Ahri deals true damage.
  • The E “Charm” is a stunning ability that draws people to her.
  • On a kill, the ultimate ability R “Spirit Rush” regenerates 1 recharge.
  • After you've hit 9 targets with your Q “Orb Of Deception”, the next time you cast it, Ahri will be healed.

See Ahri In Action (Video by Be Challenger):

3. Lux

“The light will show you the way.” 

This lovely lady is the sister of the rather dumb Garen. We can see who in the family inherited all of the smart genes. What does Lux do when Demacia forbids any form of magic? She wields the power of light magic. She can vaporize anyone who stands in her way, but she has a good heart and will not do so. When it comes to her gameplay, she may appear simple, but don't be fooled; she's a difficult champion to master. Let's take a look at Lux's abilities one by one. Her Q “Light Binding” can root people, and her W “Prismatic Barrier” can shield herself or her teammates.

The E “Lucent Singularity” reveals people hiding in bushes, slows them, and explodes, dealing damage on the second press of the ability. The final R “Final Spark” ability is a laser that kills anyone who comes into contact with it. It charges briefly before evaporating everything in its path. Lux is a burst mage, so you should build her as such. You can also use the champion as a support, but it will be much more difficult because the items Lux requires to be good are quite pricey.

Another thing you should know about the champion is that whenever you hit someone with the Q “Light Binding”, E “Lucent Singularity”, or R “Final Spark”, a small speck of light will appear on them. You will deal bonus damage if you auto-attack them while they have the light mark on them. When playing the champion, my advice is to try to auto-attack the enemy every time you hit them with a spell, whether it's Q “Light Binding” or E “Lucent Singularity”. If it's too dangerous, don't do it. Lux is also useful early and late in the game, but only if you can hit your abilities.

What Makes Lux A Great Mid Laner:

  • Lux excels in the early and late stages of a match.
  • If you get auto-filled, she can be played in a variety of roles.
  • She is a burst mage, and you should treat her as such. More AP on her will yield better results.
  • If you hit enemies with any ability to activate the bonus damage from the passive “Illumination”, you should try auto-attacking them.
  • The E “Lucent Singularity” reveals people hiding in bushes, which is useful for determining whether an enemy is hiding there.

See Lux In Action (Video by PekinWoof):

2. Zoe

“You might die but there will be sparkles so worth it!” 

This being is the offspring of Satan himself. It may be in the body of a child, but it is over 1000 years old and a God-like being who enjoys mischief. Anything to do with trolling or having fun most likely includes her. When it comes to Zoe, she's a difficult child to deal with on the rift. She's a burst mage, and you can't play her otherwise. You won't fare well if you try to play her normally. Because her kit is focused on one-shotting people. Her E “Sleepy Trouble Bubble” ability gains extended range when shot through a wall, and if it hits anyone, it puts them to sleep.

You'll want to use your Q “Paddle Star!” to get as far away from the sleeping target as possible after they've been knocked out. The more the Q “Paddle Star” travels the more damage it does. If you kill a minion with a balloon, it will drop a random usable item or summoner spell. In her ultimate ability R “Portal Jump”, Zoe blinks at a single location for one second before blinking back to her original position. As you can see, all of her abilities revolve around doing a lot of damage in a short period.

You won't be able to play the champion correctly if you don't know how to use her abilities correctly. Zoe can compete with almost anyone. The best piece of advice I can give you is to position yourself for quick and easy kills, whether in your lane or when ganking someone. In addition, instruct your support to deward the river and any wards that may be lying around. As a result, you can catch the enemy off guard and they will never see you coming.

What Makes Zoe A Great Mid Laner: 

  • If you send her E “Sleepy Trouble Bubble” through a wall, it expands her ability range.
  • The Q “Paddle Star” deals more damage the further it travels.
  • Her R “Portal Jump” ability is great for putting more distance between yourself and your opponents; it can also be used to dodge abilities or skill shots.

See Zoe In Action (Video by LoL Pro Champion Replay):

1. Karma

“Conquer your anger and you shall win every battle.” 

Who would have predicted that the best mid-laner in the preseason would be a support named Karma? Well, I'm not surprised because she's a difficult support to deal with and does a lot of damage. That damage is amplified when you play her as a mid-laner because she can earn money more quickly and easily. She not only deals massive amounts of damage, but she can also grant herself or her teammates a shield and increased movement speed. If you're playing with a duo and they’re a jungler, you can support him while he freely farms your lane. If you ask me, this is a deadly combination.

Karma's abilities can be strengthened by empowering one of her three abilities with her ultimate ability R “Mantra”. The Q “Inner Flame” fires a ball of spirit energy that explodes upon impact; if empowered, the explosion is more powerful and lethal. The W “Focused Resolve” is a tether that deals damage and deals damage again if the tether is not broken. However, once the enemy is rooted, it will heal Karma.

With the E “Inspire”, she gives her teammates or herself movement speed and a shield, depending on who you click. When you empower it, the buffs become even more powerful. That's Karma for you. When playing her in the mid-lane, the best advice I can give you is to simply assist your team's jungler as much as possible, even if he or she is not your duo partner. That way, they'll be able to snowball early in the game and pummel the opposition while being supported by a strong mid-laner.

 What Makes Karma A Great Mid Laner:

  • The insane damage output from her Q “Inner Flame”, when empowered by the ultimate ability “Mantra”, can be great at pushing waves or poking enemies.
  • As a mid-lane Karma, you can still use your E “Inspire” ability to buff your allies.
  • You can let the jungler farm your lane for a while to get them ahead and give them extra gold.
  • The more you damage people with your abilities the lower the cooldown of your ultimate ability “Mantra” and that’s from her passive ability “Gathering Fire.”

See Karma In Action (Video by Challenger Replays):

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