LoL Broadcaster Sjokz Dances Half Nude In Excitement For EU LCS Spring Split Finals

Sjokz On Stage (Source: inven&wanplus)

If you have been watching professional League of Legends matches chances are you have seen Eefje Depoortere, or better known as Sjokz (pronounced “Shocks” on this side of the pond). Sjokz has been around LoL since its release in 2009, but got her start in LoL coverage in 2012. During this time Sjokz was working freelance for a couple of different companies and they sent her to conduct interviews at DreamHack Summer 2012. Sjokz fell in love with broadcasting League of Legend matches and started a career that has lasted for years now. Sjokz would eventually sign with her current company, Riot Games Inc (no “shock” there). It is not hard to realize why people like watching her broadcast, Sjokz is very enthusiastic on stage and likes to have fun by throwing some jabs at the players or teams she is interviewing. Check out this video showcasing a montage of Sjokz interviews with some pretty good “zingers”. My personal favorite is when she takes a jab at Origen’s Xpeke and his Jinx play.

Sjokz On The Set (©LOLESPORTS)

In her own interview done by Red Bull Esports, Sjokz stated, “I actually originally wanted to be a sports journalist, sports commentator....I always loved gaming, so when I discovered a lot of people playing the game [LoL] competitively and that it was a huge scene I decided to go and make content.”

At the time of this interview the year was 2014, and when asked where she sees herself in 5 years, she just said she hopes to still be covering competitive LoL matches.

According to Gamepedia, Sjokz got into gaming from playing Unreal Tournament ’99 (yes that is an older game, Sjokz is 30 years old). She even won the Eurocup, competing in many LAN tournament events.



I Think This Tweet Speaks Enough To Her Love of Unreal Tournament ’99 (Eefie’s Twitter)

So why all the publicity now? Well, Sjokz was really excited for the EU LCS Spring Split Playoffs. So much so that she decided to dance and lip sync with just a towel on. Now if you watch any interview with Sjokz she will be the first to admit the she is a very open and honest person. Still don’t believe us? You can see the video from her Twitter yourself.

Sjokz All Smiles (Samuel Lingle)

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