[Top 10] LOL Most Difficult Champions

LOL Most Difficult Champions
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Hey guys, Frankenstein here in the area bringing more up-to-date and constructive information for all of you! And this time, let's talk about League of Legends. There are some characters that when we look at professional players playing, we find them incredible in every way, however, when we go to play with these champions, we realize that it is not quite as “easy” to build mechanics with these heroes as pro-players do.

So, I will show you here an incredible Top 10 with the most difficult champs to play in League of Legends, or better, with the most difficult, more elaborate and more complex mechanics to play lol.


10- Akali

"I will chart my own path."

FAKER IS READY TO PICK AKALI! - T1 Faker Plays Akali Mid vs Galio! | Preseason 11

About Akali:

Akali is an amazing character, in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Very complicated to play and even more complicated to play against.

This is a champion where RIOT nailed it, from the old days until its update.

Akali's mechanics are insane. I believe that the most complicated skill combo to play, optimizing the time of using the skills, the right time to use the resources and the synergy of all the skills in a set.

In a forecast to try to master with Akali, made available by RIOT itself, it is possible that more than 100 matches played in a very coherent way may be necessary for you to have a good idea with the champion. This more gives you an average of playing as “mono champ” for at least a month. Although Akali suffered a lot of nerfs after the huge updates over the course of LoL, it remains an insane, complex, very strong champion and very difficult to play and play against.


9- Qiyana (The Empress of the Elements)

"Now you can worship me."

WHEN CAPS PICKS QIYANA! - G2 Caps Plays Qiyana MID vs Akali! | Challenger TV

About Qiyana:

It is an extremely complicated character. It has been played by professionals and everyone on the Jungle route, although RIOT has already said that it is a champion to play in the middle route. Riot will have to nerf the champion a lot in many aspects so that she is not played on the jungle route.

Qiyana is not a champion like Akali, where you need to use a complex turn of skills and often together. But Qiyana's problem is that she has to collect the elements, so in terms of the mouse, you have to be very precise to be able to play with Qiyana in the best possible way. When you see a professional player using Qiyana, playing with her skill mechanics with the use of the elements, you really see that she needs a focus and a very complex study with the character, since all the damage she is going to deal with, basically comes from the correct use of the elements.

In other words, you have her very complex Q skill, where you vary the elements of stone, water, wind (invisibility).

In terms of luggage, Qiyana is one of the unique characters in League of Legends, so because of that she has so many problems to be balanced. Hence the high level of complexity in terms of the champion's game difficulty.

In number of matches, you will also need an average of 100 matches playing with Qiyana, to try to get a very good sense of the champion in terms of mastering skills.


8- Sylas

"We will not be caged."

Bjergsen Sylas vs Lissandra Mid - Worlds 2020 China Bootcamp

About Sylas:

Now let's talk about Sylas, here in the eighth position, where I know that many of you will not find the champion difficult.

I believe that Sylas has the longest combos in LoL, because every basic attack and skill you will be modifying, causing more damage. And professional players can exploit this to the maximum of the maximum of the limit, and with that it can generate an extremely interesting damage kit.

Just to remind you, I have to say that Sylas, along with Akali, was one of the most nerfed characters.

He is also a character where you need a real "college" to play, if you want to master the champion in a serious and objective way.

He can also copy the opposing team's ultimate. That is, at level 16 the cooldown is so low that he can enter a team fight and use the ultimate of all opposing champions. That is, if you are playing against a team where, basically, they need their ultimate to win, or that have several ultimatum combos to be used, Salas can do a huge damage.

You can win an entire game just by choosing Sylas, he is so insane and strong as he is. For example, you are playing with an Amumu and a Leona, Sylas he will have two ultimates in the area to use. Together with an excellent survival kit, he has a good synergy with his skills and when walking the game.

He is also a champion where he needs a number of basically 100 games to fit the mechanics and gameplay of the champion.


7- Zoe

"Yay! It will be fun, right?"

TSM Bjergsen Zoe vs Sylas MID Ranked Challenger NA

About Zoe:

Zoe my friends, she is very, very complicated and difficult to play. Basically it has a very specific combo, where you have to hit as far as possible to deal more damage to the opponent, but to reach your opponent, you have to hit him from far away, and then the mechanics and the kit Zoe's skills, where the Soninho Bubble comes in, which leaves the enemy asleep and paralyzed, while you manage to do the whole combo to deal damage to the enemy.

Apparently, it may not seem like a very complex champion, but it is. Until you have a good synergy and a good knowledge of all the skills and combos with the champion, you will need to play a lot with her.

That is, in order to have a good gameplay with Zoe, you will need to control the cooldown of the skills, the combo of skills to be launched and the precision mechanics of the skills hit. This is what makes this champion so difficult and complex to play.

He is a character that needs 100 games to develop in a very complex game environment. These data, contributed by RIOT itself.


6- Nidalee

"They will feel the terror of nature."

Canyon Nidalee Jungle vs Graves - KR Challenger Patch 11.1

About Nidalee:

Now let's talk about an incredible champion in the jungle who is very difficult to play too, due to his skill kit and the complexity of using them.

To Nidalee she has excellent combos when she manages to hit the spear at the opponent. Then you understand that her difficulty is basically the same as Zoe's in using the Soninho Bubble, hitting the target.

By hitting the spear with Nidalee, you can become a jaguar, and unleash yet another complex skill combo from the jaguar's second skill bar. And there comes the complexity and difficulty of the champion for those who play, there are two skill bars, where you need to be familiar with all of them and with all the skills to know the combo to use, the skills cooldown and the right time for you to use.

In other words, you have a combo of 7 ~ 8 skills to be used, plus any activated item you have, like the hourglass of zhonias, plus the distance to the enemy after hitting it with the spear so you can jump on top to do the your combo. So he is a very synergistic champion and very complicated to play.

Like Zoe, RIOT had a lot of difficulties in balancing Nidalee, so she has been a bit of a champion and can be replaced, for example, by Graves. Graves is much simpler in terms of mechanics and to deal even more depending on the case, a much more consistent damage.


5- Draven

"Welcome to the league of Draven."

Doublelift - Draven Morgana DUO (feat. CoreJJ)

About Draven:

Draven, the executioner of Noxus.

Representing one of the snipers on this list, Draven is a notorious champion in terms of champion difficulties.

The sniper position requires the player to have quick fingers, to position himself correctly and still be able to make a complex use of basic attacks to go forward against enemies.

In the case of Draven, this can be an extremely difficult task, since the champion together with his primary skill Q (Ax Revolution), where he spins his axes and throws them against opponents, where every time he hits a champion and positioning yourself where the ax will land, the ability resets the cooldown and it delivers an extremely high damage increase bonus and when it delivers a critical attack, the amount of life your opponent loses is surreal.

However, keeping the axes running in a team fight is extremely complex, as he has to position himself according to where the axes will fall and still not move to very dangerous places.

Inexperienced players with the champion are easy targets, as enemy players can know where their axes will fall and make combos based on this information, however, more professional players who use Draven, make more complex plays and deceive their opponents.

The champion's skill kit is very complex and complete, where the player who will play with Draven, should be familiar with all the synergy of skills that the champion has.


4- Xerath

"I'll be free."

584. Bjergsen Duo with Doublelift - Xerath vs Fizz - Mid - Patch 7.23

About Xerath:

Xerath, the rising wizard.

There is a possibility that this champion took you by surprise on this list, but I’m going to show you why Xerath came here.

Basically, Xerath has a skill kit based solely on precision.

His Arcane Pulse and Eye of Destruction abilities deal damage in an area, allowing him to clear the mines route and damage his enemies together. The use of the Unique Orb skill is what keeps you in control of the group, and its ultimate Arcane Ritual has an extremely high area and for you to use it, you need to have very good accuracy and very skilled fingers.

Although when Xerath uses his ultimate he is immobilized, professional players know the exact time to use it so as not to be surprised, the question of the champion's mechanics is clearly here.

If you don't hit your skill kit on the enemy, basically the champion will become unusable. So that's why this champion is on this list, because the mechanics you'll need to develop to play Xerath, along with the accuracy of your skill tactics, will be incredibly complex.


3- Riven

"Everything that is broken can be reinforced."

Riven Top vs Irelia - EUW Master Patch 10.23

About Riven:

RIven, the exile.

Moving on to a duelist on the top route, riven certainly has a kit that makes it extremely unique in terms of gameplay and mechanics.

Using her Q (Broken Wings) ability plus her passive ability, the champion can deliver great blows against her enemies if used correctly, even against extremely oppressive players.

While her abilities W (Ki Blast) grants Riven, stunning her enemies, the Valentia ability grants her an excellent shield of protection and sustainability and dodge if used correctly.

Among all the champions of the game, Riven is one of the most complex champions in terms of canceling animations and requires from the player a strong knowledge of the mechanics of his abilities and synergies of combos.

In addition to releasing a complex number of skills together, the Riven player needs to have all the accuracy of his combos on his fingers. Interspersing their skills, basic attacks, summoner spells, all in a complex and optimized way.

The experience that there is a professional player and an unprofessional Riven player is striking, and at times it almost seems like two champions are being played.

Recently with her Hemodrenario build, the champion still manages to stand out in excellent performances. Thanks to its complexity of play, few players take chances with Riven in ranked matches, but those who do it with great mastery, receive their rewards.


2- Azir

"Shurima, your emperor has returned!"

FAKER THE AZIR GOD IS BACK! - T1 Faker Plays Azir Mid vs Aurelion Sol! | Season 11

About Azir:

Azir, the sand emperor.

Returning to the middle route, this time with a wizard who has dominated the competitive landscape of the game several times.

Azir is a real long-range damage machine, however, unlike most other mages, it depends on attack speed to deal damage. This is because his main ability W (Surja), causes Azir to summon a sand soldier in the chosen location, for a certain time and whenever a basic attack is made on an enemy unit on the battlefield, Azir will not deliver a attack, but a command for your sand soldiers to do so.

The damage of the soldiers' attacks is magical and escalates with Azir's magical attack, as well as the speed with which the soldiers attack, which depends on the Emperor's attack speed.

This mechanic can be complex on its own, but this ability provides Azir with an excellent ability to clean up the horde of minions and safely cause consistent damage.

Your other skills of the Basic Kit, consist of using together with your sand soldiers, your Q (Sand of Conquest) generates an advance against the enemy causing damage and slowness, and the use of your E (Oscillating Sands), causes that Azir himself advances towards the target soldier, causing Azir to generate shields and cause damage to his enemies, and may interrupt the enemy's advance if he collides with him on the way.

These are skills that give a lot of group control in a game, however, managing all this complexity of skills in a team fight is for a few players, and so the mechanics you should have with the champion is extremely complicated, in addition to your ultimate which has the dual function of kicking enemies back and starting a team fight using a Lee Sin-like combo, where he advances behind the enemy or his enemies and pushes them to his team, isolating and destabilizing the opposing group.


1- Lee Sin

"Your will, my hands."

Broxah's LEE SIN KITCHEN! Cooking Up The SPICY PLAYS (Ft. Finn)

About Lee Sin:

Lee Sin, the blind monk.

Finishing our list, we have one more hunter, and by far the most popular champion on this list.

Thanks to his passive ability (agitation) and all of his basic abilities that have a second activation, he is able to calmly clear the fields of the jungle without losing so much life.

In field invasions and team fights, Lee Sin is extremely effective, managing to launch a very consistent kit of skills on his targets hit by the sonic wave, such as slowness and damage consistency, and his W (Protect) ability provides him with yet another complex diversion and protection against enemies.

His ultimate, Dragon's Fury, deals very high damage on single targets and still pushes enemies away. This ability can be used for several different purposes, it can serve both to ward off a possible danger to Lee Sin and his team, as well as to build moves and start a team fight.

Like Nidalee's Kit, Lee Sin's player needs that he uses the champion in a very consistent way at the beginning of the game, making a lot of moves and being very aggressive towards his enemies, demanding a lot of knowledge of the game and mechanics, in addition to be extremely necessary, that the player completely masters the art of Insec.

When walking the game, more precisely in the middle towards the end of the match, in more organized team fight, the champion ends up decaying a little, but continues to be used to be a game initiator and even a character who achieves excellent group control, making use of his ultimate and causing the so-called "strike", where he manages to throw all targets up, if he hits a target with his ultimate and this target hits other characters behind him.

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