[Top 15] LOL Best Players In The World Right Now

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When people talk about eSports or gaming, League of Legends comes to mind. The game has been popular since its launch in 2009 and has continued to grow in popularity. Its fast-paced gameplay offers something exciting to gamers and viewers alike. Coupled with significant backing, various personalities, and the professionals that make up the eSports scene, the game shows no signs of slowing down.

Its dominant eSports scene showcases pros as something more than mere gamers. They see them as gods, celebrities, personalities, and many more. But with all that aside, these guys are just really good gamers with a fiery passion for the game. So, let’s talk more about the top pros who are currently dominating the game.


15. Peyz

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Kim “Peyz” Su-hwan is a 17-year-old Korean League of Legends player who was the youngest botlaner to win an LCK title. Despite being a young and inexperienced player, Peyz’s skills have allowed him to compete against the best in multiple tournaments and show up to the occasion. His willingness to learn, innate talent, and in-game home coaching have all allowed him to get scouted by top teams and eventually win a title and finals MVP in his rookie season.

His playstyle is seen as confident and skillful, able to deal consistent damage in fights while also not taking too much of a risk. Peyz’s signature champions are Aphelios and Zeri, two marksmen who need to scale up in order to deal consistent damage in fights. 

  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 4th ($25,000)
  • LCK Spring 2023 – 1st ($152,191)

Peyz highlights:

Peyz Twitter: https://twitter.com/peyz05


14. Caps

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Nicknamed “Baby Faker,” Rasmus “Caps” Winther has been hailed as one of the greatest midlaners in Europe. He is an outgoing and cheerful 23-year-old who never lets pressure get to him. His fans sometimes call him “Craps” when he doesn’t perform and “Claps” when he puts on a show. 

His playstyle can be described as inventive and fearless. He is never afraid of trying something new and even then, he performs confidently. His signature champions are Ryze, Zoe, and Aurelion Sol, and his mastery over mid laners gives him that confidence boost that allows him to win lane.

  • LEC Summer 2023 – 1st ($44,239)
  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 5-6th ($20,000)

Caps highlights: 

Caps Twitter: https://twitter.com/g2caps?lang=en


13. Doran

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Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon is a 23-year-old top laner who has worked his entire career with the greats. Being surrounded by famous and talented pros, his sheer will and skills have enabled him to stand alongside the best of the best. Although often in the conversation for criticism, this young Korean player has never let those words get the better of him.

Doran is a reliable laner and consistent team fighter who has the ability to provide what the team needs, especially in crucial fights. His usage of his champion enables him to get the best of the situation and get his team the win. This is seen in his mechanical prowess in champions such as Jayce, Akali, and Gragas.

  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 4th ($25,000)
  • LCK Spring 2023 – 1st ($152,191)

Doran highlights: 

Doran Twitter: https://twitter.com/doran_choi


12. Peanut 

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Imagine getting the best team in the world at the edge of their seat and then getting recruited by them the season after. Well, for Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, he doesn’t have to imagine. Being a young prodigy with a strong showing of talent as the number one player in the Korean server ranked leaderboards at the time, Peanut is a jungler who garnered lots of attention from viewers and the top teams due to his insane mechanics and ability to dominate. 

His usage of champions such as Lee Sin, Elise, and Nidalee gives him the ability to consistently follow jungle patterns, dominate his opponent, and help get his laners ahead, makes him a valuable asset for any team. His confidence in his play helps him clutch up in Baron and dragon fights, turning the tide for his team. 

  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 4th ($25,000)
  • LCK Spring 2023 – 1st ($152,191)

Peanut highlights:

Peanut Twitter: https://twitter.com/lolPeanut98


11. Gumayusi

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If we’re talking about balls, then this guy has got some of the biggest in the scene. Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong is a botlaner of the famous T1 organization who got his starting spot by speaking his mind, telling everyone that he deserves to be on the starting roster because he was better than any of them. Despite receiving offers from various teams, Gumayusi chose to stick with T1 in order to prove to them that they made a mistake by not starting him two years ago.

With this level of confidence, one might already understand what kind of playstyle the kid brings to the table. As seen in his champions such as Lucian, Ezreal, Xayah, and Kaisa, Gumayusi loves that aggressive and confident playstyle that needs to be perfectly executed in order to achieve the best rewards out of risky plays. His positioning and mechanical skill helps tremendously in making sure his aggressiveness doesn’t bring the team down.

  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 3rd ($30,000)
  • LCK Spring 2023 – 2nd ($76,095)

Gumayusi highlights:

Gumayusi Twitter: https://twitter.com/T1Gumayusi


10. Chovy

image via esportsawards

While many young talents have their aggression and mechanics to show in games, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon has all of that and more. With his exceptional laning skills, quick resource generation, and overall skill in being better than his laner, he is regarded as one of the greatest laners in the game. Analysts, coaches, and pro players have all studied his behavior and playstyle in the laning phase due to its effectiveness and efficiency.

Despite playing signature champions such as Akali, Zoe, and Leblanc, three mid laners with not the best wave clear, Chovy manages to get more than enough resources than his opponent and make them gain less with efficient laning. Once he gets enough to snowball, he becomes a monster and takes over. His calm and calculated playstyle turns him into a precise weapon that eventually turns out of control. 

  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 4th ($25,000)
  • LCK Spring 2023 – 1st ($152,191)

Chovy highlights: 

Chovy Twitter: https://twitter.com/j1hu1v_chovy?lang=en


9. Faker

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You can’t talk about League of Legends without talking about the G.O.A.T himself, Lee Faker” Sang-hyeok. Hailed as the “Unkillable Demon King”, this monster of a player has won 3 World Championships, 2 Mid-Season Invitationals, and 10 LCK and Champions Korea titles, which basically means he has won it all. However, despite his 10-year stint with the game, Faker has always been an impactful and integral part of the team and has no signs of ever retiring.

Faker’s playstyle in his earlier years was mostly about highlights and aggression due to his innate ability to dominate the opposition just merely from his skills. Nowadays, Faker’s playstyle is more about being controlled, consistent, and leading the younger members of his team. His vast knowledge and control of the game can be seen in his famous control mages such, as Ryze, Syndra, and Orianna.  

  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 3rd ($30,000)
  • LCK Spring 2023 – 2nd ($76,095)

Faker highlights: 

Faker Twitter: https://twitter.com/faker?lang=en


8. Oner

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Junglers are perhaps one of the most crucial parts of a team, especially considering the synergy they should have with their respective mid laners. For T1 and Faker, Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon is one of the many junglers Faker has played with, but one of the few he has stuck with. This young and talented pro brings more firepower to the team with his insane mechanics and growing knowledge about the jungle, which he used to bring down even the best junglers in the world.

Oner usually likes to play carry junglers such as Graves, Elise, Ekko, and his favorite, Lee Sin. These champions, when given a lead, snowball really hard and take over the game. His mechanical prowess enables him to take risky and aggressive fights that work in his favor, allowing him to clutch up in dire situations.

  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 3rd ($30,000)
  • LCK Spring 2023 – 2nd ($76,095)

Oner highlights: 

Oner Twitter: N/A


7. Keria

image via ligazone

Being in the competitive scene can be tough for most players. One prime example is the young support prodigy Ryu “Keria” Min-seok, who has seen the highs and lows of the competitive scene. Keria has been dubbed the “Rookie of the Era” due to his mechanics and macro game knowledge, a title he carries well.

Keria’s playstyle is centered around creating plays for the team using his mechanical skill and excellent timing. His roam timings, vision control, and fight initiations as seen in his champions such as Pyke, Thresh, and Rell, are a big part of the winning factor for T1. Keria creates opportunities for his team to take over and win the game.

  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 3rd ($30,000)
  • LCK Spring 2023 – 2nd ($76,095)

Keria highlights:

Keria Twitter: https://twitter.com/T1Keria


6. Yagao

image via fmkorea

With many great mid laners in the world especially in the LPL, Zeng “Yagao” Qi is one that appears to be underestimated and overlooked by many. Despite this, he consistently stays in the top 4 in his region. He is constantly getting compared to many midlaners in terms of playstyle especially his good friend Knight, another top mid laner in the LPL whom he met in his hometown internet café in Pingxiang.

Yagao’s playstyle is considered traditional and consistent. His strong showing in Zoe, Syndra, and Azir shows his prowess in control mages that provide a consistent outflow of damage and control in lane and team fights. His gameplay is more consistent than taking risky fights, and this allows his team to rely on him as a strong foundation in games.

  • LPL Summer 2023 – 3rd ($70,234)
  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 2nd ($37,000)

Yagao highlights: 

Yagao Twitter: N/A


5. Bin

image via mgn.vn

When you’re the only player to get a pentakill in a Worlds Finals, you’re surely one of the greats. This is the case for Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin, one of the best top laners in the LPL. Bin’s mechanics and toplane dominance are what cemented him as one of the most mechanically skilled top laners in the LPL, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Bin usually plays carry top laners as opposed to tanks, which shows his aggressive nature and skill for carrying. His usage of Irelia, Gangplank, and Fiora has proven to be detrimental to the enemy team due to his excellent lane dominance and snowball capacity. Bin is able to dominate fights and get crucial picks that get his team the win. 

  • LPL Summer 2023 – 3rd ($70,234)
  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 2nd ($37,000)

Bin highlights: 

Bin Twitter: https://twitter.com/BLGBinGe


4. Knight

image via e.sport.fr

Hailed as one of the best in his role, Zhuo “Knight” Ding is in talks of being the best mid laner of the LPL right now, with accolades to prove it. His left-hand mouse style is definitely unique, earning him the title “Golden Left Hand.” His friendly rivalry with his good friend Yagao also helps bring some spice to the LPL scene, However, he does tend to what’s best him most of the time. 

Knight has efficient laning which has allowed him to dominate his opponents. His mastery of champions such as Ekko, Zoe, and Ryze and their wave clear capabilities allows him to effectively control the lane and roam perfectly, being present at crucial objectives. His frequent usage of the item Mejai’s Soulstealer shows his confidence in the game.

  • LPL Summer 2023 – 1st ($280,937)
  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 1st ($50,000)

Knight highlights: 

Knight Twitter: N/A


3. Kanavi

image via tiermaker

Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok is a young jungler from the LPL that has already reached the heights of the game. With his mechanical skill and knowledge of the jungle, he is considered as one of the greatest junglers in the world, allowing him to be recognized as the LPL’s first non-midlaner MVP. His participation in insanely stacked rosters has proven to be an easy task for him as he performs without even a shred of pressure.

Kanavi’s playstyle is just like most junglers, aggressive engagements with perfect execution. What sets him apart is his overflowing confidence and timing in executing fights, securing objectives, and outplaying the opposition. His signature champions are Lee Sin, Wukong, and Viego.

  • LPL Summer 2023 – 1st ($280,937)
  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 1st ($50,000)

Kanavi highlights: 

Kanavi Twitter: N/A


2. 369

image via sinanews.sina.cn

If we’re talking about top laners, it wouldn’t be a discussion with including Bai “369” Jiahao, the best top laner right now. Known as the “Dice Man,L”, since fans would spam the number 3 when he plays badly and 9 when he’s in the zone. This pro’s consistency and reliability, especially when using tanks, helped his team gain first place in the two most recent tournaments.

What allows 369 to be a vital part of JDG is his insane timing and team fighting capabilities. His use of champions such as Gragas, Kennen, and Renekton allow him to set up his team in crucial objective fights and make space for his other carries to take over the game. Coupled with his great laning phase, the Dice Man dominates the early game, which allows him to impact the late game.

  • LPL Summer 2023 – 1st ($280,937)
  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 1st ($50,000)

369 highlights: 

369 Twitter: N/A


1. Ruler

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Few players have won domestic titles, and even fewer have lifted the Summoner’s Cup or even achieved an MSI title. One of those rare gods is Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk, the best ADC and player right now, with accolades to show for at just 24 years old. Ruler has won domestic titles in LPL and LCK, while also being able to easily get an MSI title and win Worlds by beating Faker, the Unkillable Demon King, in his iconic final play.

Ruler is just that guy when it comes to playing ADC, with signature champions such as Ashe, Zeri, Ezreal, and Xayah. His positioning alone accounts for most of the victories in team fights, and his champion mastery allows him to utilize each marksman’s strengths and damage capabilities. His aggressive nature, coupled with his calculated timings, allow him to make risky fights less risky due to his vast experience in the role.

  • LPL Summer 2023 – 1st ($280,937)
  • Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – 1st ($50,000)

Ruler highlights: 

Ruler Twitter: https://twitter.com/RulereluR


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