10 League of Legends Champions to Crush Your Foes With

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Win Your Lane and Lead Your Team to Victory with the Best LOL Champions

Who are some of the best champs to guarantee a win?

Crushing your foes in League can take many forms. There’s the traditional ADC role for those who don’t mind a partnership. Maybe you like picking a tank and stomping the top lane. Or is ferreting out foes in the jungle more your bag? A good mid makes a game, and support doesn’t have to be a snooze fest for the right strategist. Whatever your preferred brand of wreckage, this list is guaranteed to have a champ worth taking for a spin.

1. Kog’Maw

Hee hee. Watch Kog'maw run on those stubby little legs.

What a beast, right? And I don’t just mean in the literal sense of the word. Let’s face it: assassins are (mostly) out, and tanks are in. With bruisers like Volibear and Shyvana cruising the jungle, you’ll be thankful for Kog’Maw’s Caustic Spittle, which lowers the enemy’s magic resist and armor for a potentially crucial four seconds. Stalked by an invisible Teemo? Kog’maw has not one but two skillshots that reveal hidden opponents—Caustic Spittle and Living Artillery, his ultimate. Plus, the slow from Void Ooze works even on, say, an invulnerable Kayle. Pretty handy if you want to partner-gank a tanky foe in a solo lane. The low cooldown on Kog’Maw’s ultimate is a real advantage, but be aware of the increased mana cost if you cast Living Artillery again too soon. Be aware too of his dependence on support, as Kog’maw doesn’t have much getaway.

2. Trundle

The Troll King has massive game-turning power.

Speaking of crushing, have you seen Trundle’s club? You can put this heavyweight in top lane, or maybe you’ll choose to lurk in the jungle, scaring poor bot-laners with his ugly mug. Whatever position you choose, Trundle will help you get the job done right, and he’s going to stay alive doing it: his passive, King’s Tribute, regenerates some of his health every time a nearby enemy unit dies. Better yet, Frozen Domain’s area of effect boosts Trundle’s passive. The Troll King’s “E” gives him tremendous ability to control the map and enemy positioning—useful in a team confrontation or in chasing down a fleeing opponent. As Trundle, you’ll be a real thorn in the side of the enemy team, as it’s inevitable that you’ll try and probably succeed at split pushing. His Ultimate, which is called Subjugation, rounds out a list of abilities fit for a king who’s out to crush the competition.

3. Morgana

My favorite part is the 3v1 double-kill.

Morgana’s got versatility, as she has the potential to dominate—or help dominate, if you’re playing support—both mid and bot lane. On top of that, her kit covers quite a few bases. For instance, Tormented Soil has great harass and zoning potential (be mindful of the mana cost), and Black Shield can get you or your partner out of a pinch. When you do get her ultimate, Soul Shackles, it can defend against junglers and help the ADC stack those essential early kills. You might also decide on mid lane for Morgana. Note that landing a Dark Binding has the potential to help her escape a dangerous situation or initiate a winning trade, and Tormented Soil’s wave clear should help Morg push the lane. Last, don’t forget her spell-vamp passive. Combined with the right items, it can make Morgana an opponent to be reckoned with.

4. Wukong

With that ultimate, Wukong enters the battle like a lawnmower. 

A top-laner with an aggressive early game, the Monkey King has some nasty advantages in part due to his adaptability as a champ. You can build Wukong in a variety of ways: as a big-boy tank, a full-offense fighter, or an off-tank combination of the two. Even more to his advantage, this monkey can choose to dive into a confrontation or dance around the edges, thanks in part to his two clone moves. Stone Skin is Wukong’s passive, and it increases his armor and magic resist for every enemy champion within range. This gives him a leg up in team fights or even when alone and outnumbered. His “Q” enhances his next normal attack, causing it to lower the opponent’s armor. In combination with Stone Skin, this makes Wukong pretty deadly in a one-on-one trade. I don’t remember who it was that first told me “spin it to win it,” but that area-of-effect ultimate is brutal in a duel and in a team fight. Leave me out of a battle with this animal, thanks.

5. Malzahar

Search “Malzahar” and “broken” to get a lot more videos like this one.

More magic for the mid lane, or at least that’s what I always say. Malzahar’s had a season of pretty major changes. If you’re looking for a way to assert your authority against even the most brutal Yasuo, Malzahar might be the champ of choice. Is there anything more infuriating than being rooted and then drained to death by Malzahar, all while his voidlings rip you to shreds? Probably. (This is League of Legends we’re talking about.) But in the moment, it sure doesn’t feel that way. This wizard’s voidlings not only give him great wave clear, but they also make him a top-tier tower pusher: tower fire targets the voidlings first. Keep in mind, you’ll need to take Flash for Malz, as he doesn’t have any other escape. He’s not really a roaming champ either, so stick to stomping opponents in your own lane until mid- to late-game.

6. Jhin

An artiste. The kind that rubs your face in the dirt.

Jhin is disgusting right now, and I mean that in the best way possible. Despite having a fixed speed, his passive’s guaranteed critical on every fourth shot is nasty. Once he starts to snowball, the built-in penalty to his attack speed starts to feel less like a disadvantage and more like rubbing it in the enemy’s face. Not just anyone can steamroll with a Jhin, as his massive range—much like an Ezreal or a Caitlyn—takes skill to use effectively. Nevertheless, Jhin’s range gives him obnoxious poke, and his root move allows for killing snared opponents at a safe distance. For a truly satisfying stomp, activate his ultimate and pick off those foes escaping with a shred of health. Choose Jhin, and your lane opponent just might find that this lane’s not big enough for the two of you.

7. Soraka

You too can play a pentakill Soraka. Live your dreams.

Clip clop, clip clop, she’s coming to clean up the ADC’s mistakes. One heal? No, two heals. Soraka is a pretty good counter to other currently strong supports, including Braum and the aforementioned Morgana. Boost your ADC’s health while the opponent’s slowly dissolves. Interrupt enemy maneuvers using your silence, and feel free to abuse Soraka’s heals to push an enemy out of lane in the vital early stages of the game. Crushing in the bot lane is so much easier with a skilled teammate, and Soraka’s definitely a support that can help the crushing commence.

8. Yasuo

I heard you win more games if you have a PROJECT: Yasuo skin.

Do you like to win? Are you kind of a jerk? Yasuo has been inescapable in League for some time now—and for good reason. If you’re not going to play him, just ban him. Otherwise, you might be in for a bad time. Lately, he’s most commonly sighted in mid lane. If you’re doing well, build damage items to enhance his insane DPS early and score kills. Or build tanky, then let his still insane DPS do work a little bit later in the game. With his passive wind shield, he easily brushes off harassment from many mid laners with poke, and his wind wall further ensures his safety by stopping a whole mess of different projectiles. Yasuo’s an incredible initiator, so if you want to make the crushing happen, you can always lead your team charging into battle. His ultimate is powerful, but the caveat is that it requires a decent teammate to initiate a knock-up at the right place and the right time.

9. Nidalee

So many spears. So many.

Nidalee’s come a long way, and we’ve seen her play a lot of different roles. More recently, though, she’s become a fantastic jungler. It seems fitting seeing her roam free in the tall grasses among the other creatures. And is there anything more primally satisfying than sinking a spear—chunk—into some unsuspecting chump idling blindly in the jungle? Traps, a spear, the transform ultimate, and a heal. Much like other champs on this list, her kit covers a wide range of bases, with the heal giving her sustain and the long-range “Q” enhancing her assassination potential. In a gank, Nidalee’s cougar form has much-needed burst power, with Pounce serving as a gap closer to help your teammates catch foes unaware.  But beware! Nidalee works best under the direction of a skilled player, as much of her success depends on spotting and exploiting the opponent’s errors to lock down kills.

10. Kled

Just, you know, stand under an enemy tower not dying forever.

Kled, the greasy old Yordle you didn’t know you needed. (And say hello to a double health bar.) Kled’s a complicated new champ, but that only makes using him to wreck the other team more satisfying in the long run. I’d like to shake the hand of the evil genius behind Kled’s targeted ultimate with a range of nearly half Summoner’s Rift. It’s reminiscent of Vi’s Assault and Battery, with a similar potential to backfire and leave the user alone in enemy territory. When you do pull off a good CHAAAAAAARGE!, though, it’s all the more fun for watching your teammates swoop in and clean house on a disrupted enemy team. Kled’s just shy of useless when Skaarl’s run off, but in the saddle, he can chase down foes and execute them under a tower with deadly efficiency.

Don’t see your favorite champ on the list? The beauty of League’s long history and wide variety of champs to choose from is that almost any champ can be killer in the right hands. I once saw two men sharing a keyboard carry a game with Urgot. (This I swear to you. No, I don’t know how it worked either.) So if you’re feeling alone out there, all you Sona junglers, just wait. Maybe the next patch will be the one that takes your strat straight to the top.  

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