[Top 10] League of Legends Best Mid Laners That Wreck Hard! 11.13

League of Legends Best Mid Laner

So you decided to main mid-lane. Maybe you’ve been a long-time mid-player or just started out and don’t know what champion to play. Well fear not this article will help you out. Here you will find out what champions are best for you in the newest patch 11.13 and if you don’t agree well too bad so sad. Mid is the most popular lane to play in League of Legends so get ready to be auto filled once you queue up and get a role you have never played in your life. Also, one important thing when you’re playing mid-lane is roaming. So please once in a while leave your lane and help your side lanes. Enough talking about mid-lanee let’s get into the champions. 

10. Twisted Fate 

Look at those colorful cards hehe. 

At number ten we have Twisted Fate “the Card Master”. Ah yes, the gambler. With this champion you have to roam thanks to his ultimate ability. Twisted Fate is the type of guy who cheats in poker, he always has an ACE under his sleeves so he can win. When it comes to his abilities his Q is a skill shot where he throws 3 cards in 3 different directions. When you press his W Twisted Fate will start shuffling his cards. You can pick from 3 cards: Blue, Red and Gold. Blue deals a lot of AP damage and restores your mana, red Card slows and golden card stuns. His gold card is the most useful one because it’s a point and click CC. Please for the love of God make sure you use this one when your jungler finally decides to gank. . He stacks his E by auto attacking and once he’s at 3 stacks it deals bonus damage. And now his ultimate is really useful for roaming and helping out your dear team. The first time you press your ultimate it reveals the enemy team and the second time you press your ultimate ability it teleports you to that location. Twisted Fate then materializes out of nowhere like he’s some anime protagonist. 

What makes Twisted Fate a Great Mid Laner: 

  • Great for roaming 
  • Has a point and click CC
  • Really versatile on how you play him 
  • His passive gives you extra gold for killing minions 
  • Great for revealing enemies and their nasty strategies thanks to his ultimate ability

Here’s a more detailed description of Twisted Fate and his abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of czakuśxv9):


9. Yasuo 

Younger wind shitter.

At number nine we have Yasuo “the Unforgiven”. Ah yes the brother of Yone coming straight from the Wind Shitter family. When you have this guy in your team he will either carry or cry like a little baby because he didn’t get ganked enough. When it comes to Yasuo, he's pretty fun to play. His Q works the same way as Yone’s. You have to stack it. The first two stacks he just slashes in a target direction, the third stack he launches a tornado. Don’t worry you’ll miss this ability 90% of the time and hit someone’s poor grandma across the universe and send her to the emergency room. His W is a wind wall that blocks ranged auto attacks and all missile abilities, laser type abilities go through. With his E he just dashes around not caring about a single thing. He can dash through minions, champions, dragons, barons, anything that’s alive and that’s an enemy unit. Here comes the juicy part. When someone is airborne you can use his ultimate ability. Yasuo instantly dashes to them, keeping them knocked up for a short duration dealing damage. Every Yasuo player gets their power spike at 0-10 but all in all, he’s a fun champion to play. 

What makes Yasuo a Great Mid Laner: 

  • Can deal a lot of damage late game and potentially 1v9 
  • His W blocks everything around him protecting his virginity
  • Dashes around with his E
  • You can do lots of fun combos 
  • Heals a lot for whatever reason 
  • His passive is a shield that protects his virginity even more

Here’s a more detailed description of Yasuo and his abilities along with an owange video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Mesut Tetik):

8. Yone 

Older wind shitter.

At number eight we have Yone “the Unforgotten”. He’s the brother of Yasuo, another Wind Shitter. When it comes to Yone he’s really similar to Yasuo but he’s stronger than him. Yone and Yasuo go really well together. If you can remember Yasuo needs opponents to be airborne so he can ult them. Well, Yone does that. His Q works the same as Yasuo’s except he dashes forwards and knocks people up. With his W he slashes his sword in front of him dealing damage and gaining a shield. With his E he leaves his physical form and enters his spiritual form. In spirit form he gains bonus movement speed. The damage he deals while in spirit form stacks on the target and once he returns to his physical form that damage is dealt. With his ultimate ability Yone dashes in the target direction knocking up everyone that’s standing in front of him. Yone can also heal a lot of health back for whatever reason. 

What makes Yone a Great Mid Laner: 

  • Great combo with his brother Yasuo.
  • Stronger than Yasuo in almost every way.
  • Deals a lot of damage while at the same time healing a lot of health. 
  • Has a lot of CC and knocks up. 
  • Ultimate ability is really useful in team fights (please make sure you hit your ultimate). 

Here’s a more detailed description of Yone and his abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of lol oynuyom):

7. Viego

Simping for his wife who doesn't love him. 

At number seven we have Viego “the Ruined King”. Ah yes the ultimate simp for his Queen Isolde who doesn’t even love him. Trust me, donating 100 euros to Pokimane is nothing compared to this simp. When it comes to Viego Alejandro Del Sanchez he’s simple and easy to play. His passive is literally Blade of the Ruined King and he can possess dead bodies that he kills (only works with champions). With his Q he slashes in front of himself. His W is a channel ability and if you managed to hit someone with it you CC the opponent. With his E he throws his mist at a wall. While standing in his mist he becomes invisible. With his ultimate ability, he can either discard his possession or throw himself. Viego has a skin that reminds me of Geralt from the Witcher series so that’s pretty neat. 

What makes Viego a Great Mid Laner: 

  • New champion so he’s broken and Riot wont nerf him for quite some time
  • Has a Blade of the Ruined King passive
  • Can auto attack reset a lot. 
  • Really strong late game. 
  • Can become invisible inside of his own mist allowing him to do some juicy plays.
  • He’s a simp

Here’s a more detailed description of Viego and his abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of PaZion Gaming):

6. Lucian

Simping for his wife who loves him.

At number six we have Lucian “the Purifier”. Another simp except his wife Senna actually loves him. Well, Lucian is a weird case. At bot lane he’s not that special while at mid lane he excels simply because he’s a ranged champion. When it comes to his passive he shoots two bullets after he uses an ability. His Q shoots out a laser in a target direction. His W shoots out a plus sign marking the targets who are hit by the ability. Anyone who attacks a marked target gains a short movement speed buff. His E is a dash and with his ultimate ability, he fires his two pistols in a direction dealing damage. With Lucian make sure that you poke the enemy opponent as much as you can. It will annoy them a lot, trust me.

What makes Lucian a Great Mid Laner:

  • He’s a ranged champion so he can abuse the enemy opponent who’s melee. 
  • Has a dash ability. 
  • His ultimate is used for clearing out waves or catching people who are trying to run away. 
  • His Q is used for long ranged pokes if you can’t auto attack them. 
  • He’s a simp but his wife loves him so technically he isn’t a simp.

Here’s a more detailed description about Lucian and his abilities along with an owange video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Pentakill Replays):

5. Diana 

Moon is kewl :).

At number five we have Diana “Scorn of the Moon”. Ah yes, Diana. Her sexuality is straight as a curve. When it comes to this monster of a champion you won’t kill her if she’s a tiny bit ahead. Not only is she dealing a lot of damage but she also has a lot of health so good luck trying to kill her. Her passive stacks. At full stacks she deals on-hit damage. She fires her Q in a curve, it’s good for long ranged poking and marks the opponent. Using her W she gains 3 balls that go around her while at the same time she gains a shield and those balls deal damage once they get in contact with something. Her E is a long dash. She just dashes to the target and if the opponent is marked her E is reset. Her ultimate ability is a channel ability. Once used she pulls people towards her and after the channel is over she deals damage. 

What makes Diana a Great Mid Laner: 

  • Does a lot of damage while having lots of hp at the same time
  • Easily catches up to people thanks to her E
  • Has a free shield and 3 balls from her W (I bet she loves playing with balls ;) )
  • Her ultimate ability is really good in team fights. 
  • Hard to kill and can poke from a llong-range 

Here’s a more detailed description of Diana and her abilities along with an owange video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of PaZion Gaming):

4. Katarina

You'll break your fingers playing her.

At number four we have Katarina “the Sinister Blade”. Ah yes, the AP version of Samira but Katarina came out first so she’s the OG. Katarina is the type of champion that will dominate you in bed no matter how muscular you are. She’s the head of the house. As a Katarina main, I recommend you play this champion especially in this season. She’s very strong. When it comes to playing Katarina and understanding her abilities she’s really simple. Katarina can also go AP or AD without an issue. Her passive has 2 different abilities. The first passive ability restores her cooldowns by 15 seconds on champion takedowns. The second passive ability allows her to spin around once she steps on her dagger. Her Q throws out a dagger that bounces three times simple as that. Her W leaves a dagger on the ground giving you a short movement speed buff. Her E is a dash. She can dash on anything that’s alive and on her daggers. Once she dashes on the dagger she spins around dealing damage. Her ultimate ability allows her to spin in place and anyone that’s in range will get castrated . eep in mind you can’t move while using this ability. Katarina probably has the hottest skins in the game so prepare your wallets, boys and girls. Katarina is the type of  champion that can be played without hands. Mommy material.

What makes Katarina a Great Mid Laner:

  • Deals a lot of damage AP or AD damage depending on your build. 
  • Can dash around everywhere, don’t blink or you’ll miss her. 
  • She can poke with her Q and once the opponent is low enough you can kill them easily and earn yourself 300 gold.
  • Her ultimate ability is really useful with teammates who have CC abilities. 
  • Can easily run away or catch up to people. 
  • Mommy material step on me. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Katarina and her abilities along with an owange video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of PaZion Gaming):

3. Lux

Lady of Luminosity. 

At number three we have Lux “the Lady of Luminosity”.  Ah yes, Lux. This champion will bully you in themid-lanee so much you will just quit the game. When it comes to playing Lux she requires you to use your brain and hands. Thanks to her passive ability if she damages anyone with her Q or E they’re marked. Lux’s auto attacks or ultimate abilit,y consume the mark to deal bonus damage. Her Q is a skill shot that roots 2 first enemies she hits. Her W is a skill shot that shields you and your teammates. Her is a E skill shot that she throws on the ground. Opponents who find themselves in this ability are slowed down and once Lux recasts the ability it deals damage. Her ultimate ability is, you guessed it, it’s a skill shot. Lux fires a big laser that deals a massive amount of damage. Once Lux has enough ability power she can one shot people with her ultimate. Has one of the best skins in the entire game Elementalist Lux. Officially confirmed by Riot Games themselves that it’s the best skin they created, the only downside is that it costs 25 euros. 

What makes Lux a Great Mid Laner: 

  • Has a root ability, great for catching people or when running away so they don’t catch up to you. 
  • Can poke the enemy thanks to her E. 
  • Has a shield that can either save you or your teammates from dying. 
  • Her ultimate ability is pretty neat since it’s pretty long ;), so you can use it to kill people who are far away or steal baron/drake from a safe distance. 
  • If you do her combo correctly Q - E - R you can one shot anyone. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Lux and her abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Czokled #shorts):

2. Akali

Hot ninja assassin. 

At number two we have Akali “the Rogue Assassin”. Ah yes, the ungankable champion. If you’re the jungler don’t even bother trying to gank her she will escape 100% of the time. Not only that but this girl has so many dashes it’s impossible to catch her. If Akali damages an opponent with her abilities a ring will form around them. Akali gains bonus movement speed and once she or the opponent leaves the ring, she starts spinning her blade and her next auto attack deals bonus damage. That’s just her passive ability btw. She throws out kunai in front of herself with her Q. With her W she throws a smoke bomb on the ground that slowly expands. While in the smoke she restores 80 energy and gains bonus movement speed. And while the shroud is active her energy is increased by 80. With her E she throws out a shuriken dashing backwards. If you managed to hit someone with the shuriken you can recast your E to dash to that opponent. Now her ultimate ability is special. The first time you cast it she dashes over the opponent dealing magic damage and you must target an enemy champion. The second time you recast this ability you can freely shoot yourself wherever you want. Dashing in any direction you wish and this time this ability deals even more magic damage to the opponent. Now if you combine all of her abilities and you learn how to play her. You can do some nasty combos. 

What makes Akali a Great Mid Laner: 

  • Has a lot of mobility and when I say a lot I mean a lot like did you read what I wrote? 
  • Deals a massive amount of damage.
  • Really hard to gank 
  • Has a lot of fun combos you can do with her. 
  • Sexy ninja assassin what else do you need? Go play her now!

Here’s a more detailed description of Akali and her abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Pantheon):

1. Sylas 

Hot stripper champion.

At number one we have Sylas “the Unshackled”, or as I like to call him Mr. Steal your girl (he stole Lux from Ezreal). Not only does he steal your girl, he will also steal your ultimate ability. Sylas fights with his chains on his hands, he’s into that stuff. He also dances like a stripper. When it comes to his abilities they’re simple. Once he uses any of his abilities his next auto attacks are empowered. That’s his passive. With his Q he slams those chains on the ground dealing damage and slowing the opponent. His W is a small dash that deals damage and heals him for 0-100% based on Sylas’s missing health. His E is a bigger dash than his W. The first time you cast this ability Sylas dashes in a general direction. The second time you cast it Sylas shoots his chains at an opponent and if they hit, Sylas launches himself towards the enemy stunning and knocking them up for 0.5 seconds. With his ultimate ability Sylas steals the opponent’s ultimate ability and he can use it. So in short words, that’s pretty damn broken. 

What makes Sylas a Great Mid Laner: 

  • Can sustain himself thanks to the healing from his W. 
  • Has a dash that can be used to dodge abilities and can recast that ability to close the distance between himself and the opponent. 
  • Can steal other champions' ultimates. 
  • His Q can be used to poke the enemy from a safe distance. 
  • He’s sexy, dances like a stripper and probably into BDSM thanks to those chains. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Sylas and his abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Pantheon)

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