[Top 15] League of Legends Best Ultimates That Wreck Hard!

League of Legends best ultimate abilities that wreck hard
Shiny and fancy ultimate abilities uuuuu very shiny

In this article, you’ll read about the ultimate abilities that wreck hard and that are also really fun to use. Every champion in this game has their ultimate ability. Some are boring some are fun but that’s up to you to decide and your preference what you like in an ultimate ability! Almost every champion gains their ultimate ability once they hit level 6 but some champions are special and can have their ultimate ability unlocked instantly but it’s mostly a transformation ability. Something like Elise and Nidalee have. But enough of me rambling let’s get into some ultimate abilities.

15. Ryze “Realm Warp” 

Blue man go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to the other side

At number fifteen we have Ryze’s ultimate ability called “Realm Warp”. Well it’s simple as it gets. This ultimate ability teleports you from one place to another. You can also teleport your teammates or minions which could be used to push lanes more easily. On the fun scale I’d say this ultimate is like a 6/10 could be better but hey maybe you’ll find it more fun than I do who knows? 

What makes Realm Warp great: 

  • Teleports you from one place to another 
  • Can also teleport your teammates and minions 
  • Good to use when you want to push or try to escape an enemy gank 

Ultimate details: 

  • Sadly it has a high cooldown 
  • It’s a channel ability that takes time to warp you from one place to another. 
  • Doesn’t have a high range of warping

14. Garen “Demacian Justice”

Haha big sword much damage very kill

At number fourteen we have an iconic ultimate ability from League of Legends and that’s Demacian Justice. When it comes to this ultimate ability Garen slams a giant ass sword from the sky onto an enemy opponent executing them. On the fun scale, this is an easy 8/10. It’s really fun using this ultimate ability especially if the opponent is low HP as you should use it. Not only that but you also get a cool effect on your screen when you execute someone with it!

What makes Demacian Justice great:

  • An execute that gives you a cool effect 
  • Fun to use 
  • Slams a giant ass sword on the ground and opponents 
  • In later stages of the game it can deal a huge amount of damage

Ultimate details: 

  • Doesn’t have a high range to be used
  • Deals true damage 
  • Cooldown is medium length 

13. Darius “Noxian Guillotine” 

Haha axe go bonk and sent to horny jail.

At number thirteen we have Darius ultimate ability “Noxian Guillotine”. It’s kind of similar to Garen’s ultimate ability but with his ultimate ability you slam the ground with a giant axe that you carry around. This ultimate ability is more fun than Garen’s so I’d give it a 8.5/10 on the fun scale. Not only that but if you execute someone with this ultimate ability it resets and you can use it again. Now go and play some summoners rift and castrate some people! 

What makes Noxian Guillotine great:

  • More fun to use than Garen’s in my opinion 
  • Split people in half 
  • Deals more damage than Garen’s ultimate ability

Ultimate details: 

  • Resets on kills 
  • Medium lenght cooldown
  • At level 16 it costs 0 mana

12. Twisted Fate “Destiny” 

Now I see you now you're dead

At number twelve we have Twisted Fate’s ultimate ability called “Destiny”. This ultimate ability has two effects. First effect is teleporting to a location that you wish and second you reveal all enemy champions on the summoners rift. This isn’t the most fun ultimate ability but it’d give it a rating of 5/10 on the fun scale. This ultimate ability might not be fun to use but it’s damn useful for your teammates and for yourself. You can escape unwanted situations or you can gank opponents and flank them easily. Learning how to use this ultimate ability properly will take you some time though so keep that in mind. 

What makes Destiny great: 

  • Good for ganking and flanking enemy opponent’s 
  • In some situations it can be used to even escape an enemy gank 
  • Everyone wishes they have this ultimate ability in their game at one point

Ultimate details:

  • Medium length cooldown 
  • Really useful for your whole team 
  • Effect radius is global 
  • Takes time to learn how to use this ultimate ability correctly

11. Cassiopeia “Petrifying Gaze”

Turned to stone now you're dead kek

At number eleven we have Cassiopeia’s ultimate ability “Petrifying Gaze”. The sneaky snake. This is Medusa but on crack. Her ultimate ability allows her to turn people into stone. But they have to be looking at Cassiopeia to be turned into stone. If an enemy is showing you their back you’ll only slow them and deal a tiny bit of damage but no worries it’s hard to know when an experienced Cassiopeia player will use her ultimate ability. On the fun scale I’d rate it an 8/10 I like watching people turn rock solid ;). 

What makes Petrifying Gaze great: 

  • Fun to use and useful against ganks 
  • Isn’t hard to use but it’s hard to dodge it 
  • Opponents that are turned into a rock are CC’d for quite some time

Ultimate details:

  • Isn’t hard to use 
  • Medium length cooldown
  • Good in team fights or solo fights
  • It deals magic damage as well 

10. Jhin “Curtain Call”

American sniper Jhin 

At number ten we have Jhin’s ultimate ability “Curtain Call”. Oh my lord, the music that plays when you’re using his ultimate is so damn good and goes well with the character and his lore. This ultimate ability is really useful when enemy opponents are trying to escape so instead of running after them you can just shoot them down. Don’t worry about missing your shots you get 4 tries you can’t miss all of them right?... So anyways on the fun scale I’d say this is a 7/10. 

What makes Curtain Call great:

  • You don’t have to run after your opponents you can just shot them down 
  • You get 4 tries so you can’t miss all of them right?
  • Great music when using the ultimate ability

Ultimate details:

  • Not hard to use 
  • The 4th shot deals the most damage so try not to miss with that one 
  • Cooldown is medium length 

9. Annie “Summon: Tibbers”

Big bear will smash you in every single way

At number nine we have Annie’s ultimate ability “Summon: Tibbers”. Oh boi this little child will give you nightmares. You will dream of her one-shotting your team over and over again just by spawning a bear on top of your team and evaporating everyone. Not only that but if she has full stacks that bear will CC you as well once she spawns it on top of you so yeah good luck with that. But if you do decide to kill Annie well the bear goes into rage mode and gains bonus movement speed and attack speed so if you were low hp you’re going to die now bye bye :). 

On the fun scale I’d put it at a solid 8/10. 

What makes Summon: Tibbers great:

  • Can CC a lot of people if you have four stacks with her passive
  • Deals a lot of damage
  • Goes into rage mode if you kill Annie

Ultimate details: 

  • Big bad bear that’s not that hard to use 
  • Can turn the tides of the battle 
  • Has medium range to spawn it 

8. Irelia “Vanguard’s Edge”

Sword goes up a place you don't want too

At number eight we have Irelia’s ultimate ability “Vanguard’s Edge”. Well, when this girl ults a whole god damn team she will be zooming everywhere to gain her full stacks so she can beat you up and break your ankles. You see that circle around that opponent and see how Irelia is standing there menacingly yeah… that opponent is dead in 4 seconds now imagine when she ults a whole god damn team. Not only does it give her an opportunity to dash to the opponents but she also slows them. On the fun scale, I’d put it as 8.5/10. 

What makes Vanguard’s Edge great: 

  • Dashing around at the speed of sound 
  • Gain easy stacks for easy beating up potential 
  • Not that hard to use 

Ultimate details: 

  • Good in a full-on team fight
  • 100 mana cost, it isn’t that expensive
  • Has a huge target range downside is that it’s high cooldown :v

7. Katarina “Death Lotus”

Red haired lady spin haha pentakill 

At number seven we have Katarina’s ultimate ability “Death Lotus”. Oh, boi this girl can spin so fast and hard that everyone inside of that death ring will die quickly and efficiently. Once you see that she’s starting to spin around, you better get out of there and run. When it comes to Katarina she’s an AP assassin so imagine what standing in that death ring for 5 seconds will do to you. I’d put this ultimate ability on a 7.5/10 fun scale. 

What makes Death Lotus great:

  • AoE AP damage 
  • Everything inside of the ring dies quickly 
  • Spin to win 

Ultimate details: 

  • Great in team fights 
  • Low cooldown can be used multiple times if you chain kills 
  • No mana 
  • Only downside is that you’re standing in one place 

6. Olaf “Ragnarok” 

An angry man can't be stopped something similar like a Florida man.

At number six we have Olaf’s ultimate ability “Ragnarok”. As badass as this name is for an ultimate ability it’s not that special in my opinion but it is strong. When Olaf uses this ultimate ability he gets really angry and you don’t want him to get angry and red like that. So when he uses his ultimate ability he gains bonus movement speed and nothing can CC this guy. The only way to stop him is to wait for his ultimate ability to run out or just beat the hell out of him. On the fun scale I’d put this ultimate ability at 5/10.

What makes Ragnarok great:

  • Becomes angry and red like a tomato 
  • Nothing can stop him goes through you like a truck 
  • Chuckles axes while going at full speed at you 

Ultimate details: 

  • Can’t be CC’d at all unstoppable killing machine
  • Gains bonus movement speed 
  • Gains bonus attack damage 
  • Cooldown is medium length

5. Samira “Inferno Trigger”

Just a better Katarina ultimate ability

At number five we have Samira’s ultimate ability “Inferno Trigger”. Oh boy, this is a Katarina ultimate 2.0 and on crack. Why is it on crack you might be asking yourself? Well because she can move while using her ultimate ability, unlike Katarina. While Samira is using this ultimate well good luck trying to kill her because she will out heal every single bit of damage that you do! So don’t even bother my friend. The only downside to this ultimate ability is that you have to get an S ranking with her passive to use it :v. I’d put this ultimate ability on a 8/10 fun scale.

What makes Inferno Trigger great:

  • Spins around in circles 
  • A better Katarina ultimate ability 
  • Can’t die because of the healing 

Ultimate details: 

  • Low cooldown 
  • Low mana cost 
  • AoE damage

4. Qiyana "Display of Talent"

Idk man she pushes people against walls kinda weird ngl

At number four we have Qiyana's ultimate ability "Display of Talent". It's not that much of a display of talent it's really damn easy to use. If someone is standing near a wall just ult them and make it easier on yourself simple as that. This ultimate is good in team fights and can help you out quite a bit. Make sure that you don't screw things up tho because the cooldown is kinda big. On the fun scale I'd put this a solid 8.5/10.

What makes Display of Talent great

  • Lots of damage 
  • Good in team fights
  • Can be used to catch unsuspecting people

Ultimate details:

  • AoE damage
  • High cooldown
  • Easy to use 
  • Also, CC's the opponents that are hit by it 

3. Evelynn “Last Caress”

I wouldn't mind her cutting my PP off.

At number three we have one of the most satisfying and deadliest ultimate abilities in the whole game and that's Evelynn's ultimate ability "Last Caress". This ability right here is also an execute which makes it 10x times better. This ultimate ability also has two effects and those are the execute and gives Evelynn permanent invisibility based on the fact that nobody hits you and that you don't attack anyone which breaks the invisibility cloak. On the fun scale I'd say this is a solid 9.5/10. 

What makes Last Caress great:

  • Quick and easy 
  • Can be used as an escape tool
  • Doesn't require a lot of brainpower to use

Ultimate details:

  • A lot of AoE damage
  • It's an execute ability 
  • Medium length cooldown 
  • Low learning curve 

2. Veigar “Primordial Burst”

Now they're there now they're gone simple and easy.

At number two we have our favorite midget Veigar and his ultimate ability "Primordial Burst". Oh boy will this ultimate ruin someone's day. The reason being if Veigar has a lot of AP he can one shot an enemy with just his ultimate ability and all he has to do is press R. He's a simple champion that's easy to play and easy to get into. He's strong AF because his passive gives him AP. He can stack as much AP as he wants as long as the match is being played this little guy is getting stronger and stronger. On the fun scale, I'd say he's a 9/10.

What makes "Primordial Burst" great:

  • Point and click ability
  • High damage output like a nuke 
  • Watch your enemies disappear into the horizon

Ultimate details:

  • Medium length cooldown
  • Really damn easy to use 
  • Low cast range 

1. Sylas “Hijack”

Steals your ultimate, your wife, your kids, your car and your soul he don't care.

At the number one spot, we have the best and most broken (in my opinion) ultimate ability in the game and that ability is Sylas's "Hijack". As the name suggests Sylas steals an enemy opponent’s ultimate ability. Yes, you heard me right. He steals their god damn ultimate ability and he can use it as his own. Now you might see how this is a bit broken right? If you can't how about you play a few games with Sylas and tell me how it goes alright? Now to put it on the fun scale it's a 10/10 ladies and gentlemen. 

What makes Hijack great:

  • Steal any ultimate you wish from your scared opponents.
  • Scales really well 
  • You can either support your team by stealing a supports ultimate ability or you can demolish the enemy team by stealing a high damage output ultimate

Ultimate details:

  • High damage output (depends on the ultimate you steal)
  • Low cooldown
  • Point and click
  • Medium range to steal from enemies

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