[Top 10] Best League Of Legends Songs (Ranked)

[Top 10] Best League Of Legends Songs (Ranked)

Howdy everyone, today we’ll be talking about music in League of Legends. First off, let me state that there isn’t a single person on this planet who doesn't love music. You see, music is an integral part of a video game, and in some situations, it can either hype up the moment or completely ruin it. In some video games, the right music at the right time can make the player feel powerful and give him a sense of feeling unbeatable.

Unfortunately, Riot Games can’t simply add a boss battle theme when you’re fighting Mundo because it would be quite a distraction. Instead, they opted for creating music videos and each one is a different genre of music. You can listen to it while playing or doing anything else in your day-to-day activities. So with that knowledge, I’ll be ranking the best League of Legends songs released to date.


10. STAR WALKIN’ - Lil Nas X

“Eyo put up the tempo man.”

Let’s start this list off with one of the more recent songs that were released just last year for Worlds 2022. You see, a lot of people are always excited about the next World Championship song because it’s always hype and it gets your blood pumping, but sadly, that wasn’t the case with this one.

If Riot Games had released this song as a part of a skin line or anything similar to that, people would have loved it a lot more, but as a World Championship song, nah, that ain’t it, chief. The main reason behind that is that every World Championship song is about a high tempo and a huge loud drop which this song lacks, but if we ignore that for a second, it’s a very amazing and catchy song.


9. MORE - K/DA 

“Gimme more of this song!”

See, this is what they should have done with “Star Walkin’.” They should have created a whole skin line about the song as they did with this group, and everyone would have been happy. When it comes to “More,” it’s created by a virtual k-pop group that calls itself K/DA.

If you’re a fan of that genre of music then you’ll be delighted to know that this group has a ton more songs since they started back in 2018. Additionally, all of their songs have a high tempo and a catchy tune. If you start listening to it, you just won’t be able to turn it off that easily. It happened to me; it will happen to you.



“Time to wake up my neighbor.”

My bros this is what kicked off the career of K/DA and made them into the popular group that they are today. This was their debut song, and it made a huge impact on everyone because it was something new and fresh from Riot Games.

Of course, when this song came out, they also released skins about the k-pop group that was highly popular and still is today. If someone loves playing Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, or Kai’Sa, I am 99% certain they own a K/DA skin. Additionally, it’s a great song to listen to while playing League or just cruising around in your car.


7. GIANTS - True Damage

“Wait, I thought Akali was a part of K/DA…”

The group is very similar to K/DA but with a more western theme. Just after a year of K/DA’s debut, Riot Games has given us a new pop group called “True Damage,” and their debut was with a song called “GIANTS.” 

I gotta be honest for a second and say that I like this group more than “K/DA,” mainly because their song has a higher tempo and there is more rap. Sadly, the group only has 1 song to date, and I hope that Riot Games will release more songs from this group.


6. Mortal Reminder - Pentakill

“Now this is gonna make my eardrums pop.”

If you’re more of a metalhead like myself, then you’ll love this group and its music. Unlike the True Damage group, this one has three albums, and believe me when I say that it was hard to pick one because they are all so damn great.

Additionally, with the great song, there is also a great music video. I’m not saying that the other ones weren’t great, but in this one, they beat up the devil himself, aka Teemo. That fact alone brings a smile to my face and many others as well.


5. RISE - Worlds 2018


Now, this is the correct way to do a World Championship song correctly. Give it a slow start and later you pump up the tempo with a catchy chorus. Additionally, the music video is perfectly synced with the song's beats in the background, which makes it even more hype.

This song just gets your blood pumping and gives you the feeling like you can climb through the ranks and achieve challenger! Also, during the final part of the song, when the guy is fighting Faker gives me goosebumps every time. It’s so damn epic!



“Hey, how did they become so epic?”

Okay, K/DA has seriously stepped it up with their second album, and this one is my favorite so far. The bass and the beat are immaculate, and the chorus, oh my god, it’s all perfectly fine-tuned into this amazing creation. The only way that you can make this song better is by listening to either a Frenchcore or a psytrance remix if that’s your jam. 

If you’re playing a hard carry champion and you put this song on, you are sure to 1v9 the whole match and carry it on your back alone. I don’t know why, but I always play better with music, and this song is always in my hype playlist or my workout playlist.


3. Redemption - Pentakill III

“My ears have fallen off and this is the only thing I can hear.”

Did you think we were done with Pentakill that soon? Oh hell no, this one right here is from their third album that was released a year ago, and you know what? It’s goddamn amazing to listen to. It makes me want to hop onto a Harley Davidson and just ride into the sunset while this song blasts in my ear drums. 

As well, this song has an amazing chorus, and the singers have great voices and bring the song to life. It just brings me back to the 80s and 90s era of rock and metal, and let me tell you if you didn’t listen to that genre, you should give it a try. You are missing out!


2. Enemy - Imagine Dragons & JID

“I ain’t the enemy.”

This song right here is probably the most popular one on this list because it was played in every single coffee shop or club when it was released, and for good reason too. It’s a damn great song that was used in the promotion for the TV show “Arcane.” 

It has a very catchy tune, and it’s impossible not to sing along when it’s being played. Additionally, this song has the best music video out of any on this list; have you seen those animations? And you know what people say -- it only gets better after this.


1. Warriors - Imagine Dragons

“It is time to fight what’s yours!”

Now the first ever song that I heard from Riot Games was this one. I can remember it so vividly because it was the time when I unfortunately started playing this game and slowly lost my life to it. But this song is real hype even by today's standards. It withstands the test of time so well, and it gets my blood pumping so hard.

The bass, the drop, the chorus – everything is what makes this song great here. It makes you feel unstoppable and like nobody can stop you from achieving that +15 LP, even if you have to 1v9 the whole match.


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