LoL Best Evelynn Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Evelynn Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

LoL Best Evelynn Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Evelynn Skins Ranked Worst To Best)
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This one was hard because of the simple fact that every single skin that Evelynn has is great. Nonetheless, I managed to rank them from the worst to the best. When it comes to Evelynn skins they come in different shapes and sizes but one thing they have in common is that they are all amazing.

Which is a surprise coming from Riot Games. It is also noteworthy that some skins might give you a slight advantage such as sound cues or animations but I’ll get into that when I’m describing the skin. So with that out of the way let’s get into the list!

11. Original Evelynn (Ok) 

Now let’s start this list off with the bare skin for Evelynn. It’s nothing special. With the basic skin, Evelynn is just a purple demon who loves to stalk people. Why does she do that? Well, because she needs food to survive. If you don’t want to spend money on Evelynn at all you can get around with the basic skin.

How To Get Original Evelynn:

You can acquire this skin by purchasing or unlocking the champion with BE aka blue essence or with RP which will cost you 880 RP and that comes around 7$. 

10. Masquerade Evelynn (Ok)

This skin isn’t anything particularly fancy. In my opinion, this skin just adds a red dress and a mask to Evelynn and that’s it. You don’t get any new animations, no new sounds, not even a new recall animation. But thankfully it is the cheapest skin that you can get for her so if you have spare RP.

How To Get Masquerade Evelynn:

The only two methods to acquire this skin are by chests or your shop. Since it is a legacy skin it is hard to acquire but thankfully it isn’t anything special. 

9. Tango Evelynn (Ok)

If you have no luck acquiring “Masquerade Evelynn” but you like the color red well this skin is for you. Same as the previous skin, this one also adds a red dress to Evelynn and that’s about it. I should mention that it does add new VFX and sound effects so there is that. Otherwise, this is bland skin that turns Evelynn from purple to red. 

How To Get Tango Evelynn:

Head out to your League of Legends skin shop and locate Tango Evelynn. There you’ll be able to buy the skin for 520 RP or 5$. It is very cheap. 

8. Safecracker Evelynn (Ok)

Now, this is a bit more of an interesting skin as it changes the whole champion look. This skin came in a bundle with Twitch as that champion got something similar as well. The reason why those two champions got it is that they can go invisible so they’re the perfect duo to commit crimes together. Sadly this skin does not add anything new except the interesting look which is fine by my standards. 

How To Get Safecracker Evelynn: 

Head out to the skin shop for League and find the skin for 750 RP which is roughly 6$ or try to get it for free from a chest if you think you’re lucky enough. 

7. Blood Moon Evelynn (Average)

Up next we have one of the favorite skin lines in the community. That’s the Blood Moon skin line. Most people love this Evelynn skin because it is simple, it has a small model and adds new VFX and animations while also adding a new recall animation. A lot of people love using this skin and for good reason too. As I previously stated most of Evelynn’s skins look amazing. 

How To Get Bloodmoon Evelynn:

Make your way to the skin shop in League and buy the skin for 1350 RP or 10$. You can also get it for free from a chest. 

6. Shadow Evelynn (Average)

Up next we have Shadow Evelynn, one of my personal favorites. It is such a simple skin yet so charming. Riot Games nailed it with this one. From the splash art, you might say that this skin is a simple reskin of the original and you’d be half correct. But what you don’t know is that using this skin you’ll feel like your model is extra small and the animations are smoother in every way possible. It is also a very cheap skin to get for Evelynn. 

How To Get Shadow Evelynn:

Go to the League’s skin shop and search for Shadow Evelynn. The price of the skin will be 520 RP which is 5$ in real-life money. 

5. KD/A All Out Evelynn (Good)

Here we have the sequel to KD/A and that’s KD/A All Out. Very original Riot. But sadly this skin suffers the fate of sequels not being as good as the original. As much as I like this skin I can’t put it any higher up the list. I think this is a good spot for it. The skin comes with a heap of new animations, sounds, and even a brand new recall animation. The guys at Riot went ALL OUT with this one. See what I did there? 

How To Get KD/A All Out Evelynn:

The way to acquire this skin is by buying it through the in-game shop or from a chest. If you want to buy the skin it will cost you 1350RP or 10$. 

4. Sugar Rush Evelynn (Good)

This skin was inspired by the mobile game Candy Crush. There is no way that it wasn’t. But damn this skin is amazing. The sound effects sound crisp, the animations are top quality. The best part about this skin is that the whole champion is made out of candy. There are also different chromas for this skin if you want to change the color of the candy. I have no idea how she doesn’t melt in the hot blazing sun of Runeterra but that’s a story for another time. 

How To Get Sugar Rush Evelynn:

It is the same as with every other skin. You go to the League shop and buy the skin for 1350 RP which is 10$ in total. 

3. K/DA Evelynn (Excellent)

This is the original skin from the KD/A skin line. It was the first and the best probably. Unlike the K/DA All Out the original has better artwork, the sounds are crisper, the animations are better and the model looks and feels smaller. It also comes with a new recall animation that plays the theme song of K/DA when you start going back to base. 

How To Get K/DA Evelynn:

Open up your League client and go to the skin store. Locate K/DA Evelynn spend 1350 RP or 10$ if you want to own the skin. If not you can always gamble with the chests and pray to God that you get it. 

2. Prestige K/DA Evelynn (Excellent)

This skin is K/DA Evelynn but painted gold. Now, why is it better? Well, it is the 1.5 version where Riot added more details to the skin, the sound is even better somehow I have no idea how they did that and the overall animation quality is amazing. Sadly this skin will be hard to obtain because of the new mythic essence thing. So if you have a lot of time on your hands or spare cash you just might be able to get it. Otherwise, go with the original. 

How To Get Prestige K/DA Evelynn: 

Open up your League of Legends client and start playing until you get 100 mythic essences to afford the skin. If you don’t have the time well you’re out of luck as there is no other way to acquire it. 

1. Coven Evelynn (Best)

For the number one skin for Evelynn, we have the Coven skin line. Of course, this had to be the best skin for Evelynn. Not only is it a legendary skin but it completely revamps the champion’s look. With a new walking, attacking, idling animation, new sound effects, new recall animation, and best of all the most important thing a lot of chromas. If you don’t like the gray and red color pallet for the champion you can always change it to your favorite one. This is also the only legendary skin that the champion has. 

How To Get Coven Evelynn:

Go to the League of Legends shop and find yourself Coven Evelynn. Once you do, make sure that you have 1820 RP or 15$ to buy the skin. Since it is legendary it won’t be cheap to get. 

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