LoL Best Lillia Skins (All Lillia Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

Lillia Worst to Best Skins LoL

The shy and loveable protector might just be among the top 10 Scottish people we know. All the way from her clumsy demeanor to absitence from violence yet being able to nuke the entire enemy team with one combo and run away before you could even tell what's happening are all unique to her as a champion.

But how would you go about decorating her with skins? She may not  have a lot of them but they're the best few you can have. So we've decided to rank them from the worst to the best!

3. Spirit Blossom Lillia

See the skin in action:

The lost fae fawn persists in the spirit realm, an innocent soul patiently awaiting for time to bloom. The skin can be purchased for 1350 RP and brings a brand new dark purple sleek look along with brand new SFX, VFX, and a recall with new dialogue.

2. Default Lillia

The shy and clumsy Bambi of doom is the most herself in her default skin, the cutesy SFX and animations are priceless, not to mention her little sneeze. Watch out for the tumbleweed!

1. Nightbringer Lillia

See the skin in action:

If Lillia brings pleasant dreams and soft slumber, Nightbringer Lillia is the harbinger of nightmares and chaos. The shortness of breath and the panic in your nightmares is what she feeds off of, threading the line between order and utter chaos, the skin can be purchased for 1350 RP and brings brand new animations, SFX as well as a terrifying recall.

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