[Top 10] League of Legends Most Popular Champions!

They're so popular whao!

I'll be showing you the most popular champions currently being played in League of Legends, I'll be explaining why they're so popular, why they're good, which lane they dominate in and why you should try them out! I'd like to also create an emphasis on the word "popular" - these are not necessarily the BEST champions, just the most popular ones. Anyways, enough of talking, let's start with our first champion.

10. Ashe

Ranged and OP!

Ashe is a marksman who's not really that hard to play and pretty easy to master - she's most useful on the bottom lane, usually played as a carry. She also has a very useful ability called "Hawkshot" that allows her to scout out her opponents anywhere on the map - vision is crucial in LoL, and this ability can be a game-changer. Her other abilities, such as Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a powerful nuke that deals massive AoE damage+slow, giving  her teammates an opportunity to set up combos. Another one of her crowd control abilities is the "Volley" ability which allows to slow multiple enemies in a cone in front of her. This champion is the go-to option if your team lacks powerful nukes+CC. She's also fun as hell to play!

What's great about this champion:

  • Powerful nukes
  • Annoying slows
  • CC abilities
  • Enjoyable to play

Details about Ashe:


Ashe in action:



A funny hero with a funny name makes for a funny support. Besides being funny, Lulu is an incredibly valuable support that can save her teammates and poke enemies in the laning phase, which is extremely infuriating for the enemy team, so you better pray this little prick is on your team. Her abilities are pretty diverse, she's an utility support, after all, she can grant her teammates with bonus health, speed, attack speed, give an aura that slows opponents, and really is a horrible champion to play against. Even though Lulu is a support, if you are stubborn you can play her on any lane as a carry. Do well though, or REPORT!

What's great about this champion:

  • Strong in early game(laning phase)
  • Diverse abilities(boost health, speed, attack speed, aura, etc)
  • 550 attack range

Details about Lulu:


Lulu in action:

8. Sett

U mirin, brah?

Sett is a boss indeed, he's that guy who looks good and will toss you into the air, slam dunk you onto the ground, and walk away with your lady. Besides being pretty powerful in team fights, he also makes a great jungler in case the lane somehow turns out to be too difficult. Sett is a very strong champion that wins most of the team fights due to his massive damage output+his awesome abilities that make him unbelievably tanky, provides his team with true damage and has plenty of crowd control abilities. I think he's the most reliable top laner there is currently in LoL, try him out!

What's great about this champion:

  • Tanky(his passive will make you think that you're about to kill him, lol)
  • Tower diver
  • Strong 1v1

Details about Sett:


Sett in action:

Like Ashe, just with plasma!

I like to call her Kasha, she's a ranged champion that specializes in dealing magic damage to her opponents, she's most effective in 1v1 scenarios(weak vs tanks, though) and is pretty strong in the laning phase because of her W, which harasses the crap out of the opponents she’s laning against. Kai'Sa is a difficult champion to kill not because of her offensive spells, but because of her abilities that allow her to quickly disengage. Kai'Sa is a decent champion because of her abilities that boost her mobility, such as: Supercharge - At first increases movement speed, then attack speed. with Living Weapon, you can even acquire brief invisibility. Killer Instinct - dashes near the enemy champion. Besides mobility spells, she also deals huge amounts of damage if equipped with proper items and can be a problem to deal with in mid/late game if not taken care of in the early game.

What's great about this champion:

  • Powerful late game, 1-shots most champions
  • Burst damage from Q+W
  • Escape artist

Details about Kai'Sa:


Kai'Sa in action:

6. Viego

Viego, not Diego!

Viego is my favorite champion to play, if he manages to get ahead he can deal broken amounts of damage and he also has lots of mobility.Viego was released in the 21st of January, 2021 and Riot made him specifically designed for the jungler role, this hero can be quite problematic because if he gets ignored, he can grow to be pretty much unbeatable in mid/late game. One of my favorite spells on him is the Harrowed Path, it casts a black mist on an area that boosts him with camouflage, movement speed and attack speed - it's especially a broken spell if it synergizes with other friendly champions that have AoE stuns. He's an assassin that bursts his opponents, great in 1v1 scenarios and for pick-offs, but at the same time an excellent team fighter!

What's great about this champion:

  • Easy to learn
  • Mobile
  • Lots of damage

Details about Viego:


Viego in action:

5. Irelia

Gucci as hell!

Irelia is a strong mid laner and a strong carry in the mid+late game. She makes a great right-clicker due to her passive which grants her attack speed per hit and bonus damage on the maximum amount of stacks. She has defensive abilities and CC abilities, plenty of mobility, and decent damage output - she's a very diverse champion that's difficult to kill or catch up with. Her downside is that she's difficult to learn and master, but with enough time, reports from your teammates, low KDA's, you will eventually master Irelia and smash kids with her!

What makes this champion great:

  • Good against any champion the in late game
  • Strong early game
  • Also works on the top lane

Details about Irelia:


Irelia in action:


The melee mage.

This champion is usually picked when the opponent team has good ultimates, because of his Hijack ultimate that allows him to steal ultimates from his opponents. Besides his fun ultimate he also has an array of spells that help him destroy kids in the early+mid game, unfortunately, Sylas doesn't scale well and starts falling behind in the late game, thus finishing matches early and stomping games with him is recommended. Sylas is a pretty common pick, he has an over 20% pick rate, yet with a disappointing win rate of 48.50% - that could be because Sylas is relatively difficult to play and may seem lackluster to newer players, his ultimate revolves around stealing useful ultimates in the right place, at the right time and if it doesn't work out, you’ve got champion basically without an ultimate. He's still decent, but requires many games to stomp with him.

Why this champion is great:

  • Snowballer
  • Can be a game-changer if played properly
  • Strong in early+mid game

Details about Sylas:


Sylas in action:


Thresh, not trash!

Thresh is a support that's pretty enjoyable to play, even for an idiot like me who spams carry's every game, Thresh is that one and only champion that I enjoy playing as. He's pretty popular because of his unique spells, one of them being Death Sentence - a hook that pulls enemies in front of you, this spell is useful at out positioning your foes and getting pick-offs. There are many more useful abilities, his lantern can save his allies and his ultimate is a great CC ability, he synergizes well with almost any melee hero and I've even seen him useful on the middle lane, hooking opponents under your tower and killing them extremely fast.

What's great about this champion:

  • Initiator(due to his hook ability)
  • Synergizes well with many champions
  • Awesome CC

Details about Thresh:


Thresh in action:

2 Lee Sin

Blind as a bat

Some say that Lee is hard to play, some say that he's easy, I personally don't fancy this feller too much but I gotta admit he's pretty strong in the early game, similar to Sylas he's a snowballer who has big gank potential due to his ability to jump over walls and deal massive damage with his ultimate+change their position. He's a good jungler as well, although spending his early game on jungling is a bit of a waste when you can usually pull off easy ganks by roaming around the map. Lee is probably the best champion when it comes to mobility and early game damage and he's a great pick if you want to create space for your cores, finish games early and overwhelm the enemy team with supreme early game advantage!

What's great about this champion:

  • Early game powerhouse
  • Mobility(climbing over walls, etc)
  • Spells that can out position foes

Details about Lee Sin:


Lee Sin in action:


With Ezreal it's real EZ.

The most popular champion in League of Legends, ladies, and gentlemen. Some players might even say that he’s a 1v9 champion, which means you can carry games with him even if your own team plays against you(feeding, griefing, etc). You might not find him strong if you're just beginning with him, but with time put into mastering Ezreal, you'll slowly start dominating pubs and ranked games. He's useful in all stages of the game, his Q is great for poking in the early game, as it deals lots of damage and combining this guy with Yuumi on one lane is probably the most annoying combo in the world. This guy is the most popular pick for a reason, although his win-rate might seem low, it's mostly cuz of newer players trying him out and failing hard - don't get discouraged though, Ezreal offers the strongest early game, multiple overpowered spells and plenty of mobility. It's only a matter of time until Ezreal gets nerfed, but till then, have fun stomping children with this guy!

What's great about this champion: 

  • Strongest early game
  • Decent late game carry
  • Long attack range
  • Geared with proper items he's practically unbeatable

Details about Ezreal:


Ezreal in action:

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