[Top 10] League of Legends Best One Shot Champions!

League of Legends Best One Shot Champions!
They only needed one shot!

Ladies and gentlemen you’ve seen it all in this horror-inducing game. From being removed from existence in a split second to being slowly pecked by mosquito bites until you die.

You’ve experienced it all and now you have a personal vendetta against everyone and you wish to be able to deal that pain onto your enemies. Well, worry not as I am your savior.

Today in this article you’ll find a bundle of champions that can one-shot opponents without breaking a sweat. Not only that but these champions will make you feel cool in your life and give you that confidence you need to go up to your crush and ask her out.

Now let’s get into the champions, shall we?

10. Jhin

Watch out for the 4th shot. That's the deadliest one!

Let’s kick this list off with a badass psychopathic killer called Jhin. This monster can eliminate you with one bullet and that’s all he needs in his life. One-shot to end it all. And as this article requires you to name all the champions that have the potential to one-shot enemies in the late game no matter their HP, Jhin does the job perfectly safe and well.

Not only that but he has a cool ultimate ability where he goes down on his knee as if he’s about to propose to you but instead you get a god damn bullet to your head leaving you dead and wondering about your life choices.

While he dances on your body and tea bags the life out of you. And on top of that, he gets a movement speed buff every time he crits someone. So he can chase you down like he’s in a god damn formula car.

These players are not to be trusted and play safely around them. 

What makes him great in One Shot:

  • The ability that he can one-shot anyone from a long distance.
  • Doesn’t require too much power. 1 item power spike is all he needs. 
  • The ultimate ability allows him to one-shot multiple people at the same time.
  • Psychopathic killer let loose. 
  • Gets a movement speed buff after his auto-attack critically strikes an opponent.

See Jhin One Shot:

9. Rengar

Blood thirsty kitty!

At number nine we have our favorite death kitty Rengar. Now he’s someone not to be messed with as he can one-shot you with one auto attack in the late game. Yes, all it takes to one-shot someone with this champion is 1 simple and effective right click :).

How fun that is.

Especially if you’re an ADC main I hope God has a nice place for you in heaven for your sanity. You will lose it I guarantee you that same as I did same as everyone did.

But also what makes Regnar special in one-shotting opponents is his passive ability. Which once filled up grants him a free empowered ability. Once empowered his Q deals more damage, his W removes all CC that’s on him, and last but not least his E turns into a leash that straps you in and doesn’t let you move whatsoever.

This kitty is kinda naughty naughty, bad kitty real bad ;). 

What makes him great in One Shot:

  • In the late game doesn’t matter how much HP the enemy has left he eats it up for breakfast and one-shots them. 
  • His empowered Q is the main ability that allows him to one-shot people. 
  • If Rengar gets into trouble he can use his empowered W to remove all of his CC
  • Naughty kitten that straps bondage around you and doesn’t let you move until he’s finished ;). 

See Rengar One Shot:

8. Ekko

The kid can reverse time.

At number eight we have the wonder child Ekko. This damn child can be played in the jungle or the mid-lane depends on what you prefer mostly or if you’re auto-filled but you wish to win the match then play this champion.

Something about Ekko is that he can reverse time and do what he wants with it. Something like a quick save in real life. If he messes up a date he can just reverse back in time and do it all over again until it works out. It has to work out once right?

But on a serious note if you got yourself in quite a pickle you can use your ultimate ability to go back in time where you were safe and comfortable and not in any kind of danger. Also what allows him to one-shot his opponents like nobody else is thanks to his passive which stacks onto the target.

When the passive ability is at three stacks it deals extra damage and that extra damage is the reason why he can one-shot his targets. His Q can be used to poke the enemies, his W is an AoE CC ability which also shields him if he finds himself inside of it and his E is a dash ability. This kid has it all. 

What makes him great in One Shot:

  • If he’s in trouble he can reverse time and save himself 
  • Has a dash ability that can be used to catch up to targets or dodge their incoming abilities saving your sweet HP
  • His passive ability lets him stack circles around his target and at max stacks, they deal increased damage.  

See Ekko One Shot:

7. Caitlyn

High school sniper. Looks like something straight out of an anime.

I’ll start this off by saying that this is the best skin in the game hands down. She’s depicted as a high school girl in a high school outfit what’s not to love? But not only is she good looking but she’s also really mean.

Being able to one-shot everyone who’s a squishy results in a relatively good KD/A each match. Not only is she able to one-shot opponents but she’s also able to out poke everyone in the game thanks to her massive auto attack range.

In the later stages of the game Caitlynn is able to one-shot even the strongest opponents if she does her combo correctly and if the enemy survives don’t worry you can snipe them with your ultimate ability.  

What makes her great in One Shot: 

  • Huge auto attack range. 
  • Do the combo correctly and everyone will drop dead
  • People who survived her first wave of attacks will be sniped and they’ll drop dead thanks to her utlimate ability
  • Good looking high school outfit

See Caitlynn One Shot: 

6. Gankplank

Pirate out of Spongebob! 

Are you ready kids to one-shot people? Aye aye captain! Ohhhhh then let’s get to it, my man. At number six we have this guy who is a stinky smelly pirate. But a pirate that can one-shot ho ho ho.

Well, the way he one-shots his opponents is when he maxes his devastating ability Q. Now, something about Gankplank is that he’s the type of guy to drink a bottle of rum and eat an orange at the same time while your dying body is being set on fire.

Well, that’s his passive ability where he can set his opponents on fire by auto-attacking them. But once he gets his favorite item called “Sheen” then things start to go down. Every Q then deals around 300-400 damage and if you combine that Q with his E, which are explosive barrels he can one-shot a whole team.

Now you might think it’s hard to set it all up. Nope, it’s not. You use your ultimate ability to slow them down and then you do the wombo combo to one-shot them. And if you’re feeling a bit hungry you can use your W to eat an orange which removes all CC and gives you HP back.  

What makes him great in One Shot:

  • Can set up barrels in bushes to unsuspecting enemies and once they walk in they’re sent right back to spawn
  • Sets people on fire with his basic auto attacks 
  • His Q does a massive amount of damage and can be used as a long-ranged poking ability
  • The ultimate ability is an AoE slow that does damage over time and it’s a global ability. 

See Gankplank One Shot: 

5. LeBlanc

Deception is the way to victory!

At number five we have the lady of manipulation LeBlanc. Oh boi where do I start about LeBlanc. Well, let’s get this out of the way first. Her Q ability does a tiny bit of damage but that’s not the point. The main point of the Q ability is that she marks a target with her Q and every other ability does increased damage.

Now once a target is marked with her Q she will either launch her tendrils at you with her E where after a short period of time lock you in place, breaking your ankles or she will launch herself at you with her W and these abilities deal a ton of damage once empowered by the Q.

Now she can one-shot you by just her Q and W ability. Yeah once she sits on you, you’re dead and whenever I die in this way I die with the biggest smile on my face :D. Since this is the only time a female would even sit on me yet alone come close sadge :<. Her ultimate ability allows her to use a previous casted ability again, nothing that special. 

What makes her great in One Shot:

  • Can escape at any time or kill you whenever LeBlanc desires to. 
  • Has a CC ability that breaks your legs in half while also dealing a lot of damage.
  • Can clone herself if she’s low HP. 
  • Her W allows her to jump onto enemies to one-shot them. 

See LeBlanc One Shot: 

4. Qiyana

The empress of the wilds!

At number four we have Qiyana the empress of the wilds. I absolutely love playing this champion. It is so much fun one-shotting your opponents in every way possible. Something to note about Qiyana is that she requires skill to play and if you don’t have hands well don’t even think about it boyo.

Qiyana can potentially one-shot a whole team if they’re not careful enough all thanks to her ultimate ability. Speaking about abilities let’s say something about them. Now her Q is a simple long-range poke that depends on which element you’re holding.

There are three elements and they all do different things. Her W is used to pick up said elements and her E allows her to dash to the target. Here comes the juicy part where her ultimate ability allows her to push enemies against a wall and then a shock wave is sent dealing damage to anyone who’s close enough.

Qiyana isn’t only good at being overpowered and one-shotting people oh no no no she’s also really good at being the hottest and thickest chamiopion in the game. Mama mia those thighs got me going wild. 

What makes her great in One Shot:

  • The ability to eliminate whole teams in a blink of an eye. 
  • Her one-shot combo is pretty simple to do. 
  • Her E ability allows her to either escape danger or go into danger
  • Thicc thighs save lives!! 

See Qiyana One Shot: 

3. Zoe

The aspect of fun and treachery!

At the number three spot we have Zoe the magical child. Now people who love this champion or like her more than the gameplay you are a god damn weird bunch and should be sent into a spaceship and launched into orbit. I never hated kids as much as I hate this child. I despise her whole existance.

Let’s get into the reasons why I despise her, shall we? Okay so her Q ability where she throws out a star deals damage based on distance. The more distance it travels the higher the damage is. Her W allows her to pick up summon spells that other champions used or that minions drop upon death. Her E is the reason I despise her.

If a target gets hit by the E they are put to sleep and any damage that Zoe inflicts is doubled. Now combine that with her Q ability at max distance and poof 4k HP gone in such a short span. Her ultimate ability allows her to extend her Q range even further yeyyyy.

Someone send help please I beg you! I can’t take this champion anymore.  

What makes her great in One Shot:

  • The Q damage increases by how much distance it traveled. 
  • The E puts a target to sleep and doubles her damage output 
  • W allows her to use flash 5 million times in the span of 10 seconds
  • Daugther of Satan himself, the devil child

See Zoe One Shot:

2. Syndra

This girl loves balls!

At number two we have Syndra the girl who loves balls. I love balls. Do you love balls? Who doesn’t love balls? You can do many things with balls like play games with them or socialize with friends. Well, that second part is a joke since nobody has friends who plays this game but you get my point. Anyways people who don’t love balls are people who are against this champion.

Syndra loves making people die by showing a lot of balls down their throats. Let’s talk a bit about her abilities. Her Q spawns balls, her W throws balls, her E pushes balls and her ultimate ability launches all the balls on planet earth at the target.

Once you get into the late game Syndra has a chance to one-shot her targets with just one button press which is R come on did you even question it? She can also be really useful to her team all thanks to her E ability. Now go on out there and play with some balls!

What makes her great in One Shot:

  • She’s a long raged AP mage
  • Can one-shot people from a distance doesn’t have to get close 
  • One shotting people is easy as pressing one button in the late game
  • Has an AoE CC ability

See Syndra One Shot: 

1. Brand

Fire man. Can't put him out yet!

Here we are. At the champion that can one-shot everyone when he looks at them and many fear his name. This creature is purely made out of fire. He wants to see the world burn and will do everything to burn the world himself. He’s sort of a pyromaniac. He’s so quirky oh my god stapht it..

Brand can one-shot the whole team with his ultimate ability if they’re stacked closely. That’s how his ultimate ability works. It bounces from opponent to opponent dealing damage and if you combie this with his passive you get a champion that demolishes teams.

His other abilities work pretty simple. With his Q he shoots a sperm cell of fire in a general direction and if the target is on fire they get CC’d. His W blows up the earth in a fiery blaze and his E is a point and click ability used to poke people. His passive ability connects everything together. Whenever the target has been attacked by 3 different abilities from Brand they explode.

Simple and effective. 

What makes him great in One Shot:

  • Ability to demolish whole teams and win the team fight alone 
  • Can CC targets who are trying to get away or trying to get too close
  • Has a point and click poke ability which you can’t escape 
  • His W is the main source of damage while being in a lane

See Brand One Shot: 

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