[Top 15] LOL Best Bottom Laners To Own The Lane

[Top 15] LOL Best Bottom Laners That Are Powerful

Do you enjoy suffering while playing League of Legends? We most likely all do because we are playing the ADC role. However, when it comes to the ADC role in the preseason, there are numerous champions to choose from. Some are mages, while others are outright tank destroyers. Which are extremely useful in certain situations. But no matter which ADC you play, one thing is sure: these champions are squishy and easy to kill by assassins.

So you'll always want to be behind your team, they take the damage while you dish it out. If they are playing a tank, you may want to cover behind your support or behind your top laner. If your team lacks tanks or other damage-absorbing equipment, you and your teammates could be in big trouble. In this article, I will list the best champions for the ADC role, as well as some advice on how to play the champion. Let's get started on this list!

15. Xayah

“If you love something don’t let it go.” 

Xayah, a member of the bird-human species, is the list's first champion. It's like a botched experiment where someone tried to cross a human with a bird and we got them. Unfortunately, their race is on the verge of extinction, and Xayah is on a mission to discover what belongs to her people. She is also accompanied on this journey by her dependable boyfriend Rakan. Xayah is a strong ADC in the mid to late game but can be quite weak in the early game.

So you don't want to start fighting and clawing your way into your opponent's face right away. My recommendation is that you use the Q "Double Daggers" during the lane to poke the enemy or to last hit minions if you can't get close enough to auto-attack them. If you can't even do that, your main goal is to gain XP while remaining alive. You should concentrate on not feeding the opponent and making the game more difficult.

Xayah can improve her attack speed with W's "Deadly Plumage" when it comes to her other abilities. The main goal is to get as many feathers behind your targets as possible and then return them with your E "Bladecaller." When three feathers pass through an entity, it is rooted in place. Because Xayah becomes untargetable during the channeling period, the ultimate R "Featherstorm" is an excellent way to avoid being hit by multiple abilities.

What Makes Xayah A Strong Bottom Laner: 

  • If you can't last hit minions with your auto-attacks, you can always use your Q "Double Daggers" to get some gold.
  • The Q "Double Daggers" is also a great way to poke the enemy during the laning phase.
  • When you begin channeling the ultimate ability R "Featherstorm," Xayah becomes untargetable for a few seconds.

See Xayah In Action (Video by Be Challenger LoL):

14. Miss Fortune

“No prey, no pay.” 

Oh, she's my second favorite ADC champion. Why is she my runner-up? Stay tuned to find out who my number one is. Miss Fortune, on the other hand, is one of the easiest champions to play right now, and if you're just getting started in the game, I highly recommend that you play her. Her abilities and kit are what make her so easy to play while also making her quite strong.

The most important aspect of Miss Fortune is that whenever you attack a new target, you deal extra damage to them, thanks to her passive ability "Love Tap." The best advice I can tell you right now is that juggling between two targets will always cause you to deal extra damage because it counts as a new target. However, the attack speed may now be the issue. But don't worry, her kit has you covered. When her W "Strut" is activated, she gains movement and attack speed. As previously mentioned, this can be useful when juggling between two targets. 

I highly suggest that you combine her R “Bullet Time” with the E “Make It Rain” as the ability itself slows people down.. The Q is also a cool ability because it can jump from one target to another, but it's primarily used to poke enemies during the laning phase. Miss Fortune is most effective when combined with support that can either slow or stun people in place. When used in large-scale team fights, her ultimate ability R "Bullet Time" is excellent.

What Makes Miss Fortune A Strong Bottom Laner:

  • Miss Fortune's ultimate ability R "Bullet Time" works best on three or more targets. The champion makes it simple to kill multiple people at once.
  • Miss Fortune gains movement and attack speed thanks to the W "Strut."
  • Miss Fortune works best with supports that can either stun or slow targets as that allows Miss Fortune to focus on just dealing damage.

See Miss Fortune In Action (Video by Lol Korean Pro Replays):

11. Caitlyn

“I am the sheriff of this town.” 

Caitlyn is the main sheriff of Piltover. She, like Jinx, was the main character in Arcane. But the main reason why people enjoy playing Caitlyn is that she is the only ADC with the highest attack range, which you must learn how to use. Because if you learn it, you'll be the biggest bully in the entire game. However, if you don't know how to do it correctly and use that range effectively, you will be at a disadvantage.

And she's all about doing the most damage in the shortest amount of time possible, possibly even one-shotting her targets if possible. Caitlyn's passive ability "Headshot" grants her increased damage every sixth shot. You can also get around this by hitting someone with the E "90 Caliber Net" or forcing them to step on one of your W "Yordle Snap Trap" traps. 

But if you're good enough with Caitlyn, you can use all of her abilities, including her passive, to headshot the same target three times in a row.If the target is still alive and well and begins to flee, you should consider using your ultimate ability R "Ace In The Hole" to kill them. Caitlyn will use her sniper rifle to fire a shot that deals more damage the lower the enemy's health is. But be cautious because the enemies may intercept the bullet and save their ally's life.

What Makes Caitlyn A Strong Bottom Laner: 

  • Caitlyn has the greatest attack range of any bottom-lane character.
  • You can successfully hit the target for three headshots by combining her sixth shot from the passive, her W "Yordle Snap Trap," and the E "90 Caliber Net."
  • Caitlyn is knocked back by the E "90 Caliber Net," which is useful for dodging skill shots.
  • Her ultimate ability, "Ace In The Hole," is excellent for catching people who are attempting to flee with a low HP.

See Caitlyn In Action (Video by Challenger Replays):

10. Ashe

“I am the queen of Freljord!” 

If you want a really easy champion like Miss Fortune who is also very strong, Ashe might be the one for you. Ashe is one of the easiest champions to play alongside Miss Fortune, and she's another great champion to get you started as a bottom-lane player. Ashe specializes in slowing down opponents with her auto-attacks from her passive ability "First Shot" or her W "Volley." Strangely, because of her slowness, she can also be used as a support and does an excellent job at it.

The best part is that after a few auto-attacks, you can activate her Q "Ranger's Focus" to turn her normal autos into a volley of arrows. Yes, each arrow slows down the target. The E "Hawkshot" is ideal for scouting the map for the enemy jungler or simply determining whether you're being ganked by an enemy. Because this ability isn't as important as her others, you shouldn't put as much emphasis on it. However, because it has a long cooldown, please don't use it on something stupid that no one benefits from.

The ultimate power R "Enchanted Crystal Arrow" is a global ability that stuns targets on impact. Of course, the longer the arrow travels, the longer the stun duration. When playing the champion, I recommend farming and poking the enemy with your W "Volley." Keep an eye on the mana bar because Ashe runs out of mana quickly in the early game. So keep your eyes peeled for it. You will win the lane as long as you have mana. 

What Makes Ashe A Strong Bottom Laner:

  • Because of the slowness of her auto-attacks and her abilities, Ashe excels at controlling large battles.
  • The E "Hawkshot" is ideal for scouting areas and objectives because it provides vision.
  • The ultimate ability R "Enchanted Crystal Arrow" stuns targets on impact, and the longer the arrow travels, the longer the stun duration.
  • Ashe can also be used as a support.

See Ashe In Action (Video by Lol Korean Pro Replays):

9. Draven

“No one is better than Draven!”

This insane man Draven is only concerned with his ego and his glory. It's only natural that he'd be looking for that, given that he's a champion in the gladiator arena in Noxus. However, his ego extends far beyond the gladiator arena. He believes he is the best and that no one can be better than him. That was the case a few seasons ago, when Draven was the most broken ADC champion. Riot Games, thankfully, decided enough was enough and nerfed the guy into Oblivion. He was mostly broken because of his Q "Spinning Axe" and the passive ability "League Of Draven," which grants him gold based on how many stacks he has.

To obtain said stacks, you must catch an axe with your Q "Spinning Axe." Each axe catch is one stack, and the only way to consume said stacks and convert them into shekels is to murder someone from the opposing team. The W "Blood Rush" and E "Stand Aside" will assist with this. Draven's movement speed is increased by the W "Blood Rush," and the E "Stand Aside" pushes people to the side, slowing them down. One cool feature of the W "Blood Rush" is that it resets every time you catch an axe. If Draven hasn't killed the other person for whatever reason, he can always use his ultimate ability R "Whirling Death" to do so.

It is yet another global ability that also serves as an execution. However, the only way the execute works is based on the number of stacks. The greater the number of stacks, the greater the damage done by the execute. My best advice is to learn how to catch his axes and then focus on getting ahead early on. Because doing so will yield the best results when playing Draven. To succeed with this champion, you must try to snowball in early. He can one-shot someone with a single auto-attack due to his high damage output.

What Makes Draven A Strong Bottom Laner:

  • If he gets ahead, Draven can one-shot squishy opponents with a single auto-attack using his Q "Spinning Axe."
  • Each time Draven catches an axe, the W "Blood Rush" counter resets.
  • Draven uses the E to push anyone to the side and slow them down.
  • Depending on how many stacks he has, the passive ability "League Of Draven" grants him gold. Ideal for early-game snowballing.

See Draven In Action (Video by Lol Korean Pro Replays):

8. Samira

“Throw a coin to your ADC.” 

If you've ever wanted to play any of the Devil May Cry games, look no further because Riot Games has you covered. League of Legends is slowly becoming the game in which you have everything. But with Samira, it's all about style because if you don't have the style and combos, you won't be able to use her ultimate ability R "Inferno Trigger." It's only fair that I explain the ultimate ability now that I've mentioned it. When you reach rank S from your passive ability "Daredevil Impulse," you can use Samira's ultimate ability R "Inferno Trigger" to deal AoE damage. 

It functions similarly to Katarina's ultimate, except you can move and attack. "Daredevil Impulse," her passive ability, progresses from ranks E to S. Samira gains movement speed with each new rank, but it also fades away as quickly as it appears. Her most useful ability in the entire kit, however, has to be the W "Blade Whirl," which functions similarly to Yasuo's "Wind Wall" but can block everything except laser-type abilities in an AoE radius. So, instead of being behind the tanks, go in front of them to block incoming skill shots so they don't take damage.

The Q "Flair" and E "Wild Rush" abilities are also straightforward. The Q "Flair" is a simple poke that doesn't deal much damage. My advice to you is to use it before a team fight to activate your passive ability, whereas the E "Wild Rush" allows Samira to dash from target to target. Oh, and if you kill a target, the cooldown on the E "Wild Rush" is reset. Samira excels at eliminating multiple targets at once, but her biggest weakness is stun abilities.

What Makes Samira A Strong Bottom Laner:

  • Her W "Blade Whirl" can block all skill shots except laser abilities in an AoE radius.
  • When Samira gains a new rank, the passive ability "Daredevil Impulse" increases her movement speed.
  • Samira's ultimate ability "Inferno Trigger" allows her to deal damage in an AoE radius while also gaining health based on the amount of damage she deals.
  • After a kill, Samira's E "Wild Rush" is reset, which can be useful for avoiding stun abilities, which are her main counter.

See Samira In Action (Video By Lol Korean Pro Replays):

7. Kai’Sa

“I will save this world.”

The void's daughter, or the girl who was born in nothing and came out with guns blazing to save the world that the void was corrupting because she thought it was beautiful. Kai'Sa is a fan favorite due to her live skin-tight latex suit. Her ultimate ability, "Killer Instinct," allows her to charge at enemies head first. The benefit of this ability is that she gains a shield while doing so, allowing her to survive without her team for at least two seconds. To gain additional effects, Kai'Sa can evolve her Q "Icathian Rain," W "Void Seeker," and E "Supercharge." Her abilities can only evolve if she gains the necessary stat.

To evolve the Q "Icathian Rain" you must purchase attack damage items and once evolved the ability simply spawns more missiles. Because the damage is concentrated on one or two targets, this ability is best used when there aren't many minions around. That is, however, my advice. When the W "Void Seeker" comes into contact with a target, it deals damage and applies two stacks of her passive ability. If evolved it adds more passive stacks to the target hit. The E "Supercharge" can be evolved by purchasing attack-speed items, and it allows Kai'Sa to run faster while also increasing her attack speed. 

This ability, when evolved, grants Kai'Sa invisibility while channeling it. "Second Skin" is a passive ability that simply applies stacks to a target and deals magic damage when there are five stacks on a target. The best advice I can give you when playing this champion is to pick your battles carefully. If you can't win a fight, it's better to avoid it and let your team do the talking. You can still pick off targets with your W "Void Seeker" and charge in with your ultimate ability "Killer Instinct" if they have low HP.

What Makes Kai’Sa A Strong Bottom Laner: 

  • If the Q "Icathian Rain" is used on just one or two targets, it can deal massive damage and even kill them. It's also fantastic for moving lanes.
  • The W "Void Seeker" is excellent for hitting opponents from a long distance or giving them two stacks of the passive ability "Second Skin."
  • Kai'Sa becomes invisible while channeling the E "Supercharge" after it has evolved.
  • Kai'Sa gains a shield and charges headfirst into the enemy after using the ultimate ability "Killer Instinct."

See Kai’Sa In Action (Video By Lol Korean Pro Replays):

6. Tristana

“Let ‘em come at me!”

Our next champion, by the way, is quite old. By old, I mean it was one of the first-ever bottom lane champions added to the game, along with the other goon squad. When it comes to Tristana, unlike other old champions, she has never undergone major changes, which I think is a good thing. She's also one of the more basic characters in the game right now due to her age. Her abilities are fairly straightforward. Her passive ability "Draw A Bead" grants her an increased attack range with each level. The Q "Rapid Fire" increases her attack speed, and the W "Rocket Jump" allows Tristana to jump higher. 

The E "Explosive Charge" places a C4 above a target, and you charge the explosive with auto-attacks to make it stronger. When the charge explodes, her W's "Rocket Jump" cooldown is also reset. Finally, the ultimate ability "Buster Shot" fires a massive cannonball that pushes people away. All of her abilities are so simple, and she's a breeze to play. Of course, due to her low attack range in the early game, she can be difficult to play, but she becomes a breeze in the later stages of the match.

Tristana is also a hyper-carry who, unlike other hyper-carry, does not require a large number of items to begin dealing damage. My advice to you is to choose Tristana when you are confident that you will not be pushed out of the lane like a bird being pushed off to fly. Because if you put Tristana in a lane where she can't farm or gain XP, she'll be miserable, including the player. The majority of your time in spawn will be spent wondering where you went wrong with your life decisions. And being alone with your thoughts is not a pleasant experience.

What Makes Tristana A Strong Bottom Laner: 

  • Because of her passive ability "Draw A Bead," she gains extra attack range with each level up.
  • You can charge the E "Explosive Charge" with auto-attacks and place it on turrets. This is excellent for obtaining the plates on a turret to obtain extra gold.
  • Each time the E "Explosive Charge" is fully detonated, the W "Rocket Jump" is reset.
  • The ultimate ability R "Buster Shot" can push multiple people away from Tristana, which is useful if she is being ganked by the opposing jungler.

See Tristana In Action (Video By Lol Korean Pro Replays):

5. Jhin

“I have no idea how to count past four.” 

Jhin, the killing master, is up next. He's a psychopath who can't count past four but considers killing people to be an art form. Most people adore him for this, as well as for the character's deep voice. He's also a champion who doesn't require you to read a whole book to understand how he works. His passive ability "Whisper" deals extra damage every fourth shot. This is also applied to Jhin's ultimate ability "Curtain Call," in which he pulls a sniper rifle from nowhere and begins shooting people. Because of its long-range, the ability is ideal for capturing someone who is attempting to flee.

This ability works best when combined with W "Deadly Flourish" because it roots a recently damaged target. So, before using your ultimate ability, use W “Deadly Flourish” first. Also worthy of mention is Jhin's E "Captive Audience," in which he places a mine on the ground. The mine emits vision and reveals the presence of invisible enemies who step on it. Excellent for avoiding being ganked by an enemy jungler or mid-laner. His Q "Dancing Granade" is unremarkable.

You'd mostly want to use this ability to farm minions. You can also use the ability on minions with low HP to increase the damage each time you kill something with the grenade. Jhin has the highest AD scaling of any bottom lane champion, so you should focus on him. Jhin also gains a lot of movement speed whenever he critically strikes someone, so equipping critical strike items on him is a must. That is also my advice to you. The faster your movement, the more difficult it is to catch you.

What Makes Jhin A Strong Bottom Laner:

  • He has the highest AD scaling of any bottom-lane champion.
  • Jhin gains movement speed every time he critically strikes someone, so I recommend purchasing items that grant critical strikes.
  • Placing your E "Captive Audience" in a bush or somewhere discreet can keep you from being ganked by an enemy jungler or mid-laner.
  • Anyone who has recently taken damage will be rooted by the W "Deadly Flourish."

See Jhin In Action (Video By Be Challenger LoL):

4. Ziggs


 An AP champion made the list, and it's none other than Ziggs the terrorist bomber. Many people enjoy playing this champion because he's broken as shit, plain and simple. Why is he so broken? Because he's AP and his abilities revolve around poking people, he'll become broken and no one will be able to stop him. That is the power of Ziggs the terrorist. The best ability for poking during the laning phase is his Q "Bouncing Bomb," which simply causes the bomb to bounce forward and explode upon contact.

And the second best ability to poke is his E "Hexplosive Minefield," where he simply places a minefield in front of or on top of someone. Walking through the minefield also slows enemies down. Ziggs can also use W "Satchel Charge" to either blow up turrets or push people or himself away. The ability has a variety of applications. However, the ability shines brightest when you want to blow up turrets. So, to do the most damage on turrets, I'd recommend pushing waves as much as possible.

Because objectives win the game, not kills. And if you find yourself far away from a team fight, don't worry because Ziggs' ultimate ability R "Mega Inferno Bomb" allows him to launch a massive ass nuke on top of his enemies. The explosion's radius is enormous, but the key is to hit the targets in the center of the ability to deal the most damage. Of course, if they are all below 10% health, the ultimate will kill them no matter their role. In the laning phase, Ziggs is a huge bully, and you should play him as such.

What Makes Ziggs A Great Bottom Laner: 

  • Ziggs excels at pushing massive waves, thanks to his high AP damage output.
  • He excels at intimidating people in the lane.
  • Because of his W "Satchel Charge," Ziggs excels at pushing turrets.
  • With the ultimate ability R "Mega Inferno Bomb," you can still aid your team in a team fight.

See Ziggs In Action (Video By Lol Pro Champion Replay):

3. Twitch

“I smell cheese.”

Remember how I said I'd put my favorite champion on this list when I mentioned Miss Fortune being my second favorite? Twitch, the crack-addicted rat, is here. Do you know what the best thing about Twitch is? He can play AD or AP, it doesn't matter, and he will still outperform everyone in the bottom lane, but only if you have the skill to play him. Because he's not your typical ADC and you don't want to engage the enemy up close and personal, you should always attack after they've used their abilities on your teammates. It may appear harsh, but it is the only way to play him. To do good, you must be a professional rodent.

To assist you in being a rodent, his Q "Ambush" makes him invisible, but he can still be detected if someone gets too close or there's a pink ward nearby, so be cautious. If you're going AD, use your ultimate ability R "Spray And Pray" before engaging, and if you're going AP, use your W "Venom Cask" first. That is my advice to you. But on Twitch, it's all about kiting and leaving enough space between yourself and the enemy. Once the enemy team has 6 stacks of your passive ability "Deadly Venom," use your E "Contaminate" to consume the charges and deal damage. 

However, if you do not consume the charges, it will deal true damage every second. When you go full AP, your true damage is amplified. When deciding whether to go AP or AD, the best advice I can give you is to consider your team composition. Because both builds are equally strong, you should choose AD if your team has 2-3 AP champions and AP if your team has none or only one AP champion. Isn't it easy? Have fun with the crack-addicted rodent now.

What Makes Twitch A Strong Bottom Laner:

  • Twitch can play AP or AD depending on his team's composition.
  • When you go AP, the true damage from the passive ability "Deadly Venom" is increased.
  • Twitch is excellent for sneaking up behind the enemy team and killing them after they have used their abilities on your team.
  • Twitch is ideal for roaming due to his Q "Ambush" invisibility.

See Twitch In Action (Video By Lol Korean Pro Replays):

2. Karthus

“I sing to guide the lost souls!”

This character has the best singing voice in League of Legends, as well as the best songs of all time. Yes, there's KD/A and True Damage, but "Pentakill" is the real deal. Karthus, the actual champion in the game, is primarily a jungler, but due to a change in items during the pre-season, he has become quite popular in the bottom lane. This is because he is an AP champion with a unique passive ability. When he is killed, his passive ability "Death Defied" activates, allowing Karthus to cast abilities as long as he has mana. Unfortunately, he is paralyzed and cannot move an inch in this state.

However, even if you die, you can still finish off the enemy who attacked you or successfully dive under the tower. For this, he has some abilities to help him out, such as the Q "Lay Waste," which unleashes a blast on a location but has a delayed reaction, so you must predict the enemy movement to hit the ability successfully. To assist you, you can have support with you to stun people, or you can use W "Wall Of Pain" to slow down the movement speed of your enemies who pass through the wall.

When combined with your Q "Lay Waste," this is quite useful. Because Karthus has mana issues, his E "Defile" is there to help. It passively restores his mana with each kill and deals AoE damage once activated. Finally, Karthus' ultimate ability "Requiem" targets everyone on the map and deals damage to them. This is another global ability that does not require you to aim; simply sit in spawn and use it. With a few AP items, you can one-shot targets with 50% or less HP. Of course, in order for that to happen, you must be far ahead of the opposing team in gold.

What Makes Karthus A Great Bottom Laner: 

  • Due to his passive ability "Death Defied," Karthus is great for diving people under the tower or killing the opponent who killed him.
  • Karthus' E "Defile" passively regenerates his mana when he kills minions or champions, which is useful because the champion has mana issues.
  • The W "Wall Of Pain" is excellent for preventing people from fleeing, and it makes hitting your Q "Lay Waste" easier.
  • The ultimate ability "Requiem" is the best in his kit because you don't have to aim it and it deals massive damage to everyone on the map. 

See Karthus In Action (Video By Tyler1 The Carry):

1. Nilah

“Master one evil, destroy the rest!”

Nilah is the best champion for the bottom lane. Riot Games nerfed her before release to make her more balanced. She was broken in PBE when people were testing her out. However, in the preseason, the champion has established quite a reputation for herself and has become quite popular. This is because she is one of the first bottom-lane champions to be classified as melee. Nilah's passive ability "Joy Unending" also amplifies the shielding and healing from enchanter supports. So the best advice I can give you is to find someone who is a support main and plays enchanter supports.

She also shares with her ally about the experience from minions. Her abilities are all close-quarters and require the champion to go in head-first to deal damage. Thankfully, her Q "Formless Blade" gives her extra attack range when activated, and the ability's passive heals Nilah for the damage dealt. It's very effective for sustaining during the laning phase. Nilah dashes toward a target with the E "Slipstream," dealing damage to anyone she passes through. She can also use this ability to store up to two charges. My recommendation is that you cast Q "Formless Blade" before using E "Slipstream."

While wearing the W "Jubilant Veil," she gains movement speed, takes less magic damage, and dodges all basic auto-attacks. This is great for the champion because she has to get up close and personal with her opponents. While the R "Apotheosis" heals Nilah for all the damage she deals with, it also draws people closer to her, allowing her and her team to deal more damage. If she has no HP remaining, the healing will be converted into a shield. She's a one-of-a-kind champion, and getting used to her gameplay and mechanics will take some time, but once you do, you'll be unstoppable on the summoner's rift.

What Makes Nilah A Strong Bottom Laner:

  • Because of her passive ability "Joy Unending," Nilah shares the experience she gains with her support, so they both gain the full amount of XP.
  • Nilah works best with enchanter supports because her passive ability "Joy Unending" boosts their shielding and healing abilities.
  • Nilah can dodge all basic auto-attacks, gain bonus movement speed, and reduce the amount of magic damage taken by using the W “Jubilant Veil”.
  • She can dash twice with the E "Slipstream," which works best when combined with the Q "Formless Blade" to deal significantly more damage.
  • Her Q "Formless Blade" grants her increased attack range.

See Nilah In Action (Video By Lol Korean Pro Replays):

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