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LOL Best Ultimates, best lol ultimates
One Crystal Arrow can change the whole game...

LoL: Top 15 Best Ultimates!

These League of Legends Ultimate abilities will win you team fights, secure you objectives, and help you kill nexus’s and rank up quickly. Time to press R and win some games!


Noxious Trap

Teemo’s Ultimate is less of an ultimate and more of a fourth spell. Even so, its low cooldown, great functions, and general annoyance give this community joke of a spell some great actual use, if used properly. 

Noxious Trap is an ability that allows Teemo to place mushrooms that grant vision, damaging and slowing enemies over time that are unlucky enough to step on them.

What makes this ultimate so good?

  • The mushrooms provide vision and safety for Teemo, who can be vulnerable to jungle ganks. 
  • The mushrooms allow Teemo to push waves quickly, or avoid waves from hitting his tower. This is good for his split pushing playstyle, and great for lanes, he’s falling behind in, so he doesn’t lose gold and experience to the tower.
  • In the late game, Teemo’s mushrooms synergize very well with ability power and Liandry’s Torment specifically. They can easily deal half to three-quarters of a squishy champions HP. 
  • Teemo’s ability to control objectives by shrooming up high traffic areas such as dragon and baron pit allows his team to gain control of the game in the mid-late game. 
  • Winning or losing, in the mid-late game Teemo’s Noxious Traps can litter either jungle, making it difficult for his enemies to navigate and gain control and vision in. 

Twisted Fate


Twisted Fate’s ultimate, Destiny, is an incredible, multi-faceted tool for taking control of games. Its ability to help Twisted Fate engage team fights, split push, get extra farm, and turn skirmishes for his team is nearly unparalleled among League of Legends abilities. 

Destiny allows Twisted Fate to teleport to a location he selects within the abilities range, which increases upon leveling the ability up. 

How to use Twisted Fate’s Ultimate to take control of games:

  • Twisted Fate’s Ultimate should be used first and foremost to gank enemy lanes. When you reach level 6, immediately look to push your minion wave in and teleport top or bottom.
  • Don’t be afraid to use Destiny to catch big minion waves. 15 or so minions is equal to a kill, so if 10-15 minions are at a tower and are going to die, simply ult to them and kill them before they’re wasted.
  •  Make sure to cast Pick a Card (W) before casting your ultimate. This will allow you to appear with the correct card in hand. Pick yellow for a stun when ganking. 
  • Build a Zhonya’s Hourglass. This will allow you to engage in fights and then immediately become invulnerable and blow enemy abilities.
  • Twisted Fate is a fantastic split pusher because of his quick tower killing ability. Walk to the lane, and use Destiny to get into fights and skirmishes that happen far away. This can save your teleport spell and put extra pressure on the enemy. 


Unstoppable Force

Malphite’s ultimate is the very definition of a team fight ultimate. Extremely effective in group situations, it is the perfect engage tool, but can be used to escape and peel effectively as well when needed. 

Malphite’s ultimate is a simple ability. It just moves Malphite quickly to a location, knocking up and damaging all enemies in the area. 

Why is Malphite’s Ultimate so devastating?

  • It might seem simple, but knocking up multiple enemy players in a team fight can just be the end of the fight, especially if your teammates have good abilities to combo with it. 
  • Malphite’s ultimate is more versatile than it seems on the surface. Use it to team fight by engaging or peeling for a carry, or use it to escape a sticky situation.
  • Malphite’s ultimate is great on tank Malphite, but with AP based builds it can deal a ton of damage and help you one-combo any squishy carry you see if you’re ahead. 


Stand United

Shen’s Stand United puts a large shield on an allied champion anywhere on the map, and after a few seconds teleports to them. 

Shen’s ultimate is great for turning fights around, helping engage team fights, or simply shielding an allied champion that needs some help. When combined with the rest of his kit, it makes him a force to be reckoned with all across the map. 

How to use Shen’s ultimate to its utmost effectiveness: 

  • Watch your teammates’ health bars on the side of your screen! When someone is getting low in a fight, make sure to cast it on them and turn the fight around.
  • You can use your F keys (F2-F5) to quick-view allied champions. This will help with your map awareness so you can cast your ultimate quickly.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your ultimate if you're already near your team. When a teammate is being focused in a fight, the shield can help them survive until you can taunt enemies off them. 
  • Stand United also acts as a teleport, so feel free to split push while your team does objectives and pushes lanes or groups. This will allow you to take extra towers, generating pressure that allows your team to play 4vs4 fights that you can then turn with your ultimate. 


The Equalizer

Rumble’s Ultimate, The Equalizer, is another incredible team fight ultimate. It lays damage over time and a slow in a long line, tearing up full enemy teams with ease. 

The Equalizer is great in any team fight situation. Be it a fight around the dragon pit, baron pit, in a lane, or in the jungle, the Equalizer’s length can be used to close off critical choke points or simply laid on as many enemies as can be hit.

Using the Equalizer to crush in team fights: 

  • If your smart-cast is on, this ultimate may take some practice to cast. Press your R key and drag your mouse in a line from where you want the ability to start to where you want it to finish. Hop in the practice tool to master this before playing the champion!
  • Cast the Equalizer in chokepoints that force the enemy team to either walk over it or fall victim to you and your teammates’ other abilities. An example of this would be the exit to the dragon pit while the enemy team is on the objective.
  • The Equalizer is a great ultimate, but also useful in duels. Cast it right on top of your enemy’s head and unload your other abilities on them while they are too slow to make a getaway. 
  • Synergize The Equalizer with other ultimates on your team. If there’s another area of effect crowd control, such as Jarvan IV’s Cataclysm or Amumu’s Curse of the Sad Mummy, wait until these abilities are cast, and then lay The Equalizer on top of them. 


Command: Shockwave

Orianna’s Command: Shockwave allows her to damage multiple enemies around her orb and pull them towards it. Her orb can be placed on an ally, or placed on the ground wherever Orianna wants it. 

Orianna’s Command: Shockwave is a lethal ability that can win a team fight instantaneously. It is fantastic as a setup ability or a follow-up damaging ability as well. It is most effective in team fights and skirmishes, but can also be used in duels to keep aggressive assassins off of you or to make sure your other damaging spells land. 

What makes Shockwave so great?

  • You can place Orianna’s Shockwave on an allied champion that will be engaging or in the front of a team fight. Tanks with team fight ultimates such as Malphite and Jarvan IV are incredible in combination with this ability. 
  • Shockwave can also be placed in the enemy team and cast manually. This is good if you don't have tanks on your team, but requires more aggressive positioning. Build some HP or a Zhonya’s Hourglass to protect yourself. 
  • Shockwave can be used as a zoning tool as well. Enemy players will know the devastating impact of the ability and will attempt to avoid wherever Orianna’s ball ends up. Use this to zone off your enemy in lane, or zone off entire teams during objective jockeying and sieges. 


Summon Tibbers

Annie’s Ultimate Summon Tibbers summons her Pet bear Tibbers, damaging any enemy in the area, who Tibbers proceeds to attack. This ability can be used to devastating effect in fights and sets up Annie and her allies for huge damage. 

This ability is an incredible engage tool, peel tool, or damage tool as well. The summon effect also allows for some extra damage and protection after its cast. 

How to use Tibbers to wreck your opponents: 

  • Make sure your passive is up by charging your abilities before casting Tibbers! This will allow Tibbers to stun all the enemies it hits, increasing its effectiveness exponentially and creating an absolutely devastating area of effect crowd control 
  • Tibbers’ main weakness is the ability’s range. Try to save your flash to help you lay your ultimate on a good squishy target, or catch enemies lumped up and stun multiple, allowing you to hit a solid Incinerate (W) on them all as well. 
  • Follow up your Tibbers with all your other abilities, as this burst will more than likely kill anybody outside of the tankiest champions. 
  • Make sure to control Tibbers with your R key afterward. This will allow him to protect you from skill shots, or to attack vulnerable enemy champions, damaging them with his auto attacks and fire aura. 



Fiddlesticks’ Crowstorm is an area of effect ability that teleports him forward a short distance, and then deals tons of damage to surrounding enemies in a large circle around him. Fiddlesticks can move after casting this ability.

This ability is an incredible ganking tool for Fiddlesticks, allowing him to jungle effectively. It’s also incredible in team fights and synergizes very well with his other abilities, which either crowd control enemies, damage multiple enemies at once, or both. Locking enemies down inside of this ability is a surefire way to shred any team in a fight. 

Using Crowstorm Effectively: 

  • Make sure your passive is up before you enter a fight with Crowstorm! Do this by coming from the fog of war with your ultimate. This will fear everyone who is hit by the Crowstorm, forcing them to stay inside of it and more than likely dealing a ton of their HP in damage before the fear is over.
  • Build Zhonya’s Hourglass! You don’t want to be focused down during Crowstom, so build this item to become invulnerable while your Crowstorm shreds the enemies around you. 
  • Crowstorm’s teleport function gives Fiddlesticks unique and devastating gank paths when he hits level 6 in the jungle, especially in combination with flash. Make sure you’re taking advantage by using it to hop over walls into unsuspecting lanes in the early game and mid-game. 
  • Cast your Bountiful Harvest (W) and Reap (E) directly after casting your ultimate. These area of effect abilities will essentially increase the damage being dealt inside your crowstorm to all those enemies, and prevent them from retaliating as well. 



Wukong’s Cyclone is an area of effect damage and crowd control ability that can be cast, and then recast to repeat it again. 

Cyclone is an excellent fighting and dueling ability due to its knock-up, high damage, and synergy with the rest of Wukong’s kit. It is especially devastating because Wukong can come out of stealth and use it, or dash to an enemy and use it as well. 

Cyclone tips and tricks: 

  • Cyclone synergizes very well with Conqueror, the rune Wukong runs. It turns this normal damage ability into a healing ability as well, as every tick of damage adds a stack of Conqueror. This turns Wukong into a drain-tank instead of just a normal fighter. 
  • Come out of stealth and dash to enemy carries to use Cyclone. This will allow you to prioritize damage dealers instead of having to play it safe like other champions. 
  • Make sure to let Cyclone’s entire duration run out before casting it a second time. Don’t waste any of that precious damage!
  • Cyclone can also be used as an escape tool. Use it while running away to ward off would-be attackers who would get knocked up and damaged if they entered your melee range.



Karthus’ Requiem is a unique ultimate that is simple in its function but can be quite multifaceted in its application. It damages every enemy on the map after a short delay for a lot of magic damage. 

Requiem can be used in team fights, duels, or as its own gank to assist allies across the map at any given time. It is strong enough on its own, but when you add the fact that Karthus can cast it after death, it allows him to really force good fights for his team. 

Using Requiem to Devastating Effect: 

  • Make sure to pay special attention to stacking your Dark Harvest as the game moves on. This will allow your Requiem to deal insane damage to enemies who've already lost some health. 
  • Cast Requiem as late in a team fight as possible. Using it after you lay down as much damage as possible and dying will make it both trigger as many Dark Harvest stacks as possible, as well as making it impossible to interrupt. 
  • Keep your eye on fights happening around the map. You can either help out teammates that are losing or snag extra kills on enemies who escape with low health. 
  • If you’re casting your ultimate while you're alive, be sure not to move or cast other abilities while it’s channeling! This will cancel the channel.



Ekko’s Chronobreak allows him to “turn back time” gaining back a set amount of HP he lost over the last few seconds, teleporting him back to a position he was a few seconds prior, and dealing damage in the area. 

Chronobreak is an exceptional ultimate that can be used both offensively and defensively in many different situations. It can save Ekko’s life and kill his enemies simultaneously, allowing him to escape danger, turn fights, and deal massive damage in the blink of an eye. 

Using Chronobreak to win games: 

  • Chronobreak does a ton of damage, so if there are multiple enemies standing in the spot where it will land (marked by a ghostly version of Ekko) then pull the trigger. 
  • Ekko can steal objectives like baron and dragon by using his phase dive to get into the pit, smiting, and using Chronobreak to get out instantly for free. 
  • When you’re low on health, bait enemies into combat with you before casting Chronobreak. This can turn the fight and get you some extra kills. 
  • Ekko’s Chronobreak is fantastic for diving towers. This dangerous practice is great for pushing leads but can bite you back if you’re not careful. On Ekko you can just cast your ultimate and get out for free, though, so dive at your heart’s content!


Lilting Lullaby

Lillia’s Lilting Lullaby is a crowd control that can be triggered on any enemy that she’s hit with an ability recently. It then sleeps them, dealing extra damage when they’re woken up. 

This ability can be used for ganking, engaging team fights, dueling, and for protection and escape as well. Its weakness is in how long it takes to trigger, but its strength outweighs this setback dramatically.

How to use Lilting Lullaby:

  • You can do extremely long-range ganks by using your Swirlseed (E) and triggering your ultimate off of that. This gives you a number of different gank angles and ranges that can be used effectively immediately upon hitting level 6. 
  • In fights, try hitting as many enemies as you can with your Swirlseed (E) first, then if you’re close enough with your Blooming Blows (Q). This will allow you to hit as many enemies as possible with Lilting Lullaby, setting up you and your teammates for massive damage. 
  • When you cast Lilting Lullaby, look to land a Watch out! Eep! (W) on at least one enemy. The center of this ability is the highest damage single move you have, so stacking it on top of the damage portion of your ultimate will deal a significant burst. 
  • You can use your passive/the ability to cast your ultimate as a zoning tool without using the ultimate itself. Sometimes the threat of crowd control is as good or better than actually using it on someone. 


Curse of the Sad Mummy

Amumu’s ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy, is a classic team fight ultimate. An area of effect snare that covers a massive amount of ground and deals a significant amount of damage, this ability can lock down entire teams with ease in the hands of an experienced Amumu player.

Curse of the Sad Mummy makes Amumu extremely effective in ganks, 2v2s, and team fights in the mid and late game. The fact that it happens instantaneously makes this ability almost impossible to avoid, and the repercussions for being caught inside of it are severe.

Winning team fights using Curse of the Sad Mummy:

  • Make sure to engage with your Bandage Toss (Q) to a spot where your ultimate can hit multiple enemies. Since Bandage Toss (Q) takes you to the first enemy hit, it may be easier to engage on the backline from the side.
  • If you have it, flash to reposition after your Bandage Toss (Q) if you need to to get high priority targets into your ultimate. This will allow your team to follow up and kill big damage threats and win fights fast. 
  • Your ultimate has a very wide radius for a circular ultimate. If you’re close enough, you can actually use it first and then follow up with a Bandage Toss (Q). This will guarantee your crowd control during a gank if the enemy hides behind their minions.
  • Remember that your ultimate is a snare. This means that certain abilities, such as Jarvan IV’s Dragon Strike and Demacian Standard combo, can move after being snared. It is still very effective crowd control, just be wary of the few circumstances it is not completely effective.


Death From Below

Pyke’s ultimate, Death from Below, is an area of effect damage and execute that instantly kills any enemy below a certain amount of health, ignoring shields. If he gets a kill with this ability, the cooldown is reset, and he can cast again. He also grants one teammate who assisted on the kill the same amount of gold as he gets for the kill.

Pyke’s Death from Below is an ultimate that can completely crush enemy teams instantly, granting him Pentakills and winning games for him and his teammates with ease, snowballing out of control by earning twice as much gold for kills as his enemies as long as he is killing with his ultimate.

Here’s how to get it done with Death From Below: 

  • There is a large red marker on the enemy health bar when they can be murdered. Make sure to wait for this, or be able to know when they’re about to reach the proper amount of health, to be able to snag those kills and reset the ultimate. 
  • Although you’re a support, you want to play team fights like an assassin. Sit back until the enemy blows their cooldowns and they’ve lost some health. Then use your crowd control and start spamming that ultimate once you see those red health bars!
  • Play aggressively in lane once you hit level 6. This ability will allow you to win almost any fight as long as you’re not way behind, as you can insta-kill your enemies once their low, so they have very little opportunity for outplaying potential.
  • Remember that your ultimate has the area of effect of an “X.” If you can kill multiple enemies at once, cast it so it can hit all of them, although make sure you kill at least one, or you won’t get the cooldown reset. 


Crystal Arrow

Ashe’s Crystal Arrow is a large skill shot of infinite range that deals damage and stuns the first enemy it comes into contact with. The longer it flies, the longer the stun is.

Although it may not look at first glance, this is possibly the best ultimate in League of Legends. It’s versatile, has long-range, can engage in team fights, protect Ashe (who desperately needs protection) and assist teammates across the map. This versatility allows it, and Ashe, to be picked into pretty much any team composition. 

So how do you use this weapon effectively?

  • If you’re against an assassin or bruiser that’s going to be on top of you, hold your Crystal Arrow until the enemy is on top of you, and hit them right in the face with it. If you’re not behind, you should have enough time to make some space with your auto attacks and deal a good chunk of their HP, if not kill them, before they’re free from the stun. 
  • Don’t be afraid to be the one engaging in team fights! This ability is extremely good team fight engage, and can be followed up on very easily. If you think you’ll be safe with the peel of just your support, let that thing fly!
  • In the lane phase, if you have an aggressive support, shoot your ultimate often and try to pick a ton of fights. This ability deals a lot of damage in the early game, so that plus the stun can turn level 6-10 fights into a way for you to snowball out of control.
  • If you see a fight across the map, shoot your ultimate in its general direction. You never know who you might hit in a blob of enemy champions, and how much that could help your team secure some kills or an objective. 
  • If you don’t have vision of where you want to shoot your Crystal Arrow, fire a Hawk Shot (E) first, and follow it with the Crystal Arrow. This will provide some vision for you.

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