League of Legends World Championship 2015 Results: Winners, Losers, and Prize Pool

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The winners and losers at the 2015 LOL World Championship

The 2015 League of Legends Worlds Championship kicked off October 1st and delivered non stop action throughout. The season ending tournament was a whirlwind of entertainment that passed through most of Europe on it’s way to crowning it’s 5th champion. 16 of the top teams in the world were pitted against each other, fighting over the 2.5 million dollar prize pool and more so the coveted summoners cup. Teams from every league and all over the world played at their highest levels at stops in Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin in a round robin formatted group stage, with the top 2 teams from each group making it to the single eliminations bracket round.

The month long event ended with Korean power house SK Telecom T1 facing off against their regular season rivals Korea’s KOO tigers, with the LCK’s most dominant mid-laner Faker and the rest of SKT T1 bringing home their 2nd championship in 3 years. Every team played well with highs and lows through out the entire event streamed on several outlets including Twitch, Azubu, Youtube, BBC and even ESPN for 36 million viewers. We will get into each teams performance in descending order based off of how they ranked at tournament end.

16) Bangkok Titans (Thailand)

The Bangkok Titans found their way into Worlds through the International Wildcard tournament in Turkey after coming off impressive performances in the spring and summer GPL splits placing 2nd and 1st respectively. Coming in on a wildcard and being put into a group with SK Telecom T1 and EDward Gaming makes surviving group stage no easy task and the Bangkok Titans saw first hand how hard it can be as they were unable to win a single game through group stage and exited the tournament.

Top: Warlock

Jungle: 007x

Mid: G4

ADC: Lloyd

Support: Moss

Coach: Cabbage

Even though being out of the tournament after group stage is hard on any team, the members of the Titans should be proud to have gotten their team to Worlds for the first time. They may have left early, but at least they can say they were there which is more than a lot of other pro teams can say. They came in as extreme underdogs and faced arguably the toughest group at Worlds and did so without showing fear. A few of their games may have gone differently had they not gave up some key high priority picks to their opposition.

Worlds 2015 place: 14th - 16th

Winnings: $25,000

15) Team SoloMid (TSM) (North America)

NA main stay TSM qualified for Worlds from league championship points accumulated through the spring and summer splits. The only team to participate in every World Championship since they were founded in 2011, Team SoloMid has been chasing the title ever since, falling short in every attempt. Coming into Worlds after a dismal summer split and led by their young mid lane phenom Bjergensen, TSM looked to have their eyes on the prize. Playing off their usual strategy of leaving top laner Dyrus alone on his island to fend for himself while they try to abuse other lanes, they looked to put themselves in a position to make a run at the cup.

Top: Dyrus

Jungle: Santorin

Mid: Bjergensen

ADC: WildTurtle

Support: Lustboy

Coach: Locodoco

Unfortunately for TSM and their legions of fans, they were only able to pick up 1 win and didn’t make it out of group stage. Not only did they lose their chance at the championship, shortly after Dyrus and Lustboy announced their retirement leaving huge holes and big shoes to fill on the roster. Later TSM opened up tryouts for ADC and jungle, revamping their roster and leaving Bjergensen the lone returning member to the TSM roster.

Worlds 2015 place: 14th - 16th

Winnings: $25,000

14) Invictus Gaming (China)

A lot of people had IG placing in first or second coming out of group stage, with the additions of Korean players “KaKAO” and “Rookie” from KT Rolster and the mid season transformation of “Zzitai” from mid laner to top laner. IG fans believed the days of either under playing or over playing the team’s expectations were over and it was going to be stable play ahead.

Top: Zzitai

Jungle: KaKAO

Mid: RooKie

ADC: Kid

ADC (sub): Time

Support: Kitties

Coach: Mafa

Instead what the fans received was a day 1, game 1 surrender at the hands of Fanatic and a horrible start to a tournament. Losing a game is not a big deal, but surrendering 30 minutes into your first game of a event is a disheartening affair for any team. It seemed that IG forgot what brought them to Worlds in the first place and they let their opposition dictate the course of the games, both games IG did win they were aggressive and controlled the pace of the game. Most of all it seemed like Invictus Gaming came to worlds playing to not lose, instead of using their large champion pools and playing to win.

2015 Worlds place: 14th - 16th

Winnings: $25,000

13) paiN Gaming (Brazil)

The stronger of the 2 wildcard teams this year and possibly ever at Worlds, paiN Gaming had a realistic chance to move on being drawn into arguably the weakest group at the tournament this year. Coming off a 16 game winning streak, the team led by their stand out mid laner Kami, looked to make history and have a impressive showing. They successfully achieved both, bolstering a 2-4 record, the only wildcard team to get more than 1 win up to this point in World Championship history and they looked good in most if not all of their games.

Top: Mylon

Jungle: SirT

Mid: Kami


Support: Dioud

Coach: MiT

Their second game against the eventual group winner Flash Wolves was a 52 minute match that could have gone either way and they could have 2-0 swept the series and changed the group result all together. The performance of paiN Gaming this year seems like a metaphor for the smaller regions overall, they are good and getting better, but they just aren’t ready to compete with the large region teams on any level yet.

2015 Worlds Place: 12th - 13th

Winnings: $35,000

12) Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) (North America)

The number 1 seed from North America came into Worlds with some turmoil within their team as jungler Xmithie had visa issues and was originally not going to be able to play, it wasn’t until less than a week before the tournament started that he cleared things up and was restored as the teams jungler. The time he missed practicing with his team showed in a lack of coordination with the rest of his team, as they rarely seemed like they were all on the same page.

Top: ZionSpartan

Jungler: Xmithie

Mid: Pobelter

ADC: Doublelift

Support: Aphromoo

Coach: Zikz

CLG looked good winning their first 2 games and then dropped off after that, the expectations on the top NA team were high behind their top rated bottom lane duo of Doublelift and Aphromoo often referred to as “rush hour”. A lot of people had CLG finishing 2nd in groups and hopefully see some success in the bracket stage, unfortunately for NA fans the top seed failed to come together and work as a team and failed to reach London for quarterfinals. Even though they saw flashes of brilliance from their star players, the team in general seemed to beat themselves more so than they were beaten by the other teams. This won’t be the last time you see the letters CLG involved in a World Championship schedule, but that is little solace to those who had high hopes for them this year.

2015 Worlds Place: 12th - 13th

Winnings: $35,000

11) H2K-Gaming (Europe)

Coming in to the event H2K was the European team with the least amount of pressure on them, instead due to the group draw they received most eyes were on the Ryu vs. Faker mid lane match up when they played SK T1 in groups. The anticipation on that match up stemmed from a 1 vs. 1 game with them both using Zed... or a “Zeds up” match in which Faker severely outplayed Ryu, to the dismay of the fallen the video of his failure drew a lot of attention on Youtube and led to a lot of jokes and memes throughout Korea at Ryu’s expense.

Top: Odoamne

Jungle: loulex

Mid: Ryu

ADC: Hjarnan

Support: kaSing


H2k didn’t have a overly impressive showing and most didn’t expect them to, being drawn into group D with SK T1 and EDG didn’t give fans much hope of them making a deep run. They were able to get a W in a few games, one of which largely due to the Bangkok Titans allowing them to get their hands on Mordekaiser and H2K quickly showed them why Morde was more or less insta-banned for the duration of the entire tournament.

2015 Worlds Place: 9th - 11th

Winnings: $45,000

10) LGD-Gaming (China)

If nothing else LGD wins the award for most under-performing team at Worlds this year. Predicted to win group D by just about every analyst involved, they exited the tournament early with a 2-4 record and a lot of missed opportunities. With a roster change and the addition of a few Korean imports, LGD was able to win the LPL championship and looked to be in a really good position to be a force at Worlds.

Top: Acorn

Jungle: TBQ


ADC: imp

Support: Pyl

Coach: FireFox

From the start of the tournament they never looked close to as good as they did during their regular season, individually they did not look to be playing up to their potential and as a team they weren’t even close to where everyone thought they would be. Case and point there first game against TSM check this sentence, a team LGD should have beat very cleanly, but mistakes made in pick and bans ended up in Bjergensen going legendary during the game and LGD walking away with a loss. It is unclear whether LGD also believed they would easily cruise out of groups so they didn’t prepare properly or if as a team they just fell apart. One thing is for sure though, chances at a World Championship don’t come often and this failed attempt will haunt these players for a while.

2015 Worlds Place: 9th - 11th

Winnings: $45,000

9) Cloud 9 (C9) (North America)

Cloud 9 is definitely this years Cinderella story, no one was putting the words C9 and Worlds in the same sentence during the regular season when they were in 9th place. Hai retired as mid laner and the team brought in young assassin based mid laner Incarnation, then Meteos stepped down from his jungle role and C9 brought Hai back in to jungle and shot call. Somewhere among all this C9 was able to go into a gauntlet in NA and beat 2 teams 3-2 in reverse sweeps and then 3-1 another team to get themselves into the World Championship, the most unclear thing is who was more surprised us or them.

Top: Balls

Jungle: Hai

Mid: Incarnati0n

ADC: Sneaky

Support: LemonNation

Coach: Bubbadub

The team played very well all together altogether, they placed higher than a lot of teams that leading up to Worlds looked a lot better than them and only missed moving on to quarter finals by 1 tie breaker game against ahq e-Sports Club. Relying on Hai’s shot calling and Incarnati0n and Sneaky’s stellar play they were able to pick up 3 wins during group stage. They didn’t move on to bracket stage, but for a team that was expected to finish the summer split in the bottom half of the league they focused and placed highest of all the NA teams in the event. On another note, Hai does win the prize for highest fine of the tournament after he used an obscene hand gesture in return to Fnatic’s mid laner Febiven’s prediction of a C9 loss... at least they showed some passion!

2015 Worlds Place: 9th - 11th

Winnings: $45,000

8) ahq e-Sports Club (ahq) (Taiwan)

One of the strongest teams in the LMS winning both the spring and summer splits, ahq came into Worlds very confident in their abilities. A team that everyone viewed as being carried by their star mid laner Westdoor, saw very high level play out of their top lane Ziv and ADC AN. Ending group stage with a tied record with C9 at 3-3, ahq was able to secure a win in the tie breaking match and also their ticket to quarter finals.

Top: Ziv

Jungle: Mountain

Mid: westdoor


Support: Albis

Coach: Backstairs

Quarter finals for ahq faced them with a monumental task, facing off against the unbeaten SK T1. Just like every team before them ahq fell prey to SK T1 and was knocked out of the tournament, getting blanked in the series and lost 0-3. A lone highlight of the series for ahq was a westdoor solo kill on Korea’s famed mid laner Faker, which is not seen very often.

2015 Worlds Place: 5th - 8th

Winnings: $75,000

7) EDward Gaming (EDG) (China)

EDG is one of China’s top teams and a threat in any tournament they play, another Chinese team that brought in a couple of Korean players in mid laner PawN and ADC Deft to strengthen there already strong roster made quick work of the spring split and was also very strong in the summer split. After beating SK T1 at MSI and winning the tournament, all LoL fans were excited to see that EDG and SK T1 had been drawn into the same group.

Top: AmazingJ

Top (sub): Koro1

Jungle: ClearLove

Mid: PawN

ADC: Deft

Support: Meiko

Coach: Aaron

EDG was able to finish groups 4-2 only losing 2 games to SK T1. They looked very strong in all their matches bringing out creative team comps and picks that most other teams would be too scared to try. Their play made for some very interesting games, one such as a Jayce vs Kennan ADC match up. Ultimately EDG was defeated by a very strong Fnatic team ending their dreams of winning MSI and Worlds in the same year, that might be it for EDward Gaming this year, but i can assure you we will see more of them on the international stage in the future.

2015 Worlds Place: 5th - 8th

Winnings: $75,000

6) Flash Wolves (Taiwan)

The Flash Wolves came in second in the LMS in the spring and summer splits throughout the year. The team probably best known for the crazy hair of top-laner Steak, came into Worlds looking to play their best and did so. Not expected be a contender by most analysts, the team was able to win their group with a 4-2 record on the back of their best players and move on to quarter finals to face Origen.

Top: Steak

Jungle: Karsa

Mid: Maple


Support: SwordArt

Coach: Fluidwind

The series against Origen proved to be too much for Flash Wolves to accomplish as they fell to them 3-1. Flash Wolves had moments of brilliance during this tournament and played at a very high level until the quarter finals, where team and individual mistakes seemed to take over. Players getting caught out and killed, not being able to finish off kills and poor engage and disengage choices plagued their year ending series and had them watching the rest of the event from the sidelines.

2015 Worlds Place: 5th - 8th

Winnings: $75,000

5) KT Rolster (Korea)

KT Rolster was 2 teams until a league restructure which forced KT Arrows and KT Bullets to merge into 1 team, with some of the clubs talent leaving in the process. The players that stayed and formed the new KT roster proved to formidable opponents to any competition they faced. Boasting arguably the best support player in Korea Piccaboo, KT was able to come to Worlds and achieve a second best 5-1 group record and move on to quarter finals.

Top: ssumday

Jungle: Score

Mid: Nagne

ADC: Arrow

Support: Piccaboo

Coach: Oh Chang-jong

KT started the series off well against the KOO Tigers picking up the first game, but it was all KOO after that. KT seemed to lose the next 3 games not due to bad play, it just seemed like KOO wanted it more. Stronger individual play and better team strategy seemed to seal up 3 straight victories for KOO and end KT’s championship dreams sooner than they would have liked.

2015 Worlds Place: 5th - 8th

Winnings: $75,000

4) Origen (Spain) (EU LCS)

Origen had a fantastic year placing first in the spring playoffs and getting a spot in the summer split, then qualifying for Worlds less than a year after the team was formed. Relying on their veteran mid laner xPeke and amazing play from top laner sOAZ, the new team was able to exceed everyone’s expectations for them at this tournament. Placing 2nd in group D and cruising past Flash Wolves in quarter finals, they seemed to be on par with the best teams in the world.

Top: sOAZ

Jungle: Amazing

Mid: xPeke

ADC: Niels

Support: Mithy

Coach: Hermit

Origen’s hopes were dashed when they ran into SK T1 in the semi finals, an impossible opponent for any team to this point in the tournament. SK T1 was able to coast past Origen without losing a game, keeping their undefeated record intact and securing their place in the finals.The hard work put in by Origen was not a complete loss, they showed themselves and the world what their young team is capable of. They filled the tournament with highlight plays, including a game saving pentakill by sOAZ on Darius and good clean solid teamwork, the other side of the coin is that with a showing like this they have set the bar pretty high for themselves. Hopefully they can live up to it.

2015 Worlds Place: 3rd - 4th

Winnings: $150,000

3) Fnatic (Europe)

Fnatic represented the EU LCS as the number 1 seed at Worlds, after a very impressive undefeated split and EU championship they had a lot of fan’s hopes riding on them. They won their group and made short work of a very strong Edward Gaming in a 3-0 series and claimed a spot in the semi finals. Powered by their all star cast of players led by top laner Huni and ADC Rekkles, Fnatic came into semi finals looking to take it all.

Top: Huni

Jungle: Reignover

Mid: Febiven

ADC: Rekkles

Support: YellOwStaR

Coach: Deilor

Unfortunately Fnatic was handed the same treatment they showed EDG and was at the worse end of a 3-0 routing and were knocked out of the tournament to the dismay of a very enthused European fan base. Fnatic showed amazing play from just about every single position through out one word the tournament. They may not have been able to prevent a Korea vs. Korea final, but no other team was able to either. Fnatic should be proud to have brought this history filled club back to Worlds and be focused on the amazing things in their future.

2015 Worlds Place: 3rd - 4th

Winnings: $150,000

2) KOO Tigers (Korea)

The KOO Tigers didn’t have as easy a time getting into the finals as their opposition, but they got their never the less and showed who is the most dominate region in LoL by making it a Korea vs. Korea showdown for the cup. Fitting that they had to face their biggest rivals in the LCK for the prize, there isn’t a team more experienced in taking on SK T1 than the KOO Tigers. Getting out of groups with a 4-2 record and winning quarters and semis with 3-1 and 3-0 victories, KOO seemed to be up to the task.

Top: Smeb

Jungle: Hojin

Mid: KurO


Support: GorillA

Coach: NoFe

THE KOO TIGERS BEAT SK T1!!! Yes they did... in 1 game, the rest of them belonged to SK T1 and once again the KOO Tigers came so close to taking it all and once again the same unmovable object stood in their way. The KOO Tigers Played very well and showed just how high of a caliber team they are, some obstacles can’t be defeated every time though and SK T1 showed to be the better team on this day. KOO is the sole owner of a win against the juggernauts who eventually won it all, but we all know that isn’t going to be enough for them and will go back and work harder for their future.

2015 Worlds Place: 2nd

Winnings: $250,000

1) SK Telecom T1 (Korea)

SK Telecom T1 came into this tournament as the clear favorite and did not disappoint, dismantling all opponents that stood in their way and only dropping 1 game through out the entire tournament. The team led by mid laner Faker whom is arguably the best player to ever play LoL showed how versatile he is and faded from the assassin picks in favor of more helpful champions for his team. The team stepped up in kind and players took to carry rolls and filled in what was needed, most of all the MVP of the tournament top laner MaRin. Marin was absolutely dominant in every game SK T1 played throughout the month and helped put his team in winning a position every chance he got.

Top: MaRin

Jungle: bengi

Mid: Faker

Mid (sub): Easyhoon

ADC: Bang

Support: Wolf

Coach: KkOma

The dominance showed by the entire team, individually and as a unit, shows how solid the club is from coaching, to strategy, and right onto the rift. SK T1 was able to win their 2nd summoners cup in 3 years and they show no signs of slowing down, they looked like a unstoppable force through out this event and no one knows where their ceiling is yet.

2015 Worlds Place: 1st

Winnings: $1,000,000

Now that the curtain has closed on Worlds and the prizes have been given out, where does that leave us... the fans? LoL action will be back before we know it, with teams looking to carve their names in the history book. Thankfully the off season also provides our favorite players more time to stream their game play and interact with their fans. It also leaves more time for us to log onto the rift and work on our own skills and mechanics. After watching Worlds this year I can already predict some faces we will see on the international stage next year, it also leaves me wondering what new faces are going to debut.

The 2015 season 5 may have come to a close but, the League of Legends action isn’t over yet. To relive some great action or find out a little bit more about some amazing players feel free to enjoy a few of these great articles. Until we meet on the rift... GL HF!

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