[Top 10] LOL Best Healing Champions (That Are Great!)

Supports of League of Legends

So many healers for League of Legends!

League of Legends always has some of the best supports in the MOBA category! Here are the best healing champions who will keep you alive in any battle!

10. Nidalee 

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Nidalee is usually seen in the jungle, as that is her main focus and main role. But her cougar-transforming self is able to also support her teammates along with doing massive damage to opponents!

Why Nidalee Is Great For Healing:

  • Her “E” ability is a heal and gives speed, which can be built around. 
  • Nidalee is able to build runes which help target enemies and once targeted by her companions, they heal from the damage done.
  • Does severe damage even while healing her teammates.
  • Can turn into a cougar and stun her opponents!

9. Janna

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This wind spirit, although very flirty, puts up a great fight all while making sure her opponents are strong enough and immune to stay in battle through the power of storms!

Why Janna Is Great For Healing:

  • Her ultimate rapidly heals the entire team as she is surrounded by them all while pushing enemies away.
  • Janna has a shield which she can cast on her teammates, herself, as well as turrets to protect them from damage!
  • Janna has several abilities which throw her enemies in the air and allow her to protect her teammates.

8. Seraphine

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The Popstar of League of Legends dives right in with a voice to kill! Her voice not only commits much violence to her foes, but she can soothe her teammates and protect them with her beautiful soprano voice!

Why Seraphine Is Great For Healing:

  • Her W ability not only shields her opponents but can greatly heal when her passive is applied.
  • She can stun foes and protect her teammates!
  • Her ultimate attracts enemies, allowing teammates to damage them without being hurt!

7. Bard

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This wanderer seeks chimes as he wants to spread his music and provide filled bellies for his teammates!

Why Bard Is Great For Healing:

  • His severe speed allows him to roam through the map as well as get to teammates much faster to provide a heal for them in the form of a shining orb.
  • Bard’s heal heals team members more the longer it sits out and sets itself. This heal can also shield with the correct runes.
  • His ultimate freezes teammates and opponents that are in it, this allows for either teammates to make great escapes or survive longer in fights as their abilities and items refresh through the short wait!

6. Lulu

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One of League of Legends’ most unique support, Lulu is not only able to heal her teammates, but is also able to cast a plethora of spells that cause different effects to foes and teammates!

Why Lulu Is Great For Healing:

  • Her ultimate ability enlarges her teammate and heals them to stay longer in battle, all the while pushing enemies away as the process is done!
  • She can provide shields and speed boosts!
  • Lulu can transform foes by polymorphing them, slowing, and making them unable to use abilities or auto attacks, all the more time for healing!

5. Nami

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The Tidecaller surfs into land to support teammates all while drowning opponents out! Nami has several abilities in her kit built for supporting her teammates as well as stopping large crowds of enemies.

Why Nami Is Great For Healing:

  • She has full healing ability and could cast it on both herself and her teammates.
  • Nami has a bubble stun which allows for her to lift foes and give teammates a chance to target.
  • Her ultimate creates a giant wave which will knock up opponents and do massive damage, allowing teammates to come to her for safety.

4. Senna

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Senna rises after her long fight with Thresh to save everyone else from the ruination coming onto League of Legends! Senna has picked up amazing abilities that are quite ghostly and great for helping her team.

Why Senna Is Great For Healing:

  • When Senna shoots her teammate, she commits a large amount of healing which heals both her and multiple teammates in the line of it.
  • She can make her teammates invisible and not able to be targeted by auto-attacks.
  • Her ultimate unleashes heavy damage while also shielding her team in the line of sight for the ultimate. 

3. Sona

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This beautiful mute champion can heal her team as long as she is next to them! Sona is great for staying in battles and making sure to stay alive to outlive foes.

Why Sona Is Great For Healing:

  • Sona heals teammates (multiple at a time) as long as they are around her, this is an ability that can stay on the entire game.
  • Sona can speed up her team and keep them alive from random encounters.
  • Sona’s ultimate stuns opponents allowing her to heal team members around her and healing up enough to outlive the attacker!

2. Yuumi 

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Yuumi has come into Summoner’s rift hoping to find her master! She jumps onto teammates and gives them all she can to keep them alive all while she searches for her best friend!

Why Yuumi Is Great For Healing:

  • Yuumi, when using the rune ‘Summon Aery’ can shield her teammates right when she jumps onto them.
  • She can attach herself to teammates making herself unable to be damaged, for excess healing!
  • Yuumi’s heal is one of the most terrifying in the game as it can fully heal up a teammate in less than two minutes!

1. Soraka

One of the original mages of League of Legends! Soraka has the most healing abilities in her kit and is definitely needed in every game!

Why Soraka is Great For Healing: 

  • Her healing ability takes from her own health but heals her teammates on command!
  • Soraka can heal herself by damaging opponents with her hitting ability!
  • Soraka’s ultimate is a universal heal and heals herself as well as all her teammates no matter how far!


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