LoL Best Elise Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome (All Elise Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

Spider Queen
"We must all make sacrifices."

Elise is one of the most powerful AP junglers in the game. She has a total of 7 skins with interesting visuals and sound effects. The skins add to the humanoid and spider forms of the champion making her even more fun to play. Here we shall rank all the skins based on different attributes.


Available Skins

4. Blood Moon Elise

See the skin: Blood Moon Elise Skin Spotlight

Blood Moon Elise is one of the earliest released skins for the champion. It’s also one of the most outdated ones. The blood moon skin theme is all about adding fresh red colors to champions whereas this skin mostly adds pink. The general appearance is not up to the mark and could have been a lot better.

The recall animation feels nice in the humanoid form where Elise plays a musical instrument.

  • General appearance: 6/10
  • Ability animations: 6/10
  • SFX: 6/10
  • Recall animation: 7/10
  • Total: 23

The skin is available for 975 RP.


3. Death Blossom Elise

See the skin: Death Blossom Elise Skin Spotlight

Death Blossom Elise comes at number 2 as it adds new gloomy colors to the champion. This is also an old skin but it follows its theme correctly. The skin gives Elise the appearance of a dying flower with almost spectral colors for abilities. On the downside, the recall animation is still the same with a few added particles.

Grab this skin if you’re looking for a cheap new look for Elise.

  • General appearance: 7/10
  • Ability animations: 6/10
  • SFX: 5/10
  • Recall animation: 5/10
  • Total: 23

The skin is available for 975 RP.


2. Super Galaxy Elise

See the skin: Super Galaxy Elise Skin Spotlight

Super Galaxy Elise is an old skin but not as old as the previous ones. You can see how much riot improved in terms of designing skins over the years. 

Super Galaxy Elise gives a new outer space appearance to the champion with cool new sound effects as well.

The humanoid form of the champion is alright but the spider form looks really good. The space laser sound effects complement the theme of the skin. 

In a nutshell, this skin is good enough to be your choice but, in the end, everything comes down to personal preference.

  • General appearance: 8/10
  • Ability animations: 7/10
  • SFX: 8/10
  • Recall animation: 8/10
  • Total: 31

The skin is available for 1350 RP.


1. Withered Rose Elise

See the skin: Withered Rose Elise Skin Spotlight

This is an excellently designed skin that follows its theme perfectly. The spider carries a rose on her back where as the humanoid has them placed in her hair. The skin is very aesthetically pleasing.

The sound effects are crisp. Who wouldn’t want to score a bunch of kills with such satisfying sounds?

The recall animations are interesting with a statue rising from the center and an interaction that causes it to crumble to the ground.

This skin is our top recommendation for Elise mains.

  • General appearance: 9/10
  • Ability animations: 9/10
  • SFX: 9/10
  • Recall animation: 9/10
  • Total: 36

The skin is available for 1350 RP.


Legacy Skins

2. SKT T1 Elise

See the skin: SKT T1 Elise Skin Spotlight

SKT T1 Elise honors the game-winning performance of Benji during the 2015 World Championship. Bewitching Elise is a Halloween-themed skin for Elise. Elise is dressed up as a witch. The little spiderlings are now pumpkins and the recall animations also involve interactions with pumpkins. 

All the abilities have beautiful new animations which are magenta-colored. The fresh new sound effects are also quite satisfying.

This is a highly recommended skin and if you are an Elise main you should be on the lookout for this skin during Halloween.

  • General appearance: 9/10
  • Ability animations: 9/10
  • SFX: 9/10
  • Recall animation: 9/10
  • Total: 36

The skin is available for 1350 RP during Halloween. It can also be obtained via Hextech crafting.


Rare and Limited

Victorious Elise

See the skin: Victorious Elise Skin Spotlight

Victorious Elise was awarded to the players who ended up Gold or higher at the end of the 2013 season.

Like all the victorious skins, it also follows a golden and blue theme. There are no new animations or effects as it is a very old skin.

  • General appearance: 7/10
  • Ability animations: 5/10
  • SFX: 5/10
  • Recall animation: 5/10
  • Total: 22

The skin is not available any longer.



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