[Top 5] LoL Best Renekton Builds That Wreck Hard!

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This article shows you how to become a dominant laner by playing one of the best LoL champions. Renekton can help you win games, snowball leads, and roam often to help your teammates get through a tough lane.

Renekton might sound a bit scary for new players because he can get mechanically demanding at some games, but learning how to play Renekton is easy! Once you grasp the idea you’ll easily see improvement in your Elo while also having fun! Follow this article to gain the proper knowledge to dominate with Renekton.

Here are the five top builds on Renekton that would help you gain Elo with fun:



5. Challenger Crocodile:

Hextech Renekton is a way to gain Elo while looking super cool!

This Renekton guide is about shredding power! You can always do well with damage on Renekton while also being a bit tanky so whatever happens, you will always have an impact!
This build will probably make you more aggressive even if you like being passive, why? Because it is tempting to test your limits and it’s so satisfying to shred enemies with your Renekton power as this build focuses on having enough damage to tear through your opponents.

Press the Attack is probably one of the best runes on Renekton as you can proc it easily with most of your combos and it adds a good surge of damage.
Triumph is so satisfying and rewarding on Renekton as it gives you the ability to 1v2 due to the 12% health restored once you get a kill helping you survive and turn fights in your favor.
Last Stand is also amazing because you mostly fool your enemies that you are close to dying but whenever you are low (below 30%) you get maximum damage and you can easily kill your enemies without them expecting it.

As an aggressive Renekton, you start with Goredrinker because apart from the CD, Damage, Health, and Health Regeneration it has a really good active which outputs great damage while also healing you! Enemies will probably find themselves dead eventually because of it.
Ravenous Hydra is a great addition as it helps you heal while dealing damage through lifesteal and its passive.


When to use this build:

If you want to:

  • Be aggressive and shred enemies as Serylda’s Grudge can help you in that with its 30 Armor Penetration.
  • Be tanky, extend fights, and eventually turn the fight in your favor with the power of healing from Goredrinker, Ravenous Hydra, and Gargoyle Stoneplate’s Armor, MR, and unique passive which can help you survive fights.
  • Be sticky and chase enemies as you can use Ghost and tear through your enemies with your strong build and extra movement speed from Ghost and Celerity.
  • Be a true team player, as your tankiness can allow you to protect your teammates while also being a threat because of your damage and shields.

Full build details:

RTO's 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide



4. Scaling Renekton:

Just as any project, Renekton can build up and scale eventually!


This build is about using Renekton's unique early game while also improving his downside of falling later on. It can help you scale well and extend the game if you are against a tough team composition that you believe can’t beat in early game.

Conqueror is a great choice on Renekton because it can help you scale well as each time you deal damage to an enemy you gain stacks, those stacks grant you more AD, AP, and can also heal you fairly well when fully stacked.
Triumph can help you survive while also being the primary engage as it restores 12% of your missing health upon landing a kill.
Ravenous Hunter gives you a better chance in fights as it provides up to 7.5% Omnivamp as this can help you during the laning phase while also being a great helper in split pushing later on.

Prowler’s Claw is great for this build as it helps you stick on enemies due to its dash while also increasing your damage by 15% after the dash. This can help you finish off enemies while giving you good scaling potential as you build more damage.
Black Cleaver is an important choice here as not only it improves your base stats (Health, AD, and CD) but it also gives you a better late game with its Armor Penetration. 
Sterak’s Gage gives you that sweet tanky spot, great survivability through its shield when you are below 30% health, and also good damage as you can deal 2% of your maximum health over 6 seconds due to the passive of Phage.


When to use this build:

If you want to:

  • Be aggressive but safe as this build depends on giving you a good scaling potential with its Conqueror, Ravenous Hunter, and Prowler’s Claw finishing power.
  • Stall and play around your teammates later on as you can take Teleport which is the best option whenever you are sure it’s going to be hard to snowball the game early on.
  • Have an insane amount of healing which can help you win lanes and prolonged fights.

Full build details:




3. Carry Renekton:

Only one ADC in the game? Think again with this carry Renekton!


Renekton was meant to dominate the game, with this build you can play to Renekton's strength which is being a damage dealer. 
This build makes Renekton even stronger in the early game while also building up damage for the late game fights. 


Press the Attack is the power move on this build because remember we are all about damage in this build and Press the Attack works with every combo you do on Renekton. 
In this build you'll deal a lot of damage meaning you'll get kills often and Triumph is a blessing here as it restores your health each time you get a kill. 
Bone Plating is an important part of this build as it helps you receive less damage during your trades which will surely make you win them! 

Galeforce should be your first choice because it offers AD, Critical Strike, and Attack Speed while also providing a dash with Magic Damage. 
The Collector is a sweet spot as it gives you Lethality and Armor Penetration and it can be used to finish off enemies with its unique passive (If you damage an enemy and get them below 5% health they get executed). 
Infinity Edge might sound too much but it can mean destruction for enemies on Renekton because of high AD and Critical Strike.


When to use this build:

If you want to:

  • Be the carry! As you'll have a lot of AD which means kills and gold would probably be on you. 
  • Win trades and snowball the game as with Galeforce you can run down enemies and finish them off with The Collector. 
  • Impact team fights as apart from your damage you'll have an almost full health bar with Bloodthirster's life steal and Triumph health restore.

Full build details:




2. Super Top Renekton:

If you want to taste how it feels to be a superhero, try this Renekton version.


This build focuses mainly on getting Elo through damaging your way to winning games! You build a lot of AD while also being tanky as you also build armor. You can be hard to play against with how much damage you can do while also being able to extend fights waiting for backup.


Conqueror is the best rune on Renekton because it gives you both damage and heals you so you can dominate your fights.
Last Stand is a key factor so you can win those extended fights and even turn around losing fights as it gives you that extra damage when you’re below 60% health and maximum effect when you reach below 30 health.
Bone Plating can turn fights and trades in your favor as you receive less damage from the same enemy in extended fights.
You take Demolish so you can destroy turrets easier whenever you get the chance.

Goredrinker is a core item as it grants you damage, health regeneration which can be beneficial in trades, and an instant heal with its active. This item can surely turn the fight in your favor.
Black Cleaver is the second core item because of its AD, health, and ability haste. Its passive gives you Armor Penetration and Movement Speed which can help you run down enemies and shred through them.
Guardian Angel can be great in the late game as apart from its unique passive it also gives you AD and Armor which can be a great addition. You can win games as Renekton with this item because you will be dealing too much damage in a single team fight.


When to use this build:

If you want to:

  • Deal enough damage and shred enemies with your armor penetration and damage from Black Cleaver and Ravenous Hydra.
  • Run down enemies and pick carries with Goredrinker. While being tanky enough due to Sterak’s Gage passive and Plated Steelcaps.
  • Have map pressure through your teleport and utilizing the use of Guardian Angel.

Full build details:




1. Split Push Renekton:

Split Pushing can be more than just a winning strategy. It can be really fun if you're a scary crocodile.


This build excels in the low Elo because most low Elo players don’t know how to deal well with a split pusher. If you have a decent team your game will probably be too easy if they can use you well! But if you have a bad team you can still win with this build!


In this build, you are going to use Conqueror because as a split pusher you need damage to be able to duel enemies whenever they turn their attention to you!
Triumph allows you to be feared by the enemy team because they will know you can probably outlive them if they group and fight you whenever you get a kill.
Last stand also gives you the ability to fight harder and longer, when you split push the enemy team will try to crash on you, if you could do more damage to them that would surely benefit your team in any following fights.
Demolish is a key factor in this build as you would want to bring down turrets quickly because eventually, that’s how you win the game!

Stridebreaker is a great item here because not only it gives you CD, AD, Attack Speed, and Health but it also grants you good AOE damage and a slow to enemies around you. That can help you chase your opponents and it can help greatly in clearing waves.
Sterak’s Gage will grant the tankiness you need to fight through any enemy ambush or if they crash on you while you push lanes as it gives you damage, health, and a shield when you’re low.
Black Cleaver is definitely a winner in this build as it gives you bonus movement speed, damage, and some armor penetration which is a great deal to help you win fights and even flee if needed.


When to use this build:

If you want to:

  • Win games as you can push lanes quickly and destroy turrets easily with Demolish and your AD.
  • Have enough damage and tankiness to duel enemies and turn fights with Sterak’s Gage and Triumph.
  • Be a headache to the enemy team as split pushing is a perfect winning strategy as with Stridebreaker and your combos you can clear waves quickly.

Full build details:

Low Elo Renekton Guide



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