LOL Best Legendary Skins That Look Freakin Awesome!

LOL Best Legendary Skins
"The most obscure way to show your game is with macabre skins."

Hey guys, all good? Frankenstein here in the area, and this time I come to bring you a very interesting article, about an insane and obscure Top 15 of the legendary LoL skins that are extremely sinister and scary, the way we all like it.

Let´s go!


15- PROJECT: Pyke


Skin Introduction:
PROJECT Pyke was launched on 01/08/2019, coming as one of the most macabre skins to use on the lower route. The character already has a very interesting style, but with Skin, it makes him look immensely powerful and fearless.

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • The Pyke Project skin comes as an idea to show that the characters that are also characterized as support, have a space in the world of League of Legends both in style, and in feelings of importance.
  • You get all the insane animations, the skills in use appear modified and you create a feeling of greatness when using this skin.

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Project: Pyke, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

PROJECT: Pyke Skin Spotlight - League of Legends 


14- Coven Morgana


Skin Introduction:
Here we are, talking about creating the legendary skin for Morgana!

Coven Morgana Skin was released on 16/04/2020, being another extremely dark and malevolent skin.

Her model "in game" is extremely nice and complete, making you feel extremely strong, as well as the lines, and the effects of the skills.

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • The skills stand out and you will often want to be casting just to look.
  • The character using Skin in the game, has an aspect of superiority and a very gothic and macabre countenance, letting his opponents know that you know how to play morgana very well.

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Coven Morgana, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

Coven Morgana Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release - League of Legends 


13- Dark Cosmic Lux


Skin Introduction:
Dark Cosmic Lux was a Skin released on 3/26/2020, along with its other skin form, Cosmic Lux.

This legendary skin comes as a purpose for those who love to play with Lux, which is darkness and destruction.

The thrill of you buying a skin of 1820 RP, has as its basic idea, the power. It's not enough to just buy Skin, you buy it to feel totally empowered in the game. 

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • For the simple fact that it makes all the gameplay of the Lux user, change. All spells, shape, character lines, recall, everything changes with the legendary skin. 

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Dark Cosmic Lux, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

Dark Cosmic Lux vs Cosmic Lux Comparison 


12- Dark Cosmic Jhin


Skin Introduction:
Dark Cosmic Jhin Skin was launched on 06/13/2019, slightly older than Dark Cosmic Lux Skin.

RIOT realizing how unique and crazy these Dark skins were, decided to make more of them.

Here we have our beloved ADC Jhin, the lord of the masks, in a creepy and quite obscure style.

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • Playing with Jhin is fantastic, now think about it, dear LoL player, to start a game bearing the legendary style of Jhin? It will creep up your enemies, with the insane combo of animations, recalls, lines and much more.
  • The Jhin's legendary skin is based on making the player concentrate solely on killing, splintering and destroying his enemies, and of course, very well dressed for the dirty work.

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Dark Cosmic Jhin, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

Dark Cosmic Jhin Skin Spotlight - League of Legends 


11- Galaxy Slayer Zed


Skin Introduction:
Galaxy Slayer Zed Skin was launched on 04/18/2019, it is an extremely dark and feared skin.

We are talking here about the shadow lord, our insane mercenary and murderer, Zed.

Zed won this legendary skin in order to make the player feel like the "flames of madness" when playing Zed.

It is an extremely fantastic skin to use, it seems that the character gets even stronger, the feeling of superiority against the opponent is very great.

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • The skin has many animations, has a very striking tone aimed at the insane and has a timeless style.
  • The most interesting thing about this skin, complementing everything else, is that Zed's face appears, the one longed for by many.
  • The voice is fantastic and extremely crazy, with deep and strong tones, effects on the claws, all extremely cold, dark and cursed.

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Galaxy Slayer Zed, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

Galaxy Slayer Zed Skin Spotlight - League of Legends 


10- PROJECT: Vayne


Skin Introduction:
Project: Vayne is a legendary skin that was released on 11/22/2017.

When this skin arrived at LoL, it instantly became a fever.

Vayne's player can simply show himself how strong and insane he is and showing all mere mortals on the screen before starting the game, which is a user of strength and power.

Vayne's skin brings an air of superiority and a feeling of emptiness, agony and strength.

What makes Skin Amazing?
The set of skins in the Project line is one of the most popular, and this version of the shooter Vayne has different animations and even a motorcycle when the character is walking very fast.

RIOT simply made this skin, one of the most desired by all of Vayne's snipers and players.

The air of superiority, the lines, the recall, the battle style, the ultimate, everything in this skin makes the user feel insane, strong and quite fearless.

Whoever plays Vayne, must have this skin to show who is the most macabre adc in the game.

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. PROJECT: Vayne, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

PROJECT: Vayne Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release - League of Legends 


9- Demonblade Tryndamere


Skin Introduction:
Now let's talk about a skin a little old, but that left its mark and is still very desired by many, Demonblade Tryndamere.

This skin was released on 01/08/2011, and won a legion of fans throughout the League of Legends.

This skin has a peculiar style of devil worship. Trynda's player is already a type of player who likes to be lonely, macabre, and this skin comes with the intention of further strengthening Tryndamere's demonic roots. 

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • This in-game skin is as insane as it is on the screen.
  • Even made in 2011, the skin has as a style the cursed, macabre and evil.
  • All skills, including speech, ultimate and Skin style, have been modified, always bringing a fantastic game style to the Tryndamere user.
  • Do you know when you get scary on a route due to its gameplay? So, now associate this with this legendary skin with ascension to evil.
  • It is simply unique, Tryndamere players are true gods of hell with this skin. 

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Demonblade Tryndamere, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

 Demonblade Tryndamere League of Legends Skin Spotlight


8- Dark Star Tresh


Skin Introduction:
Dark Star Thresh é um skin lançado em 16/06/2016, e chegou a marcar presença no League of Legends.

Por ser uma pele com peculiaridades únicas e escuras, Thresh fica extremamente bem apresentada e temível com esta pele.

A pessoa que joga com Thresh já é um tipo de pessoa que se deve respeitar, agora com uma pele lendária e macabra como essa, os inimigos deveriam se ajoelhar.

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • Dark Star Thresh is a skin that addresses a complex change of voice, skill animations, borders and rhythms of the game.
  • The real Thresh player, longs for this skin, as it is a strong source of fear for enemies and for giving a high superiority to his master.
  • This skin is amazing! It is worth every RP spent as you will feel very powerful when playing against your opponents.

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Dark Star Thresh, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

Dark Star Thresh Skin Spotlight - League of Legends 


7- Battlecast Alpha Skarner


Skin Introduction:
We arrived here in the Top 7 with this legendary Skarner skin, created on 11/25/2014, in order to exalt your gameplay in the jungle.

Basically this skin makes a whole modification of Skarner, bringing a real battle machine, modifying its basic attacks, its style of abilities, voice and much more. 

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • This skin is quite crazy, it comes full of adaptations to the champion, from its use of recall where the champion turns everything into an aspect of shrinkage, the collection of its crystals that are in a cybernetic style, its basic attacks completely modified until its usability of spells.
  • When using his fleeing "W", skarner catches fire and makes his floor tremble, making his enemies scared to death when looking at him arriving at a super speed and using his "R", imprisons the enemies that are on fire.
  • This Skin is simply cabulous.

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Battlecast Alpha Skarner, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

Battlecast Skarner (2015) Skin Spotlight - League of Legends 


6- Eternum Nocturne


Skin Introduction:
Let's talk about a skin now that is a little old, being created on 12/05/2012.

Despite being "old", it still stands out for its effects, its impressions and its rise to the obscure.

Nocturne by itself is already a character from the afterlife, it has a very peculiar style of ganks and assassinations of its targets, using a legendary skin and full of modifications so it has no other choice but death. 

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • First let's start by talking about how amazing and sinister this skin's recall is, guys, it's very impressive.
  • All abilities appear with changes in colors, textures, animations and of course, darkness.
  • You Nocturne player, when purchasing a legendary skin like this, you will certainly feel more prepared, strong and complete to play against your opponents. 

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Eternum Nocturne, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

Eternum Nocturne (Kostüm Tanıtımı) League of Legends 


5- Dark Candy Fiddlesticks


Skin Introduction:
The skin is incredible since your character is a scarecrow of death.

This skin is intended to make your opponents feel the fear of just seeing the user using it on the game's start screen.

Fiddlesticks by itself is already a bit of a confusing character to play. Now, using a skin, which is not usually seen around, and which has a very dark aspect, makes the character a complete scarecrow of evil.

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • The skin comes with a series of modifications, mainly after reconstruction and modification of the character.
  • The most incredible novelties of this skin are the recall for base, the modifications in the abilities, mainly its suck life in area and its animation of ultimate with a huge area of blizzard and glacial style.
  • This skin is very insane and those who play Fiddlesticks, certainly crave it for a truly macabre and terrifying style of play.

How to get the Skin?
You can purchase this skin in the “winter season", coming in as an atypical and unusual skin. Where it will be enabled in the store for 975 RP.

Dark Candy Fiddlesticks (2020) Skin Spotlight - League of Legends 


4- Blood Lord Vladimir


Skin Introduction:
Coming here in our Top 4, Blood Lord Vladimir, a skin created on 11/21/2011, coming to totally change the scenario of this character in play.

With modifications throughout the context of the character, this skin brings an air of sovereignty to its opponents.

A skin presents a whole history focused on bloodbaths, rituals and even worship as devil.

Vladimir players who dedicate themselves entirely to this character, have the power in their hands with this skin.

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • This skin has an essence of being totally manipulated with blood, hate and destruction.
  • Blood Lord Vladimir comes into play with changes in the voice, in the character's dance controls, in the use of skills and especially in his ultimate.
  • One of the coolest things about the skills here is the blood flow of his "W", where he is completely transformed into a huge pool of blood modified even by the noise of the skill.
  • Your ultimate where you bathe enemies with blood and after that, the blood explodes with all the animations and visual effects.

It 's crazy.

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Blood Lord Vladimir, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

Blood Lord Vladimir Skin Spotlight - League of Legends 


3- Battlecast Prime Cho'gath


Skin Introduction:
Let's talk about another legendary Skin here, which is also a little old, which is Cho'gath's, released on 10/03/2012.

This skin when it was released was a fever for Cho lovers. She has a whole mechanic designed, she is very infernal in the game with modifications in all her constants.

A curious modification is in the "Q" skill, where the skill kind of disappears and only shows up by lifting the target. For some it is kind of bad and without animation, more for others it is a great weapon to use. 

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • If you dedicate yourself entirely to the champion, this skin has everything to be the highest paid purchase for you.
  • In addition to demonstrating mastery in the game with the champion, the fact that you have an 1820 RP skin draws a lot of attention.
  • The enemies will certainly think twice before going into combat with a player who has this skin.
  • And without counting your own inner ego, do you agree? Using a skin, even more legendary, is to upgrade anyone's game style. 

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Battlecast Prime Cho'gath, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

Battlecast Prime Cho'gath (2020) Skin Spotlight - League of Legends 


2- Infernal Nasus Legendary Skin


Skin Introduction:
Infernal Nasus is a legendary skin created on 11/21/2013, in order to make the lonely players of the top route, feel completely strong and fearless.

The idea of you thinking about buying an 1820 RP skin for Nasus, is something that only lovers of this character will understand.

Everything on the skin has modifications with unique characteristics turned to hell.

This skin enters our Top 2 here as one of the skins that most brings out the force of evil. 

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • When you play with Nasus and use this skin, the first thing that strikes us is the voice.
  • The voice is incredibly deep, has a dark aspect and quite diabolical.
  • The animations of his abilities come with the purpose of devil worship, leaving the cracks of hell and the appearance of death marked on the ground.
  • Now, the most incredible, insane and crazy is the ultimate. The ultimate makes Nasus summon 3 heads and acquire the body totally on fire, making the satan's strength be at his side.
  • This skin is really incredible, and brings to the user an air of superiority. 

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Infernal Nasus, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

Infernal Nasus Legendary Skin 


1- Nightbringer Yasuo


Skin Introduction:
Here in our Top 1 of the list, I think that for many, completely deserved, comes our dear, famous and obscure, Nightbringer Yasuo.

This is a skin created on 06/15/2017, and at the time of its launch it was a fever in sales and acquisitions.

This skin is completely insane, because it makes everything in Yasuo different, even for those who play with the champion, apparently, feel an air of strength and greater sovereignty with the use of this skin... The game will get easier. 

What makes Skin Amazing?

  • Just like the previous skin, only much more insane and crazy, Yasuo's voice is completely modified with the use of this skin.
  • All of the character's animations are different, darker, with modified designs and textures, the sword that acquires the flames of hell and much more.
  • The recall with the use of this skin, makes Yasuo a real devil on fire.
  • The hurricane together with his ultimate, reminds us a little of "Devil May Cry", where he throws the enemy in the air and ends with his flaming sword stroke.
  • Without a doubt, this legendary skin deserves the Top 1 here on this list!

Be strong, be fearless, be insane, many will remember your name! 

How to get the Skin?
You can buy it at the Riot store. Nightbringer Yasuo, is a Legendary skin from 1820 RP.

Nightbringer Yasuo Skin Spotlight - League of Legends 


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