League of Legends Spider Queen Elise Is Growing Older… But Never Aging

League of Legends Spider Queen Elise Is Growing Older… But Never Aging
Beware the Spider Queen lest you end up a sacrifice to the Spider God...

League of Legends has a variety of different champions. Today League of Legends announced that it is the birthday of the Spider Queen, Elise.

Bewitching Elise, one of Elise's skins. Image by League of Legends.

Queen Elise was born several centuries ago as Lady Elise of the House of Kythera, belonging to the faction Noxus. 

Nobody knows her true age, as a twist of fate has gifted her eternal youth. In an attempt to prove her worth to the Pale Woman, Elise went on a quest to the Shadow Isles, where the Spider God Vilemauw bit her and turned her into the Spider Queen, his loyal subject.

With her newfound form came several abilities, with unique variants of each ability for her human and spider forms. 

Blood Moon Elise. Image by League of Legends.

First is her passive, which is called Spider Queen. In human form, it grants her a spiderling when her ability hits an enemy player. In spider form, she gets bonus magic damage and health restoration.

Elise’s ‘Q’ is called Neurotoxin in human form, and Venomous Bite in spider form. Neurotoxin does damage based on how much health a character has, whereas the Bite does damage based on how low an enemy is.

Her ‘W’ is called Volatile Spiderling in human form, granting her an explosive, venom-gorged spiderling. In spider form it is called Skittering Frenzy, granting her and her spiderlings more attack speed.

Super Galaxy Elise. Image by League of Legends.

Queen Elise’s ‘E’ ability is called Caccoon in human form and Rappel in spider form. Cocoon stuns enemies and reveals unstealthed enemy locations. 

Rappel lets Elise and her spiderlings ascend into the air and come crashing down on her enemies, after which bonus damage and healing are increased.

Finally, we get to her ‘R’. This is called spider form and grants her speed, new abilities, and a swarm of spiderlings that attack her enemies.

Victorious Elise. Image by League of Legends.

With her terrifying abilities, the Spider Queen conquers her enemies. With her seductive charm, she leads a chain of unsuspecting suitors to an untimely death at the hands of her master, the Spider God, whenever he demands it. 

And so the birthday of a cold-hearted killer is celebrated with perfect timing for the creepiest festival of the year.

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