[Top 15] LOL Best Low ELO Champions That Are Overpowered!

LOL Best Low ELO Champions
The difference between low ELO and high ELO is the level of meta-abuse.

I know what silver feels like; it's a grueling environment to play League in. If you're sick of being hard stuck, then give up your dreams of being a one-trick Zed. You need to be able to play different roles, and you need to adhere to the meta to get anywhere in Solo/Duo. Here are fifteen champions you should spam in low ELO to dominate the rift.

15. Nasus

Just Keep Stacking, Just Keep Stacking

If you're playing top lane, then one of the safest and strongest picks is Nasus. His ability to get better the longer the game goes on is an underrated perspective in low ELO. Start spamming Nasus and sit on your island top lane. Farm until teamfighting is absolutely necessary, and then finally roll face.

What Makes Nasus Great

  • Nasus can infinitely scale his damage with Siphoning Strike (Q). Use this to your advantage in those low ELO matches that never end.
  • In low ELO it can be hard to fully trust your teammates. So sit top and focus on your stacks and help when you see fit.
  • Surprise the enemy in an important teamfight with your stacked up Siphoning Strike (Q)
  • Nasus has a simple kit and is quite easy to pick up. A combo could be E (shred armor)-W (slow)-Q-auto-Q.
  • 99% of League games are winnable, especially in low ELO. Pick Nasus and use that to your advantage to always give your team a chance.

14. Shyvana

Fireballs That Hit Like Trucks

Shyvana is one of those champions you pick to make the enemy team wish they never played League. She can snowball a lead incredibly fast. Shyvana's dragon form fireball makes opponents question reality with its absurd damage.

What Makes Shyvana Great

  • Shyvana's jungle clear time is absurdly fast. Flip on Burnout (W) to burn the entire camp. Perform auto resets with Twin Bite (Q) and Flame Breath (E).
  • Shyvana's Flame Breath (E) in dragon form scales hard with AP. Chunk people for 75% of their HP with one Flame Breath (E). Finish them with a second.
  • When ganking, wait to use Dragon's Descent (R) until you're behind the enemies, then R them back towards your team.
  • Buy enough AP items early while you're snowballing to practically force an early surrender. You will make them open.
  • Once you have both ability haste and enough points in Burnout (W), you can have it activated almost all the time. This makes you faster and does AOE damage.

13. Annie

She's No Ordinary Kid

Annie has been a consistent pick for years. She has game-changing CC and champ-melting damage. Low ELO players often deem Annie one of the most annoying champions to play against, and for good reason. So use that to your advantage.

What Makes Annie Great

  • Tons of CC with her passive Pyromania (P). After four abilities are cast, her next ability will stun. Combine this with her Summon: Tibbers (R) for a long CC lock and burst combo.
  • Last hit minions with Disintegrate (Q) and have half the cooldown reduced and mana refunded. Very beginner-friendly farming mechanics.
  • Change the direction of a teamfight by getting a massive 3-5 man stun with Incinerate (W) or Summon: Tibbers (R).
  • Get some deep wards, make sure you're unseen, and bush cheese the enemy with a full combo. E (before a fight)-R (with stun) -W-Q. You will most likely kill them.

12. Soraka

The Power of The Banana

While you may think Soraka is 'too easy', or support is 'too boring to play', you need to play it. Whether you like it or not, playing Soraka will get you out of low ELO. Lose the pride and start tossing some bananas.

What Makes Soraka Great

  • Your only objectives are to get vision and to make sure your teammates survive. Soraka excels at this with Astral Infusion's (W) and Wish's (R) healing.
  • Interrupt, and even root the enemy with Equinox (E) at key times to save your teammates.
  • Oftentimes everybody wants to be the hero, so sometimes it's a good idea to sit back and support them.
  • Although it is usually unseen, supports turn the tide of most teamfights. Well-placed CC, buffs, and heals go a long way.

11. Miss Fortune

An Absolute Lane Bully

Miss Fortune strikes terror into opposing laners’ hearts. You always have to be wary of her bouncing shots; they'll chunk you for more than you'd like. Low ELO players love to wander into choke points, and Miss Fortune obliterates those who have no escape.

What Makes Miss Fortune Great

  • Easy farming and great wave clear with Love Tap (P). Every time you auto an enemy for the first time it does increased damage.
  • Another great farming tool Double Up (Q), also packs a punch when it bounces off a dying minion into an enemy’s face. Use this on unsuspecting low ELO players.
  • An ADC with a bit of utility, use Make It Rain (E) to slow your enemies. Activate Strut (W) to increase movement speed to better your chase.
  • Look for opportunities to mow the enemy down with Bullet Time (R). Low ELO players tend to not know how to position in teamfights and will line up just for you.

10. Malzahar

Push Waves and CC Lock

Malzahar has a unique, but oppressive playstyle. You're going to want to push mid-lane into the enemy tower over and over with your voidlings. Then, you’ll use your free time to roam or to get vision. Finally, you’ll use your superpower well in teamfights.

What Makes Malzahar Great

  • Incredible map pressure with rapid wave clear and CC lock capabilities.
  • Get a freebie every so often with Void Shift (P), a shield that blocks CC.
  • Summon your voidlings with Void Swarm (W), Call of the Void (Q) the wave, and place Malefic Visions (E) on a low minion. The wave will disappear in seconds. This creates pressure and you will be able to roam.
  • Combo your Nether Grasp (R) with a teammate's CC to practically guarantee a kill.
  • With the same idea as Annie, wait in a bush, deal some damage, and then CC lock them with Nether Grasp (R).

9. Master Yi

A Classic Low-ELO Destroyer

If you get an early lead as Master Yi, you can end a game very quickly. He's definitely up there on the pentakill potential list. Make enemies rage simply by locking him in.

What Makes Master Yi Great

  • Dodge CC and lethal damage with well-timed Alpha Strikes (Q).
  • Self-heal with Meditate (W). It also reduces damage. Good times to use it are under towers, waiting for cooldowns to refresh, or taking a lot of heavy fire.
  • Huge gank pressure with Highlander (R) and Wuju Style (E). Run in there all buffed up and see if they can stop you.
  • Get a couple of kills early, and turn it into a snowball. Invade the jungler, take all the objectives, camp the top laner, etc. The enemy will most likely FF.
  • Late game is where Master Yi thrives. Zip into a teamfight after it's started and get a couple of kills unnoticed. The rest is up to your mechanics, but it can usually turn into a penta.

8. Yasuo

Make It Quick

If you're in the mid-lane, your team has some AP, and Yasuo isn't banned: pick him. Nobody likes playing against a Yasuo, and you can use it to your advantage. He's a great team fighter and split pusher.

What Makes Yasuo Great

  • Get a free shield every so often from Way of the Wanderer (P).
  • Frustrate your enemies by dashing around them with Sweeping Blade (E) and knocking them up with Steel Tempest (Q).
  • Make like a fish, and lead the enemies on a merry chase with Yasuo's mobility.
  • Frustrate your enemies even more by blocking their crucial projectiles with Wind Wall (W).
  • Put the teamfight in your favor with a 3-5 man knockup, followed by Last Breath (R).

7. Dr. Mundo

Mundo Goes Where He Pleases

Oh yes, he does, especially in low ELO. Scale into an absolute unkillable and immovable force as Dr. Mundo. Soak up all the damage for your team, and do the dirty work, because someone has to.

What Makes Dr. Mundo Great

  • Gain a free CC shield every so often with Goes Where He Pleases (P), to truly go where you please.
  • Repeatedly slow enemy champions with successive Infected Bonesaws (Q).
  • Self-heal with Heart Zapper's (W) re-cast.
  • Good for jungling and tower destruction, auto reset with Blunt Force Trauma (E).
  • Low health in a teamfight? Make them kill you twice by healing it all back with Maximum Dosage (R).

6. Zyra

So... Many... Plants...

Zyra is an absolute pest. She has too much going on for the enemy to keep track of. That is precisely why she thrives in low ELO. Zyra is a game-changer when it comes to laning, as well as in teamfighting.

What Makes Zyra Great

  • Grow as many plants as you can to annoy your enemies by activating Garden of Thorns (P) seeds.
  • Plant your own seeds with Rampant Growth (W). Cast Deadly Spines (Q) and Grasping Roots (E) near them for them to grow.
  • Root enemies from an unfair distance with Grasping Roots (E).
  • Use Grasping Roots (E) before Stranglethorns (R) to ensure full damage.
  • Turn the tide of a teamfight with well-placed Stranglethorns (R), knocking up 3-5 champs.

5. Yorick

Split To Win

Destroy the top lane tower first and then help other lanes. Continuously split the entire game, while helping your team every so often. Your main objective is to apply pressure in as many lanes as possible and to destroy as many structures as possible.

What Makes Yorick Great

  • Summon 3 Mist Walkers with Shepherd of the Souls (P) to increase your pushing power.
  • Auto-reset to put out more damage to enemies and towers with Last Rite (Q).
  • If you're being chased out of a lane, then trap the enemies with Dark Procession (W) and slow them with Mourning Mist (E).
  • Summon the Maiden of the Mist with Eulogy of the Isles (R) and accompany her in destroying the enemy's base.

4. Brand

Cook Their Team Well-Done

Hitting a full Brand rotation on someone is one of the most satisfying things in League of Legends. His unsuspected damage frequently surprises low ELO players. And you can use that to your advantage.

What Makes Brand Great

  • Chain your abilities together to activate Blaze (P), which detonates and burns. You can burst a lot of champions with this.
  • Wait for the enemy to clump before using Pyroclasm (R) for the most bounces.
  • If you set off enough blazes, they add additional burns to nearby enemies. Brand thrives in teamfights.
  • Wait in a bush, Conflagration (E) the face-checking victim, follow up with Sear (Q) to stun, then finish with Pillar of Flame (W). Guaranteed pick.

3. Mordekaiser

Steal Their Stats, Then Sit On Them

  • Mordekaiser is a great low ELO pick because of his presence, ability to single out champions, and his AOE damage over time. Finish someone off with his ultimate, and then burn the rest of the enemy team using their stats. What Makes Mordekaiser Great
  • Very strong top lane pick. Not a lot of bad matchups. Scales very well.
  • After 3 successive attacks, Darkness Rise (P) will activate. This is when you should stand on top of the enemy menacingly while you burn them.
  • Buy Zhonya's and use it after you activate Darkness Rise (P) to do damage while invulnerable.
  • Confident in your team to win the teamfight? Ult the enemy tank with Realm of Death (R) to make sure.
  • Are you super fed? Ult the enemy carry and pick them to give your team the advantage.
  • Become an unkillable damage-dealing AP bruiser.

2. Amumu

Not Many Friends In Solo Duo

Although this mummy is very sad, he's still an incredible pick in low ELO. The recent update gave him an additional bandage to toss. The adding of more CC to a champion who already had2.5 seconds of stuns makes him even more overpowered. Set up dazzling plays with Amumu's game-changing ultimate.

What Makes Amumu Great

  • Fast clear time with AOE abilities Despair (W) and Tantrum (E).
  • Massive gank pressure with Bandage Toss (Q) and Curse of the Sad Mummy (R).
  • Get easy picks for your team with Bandage Toss (Q) and Curse of the Sad Mummy (R).
  • Make teamfights easier by hitting a 3-5 man stun with Curse of the Sad Mummy (R).
  • Build straight tank and become an unkillable CC monster.

1. Kayle

The Only True Way To 1v9

Kayle is the epitome of 'get on my back' gameplay. Farm until level 16, and then the game is over. She is far too powerful, especially in low ELO. 1v9 in every game with Kayle. 

What Makes Kayle Great

  • Once Level 16, you are guaranteed to be one of the top three strongest champions in the current game.
  • Every game is winnable with Kayle. If you use Divine Judgement (R) to block key damage, you can turn any teamfight in your favor.
  • Insane wave clear once level 11 or 16. Split push to your heart's content until you have enough items in which nobody can stop you.
  • Stand behind your team and launch Radiant Blasts (Q) and ranged autos to melt the enemy safely.

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