[Top 10] Best League Of Legends Streamers To Watch In 2023

[Top 10] Best League Of Legends Streamers To Watch In 2023

Howdy, people! It's time to get your “pepos'' and “keks” ready because today we are going to be jumping into the best and most entertaining League of Legends streamers that you can watch in 2023! My frens listen, not only are these people entertaining to watch but they are also cracked at the game. By “cracked,” I mean that they are at the top of the skill ladder.

So while you might even get a ton of entertainment out of them, you’ll also gain a lot of knowledge about the game, and hey, maybe it will help you improve at it even more. The streamers that I will mention play different roles, and each of them main or one-trick different champions, so there’s something for everyone! So with that knowledge, let’s jump straight into this article!


10. Stevens

“The Jax God is here!”

Let’s start this list off with none other than the greatest Jax player that exists in the game currently. This guy is cracked at Jax, so if you ever wanted to learn how to play that champion you should watch his streams as you will learn a lot.

But if his Jax gets banned or he gets streamed snipped, he will always go for his secret pick, which is Darius, to chop down some people. You see, Stevens is a top-lane main and doesn’t play anything else besides that role.

Since he knows that role in and out, he managed to reach the challenger rank on multiple occasions, and his highest peak was in S12, where he got 950 LP total. That’s an insane number that many players, including me, can only dream of. Along with his cracked playstyle and constant carrying of matches on his back, he also takes his time to entertain his viewers and cares a lot about them.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/stevens


9. gamergirl

“Katawin-a who?”

Are you someone who aspires to be a Katarina one-trick and you want to reach the challenger rank with the champion, but every time you try to do a basic combo, you fail and die to minions? If that seems like an issue that you have, then perhaps you should watch “gamergirl” as she is a challenger player herself. 

Watching her, you’ll get a ton of entertainment as she frequently chats and jokes with her viewers. Along with that great entertainment, you’ll also gain a ton of knowledge about the champion she’s playing, and you just might improve your gameplay with Katarina. You might even start hitting the griddy on the enemy team and getting yourself a penta kill. 

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/gamergirl


8. IWDominate

“Every jungler is a toxic piece of sh**.”

So this player right here is a former LCS jungle main, and he still plays jungle to this day. You see, he used to play League of Legends professionally for 5 years until he got permanently banned for his toxicity. I can't blame the guy, as every jungle main in the game is highly toxic. But IWDominate fully focused on his streaming career and entertaining his fans during the banned period, which turned out heavily in his favor.

Right now he’s currently running 2 League podcasts and streams the LPL Daily. The guy made it in his life. What else is there to say? From watching IWDominate, you will be able to learn a lot about the game, including some mechanics that you didn’t even know existed. I am 100% sure you’ll learn something from watching IWDominate, as he is highly knowledgeable about the game. 

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/iwdominate


7. Vienna

“Red eyes Blue n White dragon go!”

Now, my frens I might be cheating here a little bit as Vienna can sometimes be seen streaming games other than League of Legends, which I only see as a good thing. Because too much League can be a problem sometimes and maybe even drive us to madness, especially if we are on a losing streak. If you do decide to watch Vienna, you’ll be able to learn a lot from her streams, and I guarantee that you’ll have a good and fun time!

When it comes to Vienna, she has managed to reach the grandmaster rank and held the title of the number one Shen player in season 12, but she can also be seen playing Syndra, Xayah, Evelynn, and even sometimes Kai’Sa, as those are her favorite champions. Even more, if you pay close attention, you can sometimes hear cute little meows coming from her microphone, as she owns two cute cats.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/vienna


6. KarasMai

“Shadows cut deep as fear!”

Did you take an interest in playing Kayn and you already want to know everything about him? Or you simply got a good-looking skin for the champion and now you want to play him? Well, if that sounds like you, then let me introduce you to the number one Kayn player in the world right about now.

Watching him, you’ll learn everything about the champion, and without a doubt, you’ll become a master if you pay enough attention. You see, my frens KarasMai has reached the challenger rank multiple times, but in season 11, he managed to get 1110 LP and be the 35th player in the whole NA server. I mean, I don’t even have to explain how insane that is.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/karasmai


5. IKeepItTaco

“Here come dat boi.”

All this streamer needs is a unicycle, and we are going into the meme zone. When it comes to IKeepItTaco, he’s a Jhin one-trick pony and knows everything about that damn psychopath and I do mean everything. After the champion was released, IKeepItTaco started playing him and creating builds. 

Even recently, he started playing Jhin as a support champion, even though he’s classified as an ADC, and you know what? As crazy as it sounds, it’s working wonders for him. Even I have seen a few Jhin supports in my matches, and funnily enough, it works better than expected. Also, during his streams, you better get your “keks” ready, as you will be laughing a ton while watching Taco.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/ikeepittaco


4. Dantes

“Behold the might of the Shadow Isles!”

Now let’s talk about the one and only Hecarim one-trick, “Dantes.” His streams might be one of the more interesting to watch, especially when he goes on one of his monologues, and goes into crazy mode when he’s on a losing streak, or when people constantly ban his champion. When it comes to his gameplay, this guy is completely cracked when playing Hecarim, and he might be one of the best.

You see, Dantes loves to entertain his viewers and cares about every single one in his chat. If you want to learn how to play Hecarim or maybe even learn how to play the jungle role, then he is the man to watch. There is tons of entertainment to have and knowledge to gain from his streams, and you’ll enjoy watching him! 

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/dantes


3. Tarzaned

“Who’s the king of the jungle? I AM!”

Now if you want to know everything about the jungle role and learn how to play it like a pro then I highly recommend you watch Tarzaned my fren. Because this guy right here managed to hit number one rank in NA multiple times playing jungle. He even managed to beat actual professional players playing the role and even out jungled them. This guy is no joke.

Now, from this, you might get the feeling that he has a serious attitude or something like that, but you’d be dead wrong, fren. Because he loves joking around with his viewers and making a ton of memes, the most entertaining time is when he’s flaming someone or when he’s tilted because his team isn’t playing that well. That’s when the “keks” started flying in the chat everywhere. 

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/tarzaned



“Sneaky sneaky.”

Now let’s talk about the man–the legend–who turned me into a disgusting rat main. Yes, believe it or not, my frens this streamer right here is why I’m even playing Twitch as before I never showed any interest. But don’t sweat it; he doesn’t only play Twitch; he also plays Brand, and yeah, that would be it.

You see, people don’t watch him for the huge variety of champions he plays; they watch him because he’s entertaining, and you can learn a lot from his streams. Along with the great knowledge you gain from his streams, he will also make you laugh a lot. Sometimes, when he feels like it, he’ll play different games like Warzone 2 or some other random game if his friends are playing. Also, be sure to ask him to turn on the microphone if he has it disabled.

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/ratirl


1. loltyler1


Oh, come on now, people; if you haven’t heard of Tyler1, then you must have been living under a rock. Everyone who plays League of Legends should know about Tyler1, as he is one of the few players to have reached challenger in all roles. He started as a Draven one-trick but now plays anything that seems fun to him. That logic also applies to other video games as he is a variety streamer after all. 

Since he managed to reach challengers in every role he knows a little bit about everything so no matter what role you main or play you’ll learn something that’s for sure. And we can’t forget his personality and character that allowed him to gather such a reputation in the League of Legends community, especially when he starts raging, but we don’t see that as often anymore. Sadge. 

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/loltyler1


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