[Top 10] LOL Best Life Steal Items

LOL Best Life Steal Items
These items steal your life. Like League of Legends stole mine

Let me start this article by asking you a question. Have you ever wanted to survive a 1 on 3 gank bang action but you never had enough health to do so? Well, worry not because there’s something called life steal in this game. It does what the name says you steal life from other opponents.

In my opinion, these are some of the best items you can buy in the game simply because they keep you alive longer and it just looks so damn cool when you survive a 1v3 battle.

But enough of chit chat let’s get into the items!

10. Doran’s Blade

Starting items for almost all AD champions!

At number ten we have Doran’s Blade. Let’s start this list off with the most basic item on this list. This item is so basic it puts basic white girls to shame trust me on that. Now, why is it basic you might ask?

Well, it’s the starter item of almost every ADC or AD champion. Almost everyone who’s AD will buy this item since it gives you a good 8 AD damage bonus for free, 80 health because why not and 2.5%  life steal and allows you to heal yourself after you lost a shameful trade trying to smash the Miss Fortunes buttocks.

But instead, you got slapped so hard you lost 50% of your HP… pervert. The cost of this item is 450 gold and it’s worth the price. Now when selling this item you don’t get a lot of money back because the shopkeeper likes his shekels and will undercut you a lot something like on the show Pawnstars.

What makes this item great:

  • It’s a cool tiny sword that can be used to stab people. Makes you feel like you’re in the UK
  • Gives you sustain during the laning phase if you’re getting your booty kicked. 
  • Really cheap and worth the price 
  • Almost every ADC or AD champion will buy this item 

When to buy this item:

  • Bought at the start of the game so you ensure yourself a longer survival
  • Can also be bought at the 5th-minute mark but if it’s over 10 minutes don’t even think about it. It’s not worth it 
  • If you get enough money for two of these tiny swords I’d recommend you buy them if you need more life steal in the lane and can’t get enough CS 

Doran’s Blade details:

  • 450 shekels only
  • 2.5% life steal
  • Gives you 8 AD damage and 80 health

9. Cull

Returns your investment, Veri gud. 

At number nine we have our dear item Cull. Oh, this item is pretty damn cool because for every 1 cs that you get, you get 1 shekel back and if you managed to get 100cs with this item you get a bonus of 350 gold.

This item will make you rich in no time. The cost of this item is 450 gold and if you do the math correctly by 15 minutes you should have all of your sweet sweet shekels back but if you suck at killing minions well don’t even bother then, just buy Doran’s Blade and save yourself the trouble.

Also, this item looks pretty cool in my opinion, because it looks like a scythe and scythes are cool. You can cosplay the Grim Reaper if you wish with this item. 

What makes this item great:

  • Looks like a scythe come on that has to be the coolest thing you’ve seen yet
  • Gives you back 1 shekel per 1cs so you can never go broke
  • Makes you learn how to cs properly
  • A good alternative to Doran’s Blade
  • Pays for itself after you stacked its passive ability

When to buy this item:

  • Alternative to Doran’s Blade, so bought at the beginning of the match
  • Unfortunately, this item doesn’t stack as Doran’s Blade so you can only have 1 copy of it 
  • Can also be bought later in the early game if you’re having a good CS score
  • I recommend that you buy this item if you think you can smash their head in during the laning phase

Cull details:

  • Gives you 7 attack damage
  • Restores 3 health every auto-attack
  • Gives back 1 gold coin per 1 cs
  • At 100CS you get a bonus of 350 gold

8. Elixir of Wrath

Halloween is coming and this looks like a perfect drink!

At number eight we have a potion. Well, correctly it’s an elixir for those who wish to be grammarly correct and don’t have a life outside of their computer. This item looks menacing like it will suck your soul out through its jaws.

Well, it just might you never know with this game anymore. So this item is pretty cool since it gives you a lot of AD and a lot of life steal while also being really damn cheap at only 500 gold. The reason it’s at number eight is because it’s a late-game item and rarely you’ll find yourself buying it.

Sometimes you might even forget that it exists just like your girlfriend forgot you exist. Also when you drink this stuff it gives you like a red aura around you, which is pretty cool.

Makes you feel like a devil or something I dunno what it makes you feel you decide that. 

What makes this item great:

  • Bang for your buck 
  • Gives you lots of AD to smack your opponents with your right hand and maybe the left 
  • Gives a cool aura so people know not to mess with you

When to buy this item:

  • This item is bought pretty late in the game or when you’re full build
  • Can also be bought when you need extra AD or life steal
  • I don’t recommend that you buy this early since it lasts a short time

Elixir of Wrath details:

  • Gives 30 attack damage
  • Gives 15% life steal
  • Lasts only 3 minutes. Like I did with your mom last night ;P
  • Costs 500 gold

7. Vampiric Scepter

Scythe that steals your life essence. 

At number seven we have Vampiric Scepter. It’s a cooler-looking scythe god damn it looks really beautiful doesn’t she? Well, let’s not start jizzing over this cool-looking item let’s see how useful it is. And she is useful lemme tell you that.

It’s a tiny bit more expensive than Doran’s Blade, Cull and the Elixir of Wrath but she can be built into different items. It’s a core item of Ravenous Hydra, Blade of The Ruined King, Bloodthirster, Eclipse and Immortal Shieldbow. All items which you’ll find in this list so keep on reading!

The cost of this item is 900 gold so double the amount of a Doran’s Blade but it’s way more useful. Not only that but it gives more life steal than Doran’s Blade and Cull combined. It gives less life steal than Elixir of Wrath unfortunately but it’s more useful than the damn elixir. 

What makes this item great:

  • A cooler-looking scythe 
  • Almost cheap af and definitely worth the price 
  • Can sustain you during any time of the game
  • Stacks with other life steal items

When to buy this item:

  • Buy this item as early as you can if you need it. I’d recommend that you get it during the 10th or 15th-minute mark 
  • Can be bought on every AD champion. Nobody can escape it’s wrath
  • If you’re getting poked in your laning phase you can get this item as a safe resort

Vampiric Scepter details:

  • Only costs 900 gold. Double the amount of Doran’s Blade and Cull.
  • Gives 15 attack damage 
  • Gives 10% life steal

6. Blade of The Ruined King

Blade of The Simp King

At number six we have the blade of the simp king. Yes, this is the blade of the ultimate simp Viego. Now, this item came way before he was even in any plans whatsoever. Not to mention that this blade looks really damn cool. Looks like something straight that came out of World of Warcraft.

But yes this blade is damn amazing when it comes to being useful. Our previous item Vampiric Scepter is being used as a mandatory item to build this blade. How is a scythe turned into a sword? I have no idea believe me. People over there at Riot Games must be smoking some good crack or pot. I’d like a share ngl. Could be handy to me right now.

This item is pretty good in my opinion since it gives you attack speed, attack damage, and life steal. Not to mention that its passive ability steals movement speed from the opponents and gives it to you. It also deals a % amount of damage based on the opponent’s health. The only downside of this item is that the performance is different on melee and ranged users.

This is a sad day for me because I mostly play ranged champions :<. 

What makes this item great:

  • Yoinks their movement speed and gives it to you 
  • Deals a % of their maximum health 
  • Also deals bonus magic damage every third auto-attack
  • Kinda expensive not going to lie to you

When to buy this item:

  • I’d recommend buying this as a third or second item so around the 20th to 30th-minute mark
  • If you need extra attack damage, attack speed, movement speed, or life steal this is a pretty good alternative 
  • Good against people who are tanky and have lots of HP

Blade of The Ruined King details:

  • Priced at 3200 gold
  • 40 attack damage
  • 25% attack speed increase 
  • 10% life steal 
  • Deals a % of the target maximum health 
  • Every third auto attack deals bonus magic damage
  • Steals the targets movement speed and gives it to you

5. Ravenous Hydra

Favorite item of all bruisers and tanks!

At number five we have Ravenous Hydra. This bad boy can cut anything in half. Look how sharp the edges just are. Plus not going to lie I’d like to have an axe like this to cut some wood because it’s autumn and gotta get some firewood ready for the winter. Would make my life hell of a lot easier.

Not to mention that this item can do AoE damage all around it when you’re auto attacking something. This is especially useful once you’re split pushing a lane or want to get rid of a huge wave of minions quickly. Also gives you a lot of ability haste which lowers your cooldowns your abilities. 

What makes this item great: 

  • AoE cleave damage to clear waves easier. Makes you feel like you’re cutting down grass in my opinion except the grass is small minions that can’t defend themselves.
  • Looks like a cool axe and gives off a cool effect once you auto-attack something. 
  • Can heal you a lot if you have a big attack speed. 

When to buy this item:

  • Buying this item mostly on AD melee champions such as bruisers or tanks. 
  • Can also be bought situationally on assassins and sometimes on ranged champions if you really need the extra life steal
  • This item is bought as a first or second item for bruisers and tanks but as a third or fourth item for assassins 

Ravenous Hydra details:

  •  Costs 3300 gold
  • 65 attack damage 
  • 20 ability haste
  • 10% life steal
  • Cleave passive ability which does the AoE damage as I explained it the cleave damage is only 60% effect on ranged champions

4. Eclipse 

Only look at the eclipse with eye protection. Better be safe than sorry.

At number four we have Eclipse. Ah, we finally have our first mythic item and what better way to start it off than our dear item Eclipse. You’ll see this item mostly on assassin champions or champions which can easily put out a lot of damage in a short period of time.

This is where this item excels the most. The quicker you kill your target and slaughter his whole family tree line the better buffs you get from it. So for example, if you hit someone with 2 or 3 more abilities or auto attacks you deal a % of their max health which also grants you a 15% bonus movement speed and some other things.

There’s a lot of stuff this item does okay? It’s a mythic for a reason. 

What makes this item great:

  • Really good on assassins or champions that can cast abilities quickly and shoot them out 
  • Gives a lot of buffs for being quick 
  • I wish it gave me buffs IRL when I’m quick in the bed instead my GF just gets mad at me :< sad life

When to buy this item:

  • The first real item you’ll buy. I recommend that you always buy a mythic item first
  • When playing an assassin champion or an ADC that can use abilities quickly such as Miss Fortune
  • Can also be bought on bruisers if they need the little extra life steal

Eclipse details:

  • Gives 55 attack damage
  • Bonus 18 lethality 
  • 8% life steal
  • Grants all other legendary items a 4% penetration bonus and who doesn’t like penetration am I right? ;)

3. Riftmaker

Eye of Sauron but purple. 

At number three we have our first item that AP champions can use. Yes, this is the only item on this list that AP champions can use to get some juicy life steal. Every other item on this list can’t be used on AP champions unless you want to get yourself a nice report and a quick ban. This item is really damn good I like it.

I like it so much that I buy it almost on every single AP champion that I play. This item also gives a lot of buffs and extra thingies for free and the best part it only costs 3200 shekels. But don’t let the look of this item intimidate you. It might look like something your mom would you in bed but hey that’s not my problem. My point is that this item destroys everything and heals you a lot. 

What makes this item great:

  • Looks like a personal toy for personal things
  • Gives a lot of buffs and other free things for no extra charge 
  • Comes only to around 3200 shekels
  • Purple eye

When to buy this item: 

  • Mostly on AP champions who need it
  • Bought as a first real item
  • Buy it if you need to be tanky and have extra health 

Riftmaker details:

  • Costs 3200 gold
  • Gives 80 ability power
  • Gives 300 health
  • Extra 15 ability haste 
  • 8% life steal
  • The mythic passive gives all other legendary items a 2% bonus life steal and 8 free ability power

2. Immortal Shieldbow

Actually makes you immortal...kinda

At number dos, we have Immortal Shieldbow. Ohhhh I despise this item so damn much because it’s so damn good on every champion. What’s that you’re a support? You can buy it! You’re an AP champion?

No worries buy it! And you know why I hate it? Because every time I’m supposed to kill someone this item activates itself and stops people from dying by giving them a free extra shield. Not only does it help them survive for longer but it also gives them a huge life steal bonus to they heal all the HP they lost. I also die in the process every time. How fun yey! But I love it when I am the one with this item hehe. 

What makes this item great:

  • Protects you from dying. Turns you from a tiny mortal to Jesus pretty much
  • Once you’re low enough HP it gives you a huge shield
  • Gives lots of bonus life steal

When to buy this item:

  • If the enemy team has a lot of assassins buy this item
  • If the enemy team can kill you buy this item 
  • If you’re playing an ADC champion you must buy this item
  • My point buy this item every damn time because it’s so damn broken

Immortal Shieldbow details:

  • Costs 3400 gold coins a bit more expensive than other mythic items
  • 55 attack damage
  • A bonus of 20% attack speed and critical chance 
  • 10% life steal
  • Mythic passive grants all other legendary items 5 attack damage and 50 health

1. Bloodthirster

Sucks every single drop of your blood. 

And our number uno spot we have Bloodthirster. The look, the name, everything about this item is just so metal af. It’s so badass and I love it. I always loved buying this item. It gives the most life steal out of every item on this list.

And this sword is oozing with the red color. The color your opponents bleed after you stole their life essences. Not only that but this item gives you critical chance so when you crit someone you suck even more of their life for your own benefit.

And when people tell me that I can’t heal myself by wounding others I just show them this item and prove them wrong. Which I follow up by saying “splish splash your opinion is trash”. 

What makes this item great:

  • Huge amounts of life steal
  • Looks metal af. Buying this item increases your testosterone by 100% 
  • Gives you a bonus of critical chance as well 

When to buy this item:

  • When don’t you buy this item?
  • If you really need lots of healing powers I strongly recommend that you get it. 
  • If you need critical chance, attack damage and life steal all in one package get this item

Bloodthirster details:

  • Free 55 attack damage
  • A bonus of 20% critical chance and life steal
  • Gives a shield if you’re full HP so you can keep healing even if you’re full. Take that you filthy assassin mains.

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