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There are a total of 151 champions in League of Legends. Your first task when you begin playing the game is to decide which champion you will dedicate the time and effort into learning. If learning a bunch of different champions is not appealing to you, then you'll probably just want to choose one champion to focus on and put in hundreds of hours. We made a list of the best champions to One Trick. These are champions that will almost always be very strong picks and have the opportunity to impact the game in a big way or outright carry. 


Jax is a very safe pick.  He’s a prominent top laner known for his ability to apply kill pressure and split push. Jax’s Q gives him a decent amount of mobility and he has hard CC with his E. His ultimate makes him deceptively tanky and he doesn’t have a very high skill ceiling so he’s a solid choice for newer players. You can use him top or jungle so he’s definitely a viable champion to One Trick. 

Why One Trick?

  • Jax absolutely dominates when fed. Hard Carry Potential
  • His E blocks auto attacks before stunning enemies that he strikes. It can be used to counter many champion attacks.
  • Great Split pusher
  • Very strong with the item update 

How to play Jax In season 11



Most low elo players have bad pathing and make themselves easy targets in the jungle. Kha’zix’s burst damage and stealthy assassin playstyle make him the ideal champion to punish an enemy’s mistake. Kha'zix is able to snowball quickly, allowing him to take advantage of even slight leads. He’s been a top jungler for some time now and Riot doesn’t see the need to squash him. Kha'zix is definitely a champion worth sticking with and your time investment will pay back dividends. 

Why One Trick?

  • Passive allows you to punish enemies for being caught.
  • Snowballs very fast after one or two kills. 
  • Can oneshot carries when fed allowing you to take over games. 
  • The new mythic item Eclipse is broken on him

How to play Kha’zix: 


With the changes to her E and R, Diana is now more effective than ever. You still get her late game dominance but you don’t have to wait until 6 to be effective. It’s still a good idea to  farm it out and be patient but now you have much more kill pressure if you land your Q during the laning phase. She’s an exceptional split pusher and useful teamfighter with her ult and W. 

Why One Trick?

  • Diana is ridiculously strong late game.
  • Diana is a strong split pusher. Making her a good choice in solo queue. 
  • Not many people know how to play against her.
  • Deceptively Tanky with high damage output

How to play Diana: 


Fizz is one of the safest champions thanks to his E Playful trickster. He’s durable for an assassin once you build Protobelt and his burst damage is more than enough to punish carries. His all in potential at level 3 will allow you to catch most opponents off guard. Landing the shark at full range is tough. There’s always something to work on which makes him a fun champ to play over and over again. 

 Why One Trick?

  • His E gives him huge outplay potential.
  • Very Bursty while still being tanky with protobelt.
  • Your Ultimate’s damage and CC cannot be ignored. 

How to play Fizz: 


Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune  has the advantage in a number of lane match ups and her Ult makes her a massive threat in teamfights. She’s very lane dominant thanks to how easy it is to safely poke the enemy bot lane. Her E’s range can help you get a slow off on champions trying to flee from your teammates. With such a well rounded kit and reliable teamfight capabilities, Miss Fortune is a great champion to dedicate time to. 


Why One Trick?

  • One of the best teamfighting adc thanks to her ultimate. 
  • Able to carry games hard.
  • Straight forward play style allows more room to master her mechanics. 


How to play Miss Fortune:




Ashe is an extremely reliable pick. She has plenty of CC and her long range W can seem oppressive after completing one or two items. The more you play her the better you’ll be with her long range stun. It’s generally not a good idea to waste it trying to snipe someone across the map. However, big time players make big time plays so I’ll leave it up to your discretion. 


Why One Trick?

  • Reliable Stun from your ultimate enables you to stun your opponents, offensively or defensively, anytime after level 6.
  • Great at initiating teamfights.
  • Her Hawkshot can give you and your team valuable information


How to play Ashe 


Blitzcrank is one of the most fun champs to play. I personally feel like he isn’t played enough for how oppressively effective he can be at securing kills for the team. Blitz applies insane lane pressure just by being around. If you can land your grabs reliably and know when to use them, you will become an invaluable asset to any team. 

Why One Trick?

  • Decent damage output after securing a few kills
  • One grab can win you the game. 
  • Potential to totally destroy the enemies by zoning them from cs or killing them endlessly.

How to play Blitzcrank: 



The only issue you’d ever really run into as a Morgana One Trick is being able to play her. She’s going to be banned a lot because she just so damn useful. Her Q at max rank will root enemies for 3 whole seconds. You can die so many times in three seconds. Her spell shield makes her super useful and you get more damage and hard stun from her ultimate. She really does bring the pain. 


Why One Trick?

  • Long CC with her Q and her Ult. Great for teamfights.
  • Spell Shield can be OP on your carries or initiators. 
  • Can go mid or Support.
  • Snare is very long range and roots for 3 seconds


How to play bot Morgana:


Hecarim is literally a one trick pony. You go tanky with a triforce, buy Death’s Dance and Spirit Visage and then commence to  stomp the game as you endlessly mash Q. I went through a phase of banning hecarim because he just kept getting out of hand. He’s hard to kill and if you don’t have CC to stop him he just knocks you around the whole map. Great champion to carry and closeout games. 

Why One Trick?

  • Good ganks thanks to his movement speed and hard CC.
  • Hecarim is very durable but is also a strong duelist.
  • Great initiator for teamfights. 

How to play Hecarim: 


Annie is a great champion for beginners because her Q gives you enough damage to last hit units and refunds the mana when you do (good for stealin-, er I mean securing kills). She hits hard at close to mid range and her reliable stun makes her a solid pick in most team comps. Annie is another champion with game breaking potential in her ult. Tibbers does huge damage and the AOE stun can decimate an enemy team.

Why One Trick?

  • Very easy to farm with
  • Her AOE Stun with her ultimate can change the game.
  • Insane burst damage with only a few items  

How to play Annie: 

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