LoL Best Caitlyn Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Caitlyn Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

LoL Best Caitlyn Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Caitlyn Skins Ranked Worst To Best)
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Our favorite character and sheriff of Arcane. A lot of people met Caitlyn through the TV Show and that’s how they came to know about her existence. After the TV Show ended her play rate skyrocketed along with the purchase of her skins. One skin, in particular, was the most used Caitlyn skin; we’ll get to that later. When it comes to the champion itself Caitlyn is one of a kind. Her abilities are unique and no other champion has similar capabilities to her. But enough about the champion we’re here to talk about skins so let’s get into the list! 

15. Original Caitlyn (Ok)

What’s there to say about her that you already don’t know? I like how they updated her visuals but they still kept the basic outfit. They made it less horny and that’s it. They did come with new animations that are smooth and unique but the downside to this is that they copied it to every other skin that exists. 

How To Get Original Caitlyn: 

You can purchase the champion and the skin for 3150 BE or 880 RP which is around 8$. 

14. Arctic Warfare Caitlyn (Ok)

This skin turned Caitlyn into a communist. Before they didn’t even try to hide that fact but now it’s less obvious but it’s there. The animations and sound effects are the same as with the original skin. But this skin does give a unique perspective on Caitlyn. 

How To Get Arctic Warfare Caitlyn:

You can buy this skin for 750 RP or 7.5$. 

13. Resistance Caitlyn (Ok)

Fighting for the resistance is a good thing but what isn’t is how basic this skin looks. Even though she’s in a resistance she has the top-notch quality gear. I don’t know if the resistance gave their best gear to her or if the resistance is just that rich. But whatever the case might be this skin just doesn’t suit the theme. It would be much better if it was under the PsyOps name because at least then the name would suit it. 

How To Get Resistance Caitlyn:

You can buy it for 520 RP or 5$ in the skin shop. 

12. Sheriff Caitlyn (Ok)

This is a simple reskin of the original champion. Nothing new was added except her western outfit. Now if you expected to hear wild west sounds like you do in high noon skins you’d be highly disappointed. Everything is the same except her outfit. If you like your champions being in the theme of the wild west then this skin is for you. 

How To Get Sheriff Caitlyn:

The only way to get this skin is through a chest. 

11. Safari Caitlyn (Ok)

This skin looks the same as Sheriff Caitlyn. I mean if you posted the two skins near each other I’d have a hard time guessing which is which. Same as the previous skins it does not add anything new, not even a new recall animation. The reason why I’m being harsh on Riot is that they updated the whole champion but couldn’t be bothered to add new animations or sound effects. If you ever want to visit Safari this skin is for you. 

How To Get Safari Caitlyn:

This skin is only obtainable through chests because it’s a legacy. 

10. Arcade Caitlyn (Ok)

They were so close to greatness with this skin if only they made the sound effects better. The sounds are underwhelming and whenever I use this skin it throws me off. Sound plays a bigger role in this game than you’d ever think and having a strong sound effect when auto-attacking someone can be a game changer. 

How To Get Arcade Caitlyn:

You can purchase it for 1350 RP or 10$ in the League of Legends skin shop. 

9. Prestige Arcade Caitlyn (Average)

This skin suffers the same fate as the normal Arcade Caitlyn. Especially because it costs a fortune to own this skin. But what this skin does have going for itself is better effects and a better model. So at least they did something to the skin instead of just painting it gold. 

How To Get Prestige Arcade Caitlyn:

You can only get this skin by spending your precious mythic essence which can cost you up to 50-100$ if you’re not patient enough.

8.  Headhunter Caitlyn (Average)

This skin is only used by people who love to try hard in this game. If you see someone using this skin either focus on them only or don’t interact with them at all. You will get your bottom kicked no matter what. The skin does look impeccable and it’s a reference to the Predator from the Predator movies. If you love that franchise this skin is for you.

How To Get Headhunter Caitlyn:

You can buy it for 975 RP or 8$. 

7. Battle Academia Caitlyn (Average)

This is the first out of two legendary skins for this champion. Yes, Caitlyn has two legendary skins. The skin does have unique attacking and reloading animations especially. But the best part has to be when you’re using your ultimate ability. A little window pops up where you can see her face focusing on the enemy to one-shot them. So far this is the only champion that has something like that and it’s very unique.

How To Get Battle Academia Caitlyn:

You can buy this skin for 1820RP or 15$ in the skin shop. 

6. Officer Caitlyn (Good)

They went all out with Caitlyn being a law-abiding citizen. It even shows in her skin. This is my favorite skin for the champion but I can’t place it any higher than this because it’s basic. It doesn’t come with anything new or unique but the main reason I like it is that the skin offers a smaller model compared to the original. 

How To Get Officer Caitlyn:

You can buy this skin for 975 RP or 8$ in the store. 

5. Lunar Caitlyn (Good)

Because Caitlyn loved nosing around other God’s businesses they turned her into a smurf. So anytime she’s trying to sneak around she’ll glow a purple color. But on a serious note, this is one of the better skins for the champion. It’s also one of the rare skins where Riot Games were comfortable with turning a human champion into a creature through a skin. 

How To Get Lunar Caitlyn:

You can only obtain it through chests or you can purchase it during the Lunar New Year for 1350 RP or 10$. 

4. Pool Party Caitlyn (Good)

Do not ever get into a water fight with Caitlyn. You won’t be able to hit her while every shot will hit you. It’s an unfair advantage because she’s using a sniper rifle. The funny thing about this skin is that it has power behind her shots even though it’s a pool party skin. These skins are known to have low-impact sound effects for auto-attacks but this skin pulls it off. Also if you’re in the summer mood but don’t want to go to the beach this skin is for you. It will bring the summer vibes right to your room. 

How To Get Pool Party Caitlyn:

You can buy this skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the League of Legends skin store. 

3. Snow Moon Caitlyn (Excellent)

This skin was fresh out of the oven and a lot of people love it. It’s for a good reason as well. The only downside to this skin is that it was released during the summer so it does not suit the vibe. I think it would have sold more if it was released during the winter period. But that’s just my two cents. It’s also a brand new skin line and I hope we’ll get more champions to join the Snow Moon. 

How To Get Snow Moon Caitlyn:

Buy this skin in the League of Legends shop for 1350 RP or 10$. 

2. Pulsefire Caitlyn (Excellent)

This is the second legendary skin that Caitlyn owns and it’s one of the better ones in the game. It changes everything from her outer looks to her emotes. Anything that you can potentially think of is changed. The running animation is the best and smoothest out of any skin for the champion. The video doesn’t do it justice. 

How To Get Pulsefire Caitlyn:

You can buy this skin right now for 1820 RP or 15$ in the League’s skin shop. 

1. Arcane Caitlyn (Best)

This is the most popular skin for the champion and the right reasons as well. The first and biggest reason the skin was free to anyone who played while the TV Show aired. This skin also has the smallest model in the game and the smoothest attacking animations. I always perform well while using this skin in the game so maybe you will too! 

How To Get Arcane Caitlyn:

You could have gotten the skin for free while the TV Show was airing but sadly you’ll have to buy the skin now for 975 RP or 8$. 

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