[Top 10] LOL Best Pushing Champions That Wreck Enemy Buildings!

LOL Best Pushing Champion
Nasus obliterating an enemy tower.

To play League of Legends nowadays is to not trust your teammates. And to not trust your teammates is to become a split pusher. If you want to gain LP by neglecting your teammates, then you need to play these ten champs. In the wise words of Trick2g, "Open the gates!"

Auto-resetting, wave clearing, survivability, and escape are the most important shared factors amongst broken split pushers. Every champ on this list excels in most or all of that criteria.

10. Trundle

The Trolls Are Going To War!

While the trolls are off at war, the king is in the top lane feasting on minions and towers. Trundle is a truly underrated split pusher, and the enemy always regrets forgetting about him. Kill the laner, bite their tower, rinse and repeat.

What Makes Trundle Great For Pushing

  • Auto-reset with Chomp (Q). Destroy towers rapidly!
  • Attack and escape faster with Frozen Domain (W). Use his W in tandem with Chomp (Q) auto-resets for maximum damage output.
  • Ward off opponents with Pillar of Ice (E) while you finish off the tower.
  • Steal your enemy's resistances with Subjugate (R) to tank towers longer
  • Use Chomp (Q) and Frozen Domain (W) to quickly rid of minion waves.

9. Camille

Why Does She Do So Much True Damage?

Camille is always zipping around and destroying waves. She will quickly take care of your top laner. And soon after you'll be hearing, "YOUR TURRET HAS BEEN DESTROYED!"

What Makes Camille Great For Pushing

  • Survive longer by tanking free damage with adaptive Defenses (P).
  • Auto-reset twice with Precision Protocol (Q) as well as explode enemies with its true damage.
  • Clear waves with the AOE damage from Tactical Sweep (W). Also, use it to slow enemies as you escape or engage.
  • Hookshot / Wall Dive (E) is an incredible engage/escape tool as it creates massive distance. Destroy the tower and get out of there!
  • Want to destroy the tower but a pesky laner is in the way? Well, The Hextech Ultimatum (R) is a great 1v1 tool that will help you solve your problem.

8. Singed

Thinking Outside the Box

Singed is a bit of an oddball. He doesn't destroy towers very quickly. Instead, he uses other methods to ensure enough time to whittle those structures down and apply pressure.

What Makes Singed Great For Pushing

  • Run behind enemy lines and proxy waves to ensure time to keep your split push going.
  • Use Poison Trail (Q) against those who try to stop you from destroying their tower and escaping.
  • Slow enemies with Mega Adhesive (W) to better chances of your escape.
  • Pop Insanity Potion (R) to get guarantee an escape after a successful split push.
  • Eliminate enemy minions quickly with Poison Trail (Q) and auto-attacks.

7. Ziggs

What Do You Mean It's Not Safe?

The only non-top laner on our list needs to get some respect. He's a wave clearing monster with an ability that executes towers. What's not to love?

What Makes Ziggs Great For Pushing

  • All abilities can be used to wave clear.
  • Satchel Charge (W) can be used to execute towers under 25%-35% maximum health. Very handy in a split push!
  • Quickly burst anyone trying to stop your push. A common combo being E-auto-Q-R.
  • Escape with Satchel Charge (W) by gaining distance with its explosion.

6. Fiora

Sharp Blade + Sharp Mind = Good Split Push

Slice through minions and enemies quickly using a flurry of auto-resets and AOE damage. Fiora is unforgiving in 1v1s and has a knack for getting out of tight situations. Leave her alone in the top lane and your inhibitor will be gone.

What Makes Fiora Great For Pushing

  • Build Tiamat and Goredrinker to increase AOE damage and pushing power
  • Lunge (Q), Riposte (W), and Bladework (E) can all be used to clear waves more efficiently.
  • Use the combo auto-E-auto-Q-auto to destroy towers the fastest.
  • Turn 2v1s into your favor by focusing one champion with Grand Challenge (R), killing them, and getting a massive heal to better your survival.

5. Nasus

D Cane! Put It Down!

Nasus was created to split-push. He sits on his island, stacks up, and makes you pay once you've fallen asleep. His incredible scaling and ability to wreck towers make him number five.

What Makes Nasus Great For Pushing

  • Nasus has infinite scaling with Siphoning Strike (Q), so as long as you're in the game, you can destroy structures faster.
  • Strike down those who try to stop you by using Fury of the Sands (R), Wither (W), and Spirit Fire (E).
  • Wither (W) will slow those trying to catch you.
  • Spirit Fire (E) reduces armor and makes the squishies squishier.
  • Use Fury of the Sands (R) while taking a tower to take it in double time. It reduces your cooldown on Siphoning Strike (Q).

4. Yorick

Let My Ghouls Do The Work

Too lazy to play with your team AND to do all the split pushing? Yorick is the perfect fit for you. He and the Maiden of the Mist were made to wreck buildings.

What Makes Yorick Great For Pushing

  • Summon up to 4 Mist Walkers with Shepherd of Souls (P). These little guys will do the dirty work of wave clear and tower damage.
  • Auto-reset Last Rites (Q) on minions and towers for maximum damage output.
  • Trap enemies in Dark Procession (W) as they run after you.
  • Rundown those attempting to defend their objectives with Mourning Mist (E). It slows, and your ghouls will jump on them.
  • Need some extra pushing power? Summon the Maiden of the Mist with Eulogy of the Isles (R). She will push the lane until she dies, so stick with her!

3. Teemo

A Safety Net Made of Mushrooms

Teemo is rarely used seriously. However, he actually excels at split pushing. His AP on hit does extra damage to towers, and you can hide behind a wall of mushrooms to escape.

What Makes Teemo Great For Pushing

  • Auto-reset with Blinding Dart (Q) on minions and champions for maximum damage output.
  • Use Noxious Trap (R) to clear waves faster.
  • Use Noxious Trap (R) to cover all ganking angles to increase your survival and chance of escape.
  • Utilize Teemo's Guerrilla Warfare to run circles around enemies in bushes while invisible. This is a great tool for a split pusher as it wastes the opponent's time.

2. Tryndamere

My Right Arm is a Lot Stronger Than My Left Arm!

Although Tryndamere's workout regime to strengthen one arm is questionable (and maybe even gross) he makes a great split pusher. He's got everything you need along with an ultimate that extends survivability and time to take towers.

What Makes Tryndamere Great For Pushing

  • Stack up Battle Fury (P) to do more damage to minions. Clear them faster.
  • Self-sustain with Bloodlust (Q) to stay in lane longer. This will keep applying pressure to the enemy.
  • Slice through an entire wave of minions with Spinning Slash (E).
  • Use Undying Rage (R) to add a few seconds to your life so you can finish off that tower.
  • Use Undying Rage (R) after taking a tower to better your chance of escape.

1. Jax

Imagine If He Had A Real Weapon!

Jax is our number one split pusher, and he doesn't even use a real weapon. He's got a kit made for making champions, minion waves, and towers disappear. And yes, in that order. 1v1 the enemy, destroy the wave in a second and proceed to beat on the nearest tower.

What Makes Jax Great For Pushing

  • Stack up Relentless Assault (P) to take towers faster. The more you hit the tower, the faster you will take it.
  • Leap Strike (Q), Empower (W), and Counter Strike (E) can all be used to clear waves faster.
  • Auto-reset with Empower (W) for maximum damage output.
  • Need a little more time to finish off the tower? Activate Counter Strike (E) to fend off some damage while you destroy the objective.
  • Another way to extend your life is to use Grandmaster's Might (R). Beef up your resistances and power through with your push.

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