[Top 10] LOL Best Initiators That Wreck Hard!

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Some champions are amazing at starting fights

Let’s see who is the best at initiating team fights in LoL!

An important aspect of League of Legends is team fights. Team fights on the rift usually take place after the laning phase and are crucial in determining who will be victorious and who will be defeated.

While the laning phase helps further the team fights, it is the team fight phase itself that is super important to the game.

Team fights allow a team to push when they’ve aced the enemy team, to take towers or to push for objectives. So let’s get into who are the best initiators that wreck hard in the game! 

10. Wukong

Wukong Montage

Wukong is a great asset in team fights. He is able to start them quickly and efficiently if he can get the timing right.

The Monkey King has the ability to get into the battle quickly using his gap closer, ult and knock them up (which has great combo potential) and get out of the thick of it alive.

How to initiate a team battle with Wukong:

  • Wait for the enemy team to group together.
  • Use your E Nimbus Strike to dash to your targeted enemy.
  • Ult using Cyclone to knock up the team and recast on any escaping backliners.
  • Use W Warrior Trickster to escape. 

9. Jax

Jax Montage

Jax has an uncanny ability to get into the middle of a team fight, even if it is just him versus the entire enemy team and survive. Granted, he is a late-game champion, so it needs to be later in the game for him to really wreck the team.

His kit is designed to get in there, deal big damage, pick off any carries and get out.

How to initiate a team battle with Jax:

  • You can activate your E Counter Strike before reaching the target.
  • Possibly using flash, get into the middle of the enemy team and stun any surrounding enemies.
  • Pop your ultimate Grandmaster’s Might.
  • Use W Empower followed by a Q Leap Strike to their carry and get the kill.

8. Orianna

Orianna Montage

Orianna is one of the squishier champions on the list, yet she is still able to pack a punch using her ultimate.

Her positioning needs to be precise so that she can ult the enemy but not be in danger of being picked off herself.

How to initiate a team battle with Orianna:

  • Wait for the enemy team to group up or the carries to be within the same area.
  • Ult the carries or full team with your Command: Shockwave.
  • Use your W Command: Dissonance to slow them.
  • Use your Q Command: Attack to pick off any carries or low health enemies.

7. Maokai

Maokai Montage

One of the few champions that hail from the Blessed Isles before their ruination, Maokai is a vengeful tree spirit fighting against the horrors of the Shadow Isles. 

With two roots in his kit, a slow and a knockback, Maokai has enough CC to start the fight for his team.

How to initiate a team battle with Maokai:

  • When the enemy has pushed too far, or you have reinforcements nearby, ult them using Nature’s Grasp. Remember it is quite slow, so begin the ult nearer the targets.
  • Use Maokai’s W Twisted Advance to close the gap with the target.
  • Use Q Bramble Smash to deal damage to the carry or to knock back the enemy support or tank.
  • Use auto attacks in order to activate your passive Sap Magic which heals you and reduces your cooldowns. 

6. Lissandra

Lissandra Montage

Our favourite ice queen can’t see where she is going, but you can and that’s straight into the middle of the enemy team.

Lissandra is a great initiator because of her abilities to gap close and to root. To boot, if she is in danger, she can ult herself and heal herself.

How to initiate a team battle with Lissandra:

  • Wait for the enemy team to gather together for the best chance at rooting as many champions as possible.
  • Use your E Glacial Path to gap close into the middle of the enemy team.
  • Then root using your W Ring of Frost.
  • If you are low health ult yourself using your Frozen Tomb or ult the enemy carry.
  • If any enemy dies, Lissandra’s passive is activated, helping you score multi-kills.

5. Jarvan

Jarvan IV Montage

Once the heir to the Demacian throne, King Jarvan IV shows us how to start a fight.

Jarvan is normally a top laner or jungler that can target an enemy, close the gap between them, lock them into a fight and kill them before reinforcements arrive.

How to initiate a team battle with Jarvan:

  • Use Jarvan’s E Demacian Standard to place the flag where you want to go (i.e. towards the enemy backline).
  • Follow it up with his Q Dragon Strike in order to pull yourself to the flag’s location.
  • Use his R Cataclysm on one of the carries. (Press R again to collapse the rock wall.)
  • Kill the enemies as quickly as you can, using W Golden Aegis to shield you from any oncoming damage.

4. Amumu

Amumu Montage

There is nothing sadder than the sad mummy missing an opportunity to get a multi-ulti. 

Amumu is a great pick for the rift due to his ability to jungle well, gank well and when the time comes for team fights, Amumu is the initiator that can survive, until some squishier champions on this list.

How to initiate a team battle with Amumu:

  • Start with your E Tantrum, toggling it on.
  • Try and Q Bandage Toss a carry.
  • Use your ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy.
  • Use your W Despair to continuously assault the rooted enemies.

3. Kennen

Kennen Montage

Can you think of anything more satisfying than starting a team fight as Kennen using a well-timed ultimate? We will wait.

Kennen’s ult has great synergy with other initiator champions in League of Legends, such as Amumu, Malphite and Morgana. It can be used to very easily pick up a nice couple of kills in the game.

How to initiate a team battle with Kennen: 

  • Use Kennen’s E Lightning Rush to gain movement speed and close the gap with the enemy team.
  • When in range of the targets, ult them using Slicing Maelstrom to deal damage and apply his passive, Mark of the Storm.
  • When the targets are stunned, follow it up with a W Electrical Surge.
  • Most squishy champs will have died, and any others can be caught using Kennen’s Q Thundering Shuriken. 

2. Leona

Leona Montage

Leona is a very fun support tank that can initiate a fight, brawl it out and still somehow survive.

She is a tanky monster in the later stages of the game that can spam her Q Shield of Daybreak to keep enemy carries stunned.

How to initiate a team battle with Leona:

  • Prepare to enter the fray by starting with Leona’s W Eclipse.
  • Before her W ends, use your E Zenith Blade to latch onto an enemy, preferably the carry, and bring Leona to them.
  • When her W ends, it will cause AOE damage while shielding Leona.
  • Follow it up with a Q Shield Of Daybreak and an ultimate Solar Flare in order to stun or slow the escaping enemies. 

1. Malphite

Malphite Montage

Malphite is one of the most enjoyable champions to play when initiating team fights. His ult is super fun, with the potential to one shot squishies and combo with other players like Yasuo.

His early game is quite weak but once he reaches level 6, he can use his ultimate. The enemy team will be constantly fearing a Malph ult. Enjoy their fear.

How to initiate a team battle with Malphite:

  • It is best to surprise attack with Malphite’s ult, Unstoppable Force.
  • Choose the correct moment to go in, for example when a number of squishy enemies are bunched up together.
  • Ult them, and follow it up with a E Ground Slam to all surrounding targets.
  • Follow it up with a W Thunderclap or/and a Q Seismic Shard to the low health carry or target.

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