[Top 10] League of Legends Best ADC For Solo Queue(Latest Patch)

League of Legends Best ADC
I will get one shotted and my role doesn't matter!

Did you know that being addicted to League of Legends is more hazardous to your health than being addicted to crack? Exactly, welcome to LoL, a game where you will question your morals and sanity. A game where you will be ripping out the hairs out of your head after your jungler fed your enemy mid laner 2 times already.

What else is there to say... Teemo? But back to the topic - I'll be talking about the best ADC's for solo queue currently in 1.16 - but wait, what does ADC stand for? ADC stands for Attack, Damage, Carry - pretty much everyone wants to play as an ADC in LoL, and 99% of players who pick ADC's suck ass. So, let's get started:

10. Twitch

Why is Twitch OP:

  • Can solo carry a match
  • Is very sneaky
  • Can go AP or AD

9. Ashe

  • Can help her team out with vision thanks to her E
  • Has a lot of slows, can easily catch up to enemies 
  • Her ultimate ability is a global CC

8. Jinx

  • She's a hyper carry 
  • Gains a lot of bonus movement speed when she kills someone 
  • Has a global ultimate ability but it's better than Ashe's

7. Ezreal

Why is Ezreal OP:

  • Another global ultimate to catch people who are escaping 
  • Has a free flash in his kit
  • Has great poking potential

6. Kaisa

Also known as Kasha, your main goal with this champion is to grow stacks of plasma that will deal more and more magical damage. This champion also buys herself items that will boost her basic attacks to deal even more damage. Yay, another BS champion <3. Kai’sa is also a tumor escape artist, both her ultimate and E allow her to escape or engage in team fights. This is your go-to champion if you needto quickly melt more tanky, enemy champions. Kog'Maw, Sivir and Vayne could potentially counter her, but a good Ka'isa player will still find way to annihilate his opponents.

Why is Kai'sa OP:

  • Has a nice latex butt
  • Can deal massive amounts of damage
  • Her ultimate ability gives her a shield buff 

5. Lucian

This guy is apparently some paladin or Jesus or some sh!t, his passive basically let's him deal a double-shot, if previously he used an ability. Considering that Lucian, a very good boy, has low-cooldown abilities, makes his passive a massive pain in the buttocks to deal with. He's a great poker in the early game, pretty OP in the late game so what else can I say about this champion… His ultimate is basically a machine gun that releases 500 rounds per second, as you've probably guessed, everyone who's unfortunate enough to stand in front of his ultimate will most likely get 1-shotted. He's also capable of gaining attack speed due to his spells, revealing opponents and bla, bla bla. All the OP stuff. He attends to church every Sunday as well.

Why is Lucian OP:

  • Has a wife, he won at life 
  • Very annoying to play against
  • Ultimate ability can be used as s nice wave clear

4. Miss Fortune

Why is Miss Fortune OP:

  • Ultimate ability is great in team fights
  • Can be played by almost anyone and carry the match 
  • Has nice poke potential 

3. Draven

Tyler's favorite champion. He's hard as hell to play, but after billions of years of mastering this champion, you will carry 99 out of 100 games with him. To be honest, I find him to be boring, but he's a decent ADC so whatever - his ultimate basically poops out 2 whirling axes that travel forward and killing everything it hits, because of his W, he's also a pain in the ass to catch up to and run away from as well - it also grants him with attack speed. His passive is unique though, he gathers "adoration" from killing minions, towers, monsters or catching axes. Depending on how much adoration he has,he will receive bonus gold. Tyler1 loves this champion and hey, his passive reminds me a lot of him!

Why is Draven OP:

  • Has a lot and i mean a lot of damage
  • Can't be stopped at all 
  • Another global ultimate ability but it's an execute since the latest patch

2. Ziggs

Why is Ziggs OP:

  • Deals AP damage instead of AD so glhf
  • Sadly no global ultimate ability
  • He will ruin your day and your week
  • Love the smell of napalm in the morning!

1. Samira

Why is Samira OP:

  • Can heal a massive amount of health back
  • Really fun to play
  • Moderate learning curve 
  • If anyone is in her ultimate ability range they're dead 

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