[Top 10] LOL Champions With The Most Skins

[Top 10] LOL Champions With The Most Skins
Money makes the e-girls add you.

Sup chooms today I’ll be listing all of the champions with the most skins. Yes, today’s article will only focus on the plebs. No sweating or tryhard today. I will be listing champions by their number of skins only. Their popularity or how OP they can be won’t matter today.

It’s all about the numbers and nothing else. Some champions do get favoritism and you can see that from space. Riot likes to deny it but the proof is in the skin releases. Of course, they do so they can earn more money because let’s be real, who doesn’t like looking at some boobas?

Everyone does. Also, Riot is lately making fan service skins and most of the time they’re anime-looking. Because most of the League of Legends community are weebs. Let’s start the countdown, shall we?

10. Garen - 14 Skins

“For Demacia I shall do anything!”

Oh boy, you know about this guy, I know about this guy, your grandma knows about him I mean who hasn’t heard of Garen? He’s one of the most popular characters with the plebs and weebs. Why is that the case?

Well, because he's easy to play and doesn’t require a lot of brainpower. You see Garen also doesn’t have a mana pool so feel free to spam his abilities. The most difficult part about Garen is playing the top lane correctly. Yes, that will be your hardest part about this character.

When it comes to his skins Garen has a total of  14 skins which consist of 7 common and uncommon skins, 5 epic skins, 1 prestige skin, and 1 legendary skin. As you can see he has a huge variety of skins. Something for everyone!

Link to skins page:


9. Leona - 14 Skins

“Protect the weak I must!”

Here we have the queen of the Sun called Leona. She uses the power of the sun to CC you for an eternity until you die and shrivel into dust and nothingness. Leona is on this list because she’s popular among the e-girl community.

Not the normal girls that play League, the girls who love to be a parasite and get carried to the desired rank. That’s kinda funny. But enough memes Leona is a fun champion and someone I’d like to have by my side no matter what.

When it comes to her skins Leona has a total of 14 skins. She has 6 uncommon and common skins, 5 epic skins, 1 prestige skin, and two legendary skins. Yes, this girl got TWO legendary skins. Why? Because of MONEY. 

Link to skins page: 


8. Riven - 14 Skins

“I broke my fingers playing this champion.”

Here we are at the star of the top lane. Why is Riven the star? Well, because anyone who can play her is a star themselves. Like seriously those people should be honored after every single match. Have you ever tried playing Riven?

Because she’s one of the hardest champions I ever played. During a team fight, things got so hectic that I thought I broke my fingers. Thank God I didn’t. Riven as the last 2 champions also has 14 skins in total.

Those skins are separated into 4 uncommon and common skins, 1 really rare skin, 6 epic skins, 1 legendary skin, 1 prestige skin, and 1 skin that you can’t get anymore. The reason you can’t get this skin anymore is that it was released when Riot Games used to give out skins to people who would come to live tournaments. That skin is the Championship Riven. 

Link to skins page: 


7. Katarina - 14 Skins

“Go on and run, it's more fun that way!”

Ah yes, Katarina is one of my favorite ladies of League of Legends and one of my personal favorite mid laners to pick. Am I good with Katarina? No, but I do have fun playing her so I don’t care what you say to me you will just get muted.

Why do I enjoy playing Katarina? Well, because you can 1v9 the whole match and that’s one of the most satisfying things to do for me. Katarina has 14 skins in total and she will be getting more skins in the future. Hell yes!

Katarina has 9 uncommon and common skins, 4 epic skins, and 1 legendary skin. My favorite skin to use for Katarina has to be Death Sworn and Battle Queen Katarina. If you like playing Katarina I highly recommend that you do yourself a favor and get yourself those two skins. 

Link to skins page:


6. Twisted Fate - 15 Skins

“Deal 'em, boy.”

Now we have Twisted Fate, the guy who loves playing with cards more than his mother. Instead of getting money cards for his deck, he should get some girls for his deck.

If you know what I mean. Twisted Fate is a fun champion to play and thank god he has the skins to back that up. You can never get bored with this champion. You have everything you want in the world. A huge play area to roam around thanks to your ultimate ability.

Twisted Fate has a total of 15 skins which are separated into 8 common and uncommon skins, 5 epic skins, 1 legendary skin, and 1 skin you can’t get at all anymore. That skin is the Pax Twisted Fate. People who own this skin either were really lucky to get it back in the day or they paid a lot of money for it. If they did buy it we consider them pay-to-lose players. 

Link to skins page:


5. Vayne - 15 Skins

“I shall destroy every demon that exists.”

Mommy dommy Vayne. I want her to dominate me and I don’t care in which way. I will do anything she wants me to do. Vayne is also really fun to play and enjoy. One of my favorite skins for her has to be the newest one which is Sentinel Vayne.

When it comes to Vayne and her character all she wants to do in her free time is kill demons. She’s somewhat like the Doom Slayer of legends. Of course, the plebs won’t even know what I’m talking about so I won’t even bother explaining.

Vayne comes equipped with a total of 15 skins. Those skins are separated into 7 common and uncommon skins, 4 epic skins, 2 legendary skins, 1 prestige skin, and 1 hextech skin. The hextech skins are only obtainable after you have obtained 10 hextech gemstones. How do you obtain those gemstones by opening chests and praying to have luck on your side. 

Link to skins page:


4. Akali - 15 Skins

“Riot please stop nerfing me.”

Up next is the champion that is nerfed the most in the whole game. That is Akali. I don’t know the last time that Akali got buffed. Every time someone figures out a fun build on Akali Riot is there to mess it up fully and make Akali unplayable again.

But even though they keep nerfing her they release skins for her. The only reason they do that is to shut up Akali fans and to stop them from throwing temper tantrums. I’ve also had my share of playing Akali and she’s really fun I must say.

Sadly she doesn’t have any legendary skins to play around with but what she does have is 15 skins in total. Those skins are separated into 8 common and uncommon skins, 6 epic skins, and 1 prestige skin. Her prestige skin will also be getting an update. How generous of Riot Games. 

Link to skins page:


3. Ahri - 16 Skins

“The virginity keeper Ahri.”

Ah yes, the champion that’s popular mostly because of how broken she can be and not because she’s fun to play. I mean have you ever met an Ahri player who likes playing the champion? They probably can’t wait for Ahri to get banned so they can pick someone who they have fun playing.

And even if they feed their excuse is “Ahri was banned”. I love this community so much. Many of the players are like a hive mind and they don’t have a single thought that’s theirs.

Ahri comes in with a total of 16 skins. Those are separated into 7 common and uncommon skins, 5 epic skins, 2 legendary skins, 1 prestige skin, and 1 upcoming skin. I am surprised that the upcoming skin isn’t another legendary. Because let’s be real Riot would earn so much money by simply making it a legendary. 

Link to skins page:


2. Lux - 17 Skins

“I am the light that Demacia needs!”

Here we have the scared child of Riot. The most favorite champion at Riot Games. They love this champion more than they love their parents. And is shown by the number of skins that this girl receives. While some other champions will get maybe 1-2 skins per year this girl will get 3-4 skins per year, maybe even more.

It all depends on how they feel. Lux is one of the rare champions that has ultimate skin. What are ultimate skins? They change their appearance and their animations while also adding new dialog and new sound effects. That’s all great until you realize that the price of these skins is 25 euros.

Lux has a total of 17 skins and they consist of 6 common and uncommon skins, 6 epic skins, 2 legendary skins, 2 prestige skins, and 1 ultimate skin. Phew, that’s a lot of cosmetics for 1 champion but she’s not the number one so prepare. 

1.  Miss Fortune - 17 Skins

“Bang bang guess who has the most amount of skins!”

Yeah, boyyyyyyy one of my favorite champions has the same amount of skins as Lux and you don’t even realize how happy that makes me. Not only is she fun to play but you have so many skins to switch between that you don’t even know where to start.

Trust me I have over 10 skins for this champion and I don’t even know which one to pick sometimes. They’re all great in their perspective. If you don’t like it, well too bad who cares? Let the people have fun. Miss Fortune has a total of 17 skins as you might have read from the title.

Those skins are separated into 8 common and uncommon skins, 6 epic skins, 1 legendary skin (that makes me depressed), 1 ultimate skin, and 1 prestige skin. But thankfully Miss Fortune has ultimate skin which is cheaper than the Lux skin because people were crying about how it’s not as good. In my opinion, Miss Fortune's ultimate skin is the best one to date. 

Link to skins page:


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