[Top 15] League of Legends Best European Players In The World Right Now

League of Legends Best European Player
The atmospheric stage for the LEC Championship.

Are you trying to keep your eye on European players who are blazing the hottest trails this split?

Do you need high-value fantasy players on your team to rub in your friends’ faces?

Then this article will guide you to those rift-dominating professionals.

15. Jean "Jezu" Massol

All About Jezu

Jean 'Jezu' Massol, current bot laner for SK Gaming, is taking the LEC by storm. He's fresh blood on a struggling team, and he's looking to become the franchise's backbone. Jezu combines a team-players mindset with an aggressive prowess., This is a formula that gives SK Gaming a bright future.

Jezu is a keen 21- year- old from Berlin. And surprisingly, 2020-2021 is his first professional season. But he's wasting no time making a name for himself. As the ADC, Jezu takes a lot of pressure for SK, and he takes it well.

Jezu, formerly known as "Jesus", has a fitting nickname for being the savior of SK Gaming. Like a certain someone at the top of this list, Jezu shares a love for Tristana. He ravaged three different teams with Trist in the past couple splits., Jezu posteding KDAs of 16.0, 12.0, and 8.0.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 6th Place (£7,500)

Jezu's Highlights

Jezu's Twitter


14. Kristian "TynX"  Østergaard Hansen

TynX the Time-Bomb

What do you need to complement an aggressive ADC well? Yes, that's right, an even more aggressive Jungler. TynX, the jungler for SK Gaming, often steers into the skid of high skill-cap champs, and he makes it look easy. That might have something to do with him being a substitute, but when he's in, he's IN.

TynX is also 21 years old, like his star-studded ADC. His stellar reaction time is a by-product of his previous table tennis training. And, he knows what his laners want as he used to main Mid before switching to Jungle for professional play..

If you don't ban TynX's Graves, you will be sorry. He has a knack for early tower dives and aggressive counterjungling as you'll see in his highlights. He has immense talent and is definitely looking to become the starter. However, his loose-cannon nature may be holding him back. Keep an eye on him as he loves to explode.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 6th Place (£ 7,500)

TynX's Highlights

TynX's Twitter


13. Carl Felix "MagiFelix" Boström

MagiFelix Used 'Outplay'; It Was Super Effective!

MagiFelix is one of those players guys you think is easy gold until he ends up taking yours. Then, you'll bere sitting at a gray screen wondering how it happened so fast. MagiFelix is the embodiment of flashy plays and style points.

Our third 21 year old of the list is from Sweden, and he is Astralis' Mid laner. There's not much else to MagiFelix apart from League of Legends. He had five accounts in the top twenty of the EUW server, five accounts in challenger at the same time (all in different roles), and he reached the top of the solo queue ladder in March of this year. League really is life, I guess.

MagiFelix likes to dabble in Akali and Irelia, but his most dangerous champ is Orianna. Pairing his Orianna's average KDA of 5 and 80% kill participation smells of danger for those unfortunate enough to play against it. He will make you look silly if you underestimate him.

Major Tournament Achievements

No Major Tournaments Achievements With Astralis

NLC 2020 Summer Playoffs (FNC Rising) - 1st Place (£8,444.60)

MagiFelix's Highlights

MagiFelix's Twitter


12. Dino "LIMIT" Tot

Push It To The LIMIT

Dino "LIMIT" Tot is that spider in the corner of your bedroom, waiting for you to stop paying attention so he can make his move. As you prioritize the ADC and the Mid laner, the support for FC Schalke 04 assists from the shadows. LIMIT also isn't afraid to get his feet, as he's constantly making assertive support plays to secure picks for his team.

As the 23- year- old from Croatia nears the cusp of his gaming peak, he looks to backpack Schalke to the top 4 of the playoffs again. The headstrong German may be getting tired of his previous lackluster playoff appearances. His teammate, BrokenBlade, says this, "Limit is a kind of Support I've never played with before. He shotcalls a lot, isn't scared of going in. When Dino is in the zone, the games feel really easy to play."

I wonder if that quote has anything to do with LIMIT playing Rell or Alistar recently. Check out the short clip below of LIMIT making his ADC's life easy.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 4th Place (£20,000)

LIMIT's Highlights (Shows Crownshot his big brain)

LIMIT's Twitter


11. Elias "Upset" Lipp

Don't Poke The Bear

Look at that picture, the ADC for Fnatic is stone-cold. You can send one, two, or three champs after him, but you'll end up running away with your tail between your legs. Elias "Upset" Lipp is the perfect replacement for the previous longtime ADC for Fnatic, home of Rekkles.

Do you want a man who can do it all? Upset is your guy. The 21-year-old German reached challenger rank 1 in 2017 (just 17 years old), was top of the solo queue ladder on May 1st of this year and is married to a streamer named Paulaeal. Quite an impressive resume.

He channeled his inhumane skills into Kai'Sa to dominate the spring and summer splits. In 14 games from those splits with Kai'Sa, Upset recorded 9 wins (64% WR). He also was winning with an average KDA of 12.3.; Ddisgusting numbers.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs - 2nd Place (Qualified for Worlds)

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 5th Place (£10,725.35)

Upset's Highlights

Upset's Twitter


10. Sergen "BrokenBlade" Çelik

That Blade Doesn't Seem Broken...

The top laner everyone fears; one who pressures the entire map. You are never safe in a game with BrokenBlade. He will outplay you simply because he finds it is funny.

At TSM, BrokenBlade was treated like Veigar, constantly being belittled for his height."Is that a short joke?!" So, the top laner ships off to the LEC heads to FC Schalke, where the tables are turned, and he shows no mercy. The 21-year-old was the first Turkish resident to play in the LCS. And honestly, I think he's a much better fit for the LEC.

BrokenBlade's name alludes to his favorite champ being Riven, but the recent Spring split saw a lot of Gangplank. In the regular season and playoffs, the top laner played 5 games of Gangplank in which he averaged a 13.9 KDA. He won all five games. BrokenBlade's stellar play resulted in a top 4 finish for Schalke in the Spring playoffs.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 4th Place (£20,000)

BrokenBlade's Highlights


BrokenBlade's Twitter


9. Kacper "Inspired" Słoma

One Can Inspire From Any Age

"Uh... what killed me?" A question often followed by being killed by Inspired. This Polish Jungler is the truth; he is a certified prodigy. Rogue has found itself a gem in Kacper Słoma.

Top 50 in Challenger at 15 years old. The second-youngest player in the LEC. The first jungler to record a pentakill in a match. And lastly, at 19, 2021 Summer LEC MVP. The future is now for Inspired.

You absolutely cannot let Inspired lock-in Graves. Although he only recorded 3 games with Graves in the Spring, he has a history of ruining opponents' games with the champ. As you'll see in the highlights, blink once, and you're alive. But, blink twice, and you're dead.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs - 3rd Place (Qualified for Worlds)

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 2nd Place (£42,901.40)

Inspired's Highlights

Inspired's Twitter


8. Javier Prades "Elyoya" Batalla

Your Objectives Aren't Safe

Elyoya, rookie Jungler for MAD Lions wasted no time showcasing his abilities in the LEC. In the highlight video below, the Spaniard steals both a baron and a dragon. He's hungry and he does not let off the gas.

Another 21 year old is taking the LEC by storm. It seems the new generation is in, and the experienced vets are just trying to holding on in their dwindling years. Another bit about Elyoya is that his name is derived from a nickname his Spanish supporters gave him.

Elyoya excelled this summer with a flashy Lee Sin (6.4 KDA). Going 4-1 in the summer playoffs, with an 80% kill participation, look to see this champ come out a lot more for him. I wouldn't be surprised, as they bested Fnatic in the championship under guidance from Elyoya's Lee.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs - 1st Place (Qualified for Worlds)

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 1st Place (£68,642.24)

Elyoya's Highlights

Elyoya's Twitter


7. Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu

My God, He's Good!

It's not surprising Rogue is tearing up the LEC when they have a top laner in Odoamne. You'll be turtling till teamfights if you lane against him. This veteran will get first blood, TP bot, and get a double kill with no sweat off his brow.

The 26-year-old Romanian is in his 8th eSports season as he wraps up his career with Rogue. Interestingly enough, 'Odoamne' means "Oh my God!" in Romanian. Also, fans frequently misread his name as 'OddOne' in a challenger series, referencing a former NA pro. Seems they’re just confusing one old guy for another. ; one old guy for another.

Odoamne He will Gnar ult your entire team, blow up your backline with Jayce, and cut you to pieces with Gwen. However, Odoamne's most impressive stats come from Kennen. He's posted an 8.9 KDA in 7 games with Kennen top. Your team better be cautious of Odoamne's love for the wombo-combo, or you'll be hearing that booming "Defeat!" in your ears.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs - 3rd Place (Qualified for Worlds)

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 2nd Place (£42,901.40)

Odoamne's Highlights

Odoamne's Twitter


6. Norman "Kaiser" Kaiser

Supports Deserve Love Too

Kaiser, the cheeky support for MAD Lions, will win by any means necessary. He's not afraid of unconventional means or thinking outside the box. You cannot make any mistakes against Kaiser, or it'll blow up in your face, just like your nexus.

The German sported the name 'Gistick' for 3 years. But in his fourth year, he is now known as Kaiser. Maybe the name change is what led to back-to-back championships? Looking for a top finish in worlds, the 22- year- old has a lot of time left.

Kaiser's self-proclaimed favorite champ is Rakan, which he boasts an 8.6 KDA and 84% kill participation in 7 games. These are numbers you'd salivate at for an ADC, but this is a support player. You'll need to bring your thinking caps for any chance to beat Kaiser and his MAD Lions.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs - 1st Place (Qualified for Worlds)

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 1st Place (£68,642.24)

Kaiser's Highlights


Kaiser's Twitter


5. Steven "Hans sama" Liv

The French Assassin

Rogue's ADC has a case for being League's best French player. If no one else will frontline, Hans sama has no problem getting in some bruiser's faces. He will make you think he’ is out of position until he cleanses your CC and melts you.

Although Hans sama is only 22, he's been a part of eSports since 2014. He wants nothing more than to win Worlds, and he's got a great chance with Rogue. Hans sama is an unusual ADC, as he utilizes an aggressive top laner's mindset with insane mechanics.

He loves ADCs with CC, which is indicative of his recent domination with Varus. An 80% WR, 11.1 KDA, and 74% kill participation in 10 games. These are numbers supported by a man who desperately needs a Worlds trophy.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs - 3rd Place (Qualified for Worlds)

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 2nd Place (£42,901.40)

Hans sama's Highlights

Hans sama's Twitter


4. Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski

Pro Player Stays Cool

If you've ever watched Jankos' stream, you know he's never been angry in his life. And the veteran has still got it, and he's racking up the stats on G2. The 26- year- old Polish man is locked in on winning Worlds.

Party in the back; business in the front. Jankos was back-to-back LEC MVP in 2019-2020. He's the only player to reach 1000 kills and 2500 assists in Europe. A legend in the game, and yet he still rocks a casual demeanor.

Jankos often makes sarcastic remarks regarding his teammates' peer pressure which forces him to play tanks. Jankos likes to have fun, and that's why his deadliest champ is Lee Sin. If he's not being forced into a team-centered pick, then his Lee Sin will make you blind.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 3rd Place (£25774.50)

Jankos' Highlights

Jankos' Twitter


3. Emil "Larssen" Larsson

If Perkz and Caps Morphed...

Has a science experiment gone right? This young 21-year-old stud is looking to claim the title, 'Best Mid Laner in the LEC'. If Caps didn't exist, then the title would surely be for Rogue's mid laner. Pay too much attention to Hans sama (Rogue's ADC), and you'll be decimated by Larssen.

He is from Sweden, and yet his favorite meal is tacos. Larssen is also an avid football fan who backs Manchester United. And lastly, his role model is Perkz, who is definitely not a bad choice.

The spring split housed several impressive Orianna games from Larssen. 5 games, all wins, and a near 15.0 KDA which speaks for itself. Everyone knows Rogue is talented, but Larssen takes them to a whole other level.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs - 3rd Place (Qualified for Worlds)

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 2nd Place (£42,901.40)

Larssen's Highlights


Larssen's Twitter


2. Rasmus "Caps" Borregaard Winther

How Will Caps Cap Off His Career?

G2's Caps is undoubtedly the best mid laner in the LEC., hands down. He is really only second to Faker amongst all players. for all mid laners. Although he is experienced, he has yet to win a World Championship, and he wants his revenge. a lot of time left to get revenge on Worlds.

An 0-6 record in the Worlds finals has to sting, but it also has to motivate him. Along the way he's been known by many names: Baby Faker, Craps (when playing poorly), Claps (when playing well), and King of Hats. With 6 different MVPs at 21, Caps looks to strengthen his grip on the LEC.

The Dane takes a liking to Orianna, like Larssen, but in the spring Caps soared with Lucian. In the three games he played and won with Lucian, he averaged a 33 KDA. Yes, you read that right, 33. I encourage you to watch him play and try to see him make a mistake. It won't happen.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 3rd Place (£25,774.50)

Caps' Highlights


Caps' Twitter


1. Martin "Rekkles" Larsson

Will He Ever Get A Break?

A top contender for a career with the most struggle, Rekkles joins G2 in another attempt at Worlds. The 4-time LEC MVP is one of the most consistent players of all time. Being one of the most consistent players of all time, the 4-time LEC MVP is going to keep fighting. At 24, the walls are starting to close in, and he feels the pressure. But he’s going to keep fighting. 

The Swedish ADC simply plays the game the right way. It's no surprise Rekkles was the first player to reach 2000 kills in the LEC. His body is ridden with talent. He used to be a talented footballer too, but a leg injury at 14 led him to his true calling: League of Legends.

The longtime fan of Vayne has been branching out to the likes of Jhin, Senna, and Kai'sa. But surprisingly, he's been most dominant on Tristana. Rekkles posted a 5-2 record this summer with a KDA of 16.5. And although he is getting kills, Rekkles never neglects his creep score. His farming with Tristana is the best of the best, nearing 11 CS a minute. The list of reasons why Rekkles is the best is always growing.

Major Tournament Achievements

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - 3rd Place (£25,774.50)

Rekkles' Highlights


Rekkles' Twitter


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